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Fluid Mechanics

by: Laverne Langosh

Fluid Mechanics ME 3321

Laverne Langosh
Baylor University
GPA 3.79

Deify Law

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About this Document

Deify Law
Class Notes
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This 28 page Class Notes was uploaded by Laverne Langosh on Saturday October 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ME 3321 at Baylor University taught by Deify Law in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 72 views. For similar materials see /class/217944/me-3321-baylor-university in Mechanical Engineering at Baylor University.

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Date Created: 10/03/15
7 4 v 3572 7949 I 70 glt9 f 7 1 Z j 4a I u lt s with at77 33 A X 2 3771 23953 A r A 39 x lt L 7397 A7 A A x 1quot I 39 SWWWf w v7 V17 Ar5 gt z A A H 01 1 MWWUjadzuvaMs A 47 iyawaWMf Ww7 7 ll A z A 5 1 A U 7317 7m 7 b 34 wagW T wwy L 7739 i7 4 i LIJ MW W7 A I 21 J39 A7A v 7 Mammy 7 L7 1401szng y A 17 1 MH gNH I W Wquot I M 3 3N 5 L752 av 7 yXWJf m 33W 74M 7 v WW N Pj I r Y Z l i lt7 5 E7 24 kj 3 5 7 53 3 I V V 730 x nit1 u I M W 3 K s 6 I39M A 7 14pr quot o 0 0 4 6mm 0 W M 14 in WWW U 2 0 H r 39 b ml 0 a2 65 7 717 9 m 393 M M if o w z IO 7 r j h 7 03125 7 L E s139 millquot 1 35500 mm 1 ZDpC ts 12g xo39zw dam 277R5 S W 26 AI R 2 N V 26323 X ixl am 2 45L 7 M2 Vy ekwsvf Ikmm k J6 39A f 7 39 5 f r r L 0345 j E c L kw 5 EFFltd Moy253 g j lL2 w 7 27 l 7 ca 2 xxxtoy 0 V M 39 quot39 M 007 quot 39 N r 20 F9 ll my 7353 mg gag g C fz 072 N M quot 72 mquot 320 29 N 230 by a manomm iii slguwn in Pig manta 14 Psv beiwen the pipes 230 Two pipas me comm 52301xwmx nethopxcssum m 23919Q1 353 r 2 a u a 023 mainw fo 3 all 05 054 M cwm 1 31320 LBtm39Qfmgc 83 w W 59 s 3m g 2 A L x A JM ygm gwga 06m 20 OfmrQ 444 fi gt 924 f m 3aj mmgt 2 45 615 obj LS WW 6an 44 MW an V54le W 1 am Fan WM J 5 45 Determine the new diifcremiai readng along the inclined leg of rk39 of P2315 if the pressure in pips A is dc creaseci 36 km and the pressure in pipe 8 remains unthanged The uid in A has a speci c gravity mi 09 and the uid in B is wager Mammy FIGURE PZAS 5r 7 24 ibihkx Can swa i fn I v aQ Ow552M Ergwfw wg fquot 1 when as Ammis are I m Vim 76 45 Coiamx mcwm a a wslgnceja and f ilf mum1 What 5 Mum a de ance la as Shown in gure FE ve 9264 waanm z de 1 was 65 I t V a f a rm 4511450 1 a a smso ngsm 35 431 139 x 33410 a39pgfagt 73 when 7 LS We My br Sgye x m Ollfw fgy Su v mzi 53x24 Am 1231 0 3544 2 11344 23 a 51530 3QZ QampA o 13fw 32 730915 g 45 24 5quot 39 51 39 1 as m g m m MID Q u 96 231 33 633 F ewfmbq WMan A31 Maggy aim 1ndng hive 339 f0 9 A h 2 Sin 313 05z 3 5 9 53 my 0 05 0m Mew cf 23 095 4 a G 539 V 3 1M5 mam 00mm x 39m39 I 2 3 1 Q m 9 a a gM SD 266 A 3mnvim S zndxigh rectanguiw ga c 1 angu ar passagc that is x t EM 3 53 56quotquot4 152 mm 4 3933 me zMV 731 535 53ch C a 535 4 TinI3 3M 45mm 13 0 16sz 25 xi mm 91 PH um mm for he EFQGURE 9256 53 Mia 14mm 413 he om 75 679M FL 3 J2 F12 5 4 5 52 Qua3 90ampme m 3 7 in 220 in g 3141an Can t J I 62m 3 11 g x 4m 5mg 4 m1 mam a gt g f 4 4w 63 MW 89a we FEV gains hm gea a E 70 2 5 W47 2 37 ll 53 563 Aj m 3 E wrhere 4 513 42 z kazmww 318 v J a 5733 I 6 W of 4 3 734143 icmm 5 5 HMMSQQMJ 53 9V ox amp y and 2 9 vb 3 m M 39xmam tiegt77 rigor gab f mlyea a5 4 0 i5 1 85 7314 maxhum dep vr fatR hmgea at 370 ampmV 261 5 gm 2 70 An open tank has a vergian parti en and on One side ccnxairxs gasoline with a densiiy e z 100 kgmquot 2 a depth 0f macb muggm mk V b h M and 2 m wide and hinged at on and is located in tin panning Water is slawiy added to the empty side of the m A wha depth x will he gate Mar IO open FR u g 63 A3 whey W119 412 gasQrfmg 5 Piaf gtltig mm 2 Max310 Hogw 1 a g Aw lt whey w w f vs Ea waiver V 3 I 4 a mom 309 m m when 1 2 Jeka alt wonRV V r 32 PM m xfo M FEW egulvh wzum L 6 Zh g to 4 50 f hmE A 2 3 39 L a W In 2 M FinkKw 825 wm g 3 a 3 5 Tm asgwxgy a gomazwa z M A 6 Ba wind 5 W4 1mz 19 Valm n 23967 6 W3 W 39weigh f ayMa39s 329 F9 eqzifi fimi W Weigl 0 Jiviwid dimMed 3 333142 3 lt1 Ware 2543 55 33 ThuY 552W lor t awevec y be mi 10va Whig 26 Wk 139 gym 1 5 IMMZ Mme pm 7 WWW 3 an 7 cym er m Aw mxw z 77mm Mama 3 M 34 Or a er M 72 Kg 299 sure at tho stagna cn point X a is m pV l as expected from he Bernoui jtqua os nagV 3 An incompressible uid uvisstcadily past a Circular cyiindcr as shown in g PM The uid qlocity along the dividing ircamline mm s J 14 we is found to be V m V 1 azir where a 53219 radius of tbs cylinder and V is ehe upsmam velmizy n Datcrminc the pmgure gradient allorxg Em sucamiine b if the upsfrezml p0 Sugnamn pressurt 5 p mwgmte the messiah gradwu to com Obtain 1hr pregsure p x 6139 60 M 2 Show mm ma vcsuix 0mm 1 that the gums FIG39tiR P349 lt lt Wm a 7 amaze wgvgg M are my 151 xa zoquot a w v WK quot z Daze ggaz ax ax Mzga zlf gj a Q 9 if my 71 I X 2 X 2 d b M a 55 or pow wm39 IWQW fa X M a vzgangzfyf va x dx 723m 2 a a Z79 3590quot for 005X5a Q a For Xva J from pan IE 33 f pmz z g a 5 4ng I Nate Ber vyif 5 who may p959 3 Wham V 5 V 6 3244 2 20 9 wig 2 WE39zv n 2 52quot 50 3f fag syn 3 pt f3 2 3 or 2 me 9 M 1 w 3 07 if 1 2 oi a Xfa v39w 34 3quot 697 33 An inviscid incompressible liquid aws steamy frcm ma isrgc pmssun zed zaak show in 13 23393 veiocity at the em is 40 fix Determim as speci c gravity 0quot the quuid 5 SURE 3331 E7 v a W Tz wzgzp 7 31 13 ZiaSf chgj Vij 455 77m 1 T 1 c i yyyoz z 3 L 5 x 1 3 quot aquot m 2322ffs3 y v max tquot 1 3 l f 1 av M f 2 5 w y bced 3 6 3 M MH L 213 33 ngmgs W Z w rg 1 f 3743 712 5 if a a Md g x e gg J 30 39 3 3 5 Q m 1 363 Water ows steadily dmmgh ma va abie area pigs sham a P363 with negligible viscous affects Dawning the maxim m ma in H if me owruce is 05 m is and the dansity of Em manometer Bait is 600 kgimi Ami 3135 a gi URE F3d 3 17mm five Samoa egmiiwz gi g fy s ml wberezo39za I Tim 232 aggm lms By 434 rQJL w VIMf 0 791m 3 3 I Q 05 jg g a 05 w 13 V M7quot x 105 w Md 29733 0071 L 2 6 me from Eq I ff 3 9921 I915quot quot2i4f 25x193 n1 weak03quot For he mam afar 13 310k gimp f 3310 hi3 so im fog 7an MW ing quotgang g ww ma w ww H61ch Mm 5 CZJd d 34 k 215xms 5991 gw wgg H 5 53 7 V6 G 380 Dawning the manometer reading A for the RM shown in Fig 3389 065 m iammev FIGURE 93 30 27 3 m E ampza We Ezmz 2yaimj 539 2 3 V2 5 O E Thus 2 779 quotquot fc few and wzsmm SO 6 h 9373 EugEV Water mssi crw w hw mjid inmpmsibk aid ows steadily as shownia f ig Pia5 Dekcrmine in Q M3 E 05 11 diameter 5 3 l 5 WA FHRURE P385 I 2 1 LE f i Z rypbf ylf zp 5 f 2L9 3 m gt 52 zal g 3m 0 13792 5 M2 gE 82 from Me mammei er E f 064319 MM 3 W 1 11 y 621ng 3f 264 H h 9an 27 z 572 l3 v 529 MM Mmcwz wad wzf A yaw M 2 M7 aw y gt752 at W 5 041997 73 ch r M 4 mm is were 5 ELM V2 M Wig quot fjf f f 39 my 7795 6 69 s TrY L 0quot i3 L favht Vx lo 392 Wager ows mmugh a horizonta i bxancbiv 5 13396 as mow in P332 Manning the pmssure at seciion 3 a V m m c 1 w A mm m5 F GU E P i 2 s Q Qng or V3 W were 531 0 m2 v 5 1 vi 64 130 62134332 Wile 2 39Fg f s39quot 3 quot l L z L var P 3 V W13 2V2 f 21quot 7 f US I 2 z 43900ng 44 a 350 4h 2 730 L 32813 2 915 zfzmg g OI gza78 77 13 3 2 72 V W 941 aozmz loL7g1 3263 a 00 m5 z r V2 3 7132 mm Zzsz33 W19 21 25 we obfafii gm 82 7 a v 39 m 42 21 13 ag xt gfgdwx j 00 2 3 or f3 4400 aw 1 44mm 5 330 Waxes ws in g rectangular Gimme that is 20 m wide 83 shown in Fig P31323116 upsxmnm depth is 76 mm The water sulfate mes 40am it A 5 war a V man what the chm Whammy rises 10 mm If vismus effects are naghgable what is the Beware 121331 2 mm 1 L ygl a Zz w m z 0501 fire zismnm 3 5 WM 22 awmmm x 02me1 33 Ark4214 Yf10 gf2 fa h 007 A M 39 12 V a 575 W 027 14073 13h Z Thais 1 5335017195 1 072ijzgagig awao m or ids11ng e a lo 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20 y dyeX QXJ 9 A Xmuyz WW K MC Ia cm Mediv QWWquot 5 V V9 5 I RSMM Oneo mrmq How 44961 5 s 3442 achq Mt r If 23 41ml 3 456 I 39 Vazs fzKzznct Av 39 a I V b S 7 gt12 6 2 int as if QB TC 2r j 39 quotL54 5 93 39 563 f a 7 C V j 5 5 53 7 H gr g ME 3321 7 Fluid Mechanics Due on 1212010 Homework Assignment 1 Instructions Show calculations for all work Assumptions and summary of results are not required for this homework assignment 1 Pound lb in this uids course means pound force instead of pound mass Score percentage is assigned for each problem There are 7 problems in total 1 L V 5 If V is a velocity 1 a length and v a uid property having dimensions of LZT39I which of the following combinations are dimensionless a Vlv b Vl V c Vzv d V lv 10 The speci c weight of a certain liquid is 853 lbft3 Determine its density and speci c gravity 10 A liquid when poured into a graduated cylinder is found to weigh 8 N when occupying a volume of 5 X 10394m3 Assuming g is 9807 msz Determine its speci c weight density and speci c gravity 10 A 40 lb weight force 96indiameter cylindrical tank slides slowly down a ramp with a constant speed of 01 fts on an oil layer as shown in the gure below The uniform thickness oil layer on the ramp is 0002 ft and it has a viscosity of 02 lb s ft2 Assuming the oil layer has a linear uid velocity pro le Determine the angle 0 of the ramp Tank Ie gt 20 Estimate the excess pressure inside a raindrop at 20 C having a diameter of 3 mm Assuming the inside pressure is greater than the outside pressure 10 6 If 1k const Show that the bulk modulus EV kp by presenting all the derivative steps p in your work 10 7 The noslip condition means that a uid sticks to a solid surface This is true for both xed and moving surfaces Let two layers of uid be dragged along by the motion of an upper plate as shown in the gure below The bottom plate is stationary The top uid puts a shear stress on the upper plate and the lower uid puts a shear stress on the bottom plate The velocity pro les of both uids are linear Determine the ratio of these two shear stresses 3 ms U Fluid 1 002 m u 04 N sm2 20 gt Fluid 2 002 m u 02 N sm2 2 ms ME 3321 iFluid Mechanics Due on 1282010 Homework Assig111nent 2 Instructions Show calculations for all work Assumptions and summary of results are required for this homework assignment Score percentage is assigned for each problem There are problems in total 1 Two pipes are connected by a manometer as shown in the gure below Determine the pressure difference pA pB between the pipes l 5 W l 6 l 56 r 20 2 Determine the new differential reading along the inclined leg of the mercury manometer of the gure below if the pressure in pipe A is decreased 10 kPa and the pressure in pipe B remains unchanged The uid inA has a speci c gravity of09 and the uidin B is water Assume the tube diameter is identical from pipe A to pipe B for example this also implies if the mercury length in pipe A is increasedby length L due to lower pressure in point A the mercury length in pipe B is also decreased by length L 3009 20 3 A 3m wide 8mhigh rectangular gate is located at the end of a rectangular passage that is connected to alarge open tank lled with water as shown in the gure below The gate is hinged at its bottom and held closed by a horizontal force F H located at the center of the gate The maximum value for F H is 3500 kN a Determine the maximum water depth 11 above the center of the gate that can exist without the gate opening b Is the an wer the same if the gate is hinged at the top Explain your answer 20 4 V An open tank has a vertical partition and on one side contains gasoline with a density p 700 kgm3 at a depth 0f 4 m as shownin gure below Arectangular gate that is 4 m high and 2 m wide and hinged at one end is located in the partition Water is slowly added to the empty side of the tank At what depth 11 will gate start to open F artition Water h 41m Gasoline Hinge 20 5 A tank of crosssectional area A is lled with a liquid of speci c weight Y1 as shown in the gure below Show that when a cylinder of speci c weight W and volume is oated in the liquid the liquid level rises by an amountAh amp3 Please include a 71 freebody diagram in your work as well a u 20 l y pg RRM E 33 kJkmolK 49720 IbrslugmolAR T K T quotC 273 T R 1quot H460 2 rWWIIV V MP J Edpdamp39Ldpdpp J5 lp 4km d 4 Ana ups 1 4 5 r 5 F5 7 6 1 pilev cnnslnnl I 2 7 5355 V V d vzcunstam rdquot an pm 7 pfm n an w w ilw ind819539 aVquot PC a a by a a 91 as 9 10 QVvo zaigru wmwi D1 6 DI a 0 6y 6 DE a 1L m 1 39 12 gt V Dr allpbdk pr n14 allde pV quot410 a u v 13 Efypd lvpvw zpm w H u u q css IS oloss Td 57 V1 V3 16 pmquot quotquot39gzM 1 39 gm wm1 loss 2 p 2 17 5 181mm ramsD 19 ohmsP 2g 0 w 20Pm myuz11 z 3334 21 31vpv095w wLWor y 2g 7 2g 5 a a a 63 a i j k 22 x a a a 23 El mm lm1mkEVxVEax EV ez age p v W a ia39 C ZwVx V nu h l 23r vda 6y a c D c 7w pUzAz pz z


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