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Doing Business Across Cultures

by: Rodger McClure

Doing Business Across Cultures INB 3333

Marketplace > Baylor University > International Business > INB 3333 > Doing Business Across Cultures
Rodger McClure
Baylor University
GPA 3.84

Philip Auken

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About this Document

Philip Auken
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Rodger McClure on Saturday October 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to INB 3333 at Baylor University taught by Philip Auken in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 34 views. For similar materials see /class/217942/inb-3333-baylor-university in International Business at Baylor University.

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Date Created: 10/03/15
ICON JOURNAL IMPROVEMENT DIAGNOSIS QUESTIONS Click on title for the purpose of this document Check each item that describes how you developed your ICON journal writeups 1 read the online ICON Journal Orientation guide carefully and completely 2 consulted the ICON Journal Orientation guide as I wrote my ICON entries 3 I attended class regularly or kept up with the online Class Announcements link 4 read through the entire book early in the semester 5 I took notes in class and followed along with my PowerPoint slides 6 I wrote my ICON entries on a daily or weekly basis 7 read the online ICON submission form before writing any ICON entries 8 I wrote ICON entries over the videos 9 I wrote ICON entries overthe online readings 10 I wrote ICON entries over the cultural scenarios INB 3333 11 asked questions or made comments in class 12 While I wrote my ICON entries I consulted the list of ICON grade criticisms in section V ofthe ICON Journal Orientation 13 I backed my ICON opinions with class content material 14 read the preassigned book slides before each class 15 used a variety of ICON writeup formats 16 I worked with someone in preparing my ICON entries 17 I continued to read through the book s slides throughout the semester 18 I avoided the use of common sense thinkingoutIoud comments in my ICON writeups and instead concentrated on using core class content material 19 copypasted the ICON journal Emphasis section found in section IV ofthe on the online ICON Journal Orientation to the start of each of my journal entries 20 I didn t write my ICON journal entries by cherrypicking 1 or 2 PowerPoint slides and ignoring additional slides that were also relevant to the topic 21 When writing ICON journal entries over the readings or videos used the ICON 1 A 01 l 8 9 writeup formats 22 When lling out my online ICON journal submission sheet I didn t check the video or readings columns unless I directly and visibly used information from these sources in my ICON journal comments 23 I trailblazed my journal entries using subtitles to make them easy to follow See FAQ 7 in section II of the ICON Journal Orientation online handout 24 I avoided parroting class content material that didn t offer any original learning insight orthat didn t help ful ll the purpose of the ICON format being used 25 I didn t restrict my journal comments to just what was said in class but used other material from the PowerPoint slides not discussed in class ICON JOURNAL DO S AND DON TS DO consult me about any classrelated questions or problems ASAP so that constructive action can be taken in a timely manner give serious consideration to turning in your journal 2 or 3 times during the semester for grading rather than waiting until the end ofthe semester for a single grade Feedback will help you improve from one graded journal segment to the next take notes over class discussions and Q follow along with your PowerPoint slides during class discussions show off your learning of class content material ask questions in class to clarify your understanding ofdiscussions and concepts use class content material as much as possible within the 5 sentence format and back up and support your comments DON T use personal opinions common sense thinking out loud observations or outsideofclass information keep up with your ICON entries on a classtoclass or weekly basis instead oftrying to write up a large group ofthem up at one time Q write a journal entry for each assigned topic use a broad range of class material to show off your indepth learning 10 consult this orientation sheet as you write your journal entries This will help guide your thinking and keep you on track 11 attend class on a regular basis for a better grasp ofthe class content material 12 In order to learn something and earn something a decent grade manage your time and journal space well throughout the semester 2 13 strive to use a lot of ICONs in yourjournal writeups In depth lnsights greative use of class material Qriginal use of class material ew ideas suggested by the class material 14 lfyou are taking the class by correspondence or miss several classes consult the online Class Announcements link on a regular basis 15 lfyou choose to contribute to class discussions maintain a list of your comments to type up in your learning journal QUALITY CONTROL CHECKLIST Once you ve written your sentences check for the following writeup deficiencies and revise your writeup accordingly Did you use superficial analysis that doesn t show much learning Did you overlook a lot of relevant class content material Were your comments too general and generic Could more specific concrete information have been used Did you use common sense thinkingoutIoud comments or opinions instead of class material Do your comments achieve the purpose of the assignment or ICON format Have you shown detailed insight into the topics Why are you saying this Can you explain this or back it up with class content material Can you draw some conclusions to demonstrate more learning Can you give a hypothetical or real example to show more learning Can you suggest and defend some speci c solutions or actions to take Did you waste any space with comments that don t directly contribute to sidestep the assigned topic Did you devote too much space to minor issues or class content material HOW TO STIMULATE ICONIC THINKING Use a variety of class content sources Use hypothetical examples Engage in prism thinking looking at things from diverse points ofview Consider the background realities of who what why when where and how Look for the big picture Analyze issues in ways that counter your own patterned thinking Ask yourself Who said this Is this really true anymore Is this about to change Whose agenda is at stake Is there a nonconventional way to think about this What if Where will this road take me


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