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American Sign Language III

by: Amir Stanton

American Sign Language III CSD 2301

Amir Stanton
Baylor University
GPA 3.7

Lori Wrzesinski

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About this Document

Lori Wrzesinski
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Amir Stanton on Saturday October 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CSD 2301 at Baylor University taught by Lori Wrzesinski in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 26 views. For similar materials see /class/217949/csd-2301-baylor-university in Communication Sciences and Disorders at Baylor University.

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Date Created: 10/03/15
NMIVI CSD 2302 PAH occurs with the sign glossed as nally LR LR is used to indicate that the addressee should look in the direction of the signer s eye gaze AFFO appears to be related to the mouthing of have to in English SAM occurs very quickly and accompanies the sign glossed as same FISH occurs with the sign glossed as nish cutitout or stopit VAVA or VA occurs with the sign glossed as have as in the question translated as Do you have it GA GA GA is used with the classi er for drinking MIVI indicates something that happens normally or regularly MIVI can occur with numerous verbs including drive look shop goingsteady and write CS indicates that something is nearby in time or space CS can occur with such signs as recently closeby arriveat now and neXttous TH indicates that something is done carelessly or without paying attention TH can occur with a variety of verbs such as driving and shopping Puffed cheek indicate a large amount or size Intense indicates great magnitude Pursed lips used to indicate something is very small thin narrow or smooth Pursed lips also accompany signs glossed as quickly and easily STA can show that something happens for an unusually long time or with great intensity STASTA seems to occur when in ecting signs such as stand study stay wait CHA tends to be associated with classi ers and indicates that something is thick or big IS occurs with such signs as wow silly smart ngerspell want cheap clean dirty eXpensive eXplain feeling and sorry BRRR can occur with signs as in gunning people down a lot of people bored cold beautiful smart stupid goodfriend ngerspell awful cheap dirty eXpensive and feeling SOA occurs with signs such as hate smart cheap eXpensive proud full and lucky WHOP is used with signs glossed as bighead and bored ZZ is used with signed glossed as speeding being caught sorry POW AAH can mean far away in awe falling into immersion and can be used with signs glossed as sorry allday allnight OOO can be used with signs glossed as thin wow neat new who awful ohIsee longago noon and shoes OOOA can be used with signs glossed as thin cool wow awful and young PO is used with signs glossed as short small and little EEE is associated with such meanings as squeezing by really skimming it and being peeved BOP UR often use with sign glosses for pity and talking to yourself BEBEBE FFF is used with signs glossed as sorry awful really funny shameonyou and knife PEY is used with signs glossed as tend print gotticket thrill and penny AB is used with signs glossed as stay quiet keepmouthshut accept and getup TONGUE HORIZON appears to be used mostly by CPHLDREN with such signs as golly far far and want BABABA is used with signs glossed as bad but tell and talk BEY FOMP FA used with signs glossed as ne and funny BA used with signs glossed as bad and but FA iFA used with signs glossed as fuss and nd if nding more that one thing WA is used with signs glossed as want what why water rain and run AS is used with signs glossed as ask request until idea accident bit SA is used with signs glossed as shock sad and sorry MA used with signs glossed as mad and mine BOA used with signs glossed as hit boom and explode SHHH used with signs glossed as mischievous sneaky and persuade LUP used with signs glossed as bored disappear a in food on a plate or a person and blow out another team BAH used with signs glossed as admit givein PU use with signs glossed as shoot gone and beat


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