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Health Psychology

by: Mr. Miles Leannon

Health Psychology PSY 3340

Mr. Miles Leannon
GPA 3.8

Stuart Bonnington

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About this Document

Stuart Bonnington
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mr. Miles Leannon on Saturday October 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSY 3340 at Austin Peay State University taught by Stuart Bonnington in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 25 views. For similar materials see /class/217889/psy-3340-austin-peay-state-university in Psychlogy at Austin Peay State University.


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Date Created: 10/03/15
PSY 3340 Test Review Chapter 7 8 amp 10 o Coping thoughts and behaviors used to manage the internal and external demands of situations that are appraised as stressful 0 Negative affectivity a persuasive negative mood marked by anxiety depression and hostility related to poor health 0 Optimism leads to better coping mechanisms and reduces risk of illness optimistic people differ from pessimists in physiological functioning are problem focused 0 High selfesteem helps low stress 0 Avoidant minimizing coping style helpful ifone can focus on the info present in the situation rather than on one s emotions and if specific actions can be taken to reduce the stressor o approachconfrontativevigilantcoping style may engage in the cognitive and emotional efforts needed to deal with longterm threats 0 Emotionfocused coping regulating emotions experienced because of the stressful event not good to use when two exams in same day problemfocused better emotionfocused better wwaiting for test results 0 Types of social support 0 Tangible assistance loaning money 0 Information support 0 Emotional support people care about you 0 Invisible support 0 Buffering hypothesis the health benefits and mental health benefits of social support are chiefly evident during periods of high stress when there is little stress social support may have few health benefits 0 Neuroticism is linked to more likely report physical symptoms 0 Medical students disease as medical students study an illness many imagine they have it 0 Recognition of symptoms stress mood o 3 models of illness 0 Acute 0 Chronic 0 Cyclic having symptoms in amp out o Adolescentsyoung adults less likely to use health services childelderly more likely 0 Between wealthy amp poor prevent health 0 Somaticizers those who express distress and conflict through bodily symptoms 0 Secondary gain use symptoms to get out of something 0 Illness delay the time between recognizing that a symptom implies an illness and the decision to seek treatment 0 Study of wartime injures vs civilian injures wartime injuries better bc have meaning 0 Nervous system in athletes injures sympathetic o Perception of pain no subseption o A delta fibers fibers transmit sharp pain o C fibers transmit chronic pain 0 Endogenous opioids peptides opiate like substances produced within the body that constitute a neurochemically based internal pain regulation system 0 Acute pain usually results from injury 0 Chronic pain begins as acute but does not acute over time 0 Chronic benign o Recurrentacute migraine 0 Chronic progressive pain gets worse over time 0 Express pain angry people deal more than silent people 0 Antidepressants used to treat chronic pain 0 Cutting nerve fibers doesn t work grow back or make worse 0 Counter irritation inhibiting pain in one part of the body by stimulating or mildly irritating another area 0 Distraction low intensity pain 0 Relapse after successfully completing stop doing the things 0 Placebo any medical procedure that produces an effect in a patient because of its therapeutic intent and not its specific nature whether chemical or physical o ranges from drugs to surgery to psychotherapy 0 Provider behavior and placebo effects how the provider interacts with the patientdetermines the effectiveness of a placebo 0 Patient characteristics and placebo effects there is no quotplacebopronequot personality but certaintypes of patients show stronger placebo effects 0 Patientprovider communication and placebo effects good communication is essential the symbolic value the placebo has may enhancethe placebo effect 0 Situational determinants of placebo effects setting where placebo is administered has aneffect the shape size color taste and quantity of theplacebo also influences its effectiveness 0 Social norms and placebo effects placebo effects are facilitated by norms thatsurround treatment regimens o Generalizability of placebo effects placebo as a methodological tool doubleblind experimentcomparison of a drug against placebo is essential for measuring a drug s success 0 use complimentary alternative medicine


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