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General Physics I

by: Walter Kshlerin

General Physics I PHY 1420

Marketplace > Baylor University > Physics 2 > PHY 1420 > General Physics I
Walter Kshlerin
Baylor University
GPA 3.76

John Hall

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About this Document

John Hall
Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Walter Kshlerin on Saturday October 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHY 1420 at Baylor University taught by John Hall in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 30 views. For similar materials see /class/217954/phy-1420-baylor-university in Physics 2 at Baylor University.

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Date Created: 10/03/15
Name Professor circle one Dittmann Hall Zhang PHYSICS 1420 EXAM 2 SAMPLE I have neither given nor received nor have I tolerated others use of unauthorized aid I will not discuss this exam with anyone until after 830 pm on Thursday October 7 2010 quot39 BU ID 11 o Instructions Answer all of the questions completely In order to receive full credit show all of your work Calculators are permitted but no other notes or materials 1 a Find the magnitude of the gravitational force exerted by a 88 kg guy on a 48 kg girl if they are standing on opposite sides of a room 35 m apart from one another 3 points b Find the magnitude of the gravitational force exerted by the girl on the guy 3 points c If the guy and girl are standing on a frictionless oor and there is no air resistance which one of them has the greater speed after 15 5 Or are their speeds the same Explain 3 points a b C a b Let A 200 Newtons due south and IE 50 meters directed 30 south of east Find A f3 3 points Let E 2i 63 4 and f 3i 21 Find 3 3 points What is the angle between the vectors E and f in degrees 3 points How much work is done by a constant horizontal force of 155 N in moving a 120kg mass 475 m along a frictionless tabletop The force is applied in the direction of motion 4 points Now assume that the force is not constant but is given by the relation Fx 4x2 2x 2 where x is the position in meters and Fx is in Newtons Assuming that the mass is originally at position x 0 how much work is done in moving the mass to the position x 475 m 4 points 4 Two air tracllt gliders are arranged on a levelifrl39ctl39onless Before collision After collision track as shown An experiment is conducted in which glider A is quotA I I 0 UR launched toward the stationary Experiment M r glider M After the collision A M l A glider A has reversed direction I In a second experiment glider M A a ym UN 0 vm 0 va 397 is replaced by glider N which EX crimem 2 has the same mass as glider M P m N m Glider A is launched toward the stationary glider N with the same initial speed as in experiment 1 After the collision glider A is at rest The mass of glider M is five times that of glider A mM 2 5mm mM 2 mN a In the boxes below draw separate arrows representing the direction of the change in velocity vector of glider A in experiments 1 and 2 2 points Experiment 1 Experiment 2 Is the magnitude of the change in velocity of glider A in experiment 1 greater than less than or equal to that in experiment 2 Explain 3 points b After the collisions is the speed of glider M greater than less than or equal to the speed of glider N If the speed of either glider is zero state that explicitly Explain 3 points c Draw arrows representing the direction of motion of the center of mass of the system of gliders A and M before and after the collision 2 points Before After Does the speed of the center of mass of this system increase decrease or stay the same as a result of the collision Explain 3 points 5 A spring which obeys Hooke s law has a spring constant k 205 N m The spring is placed at on a frictionless table as shown The spring is struck by a block with mass m 500 kg moving with an initial speed 00 242 m s This collision compresses the spring and causes the block to come to rest momentarily after which it is propelled in the opposite direction by the action of the spring a Find the distance through which the spring is compressed to bring the block to rest 3 points b Find the speed of the block immediately after it loses contact with the spring 3 points For parts c and d the spring is turned on end and the 500 kg block is dropped onto the spring from above c How high above the top of the spring must the block be dropped in order to be moving at 242 m s when it strikes the spring 3 points 7 m d How far does the block compress the spring before momentarily k coming to rest 3 points 6 A movie stunt company drives a 11 x 103 kg automobile horizontally off the top of a cliff 45 m high The speed of the automobile when it leaves the cliff is 23 m s a How fast is it moving when it crashes into the ravine below Ignore air resistance 4 points b How fast is it moving as it passes a camera mounted 15 m above the ground 4 points 7 An 8 ball at rest is struck by the cue ball on a pool table The cue ball is traveling at 125 m s After the collision the cue ball continues moving in the same direction but its speed is reduced to 040 m s a What is the velocity of the 8 ball after the collision 3 points b Prove that the collision is not elastic 3 points c Describe a different collision between these two billiard balls that would be an elastic collision 3 points 8 A neutron collides elastically with a helium nucleus at rest initially whose mass is four times that of the neutron The neutron is observed to continue forward but move off at an angle of 300 degrees with respect to its direction before the collision Draw a careful diagram and determine the direction of the helium nucleus and the speeds of the two particles after the collision The neutron s initial speed is 620 x 105 m s 6 points 9 A flat disk of radius 120 cm is 25 cm thick and has a mass of 17 kg A cylinder of radius 21 cm and length 183 cm has a mass of 23 kg The cylinder is placed upright on top of the flat disk so that the axis of the cylinder is aligned with the axis of the disk Draw a careful diagram and find the center of mass of the cylinder and the disk together 6 points 10 A particle slides along a track with curved ends and a at central section as shown The d portions of the track are frictionless The at section has a length L 20 In and a coef cient of kinetic friction equal to 020 The particle is released at the highest point of one of the curved ends where the height is h 10 In above the flat part of the track Where exactly does the particle nally come to rest 6 points m 11 An asteroid of mass m is in a circular orbit of radius 1 around the Sun with a speedy It has an impact with another asteroid of mass M and is kicked into a new circular orbit with a speed of 15 1 What is the radius of the new orbit in terms of 1 6 points 12 A 600kg mass person wishes to push a 100kg mass box across a level oor The coefficient of static friction between the person39s shoes and the oor is 0700 Draw free body diagrams for both the person and the box What is the maximum coefficient of static friction between the box and the floor such that the person can push horizontally on the box and cause it to start moving 4 points 13 A 1340kg car drives over a hilltop that has a radius A of curvature R 120 m as shown in the figure At R what speed would the car be traveling when its tires just barely lose contact with the road when the car is at the top of the hill at point A 4 points at


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