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Information Technology for Managers

by: Kaylah Cassin

Information Technology for Managers MBA 534

Marketplace > Boise State University > Master Business Administration > MBA 534 > Information Technology for Managers
Kaylah Cassin
GPA 3.88


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kaylah Cassin on Saturday October 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MBA 534 at Boise State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see /class/218015/mba-534-boise-state-university in Master Business Administration at Boise State University.

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Date Created: 10/03/15
Chapter 3 Organizational Impacts of Information System Use Managing an um I mIiI sun s n smuge urnch In an Dalilan a c sunum WEE T lm pacts Organizations Reai Worid Exam ies r Diamu d Tecnnuiugdy Partners DTPPV imense use Bf computers snared atai Extensive e EEUEIriiE ummunicaiuns fustEr nigh iEins Bf intEractiuri amp id nigniy adaptabie Wuik arran Emerits 7 Mrs FiEidSr iS fucused Eiri saiEs swiis nut simin pmductiun is is fundamentai to ine Wa e are organizedto do business is neips ieverage nurnan resources capitai and rnaieriaisi ie ine rnanageriai ievers Most OrgaiiiZatiOriS recognize me iieed to become information Age organizations cwglximsiainwhvasmx ic IT AS Enabler cwglximsiainwhvasmx ic lT amp Organizational Structures In hierarchical orgs middle managers tell subordinates what to do and tell superiors the outcomes IS supports this hierarch In at structured orgs work is more exible and emplo e do whatev r is needed IS all ws offl extra work and supports intra rm communicatio In matrix organizations wor is or an39zed into small work groups and integrated regionallynationallyglobally 7 IS reduces operating complexes and expenses by allowing information to be easily snared Networked orgs use IT to tie together diverse people processes an units to enhance decisionmaking The largerthe organization the more formal the structure tends to become smart leaders organize to achieve the advantages 0 each oading ns CDPVYIEM mus JuhnW lay amp Suns Inc TForm Organization Tform technologybasedquot organizations combine IT with traditional components to form new types of components These include electronic linking production automation electronicwor ws electronic customersupp ier relationships and selfserVIce Internet portals Work is coordinated electronically while systems enable information easi t e organization decentralizmg decisionmaking Bottom line IT is integrated into every aspect of the 39 oals and new uses of IT rations Requirements Flexibility amp resources 7 Scalable communication systems and networks ented Arcliitecttiies som IltSMF ITIL etc 7 Sew r SelVlce Management Orlelitallol39i CUDVilghlZDDBJunnWlEvKSunslnc Virtual Teams Virtual Teams are geographically andor organizationally dispersed using telecommunications and IT to accomplish organizational tasks Several reasons explain their growing popularity 7 As information needs musnroom iirms rely on tne slltil llt owledge or individuals dispersed across countnesti zones etc 7 Ennanced bandwidtns promote tne use or n indiyiduals internal and external to tne orga 7 Technology group support systems groupware etc is ble to assist collaoora ion 7 Difficulties in getting relevant stakeholders togetnerpnysically relaxed IS arid me etworxs linxing nization 7 Growing pressures foroffrshorlng nas resulted in systems deyelopment by global yirtual teams wnose members are located aroundtne world CDPVYIEM mus JuhnW lay amp Suns Inc rHavdevlu e ablish a muin idenllW rNecessaNluhaebellevcum skills Summary IS must be a key component of organizational design Organizational designers must have an understanding of what IS can do The ow ofinformation can inhibit or facilitate organization structures Virtual and networked organizations are rising in use and are replacing older legacy struc ures lT affects managerial contro mechanisms and managers must ensure that these controls are in place Virtual organizations make it possible for employees to live here Virtual Teams are increasing in frequency and the challenges that they pose must be addressed cupvugm zane JuhnW lav K Suns inc


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