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by: Anabel Effertz
Anabel Effertz
GPA 3.66


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Anabel Effertz on Saturday October 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Vocab at Boston College taught by literatures in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 7 views. For similar materials see /class/218038/vocab-boston-college in Romance Languages at Boston College.


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Date Created: 10/03/15
Spanish RL 115 Written by Prof Mary Ellen K iddle HOW TO SOPHISTICATE YOUR WRITING I Avoid short choppy sentences Combine thoughts with a Coordinating conjunctionsand but or nor y pero sino 0 hi etc b Conjunctive adverbshowever nevertheless sin embargo no obstante therefore por lo tanto moreover ademas consequently por consiguiente and other in betweeneIsyet still aun todavia so asi que on the other hand en cambio por otra parte etc c Subordinate clauses 1 relative clauses Ex I know a man He is nice I know a man who is nice 2 introductory clauseswhen cuando since puesto que whenever cada vez que even if aun si although aunque whereas mientras que because of a causa de in order to para etc Ex I was and I went to bed Estaba cansada y me acoste Since Iwas tired Iwent to bed Puesto que estaba cansada me acoste 3 gerunds Ex He ran as fast as he could and reached the end of the road Running as fast as he could he reached the end of the road II Avoid the same old sentence pattern of Subject Verb ObjectComplement Man39a esc1ibe la carta or Man39a es simpatica Use more complex and varied sentence patterns Simple sentence Voy al cine Compound joined by conjunction Voy al cine y veo la pelicula Complex subordinate clause Cuando voy al cine veo peliculas interesantes Compoundcomplex subordinate clause and conjunction Cuando voy al cine veo peliculas interesantes y como mucho III Use little words of courseclaro thenentonces afterwarddespues etc or anything at all to introduce sentences and vary sentence patterns IV Vary vocabularybe adventuresome a avoid the old first year chestnuts bueno malo me gusta simpatico interesante inteligente etc Try to use NEW ways of saying things Consult dictionary Instead of Mi amiga es muy simpatica try expanding to Mi amiga es una persona que muestra frecuentemente su generosidad y su respeto por los demas b Be speci c and varied in your vocabulary Avoid repeating same words throughout your writing Ifyou say DIFERENTE once use DISTINTO next time V Vary Verbsbe adventuresome a tensedon t always write in present Use full array of tenses including compound tenses b voiceswitch from active to passive and passive substitutes c mooduse subjunctive as well as indicative d use NEW verbsnot just quiero creo pienso me gusta etc Use dictionary VI Be more re ective adventuresome in choice of subject matter Don t just tell WHAT you did or believe tell WHY you did it WHAT YOU LEARNED HOW it compares to previous experiences etc VII Remember that you didn t learn to walk by standing still and also that you fell down a lot So it is preferable to write some strange things that show you are trying to break into a trot than to maintain a safe but ample pace Practice in Sophisticating Your Sentences Let s practice some of the techniques we ve just studied 1 Combine into one sentence Yo veo el gato El gato es blanco El gato camina solo 2 Expand Add information which is not included in the three short sentences above form one sentence 3 Combine into one sentence Soy estudiante Vivo en Amherst Soy de Connecticut Estudio en la Universidad de Massachussetts 4 Expand Add information which is not included in the four sentences above form one sentence 5 Coordinating conjunctions a Combine by using a conjunction Llegue alas tres Encontre a mi amigo b Write two original sentences using two di erent conjunctions 6 Conjunctive adverbs a combine by using a conjunctive adverb El espa ol es di cil Tengo que estudiarlo todos los dias b Write two original sentences using two different conjunctive adverbs 7 Subordinate clauses a Relative clauses 1 Combine by creating a relative clause Tengo tres hermanos Mis hermanos son menores que yo 2 Write two original sentences with relative clauses b Introductory clauses 1 Combine by using an introductory clause Estaba muy aburiida Fui a1 cine Me diverti mucho 2 Write two original sentences using diiTerent introductory clauses 8 Sentence patterns a Compound 1 Join these two sentences to form a compound sentence La profesora habla espa ol muy bien No la entiendo 2 Write two original compound sentences b Complex 1 Join these sentences into a complex sentence Estoy enferma Tomo aspirina 2 Write two original complex sentences c Compoundcomplex I join these sentences into a compoundcomplex sentence Tengo problemas graves con mi compa era de cua1to He decidido hablar con ella Creo que esto ayudara la situacion 2 Write two original compoundcomplex sentences 9 Putting It All Together See what you can do with the following sentences a Mis hermanas Viven en Nueva York Trabajan para el Banco Nacional Ellas compalten un apaltamento b Necesito mis libros Debo estudiar Tengo un examen c Ayer encontre al jefe del depaltamento El me hable de un problema TodaVia sigo pensando en este problema d Now rewrite what you have written for a b and c above but add new information to each sentence


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