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Modern English Grammar

by: Zelma Schiller

Modern English Grammar ENG 3302

Marketplace > Baylor University > Foreign Language > ENG 3302 > Modern English Grammar
Zelma Schiller
Baylor University
GPA 3.74

Clayton Butler

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About this Document

Clayton Butler
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Zelma Schiller on Saturday October 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENG 3302 at Baylor University taught by Clayton Butler in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 45 views. For similar materials see /class/217962/eng-3302-baylor-university in Foreign Language at Baylor University.

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Date Created: 10/03/15
6rammar39EN6 3302 OZC Sen fences for Prac ce for Kaln Chap fer 2 Direc ans I den 1739 fy The formfunc on of underlined phrases and diagram each sen fence 1 Mx uncle recenle moved To Arizona for his healTh Form Fu ncT 2 The cherry Trees in WashingTon DC were a gifT from The Japanese governmenT in 1912 Form Fund 3 AfTer The picnic The Teacher rounded up The sTudenTs for The long bus ride Form Fund 4 BoTh The asparagus and The sTrawberries in our garden grow guicklx during June Form Fund 5 Our grocer calls asparagus The Rolls Royce of vegeTabIes Form Fu ncT 6rammar39ENC 3302 OZC 6 In 2000 scienTisTs announced imporTanT breakThroughs in research on The human genome 7 Some people find modern arT very depressing Form 8 According To The afTernoon paper The police looked inTo The sources of The reporTer39s informaTion 9 Our arT class was aT The museum and The boTanical gardens on Tuesday afTernoon 10 Jeff pleaded innocenT Form FuncT 6rammar39EN6 3302 093 Sem ences for Pracfice Coordinafion for Koln Chap fer 9 Direc ans Diagram fIe folowing senfences from file Senfences for Praci39ice exercise on pages 224225 of Koln Some senfences from f1e book are changed or skipped 1 Many au139o workers in De l39r oi r and many s reelwor ker39s in Pennsylvania are still unemployed 2 I len r my son and daughterinlaw a sizable sum of money 3 They have r ecen l39ly moved 139o Ohio and will soon be buying a new house 6rammar39ENC 3302 093 4 To geT your rebaTe simply fill ouT The coupon and mail iT To The company39s headquarTers in Michigan 5 I have baTTled beeTles and aphids and TenT caTerpillars for The enTire summer 6 NeXT monTh many sTudenTs and TourisTs will be going To our naTion39s capiTal To visiT The hisTorical monumenTs or perhaps To sTroll along The sTreeTs and simply enjoy ThaT beauTiful ciTy 6rammar39ENC 3302 7 My friends and I finding The movie boring IefT oT inTer39mission and adjourned To our fovor iTe hangouT 8 Hope is The Thing wiTh feaTher39s ThaT perches in The soul And sings The Tune wiThouT words And never sTops oT all Emily Dickinson O9B 6rammar39ENC 3302 093 9 Thousands of Americans uniTed by a deep and urgenT concern obouT The qualiTy of life for Themselves and fuTure generaTions have given boTh Their money and Their Time To The environmenTal movemenT 10 The woods are lovely dark and deep BuT I have promises To keep And miles To go before I sleep RoberT FrosT


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