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Technical and Professional Writing

by: Zelma Schiller

Technical and Professional Writing ENG 3300

Marketplace > Baylor University > Foreign Language > ENG 3300 > Technical and Professional Writing
Zelma Schiller
Baylor University
GPA 3.74

Susan Adkins

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About this Document

Susan Adkins
Class Notes
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This 14 page Class Notes was uploaded by Zelma Schiller on Saturday October 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENG 3300 at Baylor University taught by Susan Adkins in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see /class/217961/eng-3300-baylor-university in Foreign Language at Baylor University.

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Date Created: 10/03/15
IE E RAPOPORT ACADEMY P U B L l C SCHOOL Paul and Jane Meyer Public High School HANDBOOK For Students amp Families 20112012 Rapoport Academy Public School Meyer Public High School StudentFamily Handbook Policies and Procedures 20112012 Mission Statement The Rapoport Academy Public School fosters learning that exceeds national and state standards through rigorous academics evidencebased practices and real world experiences We prepare students for college career and life by setting high expectations modeling core values and involving family and community Vision Statement As a premier educational model Rapoport Academy Public School will continue innovating best practices to ensure students develop confidence character knowledge and skills to reach their full potential discover their passions embrace diversity and become independent thinkers Faculty and Staff Administrative Staff Bukowski Phil Bukowski Terri Burrus Tanisha Davis Lori DuShane Dora Elliott Dean Franks Heather Gould Jared Grayson Dr Nancy Howard Shannon Luo Roger Mynar Mary Neum ann Dr Alexi Polk Dr Matthew Reed Gaylene Spratt Charlene Strickland April Faculty Barak Kelly Beckham Gil Bukowski Terri Butler Susan Diamond Patricia F ucci Megan Gould Jared Gadge Uma Grayson Nancy Hankins Natalie Meyer Austin Bookkeeper Counseling Services Logistics Coordinator District RTT Front Desk Technology Director District Master Teacher Dean of Students Master Teacher College Coordinator PEIMS system Special Education Director Superintendent 112 Superintendent 112 Institutional Development Director Food Services Director Head of Financial Team Coach Coach Health Online Course Supervisor Spanis History Music English Special Education Master Tutor SciencesEngineering SciencesEngineering Speech Coach Math Psychology English Math McNamara Kim PE Teaching Assistant 39 39 Coach Sallee Beau Coash Schattschneider Stepahnie German Storm 0 Art Studer Mike History Social Studies TSTC College Level Courses Veselka Henry Math Wade Nathan History Social Studies Latin Waco Family YMCA Physical Education Core Values Respect Responsibility Creativity Curiosity Integrity Hard Work Brief History of the Academy In March 1998 the State Board of Education awarded a charter to East Waco Innovative School Development Incorporated The charter developed into the Rapoport Academy Public School and opened in the fall of 1998 with only 16 students The Academy was located in an economically depressed area of Waco and was established to improve failing TAAS scores among economically disadvantaged minority students 30 passing in 3quoti grade 10 passing in 53911 grade in East Waco Enrollment increased quickly to 32 students pre kindergarten through 15t grades and filled the rented space in the basement of a church building Enrollment for the second year was 74 requiring a move to a one story building housing the pre kindergarten through 2nd grade students It became obvious that the school would continue to grow and permanent space would be required to provide for growth and a safesecure environment Land was donated foundations were approached and the building process began so that space could be completed for the fall of 2000 when 122 students would be enrolled This facility is 17500 square feet directly across the street from a large apartment housing development The children can walk to school 7 and parents volunteer during the school day without having to rely on public transportation Enrollment for the fall of 2001 Pre K thru 43911 grades was 134 and thru 53911 grade in 2002 was 147 After renovating a 17000 square foot building in 2003 we opened a middle school on the Quinn Campus serving 53911 thru 8t grade students The Academy provides an integrated curriculum combining the components of TEKS state mandated Core Knowledge and business entrepreneurship in the context of a decidedly diverse population of students Though approved to enroll students thru 93911 grade the Academy received a separate charter for a high school on the campus of TSTC opened fall 2006 with 93911 grade students The two charters were merged in June 2008 The first graduating class was spring 2010 Renovations continue at Quinn Campus the first historically Black college west of the Mississippi to provide exemplary learning environments for both middle and high school students The previous Grant Hall dormitory has been completely renovated as the Vance Dunnam Creative Arts Center Rapoport Academy has also been recognized by Communities Foundation of Texas including Gates and Dell Foundations as both a T STEM science technology engineering and math integrated curriculum and as an ECHS school early college high school 7 allowing students to earn as many as 60 hours of college credit before high school graduation As such it is to date one of the only schools nationwide with both designations This grant facilitated our becoming a high caliber high school serving as an innovative model for education The fall of 2011 we will serve 500 students prekindergarten through 123911 grade Organization ofthe Academy As designated in the charter the Academy functions under the guidance of the Board of Directors of the Academy and answers to the Texas State Board of Education through the Charter School Division of the Texas Education Agency The Board of Directors shall consist of up to 9 members as outlined in the bylaws of the East Waco Innovative School Development Corporation the parent 501 3 organization responsible for the Academy Funding for the Academy The Rapoport Academy is funded through the Texas Education Agency with the average daily attendance formula accounting for each student as well as federal funds for specific programs The Academy receives only about 80 of the average per student funding as compared with that of traditional public schools 7 and we receive no funds for facilities All other funding is through grants state and federal local and national private foundations Current Board Members Trey Schneider President Dr Harold Rafuse Vice President JeffBurchfield Treasurer Dr Dianne Sawyer Secretary Clif Dollens Ashley Henderson Ellie Morrison Kevin Wilson Policies and Procedures All policies and procedures listed below are intended to clarify and further define the functioning of the Rapoport Academy as outlined in the charter maintained with the Texas State Board of Education The Rapoport Academy has a nondiscriminatory position on hiring employees enrolling students and student participation in all schoolrelated activities The Academy admits students of any race color sex religion national and ethnic origin ability level athletic ability or creative ability to all rights privileges programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school The school does not discriminate on the basis of race color sex religion national and ethnic origin ability level athletic ability or creative ability when it administers its education policies admissions policies and athletic and other schooladministered programs Enrollment nrollment procedures require the studentparentguardian to present records Such records include student s birth certificate social security card immunization records previous school records proof of residence completion of the enrollment form home language survey parent agreement and freereduced lunch form if applicable Lottery draw admission application includes student s name grade level parents name address phone number and district of residence The charter establishes the time line for lottery draw for the up coming school year Preference toward admissions includes the following hierarchy 1 continued enrollment of current students siblings of those students and children of teachers 2 students from the following districts 7 June preceding the fall for enrollment Abbott Axtell Bosqueville BrucevilleEddy China Spring Clifton Connally Crawford Gholson Hubbard LaVega Lorena Mart McGregor Midway Moody Riesel Robinson Valley Mills Waco West Whitney lSD s The school has the right to fill any spots that become available during the school year by means of the lottery draw Students who have a record of suspension expulsion or other conduct problems as outlined in the charter are excluded from admission to the Academy as permitted by state law College Course Enrollment Enrollment in college courses at TSTC as outlined in our MOU depends on The student s achievement of the required scores on the entrance exam as required by the college Completion of proper paperwork required to enroll in courses at the co e Successful completion of college courses taken in the prior semester Approval of Meyer High staff Students will be charged a at fee of 100 for books software and other course materials for each college course in which they earn a grade below a C or from which they withdraw If a student earns a grade below C in a college course in a semester that student will not be allowed to enroll in a college course the following semester If this occurs in the spring semester the student may appeal to the Meyer High staff and ask to take a probationary course during the second summer session If the probationary course is approved and the student successfully completes the course the student may enroll in a college courses during the following fall semester If a student withdraws from a college course in which he or she is enrolled the student will be allowed to enroll in a college course the following semester only upon approval by Meyer High staff and must pay all fees related to the withdrawal If a student fails to conduct himselfherself according to Meyer High School principles while on the college campus 7 including but not limited to inappropriate dress or speech failure to attend class failure to respect college staff and students smoking and alcohol abuse 7 the student may be withdrawn from any or all college courses in which they are enrolled with the resulting consequences stated in the previous paragraph Furthermore students must use the Academy transportation to and from college courses Parent Involvement Meyer High School staff considers the involvement of parents and families vital to student success The Meyer High parent organization plays an active role in collaborating with Meyer High staff to ensure student success and to enrich the experience of all students at the school Parents are encouraged to remain in frequent contact with the child s teachers either through phone or email Parents are also encouraged to be present on campus to sit in on their child s classes or to join their child for breakfast or lunch For parents who are interested there are opportunities to sponsor extracurricular activities and to attend parenting seminars hosted by the Academy allowing parents to discuss the unique challenges of parenting teenagers arent Involvement Requirement Each parentguardian will sign an agreement to meet the expectation to be involved in the education process including volunteering within the school each semester This follows a conditions outlined in the charter A parent guardian or other direct family member may fulfill the volunteer time Each individual volunteering is subject to a criminal records check in line with state policy for access to children In addition to volunteering parents must attend one class per semester in which their student is enrolled This fulfills the parental involvement requirement while informing the parents and investing them in the educational process The classroom teacher only dictates the parent involvement during field trips number of parents attending and which parents may escort the class Parents accompanying field trips are to assist with all students and must follow school guidelines for the trip Attendance Students must attend 90 of school days to pass the course andor to maintain enrollment for the following school year at Rapoport Academy Public School Any deviation from this policy must be addressed by the Administration and the decision is made at the discretion of the Superintendent team All absences are considered unexcused absences A written appeal may be made to the Board of Directors by a parentguardian on behalf of the childstudent The Board makes the final decision on attendancebased appeals Students exceeding the 0 allowable absentee rate at any point are subject to expulsion It is the family s responsibility to have the student at school on time each day to maximize the learning opportunities for that student Families who cannot comply are putting the student at risk academically and developmentally Effective as of Board vote November 15 1999 I 3 tardies one absence I 3 early releases one absence I Combinations of the above adding to a total of 3 one absence The tardyearly release policy affects the student s enrollment standing in combination with the current attendance policy Students must attend 90 of total class days Any student who falls behind the 90 level at any point during the school year is in danger of being dropped from enrollment Leaving campus during the school day requires parent permission with procedures established at each campus Rapoport Academy is a closed campus during the school day with the exception of trips to TSTC for college coursework TardiesEarly Release y student arriving late to school must check in with the front desk before going to class Any student leaving school before the close of the high school day must check out with the front desk School hours are established and posted in multiple locations on campus Arrival after the start time for the day for any reason other than a doctor s or dentist s appointment is an automatic tardy Tardies and early releases are excused only with presentation of written notice from the doctor or dentist Skipping class Any student skipping class is subject to expulsion Skipping includes hanging out in the school parking lot either outside or inside vehicles between classes or at any time during the scheduled school day A high school staff member must approve any trips to the parking lot for school materials Absence pertaining to illness If a student is going to be absent the parent must notify the school between 730 and 830 am that same day A student may not be brought to school within 24 hours if heshe has had I fever green nasal discharge untreated red eyes or red eyes with a dischargematting untreated ringworm or ringworm that is uncovered diarrhea vomiting chicken pox measles or other contagious virusdisease The Academy reserves the right to send students home due to an illness at the staffs discretion in the best interest of all the childrenstudents If the child becomes ill at school the Academy will notify the parentguardian or the child s emergency contact as soon as a student is judged to be unable to participate in a normal day s activities or to be suffering from a contagious condition The student will be isolated from the other students until heshe is picked up It is the parentguardian s responsibility to pick the student up when called by the school Parents are encouraged to carry adequate medical coverage as the Academy does not carry health or accident coverage for students After School Pick Up The high school students must remain outside the building to wait for their ride In order to encourage selfresponsibility students are not permitted to return to the classroom or lockers once they are dismissed at the end of the school day The only exceptions to this policy are returning for medication and returning for coats during cold weather only Bad Weather Days If it is necessary to delay the opening of or to close the school because of bad weather the school will make announcements on Channels 6 10 and 25 many radio stations and the school website wwwrapoportacademyorg Medication Students may not keep medications in their possession during the school day All medications to be administered to a childstudent at school must be given to the school student services coordinatorfront desk and must be labeled with the student s name and instructions including I how much is to be given I at what time medication is to be given I how often medication is to be given Students must give all medications to school personnel in charge of medications so that it can be secured until administered Students must fill out a medication administration form that must also be signed by the parent guardian Any medications not picked up by the end of the spring semester will be disposed of We are not responsible for storing medications over the summer Clothingdress code The dress code at the high school encourages students to maintain good standards of dress and wear washable clothing that is comfortable for the day s activities and is suitable for encouragin appropriate learning behaviors Students are expected to be dressed appropriately for the weather since the Academy encourages freshair outdoor activity and active learning Students must dress appropriately so that clothing is neither revealing nor detracts from learning Any dress that is too revealing interferes with learning or disrupts the learning atmosphere shall be considered inappropriate Inappropriate clothing is detailed as follows All clothing Must be modest No suggestive or inappropriate messages Must not be thin or seethrough No holes in revealing areas Shirts Must not show midriff No spaghetti straps No low necklines Skirts May not be rolled at the waist Must be modest in length Must not reveal undergarments Pants and slacks Must fit properly May not be worn below the waist or sagging Should be worn with a belt when necessary No low waist pants No pajama bottoms Footwear Must be worn at all times Must be properly tied and strapped Outerwear No hats caps bandanas or other headgear Coats may not be worn indoors and must be stored in the proper place until the student goes outdoors Personal appearance Must not distract from learning No excessive jewelry or accessories No excessive makeup Undergarments Must be completely covered by clothing and not visible Welldeveloped girls must wear bras or comparable undergarments Students who choose to dress inappropriately will be required to go home for the day or change clothes If the student is to stay at school the clothing deemed inappropriate must be replaced by the parent guardian student or staff Lostandfound All items left at the school will be kept in the lostandfound area It is the responsibility of the student or parentguardian to check for lost items Lost and found items will periodically be taken to Goodwill with 72 hours notice to parentsguardians and students Electronics and Personal Items Students are requested not to use electronics or other personal items including cell phones CD players and iPods during at school unless specifically requested by the teacher to fulfill curriculum components In addition administration may authorize students to take cell phones to TSTC on a caseby case basis If they are not authorized for use during the school day electronic devices must be checked in at the front desk for the day and will be returned to the student at the end of the day Any such piece of equipment that is not checked in for the school day without prior administrative approval for use will be taken from the student and dealt with as follows On the first occurrence of an electronic item found at school the item will be sent to the superintendents who will contact the parent to pick up the electronic item On the second occurrence of any electronic item the item will be sent to the administration and immediately forwarded to a donation site Other personal items not allowed at school include Stuffed animals Blankets Valuable item s Nonprescription eyewear Food The school has breakfast and lunch available for all students Please make arrangements with the office personnel for your student s school meals All students must either eat breakfast at home or eat the schoolprovided breakfast at school39 students may not bring breakfast foods or drinks from outside the school to consume at school Parents who prefer that their student not eat the lunches provided at school may send a lunch with the student Staff will inspect each lunch brought in to ensure that the lunch meets the school nutrition guidelines outlined by the federal government as well as those maintained at the Academy The following foods are forbidden at school Soft drinks Chips Fried foods Candy Desserts Gum Any nonnutritional foods If found these items will be removed from the lunch and thrown away Again all arrangements must be made with the school personnel Other than a regular lunch that follows these guidelines or food for special events students are not to bring food of any sort from home39 no snacks from home are allowed Free fresh fruit is available midmorning at the high school for students TestingPlacement All students are subject to pretest measures when or after they enroll at the Academy in order to determine appropriate grade placement Students will be placed in a grade level appropriate to the results of the testing Grade placement is the decision of the school administration for incoming students returning students and students maintaining continuous enrollment All students will participate in the standardized testing that is provided at the school including pre and posttesting 1TB STerra NovaMAP etc as well as TAKSSTAARS and any other measures deemed appropriate by the administration Weapons and threats of violence Firearms weapons facsimiles or other instruments that might be considered dangerous or threatening to the possessor or to students faculty and staff are not allowed on school grounds Toys that resemble weapons such as water pistols are also forbidden No student parent or employee may issue a threat of harm to another individual in the building Employees are obligated to notify the Superintendent or Assistant Superintendent if they have knowledge of such a threat on campus Any student bringing such an item or any individual issuing such a threat on campus will receive immediate disciplinary action and will be subject to suspension expulsion or removal from the building Students may be expelled for any offenses listed in Section 37007 of the Texas Education Code Bloodborne Human Infectious Disease The Academy recognizes the importance of giving affected individuals support comfort understanding dignity and selfrespect At the same time the Academy must protect the remainder of the school community against legitimate health hazards posed by the affected individual Individuals are not required to disclose status to the Academy and are entitled to protection under state and federal laws against discrimination The Academy may not disclose the existence of any bloodborne infectious diseases to any individual without the prior written authorization of the affected individual or parentguardian The Academy accepts the conclusion of the US Public Health Service that casual contact with persons who may be at risk does not place others at risk for contracting such illnesses Students parents and staff will follow practices and procedures that involve protection from the blood of all individuals The Superintendent or Assistant Superintendent of the Academy shall periodically provide the faculty and staff with information regarding the current state of knowledge of bloodborne infectious diseases Drugs and Alcohol The possession use or sale of unauthorized or illegal drugs on school premises or during school functions is prohibited The possession use or sale of alcohol on school premises or during school related functions is prohibited Any violation of the above could result in expulsion andor prosecution There will be random drug searches on campus If the drug dog identifies any student in possession of drugs the police andor student s parentguardian will be telephoned Campus Behavior Everyone on campus will behave in a manner that exemplifies the six core values respect responsibility curiosity creativity hard work and integrity Students must express professional behaviors while on campus or while involved in school business field trips and schoolrelated activities Students must act in a manner that contributes to a positive learning atmosphere on campus They should avoid boisterous disruptive behavior which infringes on the rights of others and which has a negative effect on the learning environment Students who behave in a continually disruptive manner will be subject to disciplinary action Behavior guidelines are as follows Flag ceremony conduct All students are expected to act with respect and decorum during daily flag ceremonies PDA Any public display of affection PDA is unacceptable including but not limited to hand holding affectionate hugging stroking fondling and more First offense will result in student notification and a parent appointment with the superintendents Second offense will result in automatic dismissal from the Academy Theft and vandalism Respect for personal and school property is essential All trash must be placed in trash cans Theft and vandalism will not be tolerated and will result in serious disciplinary action including consideration of expulsion or prosecution Students and parents will be liable for repair of damages or replacement of equipment if a student is responsible for disrepair or damage Unacceptable behaviors The following behaviors are serious enough to cause an immediate phone call to parents of students on any campus and to potentially cause the student to be sent home or to the parent s workplace immediately for the remainder of the day Fighting including any hitting biting scratching etc Threatening or bullying Rock throng in the outdoor areas Talking back or disrespecting authority figures faculty or staff Destroying or damaging the work of another student on school property Any behavior that threatens the safety of students faculty or staff Repetitive behaviors that detract from the learning within the school environment Students who do not adhere to these behavior policies may be subject to disciplinary action which varies by offense The Academy s disciplinary action policies are as follows Parent noti cation en disciplinary action is necessary parents will be asked to participate in behavior management plans at home that will support the staff s efforts directed towards students at school Parents may also be asked to take disruptive students home for a portion of the day in order to discuss appropriate behavior choices If the parent is at work the student may be delivered to the parent s place of work In school suspension Suspension is discouraged by the administration The Academy s goal is that all students remain in the classroom where maximum learning can occur If the student impedes learning while at school the student may be sent to the parent home or work for the remainder of the day Expulsion Behaviors that endanger the health safety welfare other students or prevent others from learning may result in expulsion of the student at the discretion of the administration Corporal punishment polic No corporal punishment is used at Meyer High School Behavior Point System The high school uses a Behavior Point System BPS which tracks poor choices in behavior Each teacher and staff member has the authority to issue behavior points Once each week the BPS chart for each student is sent home in a sealed envelope for the parent to sign and student to return the following day If a student accumulates 75 or more points during the school year that student and the parents will meet and accept a behavior plan for a limited number of days If the student does not meet the expectations outlined in the signed behavior plan the student may be expelled The BPS also outlines ways that students may remove points in order to stay out of jeopardy This process begins with a contract between the student and the administration initiated by the student Students who show a track record of selfmanagement meaning that they do not accumulate behavior points over the period of a quarter will be removed from the BPS system and remain free of BPS The student will remain free of the BPS unless his or her behavior warrants reestablishment of the BPS to help the student learn to moderate his or her own behavior During the school year the staff andor Board may elect to modify the BPS point system to maximize student learning Texas Behavior Support Initiative Implementation Plan The use of restraint and timeout is used in accordance with the Texas Administrative Code TAC 891053 In meeting the requirements of this Code Rapoport Academy Public School has developed the following plan to be implemented throughout every campus in the District Each campus will have a Core Team of individuals made up of an Administrator a General Education Staff member and a Special Education staff member These Core Team members are trained in accordance with the TAC requirements for the TBSI The purpose for this trained group is for campus safety and to promote the use of positive behavior interventions with all students At least one person on each Committee will have current CPI Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Training Any other Committee member involved in restraining a student will be trained or retrained if not current Within a 30 day period At least one person on each Committee will attend CPI training each year Implementation of the following guidelines for noti cation and documentation will be followed should the use of restraint become necessary On the day that the restraint takes place a good faith effort by an administrator to verbally notify parents will be made On the day that the restraint takes place a written noti cation will be placed in the mail or provided within one day of the use of restraint The written noti cation will include the following information ent name Name of staff involved in administering restraint Date and time restraint began and ended Location of restraint Nature of restraint Description of the student activity immediately preceding the use of the restraint Behavior that prompted the restraint If the student is a student receiving Special Education services in the district an ARD Committee meeting will be scheduled to discuss the incident and how behavior impacts the student s learning The meeting will also discuss the need for supports through implementation of a behavior plan if the student does not currently utilize a Behavior Intervention Plan Restraint documentation in a format recommended by the state will be added to Student Permanent Folders and Special Education Eligibility Folders Positive Behavior Support Also in accordance with the Texas Behavior Support Initiative and Rapoport Academy Public School policy a system of Positive Behavior Support is in place for the success of all students The Positive Behavior Support system is term ed the Behavior Point System at Rapoport It stresses high expectations for both academic engagement and school behaviors The Behavior Point System is in place to help students change behaviors that impede learning This is accomplished by the student being made aware of Where they stand and meeting with an Administrator to discuss an approach to reducing the number of points accumulated Administrators choose a proactive approach by using the data from the behavior point system to help solve repeated behavior problems If a student continues to struggle a meeting with teachers administrators parents and the student is scheduled For students who receive Special Education services in the District an ARD meeting is called to discuss behaviors and interventions TimeOut Time out procedures implemented at Rapoport Academy Public School are in compliance with the legal requirements set forth by the State of Texas and follow the Continuum of TimeOut Procedures beginning with the Least Restrictive form of TimeOut utilized first Some examples of the least restrictive to more restrictive forms of TimeOut are I planned ignoring timeout chair or rugtimeout square removal of materials work or toys timeout behind screen timeout card timeout in a timeout room I head down timeout Please note thatRAPS does not utilize timeout on a regular basis Timeoutplans are utilized ifan agreement is reached to implement the process either in an ARD meeting for students receiving Special Education services in the District and as part ofa BehaviorIntervention Plan or after a meeting with Administration parents and sta in which a plan for utilization of timeout is put in place on a recurrent basis to increase or decrease targeted behaviors Grading Grading students is a complex and individualized process A student s grade is determined by criteria established by the teacher in that particular classroom within the parameters of the charter and the district The grading can include but may not be totally inclusive of inclass performance performance on all tests portfolio assessment and completion of assigned home work It is the teacher s responsibility to grade each student by a standard of mastery on each content areacomponent Grades must re ect mastery long term learning rather than effort Students who cheat will receive an automatic zero for that worktest but will be required to redo and submit with no grade change Plagiarism is a serious offense for which the student will receive a zero for the work Repetitive incidents will invoke a process toward expulsion Students who receive a zero for incomplete work or work not done may be required to complete the work without benefit of a grade change High school grading policy is determined by the staff with regular reviews and modifications to maintain high standards in student achievement UIL Eligibility All students must meet the standard UTL parameters for participation in academic andor sport UTL competitions Eligibility is based on grades determined by the date of the end of the grading period for Rapoport Academy students Grading periods are marked by progress reports given out quarterly and midquarterly Any makeup work that would amend the grade must be approved by the administration Superintendents and if approved must be completed within four days of the end of the grading period Each campus will determine the behavior qualifiers for participation BPS level etc Parent Communication The Academy maintains an open communication policy with families of students Teachers and staff are available for daily parent communication Parentteacher conferences are scheduled at the end of each nineweek period to discuss student progress During the conference written assessments are discussed along with portfolio performance in class behaviors attendance and any other issues deemed important by teacher andor parentguardian Students are strongly encouraged to attend and participate in these conferences The parentguardian will sign verifying that they attended the conference and then may take assessment results report cards home Report cardsassessments are not sent home without a conference Librayy High school students will have regular access to the East Branch of the Waco Public Each student is responsible for having their own public library card Students are subject to the guidelines of the public library and consequences assigned by that library The student s family is financially responsible for any library books not returned in a timely manner or returned in a damaged condition Field Trips Field trips provide valuable information to supplement the normal classroom course work and are appropriate to the curriculum Participation on a field trip is a privilege to those students who can maintain behaviors appropriate to the learning experience BPS is one measure of behavior management Each teacher has the right to determine that a student be detained and remain at the school rather than participate in a field trip The detaining of a student from a field trip may be subject to review by the Superintendents Students at the school are required to maintain a total of behavior points on the BPS below the standard set by staff for that trip or event Field trip permission slips must be signed by parentguardian prior to the event No phone calls can be accepted for permission No student may attend without written permission No food drink or trinketsgifts may be purchased during a field trip without prior campus director approval nor may parent attendees make purchases during the trip No food or drink are allowed in Rapoport Academy vehicles vans cars buses Technology Each student will sign the technology policyprocedure agreement If the student does not adhere to the components of the agreement the technology director will remove the technology privileges The length of time that these privileges are removed is determined by the superintendent and technology director Fire amp Tornado Drills Teachers are given information and evacuation maps concerning actions to take in case of a fire or tornado activity Maps are posted in each room and other areas of the school Teachers also discuss the procedures with students at the beginning of the year Fire drills are carried out once a month and tornado drills are carried out once a year Lock Downs In the event that students might be in imminent danger within the school the administration will make a decision to lock down the rooms Teachers are given the appropriate code and will lock their rooms after ensuring that all students are inside the classroom Rooms will be unlocked after the all clear signal Outstanding Debt If a student has acquired an unresolved debt such as a library book lunch bill after school bill clubathletic uniforms etc the records for that student will be held and enrollment for the upcoming year will be delayed until the debt has been resolved to the satisfaction of the Academy superintendents Problem Resolutions Any parentguardian having questions concerns or complaints in reference to the school ma seek a resolution through due process including appeals for expulsion by requesting a conference with the administration faculty andor the Board Teachers should be approached first about problems or complaints because they appreciate the opportunity to talk with parentsguardians directly about such matters The faculty members are in the best position to give information about classroom activities The following procedure is the Board recommended manner of handling problems or complaints at the Rapoport Academy 1 A problem or complaint is discussed with or brought to the attention of the classroom teacher by parentguardian 2 If the problem is not resolved the parentguardian or teacher should bring the matter to the attention of the superintendents 3 If the matter is still unresolved the Board may ask for a written statement or oral presentation to the Board concerning the nature of the problem and what action has been taken to date The Board will make a final determination in the situation Special Education and Bilingual Programs The Academy will operate in accordance with federal laws and rules governing public schools as stated in the Assurances of the Charter The Academy will provide special education programs as directed under TEC Subchapter A of Chapter 29 7 and bilingual education under TEC Subchapter B of Chapter 29 Options and Requirements For Providing Assistance to Students Who Have Learning Difficulties or Who Need or May Need Special Education If a child is experiencing learning difficulties the parent may contact the person listed below to learn about the district s overall general education referral or screening system for support services This system links students to a variety of support options including referral for a special education evaluation Students having difficulty in the regular classroom should be considered for tutorial compensatory and other support services that are available to all students At any time a parent is entitled to request an evaluation for special education services Within a reasonable amount of time the school must decide if the evaluation is needed If evaluation is needed the parent will be notified and asked to provide consent for the evaluation The school must complete the evaluation and the report within 60 calendar days of the date of the district receives the written consent The school must give a copy of the report to the parent If the school determines that the evaluation is not needed the school will provide the parent with a written notice that explains why the child will not be evaluated This written notice will include a statement that informs the parent of their rights if they disagree with the school Additionally the notice must inform the parent how to obtain a copy of the Notice of Procedural Safeguards Rights of Parents of Students with Disabilities The designated person to contact regarding options for a child experiencing learning difficulties or a referral for evaluation for special education is Contact Person Mary Mynar 7548000


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All subscriptions to StudySoup are paid in full at the time of subscribing. To change your credit card information or to cancel your subscription, go to "Edit Settings". All credit card information will be available there. If you should decide to cancel your subscription, it will continue to be valid until the next payment period, as all payments for the current period were made in advance. For special circumstances, please email


StudySoup has more than 1 million course-specific study resources to help students study smarter. If you’re having trouble finding what you’re looking for, our customer support team can help you find what you need! Feel free to contact them here:

Recurring Subscriptions: If you have canceled your recurring subscription on the day of renewal and have not downloaded any documents, you may request a refund by submitting an email to

Satisfaction Guarantee: If you’re not satisfied with your subscription, you can contact us for further help. Contact must be made within 3 business days of your subscription purchase and your refund request will be subject for review.

Please Note: Refunds can never be provided more than 30 days after the initial purchase date regardless of your activity on the site.