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Class Note

by: Flossie Bauch

Class Note Class Note

Flossie Bauch
GPA 3.58


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 127 page Class Notes was uploaded by Flossie Bauch on Saturday October 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Class Note at Boston College taught by psychology in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see /class/218074/class-note-boston-college in Education and Teacher Studies at Boston College.


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Date Created: 10/03/15
The Schizophrenic Subjective Individual 19401965 Week 13 7 Lecture 2 24 April 2008 LIBERALISM Individualism 1 lt lt gt oiA J V S39 H C mzmitarianisms Commums Fascism Pr gmf vcj A BOTH end up being absorption of the conscrv mvc 1759 V b5 subjective individual into the STATE 789N UNIVERSAL PARTICULAR quotHumun rightsquot Vol 1quot nulinn quotracequot Allinglusivc Highly exclusive Unity mternational class Unlty natlonal state F I Reactionary Modernism Essential role of cinema in Totalitarianism Nazi Mass all39 rely completely on technology Quasimystical absorbing the individual into the community 639 Freud the rt39ocea bed into community i V c to the Nazi o 1 swear before39 I bx AdolphHitlerwithomr ewe Leader ofthe Reich and ofthe Gennan people ommander ofthe Army and I pledge n 39 ell e a coumgeo oldler to hold alW a I even though ll may lead me to death Ultramodernism of Totalitarianism Material Precondition of Zl39l hc Totalitari 39 ELECTRICITY REACTIONARY MODERNISM 7 Lightin Triumph 16S Wt ens Triumph qf39tIe Will 1931 L 39 l m I f 399 I 3 m um u 1 l k Roman Imperial Eagle note how modem geometricall GIGANTISM cf Speer s Germania From temple steps to giant banners individual merged into collective NRM HM m mm mm THE WONDERFUL HORRIBLE HFE or LENI RIEFENSTAHL II From Posh quot to World War to Cold War United Kingt 1 France Belgium NetherlanL b Germ any Italy United States Japan liberalism 39 communism The 19451989 modern world Democracy r Communism math enmummm 1 IlOMANIA quosLAwA i BULGAFIIA yj an zufl fx H L A l 3911 quotH s vmuuo mm 2 Compare to USA 1840s50 slave v free states Chxlle on All differences subsumed under two extraneous categories Post1989 the postmodernquot world Distribution of Religious and Ethnic Groups mm mm mm anuuvs 1 5m m sum m 5mm 1 5325th E 5m xquot k I odem 19151989 Postmodern multi 1 1989 9 present th the gh 1 1d non0011117 39 ama bin Laden A Cix 39lian bombings Increasing barbarism of the 20th century 20th Century percent of direct casualties that were civilians 19141918 World War I 1939 1945 World War II 5000 19651973 Vietnam 80 BalkarlsJPersian Gulf Waring n Remnciliu an A Curier Hundbaak V r w r simmmm Ha quot 39quot quot 39 irg m mw m Mmm Mm m L7an 7191133 439 m h m Innovation Saturation bombing Barcelona montage 1937 Picasso Guernica 1937 L A 26 April 1937 German saturation bombing oquernica Spain a 1937 a preview pre vision of the end of civiized boundariesquot Urban areas become military targetsquot No civilians will ever be safe again JL UJJEY M551 Wannsee Conference J anuary 20 1942 The Final Solution uum 1m i mniiunm iiiimii mu luNM IIIHIID HUILHL iiii HHSFIMH iiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii 21 1000 at a time curschland 1m Bombcnkricg 1940 195 the mum about Allied bomb w 16 11 39 Doe tmakeyou 1mpanionc A 3 en Gennal tor to me natio 43 9 1 W u J Ow r u b m a H 25 Dresden 194 center after rebombing 26 Dresden 1911 H an nover Paderborn Paderborn Pforzhei m The politics of memory but more than that the selfidentity of memory The Enola Gay Controversy How dr we rememliex a war ma we wov httlvacamusadrorCMHERReortResourcesEditionS 2EnolaGa3 2ahtm AMONG THE DEAD CITIES HIE HSWNY 21m MDRM EGAN nl llle WWH BOMBINE n EWIUANS In GERMANY and JAPAN EN 1 962 5 October I I Cuban 6 Crlsls norms usrusuc ur 1mm 1 7 LBJ fear ofp woking Chill 3 guerilla V located in and 1 1e name Iidde bombe L H39 arequot mumu quot LBJ dame t1 3 country he L t1 12 to equot M 4 k Ientali WA quot m n n cmumm savage quot9ampqu mA If The Great 7V what s the Jarrg39rire ur 11b neu Enigma etnam 1972 20th Centu percent of direct casualties that were civilians O Neill Media Social Democracy Individuals in Commui Week 3 7 Lecture 2 3 1 January 200 8 I The Proletarianization ofLaborquot A sideeffect of inventing capitalism 39 lutio my guild 39 11 based 011 Skill Apprenticei J ourncymanG Master of the Guild y 1131 1 3quot ccnhu er is not th me who ers guild Leather T Ides 1 Ietal des Buildino Trades S htt A chqfld oem re mastem39o demonstrates 110V lled you are and hence vour lace 111 the l erarchv ezm e mmterworkq for a metallurgi st Master of the Guild Guild provides Too and training Quality control Pricing based on intrinsic va A quality product at a fair pricequot cf Marx labor theor value Impoue Cost 900 scu 54 40 n 31 95 M ik klmyi quot E39 h if k 1 9 90 Raw Matenmcw 550 Dlr ci Labor 32 00 3mm 3 50 Social a total social Stein Vou live in the ne neighborhood p2 sons man them to otheis daughters nancially interdependent NMIM W m mmmum gt SaintJacques tower HOS1522 16 h quartier cme butchers church demolished 1 Brussels Medieval guild halls END approx 1790 France 1789 England 1791 Le Chapelier Lawquot PROLET RIAN39IZATION OF LABOR 1 M ter notbecause ofx39kibut because th 5110 ie 1 f rotluctiol lerofthemea f production 7 urgeo managemen h ewho him become roletariat wo 3 End ofprotectio 39 upply and demand it replace quality pl l ng cutenon 7 From Aquinas 0 Adam Smi vecome illegal Unfair competition of individuals agaix ENLIGHTENhIENT THEORY 130011011110 5 Political Liberalism Adam Smith Abb Sie equidistant ACTUALITY Child labor in the mills 18305 Factoid Child labor 2002 250 million coal cart along a low mine 1 e near Halifax quotom F m1 Report Off6 Commim ionem Off6 Children 39539 Emplmmenr Commimion SLUMMLIHN G 5EYH KOVEN URBAN SLUMS Si 18 m 39 m in London lBecame 2 lolln39 a mciio l M Hale mqu quotH Inuk mu ulbslr 1m mm 1 elmnlluuiltm cuiulunalvlr r mm an nu urenllnlun x mm nmll mm Hm quI mlllu39y mm lm quot1 u 1mm one 39nu Idl l The u place we an a me lienrkhllle Jr I 39 and um Jilmna Ileleml In m z mnllun u 1 2 ml 1 and ownen ulna m 2 m In mr Declaration ofthe Rigl englml 0541 39 vfhlan 7 18 19m cc hem equality a olitical to equality as ci L1 MM Um Li am Drama mmu39wa I Pumz nmmkmm me IESMZ mm macaw rm mmm quotCouwudwmmu lubi dmd Mum imp wuih39OubnMiL quotqudm nmrx quotDblisn mki duh n SumuuProams sn Scum Demum Commuqu Dumb Bums r hummus Saunamm I7M c mnsm um imam 4x I m th Plbumhmr 4 LITEIZTLALXSM L ami 39dem I Pum mmmrlm bhm m zirm msmm quwmm39 Mm s c man 1 mm 2 CONSEWA I ESM Amshuua I RANK EM lm9L quotCoMsuuaquotzwmmu mum v Omanuir quotDblim mquot Mimi 1861 Mir quot Shelley s re V i kd A 3 Fl unkensrem 7 Not choice but FATE 7 NATURE a machine that grinds up humans 1819 Peterloo Massacre WORK 8 REVOLUT IN FRANCE Tlu39 Lanmeng timbermm Ilw III Rwimc m 1146 mat is Socialisnl A HYBRIDIZATTON Tradition associationquot and Innovation social cqualitf39 39ndicali Guilds are conscn39atiV39c Unions are progrcs quot Sma uPmm sn Scum Damum Ce munqu Dmuh Dw nr klmnmnu nunmm 7Mmensm LITEEMUSM CoMS WA lEm lij aun 39ikumdm I AWSA39WQL l anzmmr M Row 2342 CUIWL Manned chunkMk oumudzvmmu IMuWimMA39 Mumisric Mum z Omani mom 3 mm quotDblim mquot Mm H Proletarianization ofLabor A sideeffect of the Industrial Revolutionquot Historical Change Hardware material conditions Software culture ideas values railroad steam Water else that must be changed c Sh tn plutesmn39 net anonymity r quotWhatalwdmthakwtm39v 075W rave mamthat 39 39 MILFL mm r l Hardware of the Industrial Revolution Railwa team water power Softwarequot Change in the way work is organized eg wage laborquot Change in relations of production e PEOPLE H both progress amp grief A Hardware 1712 Thomas Newcomen invents first successful steam engine Coal industr 39 7 starts warrva mm um mg m pmn m w mm m m Phntnqlanh hv Tm Miiszlllew York Daily News F13dng lthuttle 1k In nnlng Jenny A Uidnml Pinn al Emydupmia M ater Frame TRADES AND INDUSTRY In I lmnStkcwd mm mmww Dc NB Introduc nonhuman ms DidLml labor into mnmg Connect to Nemon e Enlightenment Applied science Le Nemoma mechax Image is from Diderot s Emvrlop z a A Uideml Picmrla EmyLIulmm of TRADES AND NDUS39I39RY ms Mm mm rmummaw Duns 1mm mum WWW wunxlm The Rites of Spring 19141918 Week 11 7 Lecture 1 8 April 2008 I The Rite of SpIing original subtitle ofNapoleon Not merely a co onation but the quotacn39 ce in pagan L opl and g A ballet repr ming ancient n39te in be fenile P e of splinw he new growing season omen 1 ex nclemGreekth39am erfonnedin n39ng 39 39 39 D39o insh1u enorgie C1 A m ragedy m leh aglc m admmatic 39eo pn39ng cf EASTE R F indesi cle Priniitivisni Variation on Orientalisrn In 1913 A11 aesthetic celebration Qt quot 39 39 quot instincts a way of escaping from bourgeoi re int and yet remaining a safe and comfortable distance as a cnllized person Caused a riot at its Paris premier 29 May 1913 Great V ar begins 31 July 1914 005450 KEEPING 3 mauled by Michuel Tilson Thomas M cum w AND ms mm or mi Mman AGE Radical shift in cultural meaning ftware of du printemps AI THE IUTIEOI 5m 1913 Prirnitivisrn a celebration ofour rn i tincts let the lid 0 the repre 39 n 39 algic earning for the d39 hen old men sacrificed youth for the regeneration of the earth in 5 ing horror Of at happens when 11 PoliticalMilitary Overview of the Great War J t K Wm Ift lM O r u 39 Swonhrmrn v IUublm EAT um mN w mm New RUSSIAN Lundnp UHMEJ quot r EMPIRE g l H N A V F R A N I E l S Nl uullu mi raw r R mur 39 mm 7 g A Saiajeyo gt xzmw 39 V mum mumm r August 1914 uranium ru 1 Serbia wants panslay39ic nationstate 2 Austria afraid Slay39s will leave Empire 3 Russia wants Serbia 4 Austrians threaten Serbia want to provoke war and take over Serbian territon quot lrlKi Humm quot upenmu n m 39 x H l H hLAT BRllHh Hyy R u s s l A N Loudquot m 1 EM I 1 RI 4 arsaw POLle 739 In 7 Um WM 4 FRANCF 39 MamMin mm anc Mmlvm Amwm 39 x u I i ll lbl l1ll3939m r mm m r u Germany fears a twofront war R 39a to east France to west Triple Entente GBFrR growing increasingly strong only reliable ally is Austria Germany must retain Austria as ally implicit blank check 7 i mmh nLhibhn quot REAT HRH39AW NI 1114 7 mm RUSSIAN Lundrui EMI IRF 1 OPEN N 1 Um V X F R A N C E h i quot Marschx rm 1 Hva A 1 MM r Romc 7 C The Guns 7 V i MMNVA39 r w A i 5 WW WNW I I 01 August M hHhLHmu w 1914 28 June 1914 A 39 ration o Au iian Archduke and w e in Sarajevo by Serbian 014 A tiia deck on Serbia to aid ofSerbia Archduke Franz Ferdinand and wife of Austria Visit Sarajevo 28 June 1914 Archduke Franz Ferdinand and wife of Austria Visit Sarajevo 28 June 1914 THE CULTUREC Y T1ME AND SPACE 39 28 June 1914 NOW impad ofm anmnei photq 1 m paper s 919 am Problem onechn o limenm egotiation V 7 quot39v A r x the ONION WAR E IAHEI II All AUSTRIA DECLARES WAR ON SERBIA DECLARES WAR ON GERMANY DECLARES WAR ON FRANCE DECLARES WAR ON TURKEY DECLARES WAR ON RUSSIA DECLARES WAR ON BULGARIA DECLARES WAR ON BRITAIN l m ig iii l Inn 393 He w HI mm qE I v 394 mu mm UTTOMAN EMPIRE ALMOST DECLARES WAR ON ITSELF EMBER ALLIES uuul m n nu xmm Inn u nun mumn NTTIH R Iwm Pmlm 39I39muuc Stalemate Li i39t39m quot vnn I r V TRANCE 39 LISTRI 39 J ulwu39lm UN 14 quotII7I 1 Germany deep inm France 1914 ame onhe Mame nal The Grand lllusi nquot Nations fighting truth class war mummun Eg 39 Battle of the Somme B1 bombard Gennans for a w 66 39 Gennans Iachine men are killed on July 1 91 6 WAR BULLETINS 600000 KILLED IN ADVANCE 0N WESTERN HEROIC SOLDIERS PAV ULTIMATE PRICE T0 PATCH 0F MUD SAFE FOR DEMOCRACY These 4 Inches of Mud No Longer Bow Before Whlp o Tyrmny Sly Brmah Command 7 Jolly Good Brit Boys Die 1 Cheerio CanDo Deaths launn srmirs PEHISWH nmmw mums E Armistice 11 21111 111118 l 1 During somel life ectancy AR OVER AS FRANZ FERDINAND FOU Fares Loan and mum wims Simpll Misundetshndinn liuly Ennlnst Full Playu I39lnl UnlncnuIu II TwentyFifth Anniversary Edition The Modern 20th century 1 HE GREAT WAR From innocence to irony IRONY LACK OF PROPORTIONALITY 10 million people are destroyed because ofl 39 tion 7 France 2 million dead 2730 of class s of 101 1915 Gennanv i 44657 lost a leg 20877 lost an arm PAUL FUSSELL Winner of he Nmimm Bank Award and Ihc Nllliumll Bunk Crilicx Circle Award mm x DENMARK 39ZREAT BRITAIN I lmdun V V 1JIIIL39 I Pam may IRANCII Private Sphere Embourgeoisemem Week 4 7 Lecture 2 7 February 2008 Hg iii l g lm i g wb cg am Wham 5321 gt11 m l u w amgmmm MEN hymn mm 153M W 39 1w1m Lam ii UL Tim 7 m zr zzil 111m Uwg mm its May M11er mm m1 Yam midi WE go mam may mamsz rmi 22m Igbwzim Mo n mm ME Figs 30 31 On the kft arc ht pcnislike female organs ofgcncrauun from Georg Barusch Kumrbudjr 1575 On rhc nght the rm of the utcrus is cur away to reveal its contmts Urbanization 5 Suburbanization malization b warmer has e ned bookkeeping at ehool um e1 e no longer pa ner Suburbanization they move to suburban home He commute ehildreIL mu plivate sphere 1 SS LJUM gim ammfy m w sag 5an f39 Emmi mikdl 1mm mama 2mm mm 11m imam m may Bilng f Em3am m1 39 mnmc a gd Wail quotmm imam mykmm mm 653111 MW WEEm 7 immv 391 17m ay Mmm J mnms 39 JI lt t 1b Wham L 13mm 9116 1wme gpihma raperycarpeting allpaper Elaborate decoratlo quot s of prlvate life isAFETY IS a refuge from the dangerous public where T 18005 bourgeois 19205 Bauhaus gt Interiors Crowded and quotCozyquot Perhaps suffocatmg to 01 B Bourgeois procreation Bedrooms are separated A temple to procreationquot Remember birthrates contraception Edouard Manet bwzpia 1863 Prostitute becomes a metaphor for urban In edemi ty Victorian brothel Decorated just like home PnVate v Public Procreati 011 v Pleasure Spher of 19 hc urbaI II TRODUCTION VOLUNEI 1 wt contmceptive de 39IL I e all located on one 39e1 e t the 111111 of the cent39ul the 39e1 e lled x 39 39 th condom me Animal membrane condo mbber and latex mod 7 how the condom emreprenea Juliu ch 33 PARIS Ie Bo gt n I 9 x Q I 39 predated mlcanized 011ed Iron Europe B 1890 had launched a succe uld make me inn Imperialism Comstock Law USA mmw quotmm m mi wanna M magnum W V t 5 M C hildre louver productive AndreHenri Dargel The Hupgv Fumin embaurgeaisemenr eating bourgeois culturequot DAYS Invention of Clinstlllas Christmas was banned in Boston Gift m by the Puritans 7 an enforced workday Medieval Catholic pagan con mimsite103970011tent t39e1mni homeampmini id1290 21 First Christmas Tree in England 1841 12 Victoria Liiszberz the Christian Ti be Private spherequot 22 hmnmr 1 Christina religious holiday It is one componei in the process of embourgeoisemenf 24 woker 1893 26 27 Robert Schumann Kinderszenen Scenes 39om Child700d 1838 Solo piano pieces to be played at homequot 2 quotHobbyhorseman imitates rhythm of child rocking toyhorse toys childhood Xmas 4L quotSleeping Child 5 31 SUM Invention of home in 19th c 7 Home separate from work 7 Place where politics don t happen 7 Woman s job protect and raise children 7 No longer a productive unit but the place where ve happen nurtured fed warm STEPHANIE COONTZ 32 0 How is gendered pri solution for 1node1nl ulienutio Home as haven in heartless world onl source of ident1t unit safet stabilit continuit in wor 7 al and re 39olution Security in revolutionar age Paradox unchanging private e Ibles change in public sphere No matter how much things change I the male can a1 come home to what is unchanging w of Unintended Consequences The end of traditional 1narriage coincides ith roinanticisin leads to question What is marriage to 7 gt Hismry 39mrmlnrlvr m me Lou mqmrnl hrrmyr E J a RAFF End of traditionalquot marriage as economic unit and turn to modern marriage as emotional unit entails new mentalities i e new hardware entails new software If marriage is no longer emotionally warm can it be ended Divorce an evolving issue in 19th century Example ofFrance 1792 divorce introduced quoti f 7 7 1803 Code Napole39on modi ed 1816 illegal L k 1884 reintroduced E G R A F F NB Coontz USA highest divorce rate by 1900 high WORLDFILMS MM HUI39I39HH World without divorce suicide liBovagy l lt q mum i iag g Il L 19 EJGRAFF 34 W tis a Nati01 pan 2 Week 8 7 Lecture 1 11 March 21 8 I Wings Iskauxim 2 1 Manna 55 1mm A 7 0 v in 2111mm 1mmquot gtgt quotm we Mmquot wwwm mg l iom mix mind Masai ll mum 3L mam mm wumnmlm i 1 W11 1 Hmiamimw m mm miniammwiz xxx am We imam mm nmn umm m m 5am t3 umm s mm hmhmm a N 2 W I m m b WWW Pew sum 4 Wham mm Emirmfg th inkm mmde mm 39 39 m 1 m mmm v 1 131m a m 1E w Mam its 6km mam mm gmm m w mu ma am kaumh min farm mm mmm W39 39 mwm MEN mkmh mmmm mL 3136 E33 lmmlm M vg mammmmm mummy ijiti t m mkmmg lmm mm armwmmm uhsm mrm 3m Wim lmnlm h m a f v TITO 03 a Waz g r m a 16mm rm M39s Ing mi v1 AWE gt Tav Era 1111 w i iik u 9513 l 1 if m 11 anlalmmly CHE L h B Folk Tradition 7 Belief in culturah ethnic unity 7 Myth that unity both desirable and achievable 7 One language race ethnicity religion think back to Spain 1492 7 Makes dif cult to tolerate intemal difference National ethnic identity from below popular culture I APPEAL TO FOLK a 3qu a nostali 39 aming for the TAIm TALES J primiti the innocent Tm CORSET BROTHERS Fm lv lllmlwn39J people of a time that was natural and whole Collect peasant tales and folk songs hvbridize them into literature and classical music 7 eg Smetana RimskyKorsakov Mahler Ives Copland Aaron Copland Appalachian Springquot mm m Shaker h Slrnple Gift quot Shikers niSahbathdayLake Sehola canlorum The Boston Gamerafaquot 39 Simple Gm mm quotWquot rm Shakers htt Aaron Copland Appalachian Springquot Folk Clothing Bavarian T irolermt Leader703611 What is Ger111a11 Note irony B i v 39 may just wanted to be Bavavizm in one am smuing mament Is ma so wrong 1391quot 93m Carl HaagEvening at Balmoral 1854 39 Scottish Highland Society founded 1 Scottish Bavarian primitive people With charm of endangered species hence collections Literature departments PUBLIC SCHOOLS 7 teach national language not minis MONTMJENTS ctor Hug Romantic reaction against Enlightenment Middle Age Eugene Emmanuel ViolletleDuc 0th the word and the thing are modernquot Iema c Dictionmy ofArcln en ure lSSIh C The need for an Other THE IUNS CAPTURED SOME OF OUR FISHERMEN IN TIIE NORTH SEA ANDTOOILTTIEM T0 SENNEIAGER HEV CHARQEO THEM WITIIQLIT A SIIITED OF EVIDENCE WITH BEING I I AVERS I IEY ORDEREDTHEMTD BE PUNISIIEIJ WITHOUT A TRIAL AT FUN HMENT CONSISTED IN SHAVING ALL TIIE IIAIR UFF DNE SIDE OF THE HEAD AND FACE 39HE T MARCHED THEIR VICTIMS THROUGH THESTREETS AND EXPOSED THEM To LACE THE JEERS OF THE ERMAN UOPU vRITISHLAILORSI OOKI LEADIANDEIEMEMBERI Seapegoating a need to portray LIBERTY BONDS ation self as uni ed coherent cohesive b ojeeting undesnable onto another External fbreign nations Internal race eg Jewish phrenological measuring A icanAmerican lynchingz Ca 1870 onward Imperialism Racialism ENationalism embourgeoisement Honor Daumier La R publique 1848 MASS I i EETi N G SLAVERY CODE mqnm HF mu lm Richard Wagner The Ring Cycle Ru Ann WAGNI R m RI N G NmELUNGEN DAS RHENGOLD 0 DIE WALKURE SECHHID I GoYIEnDAMMLRUNc UM IIIIR I P B THE RING CYCLE l J Rhine Gold 1869 i 2 Valkyrie1870 Siegfried 1871 wilight of the Gods 1874 Vittgiyme Valkyries Old Norse V39alkylja quotCh er of the a39 1 l mythologv maidens the sewed a1 he battle ek to ChL thy of a place in 1 mg helmets and M A 1 ud of the Valk This 1 20 Twilight of the Gods Garrerdc39immerzmg Siegfrieds Iquot Wife Brui Gods must die in order for peace and harmony to be reestablished among humanity 21 Canal1mm RICHARD 3 WAUES ALSO SPRACH ZAPATHU Amy M LAW 2 nunmus A DON LIAN STRA Richard Strauss Also S praclz Zarathustra 22 H1517 Hill 61 er DUGGAN Ln exgme dein Angeli n 23 ii gin of the Angel Compare nation and religion in Italx quot with the problem of German what Italians have in K La V ergine degli Angeli 39 uo manta e E mi proteoga Di Dio l39Angelo 24


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