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Electrical Circuit Theory

by: Adolf Graham

Electrical Circuit Theory ELC 2430

Adolf Graham
Baylor University
GPA 3.78

Norman Griswold

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About this Document

Norman Griswold
Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Adolf Graham on Saturday October 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ELC 2430 at Baylor University taught by Norman Griswold in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 31 views. For similar materials see /class/217928/elc-2430-baylor-university in ELECTRICAL AND COMPUTER ENGINEERING at Baylor University.

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Date Created: 10/03/15
ELC 3430 Circuits MOCK FINAL EXAM Problem 1 a Use a series of source transformations to determine the power associated with the 6 Volt source in the followingcircuit b State whether the source is delivering or absorbing the power ANS a 495 W b absorbed Problem2 Use the node Voltage method to determine the power associated with the 5 ohm resistor in the following circuit ANS 72 W absorbed Problem 3 Find the Thevenin equivalent circuit and determine the maximum power that can be delivered to a resistor RL for the following circuit 111quot ANS Isc 4 A Rm 8 Q Voc 32 V PRL 32 W Problem 4 Derive the expressions for the voltage divider and current divider TPvl 10K Problem 5 The switch in the circuit has been open for a very long time At t0 the switch is closed Find the expression for a Initial Conditions iL 039 VL 039 VL 0 b mt c V40 139 1 O Af ll 3 JL 10 a ANS a iL0 5 A mm 0 V mm 15 V b 139Lt 20 4551 c Vt 1561 Problem 6 Given the series RLC circuit with i0390 and Vc 00 Find Vc t for all time ANS Vct1007lOOcos4800t729167sin4800te Problem 7 C02 F L50 mH RZOOQ a Find the roots of the characteristic equation that governs the transient behavior of the voltage shown in the figure below b Will the response he overdamped underdamped or critically damped c If it is not critically damped what R is needed to make it critically damped v 0 L R v ANS a S1 5000 52 20000 b overdamped c 250 Q Problem 8 After being open for a long time the switch closes at t0 Find the following a 140 b Vc039 c meg 01 140 may Amps ANS a 1A b 48V c 2A d 3A Problem 9 Derive the solution for V50 in a series RC circuit as given below r 3 N v 2ch vs 0 I00 Wm O Xi v sun 5 Az l V KrL hm 15 2 quot V3 V3quot K K V NVS 7 Wquot iivLL IS LV5 V5p 4 1 744 Problem 10 Given the circuit below the switch has been in position a for a very long time At t0 the switch is moved to position b Find a lL039 in the inductor and Vc 039 in the capacitor b Vc0 iL 0 and VL 0 c Find the roots of the characteristic equation 51 and 2 and state if this circuit is over under or critically dam e d Find the necessary constants and the equation for it for t gt2 0 JMK 39 i611 a a b ICC Q OmH SQV g L I Isl95K r j JILL KIM L ANS aiL0 0A V40 20v b mm 20v 140 0A VL 0 80V c 5152 5000ij5000 d r 16c 5000 sin5000r Problem 11 Given a parallel RLC circuit with C 0125uF L 8H V039 0 and IL039 1225mA Find the following a The value for R resulting in critical damping b The equation for Vt for all time L r y 3LL v 2 l2 0315 H R Hi C slim Lu h ANS a 4000 Ohms b Vt98X105tc 1000 Problem 12 In the following RC circuit the switch moves from position a to position b at t 0 With Vc039 0 nd a The equation for Vct for all time b Vc15m5 7 CL JOCK Vr 91 goo v C quot7 J ANS a 14094007 4005 b 400V actually 3999998776V Problem 13 Give a series RL circuit what is the value ofiLt whenVs 100V andR 50k ohms for a one time constant b three time constants c ve time constans 2 0 pts for the equation of iLt l Problem 14 Find the average power absorbed by each ofthe boxed networks in the following circuit Compare this to the power delivered by the source ANS P5 9808 Wdelivered P618 5195 W absorbed P412 1538 W absorbed Ps12 3077 W absorbed Problem 15 Find the RL in the circuit that will absorb a maximum power and specify that power Hint Find the Thevenin circuit without the load RL attached Then attach RL and assume RL is equal to Zml mm ANS RL 8944 Ohms P 3863 W from formula P 2 R 19a Problem 1 6 Find the Complex power delivered the Average power delivered and the power factor for the following circuit W fwm r 7 r i I if 41 6 Y WXS 602 iii 1 Wlele mywxm n y H aw ANS P 991699 W S 991699 j4 89056 W PF 08969 Problem 17 Find the Complex power delivered to a load that draws a 500 VA at the leading power factor of 075 b Draws an average power of 500 Watts at a leading power factor of 075 c Draws a reactive power of500 VAR at a leading power factor of 075 ANS a s 375 j33072 VA b s 49768 144357 VA c s 56695 j500 VA


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