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Europe in the World I

by: Mrs. Sasha Kunze

Europe in the World I HS 041

Marketplace > Boston College > History > HS 041 > Europe in the World I
Mrs. Sasha Kunze
GPA 3.6


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 248 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mrs. Sasha Kunze on Saturday October 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HS 041 at Boston College taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 35 views. For similar materials see /class/218035/hs-041-boston-college in History at Boston College.


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Date Created: 10/03/15
O Neill Media Center Stacks PR5608 A3 B3 2001 The Scienti c Revolution From Narrative to Numeracy Week 10 7 Lecture 01 6 November 2007 NEH Aiib DA K1 N htt WWW outube comWatchWZM05P9 OSHk iii kiib DA KINS mu m htt WWW outube comWatchWZM05P9 OSHk 1 opcmng Quesuun The Prublem ufcupemlcus 1543 Cupemlcus dies 154571563 Cuuneil ufTrent 1cch his bunk On the Revulununs ufthe Heavenly Spha39esquot 7 sets accurate date ufEaster 1515 lnqulslhun eundemns Cupemlcus pusthumuuslyl Questmn Whathappens between 1543716167 1543 Cupemlcusd es 15451553 CuuneilufTrent luveshisbuuk 0n e Revuluuuns ufthe Heavenly Spheresquot 7 sets accurate date ufEaster 1515 lnqulsltmn eundemns Cupemlcus Quesnun Whathappens between 1543715167 H Traditional Cosmology Aristotle The hidden agenda ofmodemity Great Chain of Being 1 lt17Hc thick buundanes seieneevs religmngt is um mm L a a Mmma mm c luwbuundanes religmnrseieneegt mm gt m 39 1m cumin 1 universe touches and minim some g else the invention of absolute certainties gradmlonsv mterconnecuons mediations GREAT CHAIN 0F EEING archmal has uf E21 qu bemg pamcxpauquot n E eng m n 1255 aegee 11m hguf39 bangs God 5 mdeyerden hum n deyendem NO EVOLUTION m 11maz mmmnquot W DEVOLUTKON gt E n e W rm smwnhgex ccag AME new 2 mvemduxmgex d 1 exemem Anrllmh Gad 39Evarymmg nnn mum39 Angclx Inluiunn mm Exxsmvcn 102111 resnnn 111nnh mneneeanwmrm11 mm Emu1216me Mmcmls Enst 2 Motion 7 All Lhmgs have Lharpmper md and seek thexrpmper n1aee essenee They are nn1 pushed ef uent causahty They are pulled by deser funmplanted am nal causahty putenh 39 All thmgs am tn reahze 1he1n gven 7 Max snnmn things gm 1n Mnenn things gm nnwn Nuts furreadmg abuut Newmn they dean39mkehxs new mmsxblefurce ufaxavn 111 Bank 1n Ansmde1 H1erarchy mta msufmattersplnt estatesclassgender Bmlugyxs aesnnyquot pulmcal fasmsm embraces urgam urder 1111111111111n11 11 11mm 111 1111111 11 1 11 11 11 1 11 1H 1111111 1111111ew11 1 111 1 111111n1111 1 1 1 111 3 Geocentric Anthropocentric Earth not a planet Vs the Heavens planets e Earthly nnnnnn 1mperfect ennunnme becammg abjects travel 1n straght lmes 7 At cure Hell 7 Semen In the begmmng Gud made the heavens andthe earth quot Contrast wick Darwin s evolution m things getbetter overtime 7 Medieval hangs getworse 1he farther away from chen source devolu on 7 Medieval being better than becoming e Modem change is a good ching j Mmkwl Heavenly Bemg eneular Earthly becummg lmear e MEIth ufheavenly budxes planets annular Theyxewlve men he earth 7 Banal eneu ar nnnnnn nunrcun39uphbleperfe1 nnnnnn peneeunnennngng es mmusquotweddug nee nnnenrne enmaunals mand reguw e cennssmnh early nnnnnn lmear nnnnnn luggmrmymn GEOCENTRIC VIEW Aristotlel tolemy Peter Apian Cormogrqzhia 1524 III The revolution ofNicholas Copemicus 477 Sun in fe cm I 6 century 39 311mm atholic Church the main atron of science Italian enaissance Humanism ants to establish exact ates for Easter anism get the 1543 mblishes 0n the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spherer Copernicus dies 15451563 Council ofTrent r CounterReformation council Loves his book because it sets accurate date of Easter Nicolaus Copernicus Poland 14731543 First studies in Krakow A medical doctor Administrator of Catholic diocese Probably ordained a priest 7 Sun is at center it does not move 7 Earth becomes a heavenly body planet which moves in perfect circles around the sun u 1 c o x A u in am mmurbdnnarhznqulmcpiqdowmium Iquot 1 Quinxolm Vummnmmiqdudmn my dml l Mumriuimrm uagmu quotup pauufm39n mngHEdiounoomimnn daSoL Qyunummhoc THE TURN TO A HELIOCENTRIC VIEW Copernicus 0n the Revolutiom 0f the Heavenly Spherex 1 543 Owen Gingpricli UL quot REVO JIONS HEAVENLY SPHERES Copernicus 0n the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres 1543 in Pursuit of m Rtvolutiunszof 39nolaus Copernicus Geocentric 1524 Heliocentric 1543 Luther Cwm wn Demomow To Pom PAUL m iib in rock cosilv nnou M c Hal con mi certain uple learn that in these books of mine c1 mv written about the rev utions of me 59 are m Lhc world I attribute oertnin motion to the m lube my will immediatcle 5 out to haverne and 0 man we we or my own or w u no p a udgmcn others will pronounce concerning them are placed hevon t ru h in all Lh in so far I think we should a Id 0 mums he us xi their centre had been con rmed b 39 a were I s m Coanry mac rh BETH great dif culty m to whether I should bring to Pope Paul 111 Alexander Famese Portrait by Titian in who movement mum u uc mm Your Helium mu uol bn in much mama m mv giving um mmllsolm5L 39neLumalELW z V Wu yLuL n g Hum m g mam Emmwhrk 0 t on a h l u 39 u m39 in wear xesexvrhu moved me o m oul n x mm a lhumuvcmcnm alchespllexa onhm 39MM lv unn the lam plummlhcmmluians m w uncertain n nub the movcmcnu cl m sun ml mulm thlu llm c puma dewmzmte no abnorvo he mlmgmgmgmudu of m lm mmquot mm M quotmulmw may i mam H 1W m p p kolcmiluue v lhum lam n wlll became cl gt cmdmgly whm 1 hml medimled um um um mntlcmnmscuncemm L ecnmmllllmlu d lb nmm L mg 050 m vlulnn 0r ac Kcmli v e um ens o t or m mavcmm 0 me a m ml v l rvoxm wllc BB DenulLfaru e a MN I W m tumble to reread rJl my noks y Mophers w an Em W pamlllmne lemme wnmn mm mm um me 1 npnn themselves la pronounce judgment ulmough wholly ignorant M mmhcmmlcs 39 llunclcz lv dulun39 39lhusunsnnlwmc mu In me mm uh llley mm m w nquot n w nuac mv m l 0y orn m a mu evenscornl emu gmmm an n 3 unhisnnllmknuwnLImL 39 u ollmn lscnlhstingmslled wrlwhulhmllyn mnthcmntlclmspca hmm w as cshnpeothe rz whanhelnugbs l Al mum in m uLLLrlv childish he 39m w L those who my n nmcd um um Emll hm he inrm nl n s ohe And so me r rlsnd if l n a had an be an mph like um laugh u M Malina quotquot3 ms mlunlumm mmch an luman am am m7 ml L n my um lu mm 4 x h l l w all m m er gtlh 3 mowrmxs m EEM Etx LY 39 Lllmu things And in nrdcr Ml the was not seem PM see hm I lame arm in this wvrk in demanatmllng u 55 well As ma Icmud might e esm A 5quot Sm 7391 Fr Cliunh l Mg mum a m mm quotmm m lmlm m w my 3101 m ml mV minimumCamlullunmowduvin m mmhmm u rr39a W U Aw no ammumw lnrmmelmmn ullme WWJ q W mammal e 4 who mm mm m an Mlme mm ull w llaummmasm wuuhzdmnnll lml m n autumn kgmalllnuhmdrhbcrwuu sullv4 quot l mhm I mm uh mm m mum ha nmul39nur nquot 5 mhn5nn n hm mumlwm L vJ L39W L m mlwlmw Wmmmmym ohmu Mm mm mmmwmmw mm hank man 1 an mm x mm yuan h melwofmowmk NARRATIVE biblical story subject to irreconcilable interpretations MATHEMATICAL numericah objech certamty NARRATIVE The First Book of Moses cancd Genesis A n x ml m harm b m hfm m paw munmaln39mw mg l somw mun I al mui quot m M 13 l i hl imi lh z 15 um W m h quot4 m NUMERACY Pnncipla 039 least acuon 68 0 The Other Winners DeBmghe39s equahon Euler Equano axwells recelved me mosl voles The Fourier x Fkequot39dk remaining are listed in me order of l39anslwm number cl voles renewed Elnsrem sgeneval GW8nGTW y hemwa Ma e s e Bums Circumlerence c 2m Taken 10990727 0 3 mm Dunc aqualmn ry 31an Rlemann zeta luncuon Newton s Second Law F ma Humes Law ha urean meorem 2 W 9 52 b2 5 Simplesl vane Schr dlngersquanon HTE39 ldeal gaslaw Einstein39s equauon Emcz 1 1 1 Bollzmann equation 3 kan Balm 59quot 1 R 7quot One plus one ll2 Planck squalan Ehv Numbers abstract from all contingent particulars 7 2 apples 2 bananas 2 CD5 2DVDs 2 SUVs 7 they are gure arm eternal alwgys certain IN I39Hl 39M gt1 T it Mr I I The Oxford ranciscau school in Whose Wake Bradwnr dine Followed was having none of the Thomist synthesis While not explicitly endorsing Averroes they arrived at a M similar position They aclmowle djgezlv t hat there existed a world of science which could establish the rules of natural operation preferably expressed mathematically But it was Greatest Equations me has 39 n h a applicallon m understandlng the monoquot cl any lype ofwava including llghl Eulnr39s equanon Comm was D3316 concepzs a mmnemuncs ulegrmly mums mom i 7 m m m 0 1 WW II mm mum mumcw ONE Ems m WM cm LOSARAYHMS One respondent Said all115 equation 2 am What ecud be more mysnca than an Imaginaly number Interacting wun real numbers to produce nommg7 16th c Narrative 9 l7thc Numeracy Anecdotal Stories I Model data cmommusw 39 StOII ieS uncaltaini 93 I Mathematics certain can be Intel PretEd only be interpreted one variously Bible Way I Subjective gt leads to skepticism Wars of religion I Objective gt any rational subject arrives at same conclusion against skepticism g V mmmve numeracy Galileo Gah39lei 15641642 Florence Tuscany Venice Far from Poland Extends Italian Renaissance 39 1543 Copemxcusd s 1564 Gahle 1555 Peace ofAugsburg 1559 Ehzabethl 72 1 39s Massacre 1598 EdmtofNantes 1592 Galilengrnfessnr 39 P ua nr mmheirmrx at ad HI Gahleo The 17eenmry Galileo s rst telescopes Museum afScunce Flame my 1609 Fxrsttelescope arnvesm Italy from Holland 7 seesm surface ufmaan lledthh craters e Pmblem Arman smdcelemal bashes are perfect e A passenm absewanmquot e L I WWILEU M H 1 139 11111 Dummh H HHH m MN m 5th at does he see7 Crate Wh rs1 He eoneludes from observauon Celesual body 15 1mperfect KEY CULTURAL SHIFT Arguments 39nm persnnal en quot m nnw trump arguments 39nm authnnty e gsubjemvemd1v1dual1sm vs B11212 mnnarchy phllnsnphy AN F N D TO POVERTY HBCHEIGHTsooM cm Penzwmm acm d Izmnhatwax pnmzd m 1n Heghtx msepl 13 A c u a n am an mm 111 n n n nnn mm 1 M an nnmn 1 n and W mm c nn mm mm m nn1 m1 n call 3911 nmmauv hmlan xyemxme ARGUMEN 1 FROM EXPERIENCE 1EME1E1CA1 0E ERVA 110111 A Chnmm nmghtmgay rmmzdmurglz nannan cm nrcnnnn Enm rmn hmwhat cman Emmanv human expemxm 1 Em Rnhlelnlnlli Dlpwhnnt Nicolgt57 14 1616 Seven ymslater Cnperniclls cmn lemned 7 He39sbeen dead s1nce 1543 111 Jesmts starun attack Gahlen wnn defends Cnpemmus 7 Ledby RubenEe amune JesultaruiCardmal TELESCOPE From deduction amho ty to induction expe ence obselvation Reason Descartes Empin39cal observation 7 learersensenvand sensedata fullnws lngmally snnn nn den vand S 11 u Abehavesdnus so d013 Vigil C CDEFgtd1erefore 7 1s 1s therefnre A15 0 3 d g5 ha 391 Irony nnnn1us1nnsaren1gn1y Irony cmdwmsare nsnnmymm W Wm m pmbable sub 31 in nwncnmsu ngm 11115 yetweh ustm nnn pmbahhty as enamty 1623 1618 71648 Galileo The Axmyer 11 Sawmre KEY Ita11annntLatm Defends Copernicus against the Jesuits L SAG GMTOR E Nclmul E EEG 1 tum Patronage Papal coat of arms Patronage herald of Grand Duke of Tuscany Florence M IAN 39 if R 39ll y i natural Philosophy narrative miner Gmth PM Elislaw Realitv Galileo 1632 Nature is written in the language of mathematics Filoxo ca Namrale Natural Philosophy lt Narrative Signi cance of The Amayer Mathematics idealized unrealizable models can approximate natural World and be used to explain it Maremafica Mathematics Numerac gt What is reyoiunonary about mathematical explanauons7 InVisibie causes in the World Woridis a clock goes on its own gt Do WE NEED A GOD T0 EXPLADI ANYTHING PHILOSOPHL E l NATURALIS P R I N C I P I A MATIIEMATICA Mon e mm earun Mitt um 1er IMPRIMATUR spans xrn mo 4 mfu huntKm a 7 enquot mi wri 39 run whenquot fitcmxxm 1687 Sir Isaac Newton Prmczpza Mathematzca Controversy aremodels and reality the same 7 Tides causedby physical movement splashing7 1633 G condemned as heretio by Inquisition 7 Neither ofhis patrons the Mediois ofFlorence nor the Pope cansaveG 7 He reoants 1642 Legend G says just before he dies Yet it moves v iethee 1648 Years War ends PIV39IILOSOPHLLE i NATURALIS I R I N C I P I A MATHEMATICA AKquot 7 xLu ium n a A s when newquot i A no Win it IMPRIMATUIL run My ranr vi mi lawnKm x 1quot m wquot min nu 4 Kw 1 an ll t J Math models realityquot IV NEWTON Geography ofideas Copernicus Poland Galileo TuscanyVenice Newton 1625 Jamesldues No brsnop No kmg quot1 Sontakestnrone cnar1es1 1632 JonnLoeke 15 bom 1640 Hobbes eseapes to Pans to eseape err11 smfe Meets Galxleo fascmated by motion 16424651 GreatRebelhon Cum war PARADISE 16554658 Mlton Paradxse Last hon commonwealthquot 1646 Pnnce of Wales future cnar1es 11 rnust eseape to Pans wHobbes Adrmrer of abso1utasrn 1647 cnar1es11no1napped 1648 End of30 Years39 War 1649 Tna1 and execuuon of CharlesI Regrerde shocks Europe 16604685 Restorataon Grades 11 Catno1re1eanrngs abso1uta st GreatPersecuuonquot ofPuntans wru atternptto estab1rsn o1y eornrnonweamnquot m Massaenusetts and Vrrgrnra N Par1rarnent passes 1egrs1atron forbxddmg Puntans m Massaenusetts Bay eo1ony to hang akers 16494650 Cornrnonwea1tnestab1rsned crornweu erusnes Insh opponents Abohshes botn rnonareny and House ofLords N39B b1oodrnnentanee 1651 Hobbes 7712 Levmthan at Commonwealth Natural ngntquot to selfrpreservanonquot 16534658 o1rvercrornweu Lord Proteetorquot Puntnnuws no dunk gnmblmg mute In mm 168588 James HCatho11e mahcsmsadant MM 1 1687 Declarahanuflndu gence suspendslaws m rgnnstc s mm r 7 Year ofNewton39s pubheataon of Phxlasaphme Nammhs Prmcxpm Mathemanm 1688 G1onous Revomnon 1nnte Wm amp Mny ufOnng 1689 m afoghts anyprotestntennwenune proton Talenan set talenusPrmestmtvmslmp excludes Cathath Jews unrtnnnns 1690 Loeke Two Treatxses r1ghttorevolt 1701 Aet of Settlement Protestant successxon MWM r pm Pl IILOSOH 1 mum PRINCIPIA Le nghtquot unman39nu Newtumans Newmmms Mechanists 3331 Matenahsts Fmtestannsm H4i quotiYiiliHgt Ingmar Bergman s T he Seventh Seal T H E O Neill Media Center S ks SEVENTH 3 EA L Ca 14 P0 sttraumatic Narratives NominalismTotentanz P0lyphonyPerspective 18 September 2100 Week 03 Lecture 01 Bulmnie Plague ineulmlion of In Pneumonie ngl 39 u 39 r 100 nelmneeof Kills 1 3 of Fact plague in aded f1 111C T x 7 the margh Upe from 39 e med well of But The Plague ARS and Guy Rights RR 03 05mnl Cultural am not a thing oftlle pa of kingdon of dying anon o 60 0 chance ad 1 x uugluug ng in 15m century u 39estern Eu ope S S E 70 E S o a II From Fac to Effects 011 Culture Ideas Value igni canc 39 Cunuseb Mn39feium chkmm No bus WM 0 rnaIIIMa xeIY mixdi liuzrgJnat Na Wm From facts to meal 39 lgs From Hardware material conditions 39 quot v 539 valuo r W mr ens dlms ue nismwg of idlms prme than that mie ecma pn39ndiumim u smfm mn ni n Humamen m Harmanminim as magma pm mmn nmrdiwme is 1mm Kan Mm 39 Representations of shift in cultural mood disorder moves from margins to center The end of the con dent optimistic rationalist High Middle Ages adonna and Child 1400s Mother and Child 9 Queen of Heaven cathedral built by French monarchy supremely conf e11 39 39 Representations of shift in cultural mood disorder moves from margins to center The end of the con dent optimistic rationalist High Middle Ages EEhe Remoteness of God and J arbitrariness of his will IEDIATION ate mediates between laity and God in the Great Chain of Being but it damn 397 eeem 70 be walkingff DISORDER CHAOS has moved from the margins into the center DISORDER CHAOS has moved from the margins into the center iation Fundamental c TRUST Dues mm m m 111 quot39nce our x 39hole societal THE THRE onitl 7 39 it smoke and min Can we trust what we perceive Aristotlel Aquinas Essentii Or are appearances deceptivequot Platol Nominalistsl September 16 2007 The Political and the D 1e By REBECCA N EW39 BERGER GOLDSTEIN Indeed this urge is so irresi ible Lilla argues that onlv highlv unusual circumstances can compel us to g1 it up Those unusual circumstances were pr0 ded by Chri tian theologV 7 but not as some recent religious apologists have argued because the JudeoChristian framework itself promotes rationalit and tolerance Rather it is hristianitx s 0 391 fundamental ambiouities torn bet 39 en a icture of God as both resent and absent from the temoral realm an amb 39alence represented b the paradoxes of the Trinit 7 that made it unstablequot subject to a pluralit of interpretations that became itutionalized in sectarianism and hence to several centur worth of de stating upheaval THE PRH39ATT nrnmlt SAINK m Cam 1 m We ailing pt thc quotbtc ch You pres ve the old font but they seem to have lost their meaning 999 an effect of trauma B Philosophical Nominalism 14th century New popular illiam of Occam Essentialism V N1HNALI SMquot L nomen namequot by any other nam There is no e ential connection V 111 between a thing and the name representation meaning we give it S meanings are ARB CONTINGENT aoreements For a nomil 39stt we n 39er know What thin quot in themsely they ar in their essencequot 5 We only know the names we arbitrarily assign to them 1 contingen ragmatic consensualba v Negatively this begins an age of sketicism g39 the longrange ba for modern science H 39 DELS names 6 or which all knowlecge is j M but rather things as they aref0 5 observed by us particle UJl wave Hnwlu imagine Ihe waveparticle duality particle I A r V J I e Hnw ln imagine the waverpzniclz dual e pal cle Not kno ing light in 39 a light in it essence ll MURRAY RAHAM a murdermystex t in a medieval monas iy The hero 39 a Sherlock Holme eanciscan inv tigatorwho 39 anomina 39 cient39 a thin iled all ion to William ofOccam Hei in continual guments V h the more old ntiali moi Gertrude Stein Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose Sacred Emilyquot 1913 l Rose is a rose is a rose L a rose ertyut Ste in Nominalism end of rational religion 7 Duns Scotus God could have willed the inverse of the 10 commandmentsquot Thou shalt stealquot William of Occam If God had willed the absolute opposite of the 10 commandments Thou shalt commit adulte1yquot they would have been binding absoluter God s will is not reasonable it is arbitra and yet absolutely binding 7 NB f quinas this is absurd God cannot be ir ratlonal 11 Mm Likith i i l dial P rvzwmimm C Musical Example H J 1 3111101165 R t momma The end of a predictable c quotmic meaningful order the beginning 0 1 sense of arbitrariness at hands of Fortune Juno as the goddess F ornma ancient Roman Ask yourself why must you go all the ancient Romans to dig up a for the Middle Temple of Fortuna Virilis late 211d 0 BC 21 Mother and Child 9 Queen of Heaven cathedral built by French monarchy supremely conf e11 39 39 22 7 Ramm mmg 1 ghbe if m i m mm l m dc gar F mm d lr mm r fm mi m h ya 133th Middk Ag 43mm am am Wags Fm Ham mt my winy 3mm gas JJI mm 1538ka m trim E ih1 ft i i wagging ne mg W 31m Aggwm Tempihs mea Vi i We 2m 0 B30 23 Title I 0 F ortuna O F 011111111 elur Luna mm uriubilis O Fortune like the moon you are changeable semper v is all laser 39 vim detesmbilis eye waxing and y ning hateful life mmc aln39lurm er mmquot cumt now oppresses and then soothes 11110 mantis uciem as playful w him ha it agesmrem paresmrem dimeviiIlrgluciem poverty pow el39 it melts them both like ice rota tu volul Fate monstrous and empty you whirling wheel status mains vana salus semper c 011 e olent well being is in v in and always dlssolves into nothing 01mm brata et velata mic7i quoque m39te shadowed and veiled you plague me too mmc per Incum dorsmn nudum fero tm sceleris I bare my back to your il iny So 339 vlutis er virtutis mic7i mmc contraria In health and in virtue now Fortuna is against me est ffectus etc fectz semperm a I am driven 011 and weighted down alv 1ys enslaved Hac in hora sinemora corclztnzpulsmntangite So at this hour without delay pluck the vibrating strings quodpersortem Stemitfbrtem mecum onmesplangite since Fate strikes down the strong man everyone weep with me 25 Title II quotFortune plango vulneraquot 39 Fortune plango vulnera stillanti bus ocellis I bemoan the wounds of Fortune with weeping eyes quad sua mic7139 mzmem sul rahit Ir39ebellis for the gifts she made me she now perversely takes away l39erzmz est quad Iegitur 39onte capillata It is truly written that she has a fine head of hair 39 sedpleir39zm39zque sequitur occasio calvata but when she seizes opportunity she is bald Repeat loudly quot NB anthropological boundaries being bent HAIR Is she female or male Only males re bald Tra1 ge11der 26 In Fortune solio 39 sea eram elalus 011 Fortune39s throne I used to sit raised up prosperitalis vario 39 ore coronams crowned with owers of prosperity 0 quicquid enim orui 39felix er bemus though I may have ourished happy and blessed mmc a summo corrui 39 gIOI39iaprivams now I fall from the peak deprived of glory Repeat loudly 27 0 F ortzme rota volw39tztr descena o I77ir70ratus The wheel of Fortune turns down I go demeaned alter in altztm tollitur Mimi39s exaltatzts another is raised up far too high up rex sea et in vertice caveat ruinamquot The kind who now sits at the summit let him fear ruin nam sub axe legimus Hecubam reginam for under the aXis of the wheel is written quotQueen Hecuba gtXltgtXlt Repeat loudly In Greek mythology Hecuba once chughter of a king was turned into 3 NB anthrol icalboundaries transspecies 28 fusic in time Royal patronage amp O Neill Media Center St ks R69 2004 Iberian Puritx Danger Statist Unitx Expelling Margin 1V nting Europequot 25 September 7 Week 01 Lecture 01 School of Athens Birth of Venus 39 Was the Renaissance an age of secularization The Sexuality of Christ in Renaissance Art and in Modern Oblivion Steinberg we find in the Renai only all kinds of religious subjec but we also nd their bodies emphasized and especially their sexuality Leo Steinberg Sexuality QfCirist in the Renaissance and fodern Oblivion 1983 The Sexuality of Chri n Renaissance Art an in Modern Oblivion 9 tin hummwm g m m Emin mm ward m m g quot mm Michelangeloj sen Christ 15 1420 Sexuali q has come in from margins l B PostPlague tum to hi world as the center of anemia Va ue Not aeculan39zatix ienot relacement of tradition with modemit 7 in rather same religious images hvbritlizetl with humanism Opening w quotls of Boccaccio s Decamemn U mana co e RVEI39 compa one lein afflitti compassion on the afflicted CHRISTMAS iillllb3939t14 Clm39almi mannaxJw39r NonIICum um Mllwulnoi Arl What does Steinberg mean by modem oblivio quot 9 to wipe out of G invanm Battma Cimac1497 North Camlina Museum ofArt d the memory of Christ s sexualityn American Puritans Conclude RATHER think cultural h Renai ance an Humanism id oftwo cultur 39 agan Humanism ChristianHumanist Hybrid Musical Example Can we represent 3dimensional realism musicall 2 and 3di1nensional representations Monody one voice Gregorian Chant Hildegard of Bingen 1 es frae d1 es I lla S lvet sa clum in fav la MISSA SE LA FACE AY PALE I KYRIE cam Tenor mm in Juplo The StarSpangled Banner I 3 Nn 39 39 though all of Fenw Masses for the Dead 1 as d es S lvet sa clum in favflla 39 e Renaissance musical tools are Visual tools perspective contraposto Chiaroscuro Polvphonv cf perspective 7 many voices Se Ia lce ayPale quot 1160 Si 1 esrpu e based on the song quot If the face wde v mm m H h w and Low 39 bitter to me t1 t one canp ml 39 hour t H the beautiful one I pur39ne I can have nothing good a the ca 6 love themain can 6 e o b quoter 0 me la 1 mink he would 111ch eing lne drown in me hi g ow one can plainly mil Wi 10m me beautiful one 1 pm 9 1 t in me crowd I can have nothing good And cl e m Dream you39re mine I don39t know Anonymo A K 1 You doquot even know mm 1 el T0ni Braxlon ERGKM L B14624 KUW Jam School of Athens Birth of Venus Don t think linearly in terms of progre perspective replaces iieratic 7 RATHER think cultural hybridity39 Renaissance Christian Humanism 7 a hybrid of two cultures 7 Christianity Pagan Humanism of antiqui 39 seculariz ation Opening words of Boccaccio s Decamemn Ulnana co e ae compa one lein afflitti Human it is to have compassion on the afflicted 1492 Spain mum f a b 5 Narbanne I quot 4 Ramssvzas 39 gxmanm 5m in V firce ona na Tarragu osa amwc OCEAN Talavera MA edvj aa Bedasz Daracue 3191ng swamj AN D M T m arms grenean enclaves E ng om 01 Navarre mgan of El Ummtg of Earcshna a1 nda1us a Spain Toulfmse 39 w 1 N hgnne gadajoz M nT l edo A L 4A N Q A LfU s Corddbka Seville Principaljewish communities at start of elevenLh century X3 squot 3933quot HQ 3 in in nmu ledo Church of San Roman AT ANTIC Bay of 5 OCEAN 5quot 339 FRMICE Santiag ame MUF asru ns Compo Ja GA ICIA PYRENEES i Eagg f rrRUtI 5lLLUN j t do KINGDOM 0r deem 9x Case Iar39r agonaM dJEEE SF P 0 Torkasa MIN RCA Madrid Um Fuel KINBD 0F 39 39 Talavera 39 E enc QR 0 w 1283 Aljuba dela V edo is Oa isgggf BAHEsARfC a KINGDOM OF quot Lish 1 EV gym1quot k L39 a eguecga 3m Momma uar sane 39 0 I 3 V caatra a ben V112sz 2293 Le Mans 2 121 deT01 Mantle i J va Lligaderqim cia quot sgaammza La Medrterrakean g 9 Sea 1197 A em 89 VJ Ig lbraltar f 0 5 100 mi A1 eciEas MUSLIM SHTESH 7 t 0 50 100150 km E 344 fa 33994 Encuolapaedia Britannica Inc El Kip de of Cast egnd Lea n Kingdom of Navarre Muslim kingdom of Granada mt Its dependencies CI The Crown of Aragon El Kingdom or Portugal 1 230 o i s39tlmc39lE ri i r r We eg Tunis fanatical Alm 39aridsquot Berber tribesmen set up puritanical regime in Marrakesh Morocco alAndalus Allow Catholics to reco querquot reconquism The Alhambra 123 8135 8 Fortress and palace of Islamic rulers Granada S ain mm midis g 3mgquot r39zdlsmdd 01a V 2 mmva mum 2 gram 2 a 25 Yartasa at W m 23 23 algae him Ll m magma w 2 a Car 0 quotI mumz daErv a DKmdamaVEzsw are EngdamaVNavarre Emdsnmmdwmn 2 w d5 I m Brawn 01 mm El mm 01 7mm mzzugtmdsdm hr m 21 Modeled on Garden Of E den Flowdn Elipln ates 23 1492 Expulsion of the Jews Modern nation one langlu ge one religion x Es V E r kuhssiucw Inqlu lo 1 h Jew and no appeal 0 Rome 478 Spanish 7 a w QR immhaxsm M was 2 2K4 c Um me E m quot quot 39 i wewmr fr il l quot4mm W2 2W1 7 2 gm 39 WW My 55 7 NB acrowncoun H a e m n W 572 7 gang r 4 4 W Kgm ggrs l rg K 23 1492 conquest of Granada w MNOKCA S W M V n cggf ggi u3 eniez 7 dfgggms 7 i oplu39ColIImbI m1 w 52 mm 023W quotatholicMonarcr 5 Wm unaqu i was g mu imI on aim Sephardim Le Ibenan 02an 0229quot 235 quot 3 WW ignggzwgpf may WE QS M o iiven loice en bapti n and expulsion 7 An A wm39 seam N 0 69 En p mu 5mm 1 mm me Dmmmmwmmmisymgaw W M 9 614 Final a uls39on ofMoors Illello 159871604 1 609 Shake Ital 1492 From Iberian Peninsula to p Creation of Spain as modern nation Mrv m ow H mm E 1 Sap1m I39m C 01111111711 by new 1110mm Shift from Mediten an to Atlantic Trianglequot l Panopticon 39 see all Jeremy Bentham 174871832 Utilitanan maximize utility 1715 Panoptical Modernity VersaillesAbsolutism Persian Harem PART TWO Week 11 7 Lecture 1 13 November 2007 De nition ofAbsolutism The ruling power is not subject to NB MODERN NOT MEDIEVALW FupehlshupSnublllty castles Modernity rationalization ef ciency centralization bureaucrati zation 17thcentury Absolutism Five elements 1 Legislative rule without consent and counsel of nobility ie Second Estate I 1614 last meeting of the Estate General 7 Heng IV assassinated in 1610 I Eliminate possibility of being checked by nobility aristocmts British House ofLords USA Senate What s the problem with the Estate General not meeting since 1614 Because they re changing H And they re your source ofmoney H r And more than that the Third Estate is now the class that has the uid capital You need their taxes 1685 Revocation of Edict ofNantes 3 Lettre de cachet sealed letter cacher to hide a letter signed by the king V 39 gt 7 commands recipient to obey orders DES LEZTRIES39 39 without delay and Without explanation o unco Lxxxu 39Dnlllanll39 llauviugl39 2 RELIGIOUS 1685 Abolish religious toleration and opposition V74 Appoint all its bishops 39 r 1 make them absolutely r dependent on you and not e g the Pope 7 Gallicanism French Catholicism Leffre d2 cachetusedto authorize someone s imprisonment e g in Bastille inde nitely Without due process ms I n E c A muffs 1 NB against British principle of x 1 u r a Pmsoxs DrlET m Writ of habeax corpus you have 4 Versailles Louis XIV abandons the Louvre for Versailles l9 Sash coercion ecu gen Cartesian coordinate system Plotx on venical and 12345 on horizontal palace apprth Versailles as the global center of MODERN RATIONAL ORDER RATIONALITY H Lawmakers reason ration a discussion neeclassical not Gothic rquot J39 33 quot msan 1 gm 5 Strategies of Legitimation a Sun King ideology b NeoClassicism c Baroque Dance a Sun King Cultural Ideology n mwurn wunmm Hulwnlnl nw Sun King coin 1674 9 9 Nee plun39bux impar not unequal to many 7 Thanks to Copamcus a heliocentric universel 7 17M representatron cf Newton the worldrevolves around Louislll and Versailles Butnuteambiguity lnquismunmalufcvalileu1633M Gaurranrsrn relatiunship tn Cathuli sm cen aredm Rume397397397 Kennedys as family suburb an aristocratic Nantucket Gallicanism from Roman Empire name for province of Gallia French absolutist version of Roman Catholicism King of France able to appoint bishops absolute control over all aspects of life Opposed to ultramontanism over ultra the mountains Alps l Ronald Reagan man of the West notEastern 39t plainspoken transparent notNantucket Sun King coin 1674 9 9 Nee plun39bux impar not unequal to many 7 Thanks to Copa mcus a heliocentric universel 7 17M representatron cf Newton the worldrevolves around Louisl u and Versailles Butnnte ambiguity lnquismunmal ufGalileu1633lH Galliczmsm relatiunship tn Cathulmsm centeredm ane777 Holy Roman Empire 1548 Anollo Rel edere sue afaxdmaxymznquot m hs mm 7 Laurel wreath victory Sun King coin1574 a 9 N20 ptmxzm xmpar not unequal to many 7 Tmmcspmm managemmms 7 17m xspxsssnuusnm Nevtan LhawaddxewlvesarvundLams H and Mums Emma msng Imam ma amelza1633W Gnlhcanls s t fuur cumers uf earth Triumph of Louis XYV Joseph Werner 1664 Versailles Louis asApollo godofme sun Heliocenuism717 hc 7 is ultxarmuda mst u so Ancient for legidma on r NeurClasslcalx EM legt xmacy 7 classmal but nut hummxst renassznce xenmRegbhcm H b NeoClassicism V I EE I Louvre Bernini Proposal Italian Baroque 7 Mamaa1 Illustrated Menusan Luuvre palace B emini M ed eval Luuvre Palace l Louvre Claude Perrault 16301688 eoClassical Louis XIV s classical age Vying for the center of the Baroque 17th c Paris not Rome Louvre Paris Iijuni Ir quot St Peter s Rome What wm be the symbohc center othe Baroque7 c Baroque Dance A young Louxs XIV Dance as a marker of status e mummy gace cmnzauon Why dance a highlystylized action movement I G A POGO POLITICS LANGUAGE Cl InertD amp a E E n 7 7 TIME Ritual draws boundaries of inclusionexclusion and establishes social hierarchies establishes order in aworld of chaos Baroque Dance acts as a RITUAL Rilulialts minilean and Ihn39l39wmz h amma meggg39 Hagan Ih mun they quotinn than and m than imn xyx unuf rsxiexegmu uIvinnhnd udimrx x uh Expat m a am you are cmwwm at world amt ymuvmxldviw use um Iwnrk ex tn be tags 5 mm afpubhc ntul hlghly swam ts afspecml clothes mmmts and gestures uses pmth 7 med in mm some umhha awed precedent in an tn be effecnve Qp dlibragy acu edu austa homddegyanwebZOOAn39tual htm Pierre Bourdieu Ritual acts out a symbolic space that correlates with social space In other w out social classstatus ords it marks Ritual effects colle 39ve identity E NOT GOD hut MATHFMATICS 11 La Reine Niargot O Neill Media Cemer S 15 591598 Wars of Relib 11 Civil V s 18 0 club er Lecture 02 A39rz Vjau A39 cultural Sellout Do people aH you Ywinkie or Oreo ou cnuazed for hawng a gmup of Friends who are a di 39elenl ace than Cu Are you a waiter to your own race nusSay mun IS V u w r Mai Z vr 1M1 I a Gm gfgz m m uf mlwmm mi 415ij Mgmm 7 Eh mtiibx w13 whihmm mm m IE 11 WIEHELY A m rm 9811 Ice 16 30054005 Manama lxl mg s t hltmw g GT 6111 939 WE MIME mm gim ms m m a H 194 39 mam V 0 1 J v39h mirim lmt 9m 61 im m m dhmmmg ML 39uir39 WEE m m xm sti WW mm in mg 1m m m MIL AEQKELWE MY m i ml 3J6 dt k o 23 mmm em u a Imam WE ibgm mum him m mm airs mm mi by a mm bgimiquot UNDUERGE39ISI J DEKAPIRLISMUSlt 71 A 3mm mimmm m mm Qumran gm AME r u 0 332 W i l f Himmfmmmm mwm w w liim v I 7 5mm UNDBEm sr DFS KAPIWISMUS 391 Y army Jill Randimming mm m wm N5 Elgarmmmm m i h i 1513 ofde mm T 39 DIE momsmmmis BTHKK Nu DEuGivsr DES KAPITALISMUS 0 mm Emil new 211 ms rm Mk 1 941 V AT11 N Wm g 51 W37 deahg 11m iimlika t aqumnm mm an mm mm m is may mi mm v mam51w bxm i AM mg jam m Wham um WEBER WEE will my mm mm W mmwmms mm Luther Two Sacraments Baptism and Eucharist Radical contrast 2 Calvinist church THE V RD 1 Wm l lungs Eng mte 93quot 1 Leif Cathohu em Ol lmh STRONG MEDIAT Anghc High Chuu 1 James 1 1604 n bishnp nu king Church of England E pal USA NO BISHOPS STRONG INDI DUALISM Low Church Unitdl ldlb C atholicisn Eastern Orthod Ky Anglicanism high and 1on James I 1600 No bishop no king Church of England val USA Lutheranisrn high l Ietho disrn Calvinism I I rs Religionquot are Ba Anabapt ts Puritan Quakers Levellers Unitarians I The Wars of Religionquot Age of Civil Warsquot A The Case of Germanspeaking lands Peace of Augsburgquot 1555 Cuius regio eius religio Whose the region his the religion quot Holy Roman Empirequot in 155 mm W 5 quot 1574 IZ T u Holy Roman Empirequot in 1555 lose the region his the religion quot Here 1 stand B The Hybrid Case of Anglicanism aw iCOTLAND i I Ilgidl s v w HWM Causes Consequences of Reformation in British Isles Henry VIII Tudor 149 1 1 547 Thomas More 01 1535 1534 c1 of Suprelnaq elf Head of Church of 15L are Englam39l 15 39 Beheading of Thomas I of Union England was women n 5 mum Mamas Iwuumuh am mm Henry lies d I becomes king at age 939 i 39 and Elizabeth 9111 line of succe 39on Innmnnbtmlmlun p tannnnmu nmmnnnni gunmmns MID 01le ll mannumnnmtsnl 2huuhunmubg u r Emma u 11 not allied to Rome V dies of tuberculosis at age 15 gigoivn passes to fan e Grey for 9 days 1 1 Queen Mary I Blood 9 aw 15531558 Lord Mayor of London depoquot a ane Grey after nine lays proclaims Mary Queen Catholicism becomes official religion ER WINN GOLDEN GLOBE AWARD azmm rr of Church of England igns 1559 1603 m m 0 g A m S J RODUU HUS CURBHUS am Shake pears 15641616 H PHI 11H Tl 21 akespeare 15641616 39 Death of Elizabeth 39irgin Queenquot no successor move towards Calvinism ie Puritans James VI Stuart of Scotland becomes James I ofEngland Mother Mary Stuart Queen of Scots Reign 16031625 22 Flag of the United Kingdom Unit Jack Supeip 39 39 11 of a St GeorgeEnglandL St and and St Patrick Ireland Catholicis1 Eastern Orthodox 39 Anglicanism high and low James I 1604 No bishop no king quot Church of England Episcopal USA Lutheranism hL ow Methodis Baptists Anabaptists Puritan Quakers LCV39CllCl S Unitarians 1604 Against Puritans No blshops no kingquot 1606 Union Jack 161 1 Kin James Bible Authorized version James I ambivalently favorable toward Catholicism increasing opposition of Puritans a1 of Religionquot are wars over mediation Priest Bishop 23 C France Neighbor of Geneva Frencl 3f Religion civil war begin 1560 Elizabeth I Hapsburgs to and n French Wars ofReligionquot civil war begin 1560 1555 Peace of Augsburg 1559 Elizabeth I 15331592 Michel de Montaigne honist skeptic l 4 MINW stick with the State 39LF qui lLL JPnR39 Catherine de Medici 151915 89 Mother of Margot Pragmatic ports Protestants Hugenots to hold onto po er then Catholi 25 quotLlnllinm Iquot Amusing A FOR THE BASQUE COUNTRY mn gs of her daughte Henry VIII Tudor 149 l l 547 beheaded Eli hell I 0 August 24 1539 Baltholomex 0 Queen Mothel regent 0 Three neurotic 113 Snuggle between th three sons mixed up 111 Refonuation St Bartholomew s Day Massacre 1572 at Louvre Palace Paris 0 Coligny Calvinist advisor to weak king tossed out Louvre window 28 30 Henri IV Pont Neuf Paris 1589 Henry of Navarre becomes Henri IV 7 No blood relatives left 7 Civil War continues 1593 Henri IV decides that Paris is worth a Massquot 7 Abj ures Protestantism and becomes Catholic 31 1598 Hamil EDICT OF NANTES 1 E39 1b 1 1e39 Catholic m of c a1 religion of France 2 Protestanti n tolerated 3917 0 111m areas 139 k In La Rochelle Henri IV assassinated 1610 bV39 Catholic partisan Refonnation Stage III From civil wars to world war 16181648 16181648 Thirty Years War Dutch Republic C alv list rww WW Sweden Lutheran atholic blue Austria Spain Sp Netherlands France Catholic IL L RLI Ll l U s uw r SPA 51 quot lm 5 mxow MIAN my ulation killed Preand Po Thirty Years ledieval Empire abandoned International Systemquot of nationstat PURITY One kin one religion one language one per lequot 1648 PEACE OF WESTPHALIA Holy Roman Empire ended in all but name End of 1nulticultural empire idea beginning of int l states idea principle of state so ei lnt r non interference state monopolization 0f the means of olence Pre 39 lfy e preempn take the ba le to the sum Iem George w Bush our I 1648 Modemity Era of the nationstates 1992 Postmodemiq End of the nationstates The Eumpean Union 7 zumpem Ummv E m I p X mm mg v Vquot m wrm quot quot5 3mm m m My u Scum II 1mm r 1111 mxnu wwm Premodernlty cm 116 umpem um mmm n and Mouewy um L m Cam dalacuunma Postmodernitx 11111011 37 THE SEVENTEENTH CENTURY A QUEST FOR CERTAINTY 16181648 39 Slaughterhouse of Europe 7 Context chaos and c e ation dden agenda of m odernity 7 End of old uidities Shift from 15005916005 13 481 6482 Renaissance uidity Post1 648 Rationalis Absolutism SKEPTICI SM CERTATNTY VARIETY UNTFORMIT Y RTICULAR UNIVERSAL THEEBOUND TIMELESS 12111 1 1 11otbe confused Mixture en PBS HOME VIDEO39 O Neill Media Center S M43 2003 14803 On the Di gnity of Humanitx Renaissance H 39 39 hristian Humanism 20 September 07 Week 03 Lecture 02 EIIMMIIN UM INTI HE HILINMHM f VIE MEIERquot um SVETBI M IMAGINING THE NORMAN F CANTOR NH finIa I 21 TH E FLAG L39E I Jl B39l Elvl IIIII1 HllHI J JATJDJ M TRAUMA L J JD COLLEENE MEMUH K ExvnAulmNmv EVENrs w m Aminlgnn EXFEWENIEE Eniv 1n ARTHUR G NEAL Commemor ation making sense of a tramm trying to re build a meaning attered by an encounter 1 Ch L Collective meaning diffeI indn lual meaning V 10 er become the v onquot7 Atlantic Pavilion Baldacchino laurel wreath eagles 400000 dead this memorial isfor those who have died andjbr US to remember them Maya Ying Lin de igner Vietnam Veterans Memorial 39 in one of America39s most LIVlblV e w a1 memorial grew out of a need to heal the nation39 ound America struggled to reconcile 39 erent moral and political points of view In fact the memorial y conceived 39gned to make no political tatement r 1etnam ans Memorial 1 1 place where everyone regardle 1y d By doing the way to reconciliat hat continues today commemorm itquot Am up 3 NEAL ACADEMY AWARD WINNER I ISEST DOCUMI N ARV HATURI Rivning quot Furcclhlquot 1 m4 wry uu n u Mm 1 MAYKI39I IN A STRONG CLEAR VISION O Neill Media Center Stacks NA737 L48 M39 2003 LE 610m 07 THE VIETNAM 39 VETERANS WOHIAL my Iagmmu c1qu L1 r eld 116d 19 Sept 1881 cammemartm39an remembering and forgetting mqu Im mm Wulld W 1 m m mum Imm commemoration remembering and ngertng OSEPH E PERSICO Transition back to the Black Plague You should see these all as commemor Hons ie acts of ti ng to make sensequot of the trauma 1 Painting God in the distance with St Sebastian Z Philosophical Nominalism Carmina Burmm but also The Renaissance Ga 14700 39Nmni lrzjlfsm om m r M 1h within 11 Mammy a gamma ammcmmm gamma mmsgimmm am Vn mgmws ixam ww L m 15in vlimw as am 1w an Hm kii v 1N l 39K P u panicle 397llawing m carpi was ariginull 39 published in 11d Refutd 10115 1 63 cience as Falsiflcation by Karl R Popper particle Li W 39 wave Huw to imagine the wave panicle duality Not knowing light in itself w quot light in its essence Nominalism end of rational religion 7 Duns Scotus God could have willed the inverse of the 10 commandmentsquot Thou shalt stealquot 7 William of Occam If God had willed the absolute opposite of the 10 commandments Thou shalt commit adulte1yquot they would have been binding absolutely 7 God s will is not reasonable it is arbitrary and yet absolutely binding 7 NB for Aquinas this is absurd God cannot be ir rational mm m MiaJaw mt g arm Wm mm 53 wamm 1 1 139 9 L61 5k 39 718 u CC Mmim Emmpgdlrg MWCARMIN Btlpmxaeaa The end of a predictable c quotmic meaningful order the beginning 0 1 sense of arbitrariness at hands of Fortune Ask yourself why must you go all the ancient Romans to dig up a for the Middle EEZCaHV 7113 222 7371 55171 f 7 ES 155 r 315 Title I O F ortuna f F ortzma velut Lima mt variabil O Fortune like the moon you are changeable semper crescis mt descrescis vita detestabilis ever waxing and y ianing hateful life mmc obdurat et tzmc curat now oppresses and then soothes Inco mantis aciem as playful whim has it tatem potestatem dissolvitut Iaciem poverty power it melts them both like ice rota tu volubi Fate monstrous and empty you whirling wheel status mains vana salus semper c 011 e olent well being is in vain and always dlssolves into nothing obmnbrata etvelata mic7iquoquemten shadowed and veiled you plague me too mmc per Incum dorsmn nudum fero tm sceleris I bare my back to your il my Sors salutis er virtutix39 mic7i mmc contraria In health and in virtue 110w Fortuna is against me est qffectus er defectus semper in angaria I am driven 011 and weighted down always enslaved H ac in hora Sine mom COI CIIUH pulsmn tangite So at this hour 39ithout delay pluck the vibrating strings quodpersortem Stemitfbrtem mecum onmesplangite since Fate strikes down the strong man everyone weep with me Title II quotFortune plango vulneraquot 39 Fortune plango vulneir39a stillanti bus ocellis l bemoan the wounds of Fortune with weeping eyes quad sua mic7139 mzmem sulm39ahit Ir39ebellis for the gifts she made me she now pen ersely takes a l39erzmz est quad legitur 39onte capillata It is truly ritten that she has a fine head of hair sedpleir39zm39zque sequitur occasio calmta but when she seizes opportunitv she is bald Repeat loudly NB anthropological boundaries being bent HAIR Is she female or male Only males are bald Trailsgender In Fortune solio 39 sea eram elalus 011 Fortune39s throne I used to sit raised up prosperital s vario 39 ore c0r0nalus crowned with owers of prosperity 20 0 quicquid enim orui 39felix er bemus though I may have ourished happy and blessed mmc a summo corrui 39 gIOI39iaprivams now I fall from the peak deprived of glory Repeat loudly 0 F orlzme rota volw39mr descendo Ininorams The wheel of Fortune turns down I go demeaned alter in allum lollimr Mimi39s exallams another is raised up far too high up 21 re def in ertice caveat minam The kind who now sits at the summit let him fear ruin 17am sub axe leginms H ecub am reginam for under the ax s of the Wheel is written quotQueen Hecuba Repeat loudly turned into a In Greek mythol Hecuba once laughter of 1 kn dogNBanthropolo calboundzn tral ede Conclusion Disorder at the Center wheel to 11ing f wo1 Ll no longer led neatly int and L anger What Lied to be pi 39 1 4 mm controllable e not WWW lbj ect to occult u39bitrruy De nition of CULTURAL TRAUlV t fo beyond our a collective encounter with cha mmml39 From the Late Middle Agesquot to the Rel From Mi lle Ages to Rena Elnp size the BODX and NATURE in general not S IqJernumml quot Uimumu 39liwccuccm s 4 I 1 Ir DEme Opening words of Boccaccio s Dectlmeran Ulnana c u aver compa ione legi affli i Human it is to have compassion on the af icted Central Ran nce concept H UMAN ISM Alan is the measure UfaI things quot 1486 Pico della l randola 7 Omnan 0n the Dignir 1492 Columbus 7 Erasmus of Rotterdam Gothic Measure of all things 15 super11111115111 Gothic v Renaissance Who What is the measure ofall things Gothic vs Renaissance Architecture 26 MY VENTUREfAPlTAL EHONVDCA mafuumumu mumm m m z awn Greg Epstein who al s fellow atheists anl agnostics at Harvard Un39 ers39 wants to create a kind of church for those who reject religion But he39 encountering resistance from some of the people he wants to unite f you call yourself Atheist Agnostic lgnostlc own Religious Freer in Cl 0 lescriptives you could probably 1 39st mm 101le proVIP around r w world 1041 nilmil ArumInnis mJ I m 5 Amum count yourself a H t m Humt39 aquot Z mmm gels mdumj wit7 no rylrymm HMWARD 28 I PreRenaissance Hieratic Art A mums mmrmrmmnu 1 a m hwumu m m mmu Rome 9 Byzantium cByzamine Empire NB EYES in the hieratic a window on to the etemal world be It the n on y captures the all ace the reality lie H Renaissance Art A Perspective B Contrap sto C Chiarascuro LLIRUIT H H 51M m mm 8415 nnrm n um quotiquot End 0fV11 1g invasions 0a 1000 Rebirthquot ofAntiquity 32 Rena sance from hieratic to realist ersec ve The real is hereand now Flat 9 9 volume 3dim w Ig y C Chiaroscuro lightdarkquot 3 Like perspective I light and dark gives volume r 11 Renaissance Hybridity Christian Humanism 39 339 nx secularization cc The Sexualit Y of Chr It in Ren IS a1 6 Art and in Modern Oblivion Leo Steinberg Sexualm qf CInix39t in the Renaixzx39anm andjlodern Oblivion 1983i 7 T 16 Sexuality of Chri 39 m RenaL an A t an in IVIodern Obl 0n 39 40 41 42 46 C HIAROSCHUR for hum an of sufferlng even of the t 39 for the tragic of hum an history God 39ho enters human hlstory39 a of a ering the problem of the cri 3f medlation the distance of an aloof eternalis God POINT To take 0111111111311 fonn Adoration of the Magi to seemquot Since the Div lit cannot suffer pussiaL ems d to be The hy idization of C1 another x 39 39 1g with problem of God K coummm alumni mu 114me GIRL WITH A PEARL EARRING 17 747 Evening in the Palace of Reason Baroque as bsolut Culture Week 17 7 Lecture 7 29 November 70 7 0ng 39P 11098 11191111191118 gag 98p wan 91 219119pmd s zaam A Baroque Representing 17 century culture ideas and values The Baroque 16001750 Age of Absolutism B T ze Thumpz off13 aroque gtln39mm um m mmu lm u L 175139 Descartes Leibniz New1on B Wquot mumI was 7 I RELIGION1 THE all under the P dent and A control of a God De Note hybi Reformation Scienti c Revolution lOIIl of God 131 mathenmtical o In the minutest particle of matter there is a world of created things a m V etual livin mirror of the universequot m Gottfried V lhelm Leibniz 1646 1716 B l6 century origins of Baroque From Italian Renaissance to Early Modern Catholicism 15 1116th cc Italian Renaissance Humanism St Peter s Basilica Rome Renaissance Baroque Crushing weight the weight of Begin ith the New Romequot of lateRen An aesthetic of ABSOLUTISMZ Crushing weight is divine human The king is the lieutenant of Godquot Loyseau Pope absolutist monarch Bernini St Peter s Throne L Pope as St Peter KEY PERPETUAL MOTION ETHEATRE DRAMA Pelpet ual motion undulation THEATER DRAM EMOTION tam w bummer Brgm mi Wm W a m Caravaggio Cruci xion of Saint Peter s V I it 43 V 5 mmt quotquot J quot v 7 39 x N M 139 r w 39 n W 1 r39v V 4 a quot 39 el39ie ading Holofemes ca 159339 23 The Sacri ce ofIsaac 1603 24 View qf T alez39la Christ Driving the T rudenv am the Temple Ha w w W m animal C Migration to Gennanspeaking lands JESUITh mm THE ART or TI EAkLY CA39HM ILIK qu nManN m Guru an hem Catholic lamspeaking states Prussian Baroque Zwinger Palace Dresden 17101728 31 at ideological rkquot s the Baroque do for the Great 7 w o H leom39mation to new money ex power mm Saba 111 Each 16851750 1 397 caam i 3339 WWW mi In the minutest particle of matter there is a world of created things mm Ionmi IIIHHH 13131011 Toccata and Fugue in 1 minorquot quotANTQME Right fact of 1 Wrong significance A Jonquot A an or IHOUWDSI 34 3 d H girl l quot 1 C x W W I e I H a39 l llll 35 absolutist mus1ca1 form Bach the mo mathematical ot musicia 1 Fugu a theme is repeated several times in a piece according to a fixed order and without 1e Fugue a A1 quotoluti the sing of a theme C UDELESCHERBAC I my r m m surroundings OCABULARY bject the main tune Episode mm ng o 33 gm Vieww I I II III III IIIII III quot ull viI IIIIIIIII IIIIIIII III I II IIIIII IILIIIkllllILILILIIXIXIIILILILILIIIEI III IIIIIIIllIlIIll III II I In VII II 1 x I1IIII nl III I luluIn all l li sun 395 III i III mmll A I j 1 1 In I II I m innlllllnuii u M M hnmm knhu lmlmmnu lu l II 11 Ilulllnll IR I1l In EE I ll l I Ix 7 xx nun Mllu quot u II II III HIIIII I I liIII I In ll llquot I II fl I I unliIIIIIInIIIIIIIurIIilzniul lllm I I i IIII III IIIII HI I lu quWm unn Illllurumwl m ll lll I I ill I II faint 113 Sum Fugue as Absolutist music 0 The Fugue the repetition of a single subject in a prescribed way in different contexts but without ever changing the subject 0 Fugue popular throughout l7thc Europe Italy Germany France o Cultural meaning Invariance timelessness changeIessness D Compl atino Facto Ace ofAb 31111 mi a 01116 Ase ofthe Ri 39ng Bourgeoi 39e Chateau of V auxleV icomte built by Nicholas Fouquet 41 What does Baroque architectzrtre art a for th e patrons Gives the appearance of ancient courtly power authon39ty levitimation to new moneynew power By means of the Baroque members of the Third Estate 7 the commoner 7 emulate the appearance of the Second Estate the an39stocrac lobility 42 E Baroque Inten39o A e ofAbsolmi 39 e ofCapita 39 51am 9 bourgeo individualism Pieter de Hooch m portraits at was once resen39ed to kings queens popes saints lord one If a selfquot imng S 7 Legitimate families 7 A tum to the ubj ect 39 i 1211 ow each m unique Vocation Rembrandt van Rijn quotSelfP tl ait as a Young Manquot 44 The Anatomy Lesson of Dr Nicoltles Tulp 1632 S1 r1dics oft76 Clotmferchmm39 39 Guild 1662 Sat is the Third Estate WW V 2 Subjective ividualism Vi n 48 DUN mm Inwnuuw N CIR TH A PEARL EARRING Flemish today s Netherla11dszelgium Jan Vermeer 49 50 EAT E is naval Kathleen Battle Florence Quivar Ramey lohn Aler Samuel K Tbmnto Mendelssohn Choir The Toronto Symphony 39 Andrew Davis 439 Georg Fnedrich Handel All We Like Sheep Have Gone Astravquot All we like sheep have gone astray everyone to his own way We have turned Everyone to his own way quot Third Estate upward mobilin quot All we have gone each to his own 113961 like Sheep Kalhleen Battle Florence Quivar lohn Aler Samuel Ram 3 Toronto MendeLuohn Choir The Tomnxo Symphony Africans gt4 6 Mayra quot AL E mun ywnaunu sww enmry Paradox End of blood inheritanc Creation of blood inheritance Veek 7 Lecture 1 30 Ociober 7007 1L 3 aamd Wmmmmry TIE BODY 3 aka3 9 Wm WAX391 mm W mm mm a 5mm 5 WW W Wht i g gmm quot wanm39nn Mahmud139 1mm amnunsnbummummm n 1mmquot meemly us THE Nay YORK mm vvnnA mz ExFrench PresidentSnubs Turks on Union Bid Says Turkey 15 Nat a European ountry minimum a mm m 2 wk as m n repealiwa mm mm mums m Mn mun nu mm mm quotme and n1 umnu m widenumb mtmuw 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the lease for 94 August 1670 allwhite rules that Anthon land can be seized b the state because he x Negro andl 39 c an alienquot 7 N ANDER GILM llstance foreign alien n Richarda free man x th wife and children evicted Propem goe wealthy white nelghbor George Parker and chain them there 16501700 1 6 Nex A atlemum 1 at to make the lln unili unilia tin at to make the familiar unfamil39 ou sh V me 1h thi quot w m tin n 13 contingent and constructed il lenlly is quot NOTE PARAD A Terrible transformation between 1650 and 1750 from heathenism to racialism NB THERE W39ERE OPTIONS 1 1 S 39 e made invent the system of color Iij 39 39ence NOTHING IN39EV39IT LE OR N TURAL ABOer RACE AS BIO CC R F 1TH CENTURY II Modernity from Nature to Social Conventionquot or from essentialism to nominalism How Much is Something I C LE Mjiitli ginianlngy lgwlfuly is a thing for Wag than it is wortlz The rst article is analyzed as follows homas Aquinas Summa Theologica 12005 NB What is a thng wort1 Fixed essences essentialism eternal First Aquinas sets up his opponents arguments 1 It seems that a man may lawfully sell a thing for more than it is worth For in the exchanges of human life justice is deter mined by law But accordingo this it is lawful for the buyer and seller to deceive each other Cod lib IV tit 44 d2 rescinde nda Ventztione and this takes lace when the seller sells a thing for more than it is worth or the buyer pays less than it is worth Furthermore that which is common to all men seems to be in L rip TED l the saying of a certain actor wa 39 buy cheap and sell dear which ag Then Aquinas answers his opponents and draws his own conclusion he appeals to the Gospel of ilfattliew in his deduction But opposed to this is the saying in Matthew Vii 12 All lungs whatsoever you would that men slzmtltiW alsu n tlium But no man wishes to have a thing sold to him for more than it is worth Therefore no man should sell a thing to at another for more than it is wortl Wye I answer that it is wholly sintul to practice fraud Wire 153 express purpose of selling a thing for more than itsinst price inasmuch as a man deceives his neighbor to hisw Cicero says tie Of c ill All dL CL ptIUH should therefore a elimi Hated from rantmcts the seller should not procure sameone to bid up nor the buyer someone to bid down the prices NB There is such a thing as a FIXED just p139ce for an item what would a nominalist 7 7 DP i N wk 1W6 mar 1 KL quot 1 m H1 um n39 11 run In Iumu I Mr II INN11V um mumr I 111 III up um m 1 m wuhlur 48h unildcn r l w 1 Wu m w You bdrmth mmmmmmm mu mm mumcqxnu mddm dup India Saw ng Child Labor 1 l tctober 3 Filed at 6 15 21111 ET By THE A OCIATED PRESe Pub 39 le N39EWDELHItAPD Indm39 rndemini erin39 lTuesdny anc V39 were n ngn moo ofchildlnborimhe eoumx y 14 wadefeuve and following a report 1m Gap Inc had sold elomes mm e by nldren in a New Delhi swem op r Knmal th aned the 1 un omee bad pub ould be e po h ompoornmion uchnsIndimwlnchhnsnwell doeumemed problem w 1 e 1d labor In Banana Republic Basic Crewquot Also made of 100 0 cotton advertised with a smiling Abercronibie T 2450 4eal price materials lab Market price obect value a commodity ie interchangeable unit of exchange NB 1at is the commu 1ty being 50k mu an me much Q hy C we buy commoditie at market pr 39c that are gro ly in ated with re ect to real 1 ice Adam Smith anity and pageantrjv ie 39 we mu 1 e 11L39un39es in order to symbolize our place in a society s hieran 1y NB In a capitalibt tem one 5 identityi no longer ba ed on bl inheritance Purely arbitrary and contingent agreement ie in ten Inneommereinl country nboundingV theve wereiganthe m mnner snlmostnllthe rentp mm Isa eat monumvenue 39 pm In 1 39 39e wahim abundant 39 the eostlym r n lenntpngenmry in court html From EstatesOrdersquot to Social Cla From old sentialistquot order to new nominallst order no longer based 011 nature blood inheritance eonventionquot accumulated capital Locke labor i 439 g r age 9v2g NEGRO RELIGIOUS FIELD RECORDING from Louisiana Mississippi Tennessee 09541942 v VOL 1 II39STH GLENN R iIIUH 39 REI Ii I IIR39I IV CIII R 0F 01 39RISI39 RU IR I II HIqu MHUOL QI AR I39ET 5quot 39i if m I j V 39 u ossg 4 21


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