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Athena Minerva

by: Samantha Work

Athena Minerva CLAS 160D2 - 002

Samantha Work
Classical Mythology Lecture
Michael Teske

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About this Document

On the Warrior Goddess Athena in Classical Mythology taught by Michael Teske
Classical Mythology Lecture
Michael Teske
Class Notes
Teske, Athena, mythology, Warrior Goddes, Get Caught Up
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Samantha Work on Friday March 18, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to CLAS 160D2 - 002 at University of Arizona taught by Michael Teske in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 31 views. For similar materials see Classical Mythology Lecture in Classical Mythology at University of Arizona.

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Date Created: 03/18/16
Athena Minerva Michael Teske 2pm MWF AthenaMinerva 0 Athena is the virginal goddess of wisdom and a warrior goddess 0 She defeated Poseidon in a contest on Acropolis O by producing an olive tree from the ground with a touch of herspear 0 thus becoming the patronessprotector of Athens 0 Her wondrous birth helps to define her as a divinity Birth of Athena Q Zeus m Metis Wisdom an Oceanid and fearing his own overthrow by one of offspring he swallows the pregnant mother 0 When she comes to full term Zeus gets a splitting headache and Hephaestus cuts open Zeus head with an az to bring her forth 0 She leaps forth from his head fully grown and armed for combat and gives out a warcry like thunder Birth of Athena with 2 Eileithyiae Attic bllack gure vase ca 570 BC Wilhtedi com Panathenaea 0 Major annual birthday celebration for Athena at Athens at end of Summer 0 Every 4 years particularly grand the Greater Panathenaic festival with athletic contest and other artistic competitions as part of the event 0 the prizes were beautiful large vases l amphoras filled with sacred olive oil 0 On the front of the vase was an image of Athena in her war gear and typically on the back was a figure of winged Nike Victory awarding a prize to the contest winner Panathenaic amphora Athena 4th cent BC Winged Nike and contestjudge Panatl39fenaic amphora th cent C O Q The grandest event of the Panathenaea was the pompe procession bringing an intricately embroidered peplos robe to deck out the cult statue of Athena on the Acropolis Q The procession would wind through the Agora the marketplace of Athens 0 Travel past the hill where the political assembly met 0 And move along the sacred way up to the Acropolis itself 0 In the Parthenon the temple of the virgin goddess was a colossal statue of Athena in golf and ivory chryselephantine 0 created by Pheidias the famous Greek sculptor View of Parthenon on Acropolis Athena Parthenos statue in Parthenon Nashville replica based on ancient descriptions Small Roman copy of Athena statue Athena s lconography Q Carries the aegis with the head of the gorgon Medusa on it Q The aegis for her is a kind of breastplate or short cloak Q Often she has a crested helmet and a spear and shield sprigs of olive can be on her head 0 Link to olive cultivation and victory 0 Sometimes a snake is winding its way at her feet or intertwining her shield arm 0 Why are snakes linked to her 0 Are there key attributes of snakes which make them powerful symbols 0 Consider Erichthonius and his origins in early history of Athens 0 Aso snaky attributes of Cecrops the first king of Athens Atiihena statue found in temple of Minerva Medica i Iealer at Rome basedi on a Pheidias original Athena with aegis Attic red figure amphora Andocides Painter ca 525 BC WWW I l h e o l i co m Q Athena s characteristic epithets include 0 Parthenos the Virgin O Glaukopis greeneyed I bright eyed l Flashingeyes I Or even owleyed I Probably refers to the radiant intelligence coming from her eyes 0 Linked supposedly always vigilant owls l Pallas Athena Q Where the original meaning of Pallas is unknown but folk etymology suggests the Brandisher O From Greek pallein to wave menacineg as a weapon l Led to odd story about Athena s tragic killing of her childhood friend 0 Pallas O Daughter of Triton Athena coin Athens ca 479 BC with owl on the reverse side Athenian owl on coin from Athens ca 479 BC Athena s Skills Given to Mankind War strategy and prowess 0 Consider her epithets Promachos protector and Athena Nike Victory Taming and training horses 0 She invented the bridle and the bit Chariotbuilding ship buiding Cultivation of the olive Music 0 She invented the aulos 2 piped flute Female Crafts 0 Spinning and weaving I See Arachne myth Rational rule of law 0 She helped to establish the 1st homicide court at Athens l The Areopagus Major Areas of Patronage for Athena and their Link to Details of her Birth Myth 0 Goddess of wisdom 0 Her mother was Metis Wisdom 0 She was born from Zeus head 0 Also born fully grown l Hence mature both physically and mentally Warrior Goddess 0 Born in full battle armor Virginal Goddess 0 She has no mother in the normal sense I So untainted by sex 0 Born fully clothed l Therefore modest 0 Goddess of Crafts 0 Hephaestus the male crafts god splits open Zeus head to bring her forth 0 Goddess with Sky Associations 0 She gives forth a warcry like thunder when being born I Indeed besides Zeus only she could wear the aegis and wieldhurl the thunderbolts Parthenon Close View s r V 5quot f1 newquot r I 1 I g tilridquot l 11 i H Y Parthenon Statues Elgin Marbles 51th Cent Athena Vying with Poseidon Acropolis Museum at base of hill Acropolis Museum with digital projections on exterior in I I 7 T 39 w r Parthenon Marble Statues on Display in Acropolis Museum Thank you for using these notes It means alot to me Love you all Hope these help Sam


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