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Week One Notes -HIST 308

by: Vanessa Corona

Week One Notes -HIST 308 HIST 308

Marketplace > University of Oregon > Social Science > HIST 308 > Week One Notes HIST 308
Vanessa Corona
Hist of Women in US I >2 >IP
Bufalino J

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About this Document

Notes from October 1st.
Hist of Women in US I >2 >IP
Bufalino J
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Vanessa Corona on Saturday October 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 308 at University of Oregon taught by Bufalino J in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 47 views. For similar materials see Hist of Women in US I >2 >IP in Social Science at University of Oregon.

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Date Created: 10/03/15
History 308 Week One Date of notes taken October 1 2015 PreColumbian 0 First humans arrived 14000 years ago via Bering Strait 0 By 1600 18 million live 0 Great diversity among indigenous Problem of source 0 Had oral tradition O No written languages 0 Myths histories traditions passed down over many generations 0 Early colonial written sources were written by Europeans mostly men Comparing Cosmologies Native American Varied among different groups 0 Tended to emerge from natural world 0 Favored symbols of reproduction Euro 0 Biblical creation story is more hierarchical 0 Women s quest for knowledge was detrimental to society 0 Reproduction is seen as a punishment Intersectionality 0 Identity theory 0 Intersecting forms of identity 0 Racial class gender religious 0 Overlapping identities consolidate and intensify privilege or oppression within society Pueblo Indians 0 Inhabited present day southwest 0 Population 250000 0 Matrilineal society 0 Subsisted via agriculture corn squash beans Pueblo Gift Giving Status within community determined by ones ability to give gifts of goods and services to another person 0 Reciprocity was key to social equality 0 Persons unable to reciprocate gifts owed obedience to the gift giver 0 Contrasts with European notion that land ownership constituted power Pueblo Sexual Division of Labor Men 0 Trade 0 Defense 0 Cultivation 0 Construction of timber for homes Women 0 Plastered walls for homes 0 Created tools and implements 0 Food creating and prep Effects of Euro Contact 0 Military occupation undermined pueblo political autonomy and agricultural practices 0 Catholic missions undermined pueblo marriage practices and imposed euro gender Iroquois Confederation 0 Powerful confederation of five nations 0 Lived in present day NY PA and ONT 0 Population of 20k30k in 10 villages 0 Subsisted via agriculture Iroquois Sexual Division of Labor 0 Men preparing fields for planting hunting trading defense political leadership 0 Women Cultivation of crops foraging preparing food distributing meat ReligiousPolitical 0 Right of allocation 0 Clan matron 0 Right of impeachment 0 Judicial power Impact of cross culture contact 0 Native womens labor key to solidifying ties between cultures 0 Disruption of traditional euro gender norms caused by colonization may have contributed to greater rigidity in euroamerican gender norms


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