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Microelectronics Circuits

by: Judd Okuneva

Microelectronics Circuits ECE 310

Judd Okuneva
GPA 3.91

William Knowlton

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About this Document

William Knowlton
Class Notes
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This 12 page Class Notes was uploaded by Judd Okuneva on Saturday October 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ECE 310 at Boise State University taught by William Knowlton in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see /class/217977/ece-310-boise-state-university in Engineering Electrical & Compu at Boise State University.

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Date Created: 10/03/15
JVISEECE 310 Q 3 Knuwuun Phonons 3W u Q r Figure 2 Dashed lines Planes of atoms when in equilibrium Solid lines Planes of atoms when displaced as far a longitudi nal wave The coordinate u measures the displacement of the planes sp speci c plane displacement Ki el Physics 6 h F d Wile 19 El Ch 4 1 MSE ECESIO Phonons Ml 10 08 L H quotUm 06 U l quot i v 04 MMquot maul 09 4 n y 7 K r L Flnl Brillmlin tum Figure 4 Plot arm versus K The region ofK lt la crA gt 1 corresponds to the contin uum appmximltiun here a is direcin proportional to K 00 vg 0 at the Br1110u1n zone boundanes 0k Knuwltun Ki el Solid State Physics 6 Fr Wile 19 m Ch 4 2 mm 9 A dummmcrystnl simmle m adan plaucx M by u u shown mimequot Msmum Phonons W39 39M 2m WMXWWW W rm I Wm LLz z VVZML K M1 M h muse M M1 mungded by fans mmm c bclwezn n displmments a Il mi M a mud by u u u r V lnd Dram am The mun dtsnnu is u Aquot m dam arm wuvevzclnr x Th ztnms u unduphwd pmlllonx mehm 925 Ch 4 ME 5 MSEECEZIEI Phonons Arnmvrnl mm Esum 1 u m pcnmn curve or m dmnm Hnmr 11mm Mm mm nuxghbur Humquot aw lame McKelvey 52ml 5mm Pkg5on Eagmamgiszzvmls 5mm Knegu 199 Ch 3 Wm msmcE 3m Phonons 5M 9 k u amp k Are perpmdieular for a kmsvase phonon Elakemare 30145me 2 EdCambndg2 1925 Ch 2 El Whether a Vibrational mode is longitudinal or transverse a given atomic amplitude of motion requires much more energy for a long wave optical than acoustic mode El Why Bc optical modes minimize changes in 2nd n n separation by maximizing separation between nn s El Nn interaction greater than any other n n interaction therefore energy required for nn separation greater than any other separation MU dFdx inte rate under 5 MsEEcEzm Phonons 7 n u s 39 MM xyl d Wh mm W MMMAMM WMAW WWW m Wm 714 4M WW7 Q mm Mawm 39 M W amdw m Wm WWW WM 39 MA M W WWW Mzac x msmcE 3m Phonons Dlsperswn Curves I A V 5m 7 L Fig 31 Flmuun dummyquot Lurws m 5 km hxglmunnvmv no em mka osgmmmm 5pm 1996 Ch 3 N w m 1 Figure 242 um mm t n L vlhnllmn m H mm In m 1 N V H 7 M V n n m M r m k u h 7 MSEECEZIEI mm IAWM39W39 244W M Phonons J L EW Mw 70441 7 7Z4W439ZII4M 3 w M d zzW 7 i 4 msmcE am my mmlmmh 265 mm mehm Phonons w u SIAIE n H mm 0 m I m re 217 xnrnnunnnnl nhwmlum Ifu hum Wmquot quotH mm phunun mum vulllw39l Ouvurlnm InniARerFmL Johnmnpnmmn cm 73 1 Elnkema 52M 5mm mm 2 Eac mmidge 1925 ch 2 MSEECEZIEI Phonon Imaging 315 CI Phonon Transmission study 65 transmission of ballistic phonons fastkansvexse ltmgt unbonded border Side between top lt2 bottom Dark Matter Detector Sensing Phonon Using Ge AuGe Eutecuc Bonding mm m msmcE 3m Phonon Imaging 1511 CI Phonon Transmission study Sample con guration Phnnnn image sine Mm m HHHHHH Lass Pulse sizn side 1 Dark Matter Detector Sensing Phonon Using GeAu Ge Eutectic Bonding mehm 1 1 MSEECEZIEI Phonon Imaging CI Phonon Transmission study Time of ight 25m 2 ulmnzur 1mnstyunuuymts mun Newman FYASDedmm sraewnhamimevtace Ave mm Width HeivM 37754547 157517 u21m4 1739 Newman FYASDedmm smevInmmenace Ave Mn Wm HeivM 5m 149414 mm 2515 u Wm Yvammssian Avea1Ave x1ms A 39Fcis tranvcrsc up cm phunun t siuwtmnsverse fwe m2 T nptrcai phunun OF dam frum phunun imaging smdy Nntcctmt1mc at peak max is nnmmman 1 115 Dark Matter Detector Sensing Phonon Using GeAu Ge Eutectic Bonding STATE ummm Phonon Imaging mu Phonons 7 Local Vibrational Modes CI Phonon Transmission study Prototype Dark Matter Detector Really a phonon detector 0 interstitial ll 1 P 2 D EVl C E r lt7 m M13 m 9 Energy mev n 25m 62 tun 15D 2 sun 35 um tan we 1 In 15 n 9 25 5n mun 15m mun 25ml 3mm 35m t n m Wave Number m39 Dark Matter Detector Sensing Phonon Using Ge 39 mm AuGe EutecucBondmg 13 WW K t v n 14 MSEVECEZIEI anwhm Part 2 pn Junctions Hm E e Ptype Ev E6 Exp mm mm 3m pn Junctions Ear PtYPe quot39type e dxffuse Exp W dxffuse V Ear type ntype P deptenan regtan m MSEVECEZIEI pn Junctions mu E6 P39type ntype depleuon reglonscr E Ef Ev 7pqnNi P Poisson39s Equation MsErEcEzm pn Junctions Ea 1 type type anwhm b 11 ND an quot v I C ram Xn Msucazm pn Junctions gm depleu39on CI Current Flow in pn Junction region scr 15 di uxion of 2quot5 amp W s occur E9 due to the difference inE aw 0 Current demity due to diffusion JM 2nd Electric eld is induced due to ionized donors and ionized acceptors Ev 3rd ElectIic eld induces equots amp 0 Current demity due to dri Jam Steady State Jd OR J m Jd mm museum 3013f pn Junctions quot31m E6 One nn39 ntype side 39ptype side gages on How will the Efrespond on the ntype side 39ptype side anwhm MSEVECEZIEI pn Junctions gm E67 V I ntype side r 39ptype side ggestion How will the Ef respond on the ntype side 39ptype side E97 How can a gs be L jsVed is f39quot a diode E idsmm Bong npn Juncnons quot31m anwhm MSEVECEZIEI Bipolar Transistor Action emitter anwhm collector base Hm


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