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Intro to Social Welfare

by: Alyson Brekke

Intro to Social Welfare SER 11

Alyson Brekke

GPA 3.93

Kevin Garganta

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About this Document

Kevin Garganta
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alyson Brekke on Saturday October 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SER 11 at Bristol Community College taught by Kevin Garganta in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see /class/218078/ser-11-bristol-community-college in Human Services at Bristol Community College.


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Date Created: 10/03/15
STUDY GUIDE HS 101 Intro to Human Services The Elizabethan Poor Laws of 1601 Kept the administration of poor relief at the local level N Settlement houses Neighborhoodbased facilities established in most urban centers to bring together people of different socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds to share knowledge values and skills for their mutual benefit LA Hull House The first and most famous of the Settlement Houses founded in Chicago in 1889 by Jane Addams and Ellen Gates Starr 4 Prior to the 1929 Stock Market Crash There was an illusion of economic stability throughout the 1920 s Because of the rising income of the rich the stock market began to soar It appeared to be a sound investment Even those who could not afford it bought on credit When stock prices fell people could not pay their loans and they lost everything UI The Great Depression The most catastrophic economic crisis the United States has ever seen 0 The New Deal The name President Franklin D Roosevelt gave to a sequence of programs and promises he initiated between 1933 and 1938 with the goal of giving reform to the people and economy of the United States during the Great Depression 7 Social Security Act The most important among all the programs President Roosevelt initiated 8 The National Mental Health Act of 1946 Provided a funded mechanism for research and training programs and for state assistance in establishing community mental health service 9 The Brown vs Board of Education Supreme Court Case Ruled that separate public schools for black and white students denied black children equal educational opportunities and thus violated the 1411 Amendment This victory paved the way for 39 quot and the Civil Rights Movement 10 The War on Poverty Tthe name for the plans and programs Lyndon B Johnson proposed in response to the difficult economic conditions and rising poverty of the 1960 s His aim was to encourage economic stability equal opportunity and realize the Great Sociegg c Cmmmmmsww doc RAVIDWHDIZ Study Guide HS 101 Intro to Human Services 11 20 21 22 23 The Civil Rigl1ts Act of 1964 Prohibited racial and or religious discrimination and outlawed segregation in schools and public places Race the major subdivision of the human species whose distinguished characteristics are genetically transmitted Culture The customs habits skills technology arts values ideology science and religious and political behavior of people in a speci c time period An Ethnic Group is a distinct group of people who share a common language set of customs history culture race religion or origin Ethics Pertain to the beliefs we hold about what constitutes right conduct Ethics are moral principles adopted by an individual or group to provide rules for right conduct Values The customs standards of conduct and principles considered desirable by a culture a group of people or an individual Con dentiality A principle of ethics according to which the social worker or other professional may not disclose information without the client s consent The Duty to Warn Suggests that when a therapist s client is threatening violence to a specific victim the therapist has a professional responsibility to warn both the intended victim and the appropriate authorities police of the danger A professional discipline Defined by a common body of knowledge a code of ethics and a concern for peers Chemical dependency Affects people with varied personalities cultures and lifestyles To be effective in counseling these diverse populations a counselor must understand hisher perceptions of addiction and realize that perceptions of others may differ and understand that skills methods and goals need to be appropriate for the experience and lifestyles of the culturally different client Ethics def The principles of morality the science of the good the nature of the right and the rules of conduct MultiCultural Growing up with more than one cultural orientation Special Populations Women adolescents gay or lesbian and elderly all considered 2 Study Guide HS 101 Intro to Human Services 24 25 26 Lack of Child Services A sigpificant barrier to women seeking treatment is CulturallyLiberated Counselor The style of counseling in which a counselor does not fear racial or cultural differences and is aware of hisher attitudes makes efforts to be actively involved professionally and personally in a solution to M problems is known as I 39 I 39 I 39 I 39 I r and we Factors to consider when looking at special populations and the I 39 I etiology cause of chemical dependence 27 28 29 Drug and Alcohol treatment Programs for people with handicaps must include an awareness of the particular aspects of handicaps and be integrated with the general population Professional Competence To know ones limitations and abilities Women viewed gta special population Because traditional treatment is geared toward men not women Low SelfWorth39 Prescribed by Physicians Isolation Common reasons whv people with quot 39 quotquot39 physical and mental pain use alcohol and drugs are to ease Cultural Igporance The style of counseling in which a counselor has little or no prior exposure to a minority culture and whose fear causes himher to be ineffective in working with a minority client Elderly and 39 Abuse Concems39 A change in metabolism isolation from family and friends selfdiagnosing and selfmedication with OTC drugs and multiple physical problems with multiple medications Legal obligation gtBreach Confidentiality When a client is dangerous to self a client is dangerous to others in a medical emergency a client commits child abuse including neglect or elder abuse 1 The roles for Human Services a Teacher Educate the client about the services available b Advocate Speak on behalf of the client c Broker Match the client s needs with the available services d Mediator Assist the client to resolve any issue they may have with another party e Activist To speak out about what issues the concern your client f Therapist Listen to the client s needs and issues g Empowerer Give the client the tools and power to help themselves 2 5 Characteristics of HS a Empathy b SelfAwareness c ResponsibilityCommitment d Nonjudgmental e Communication 3 3 Functions of HS a Self Care when the client can t take care of themselves i Elderly children b Self Control when the client can but doesn t take care of themselves i Inmates c Rehabilitation when the client is unable to function i Veterans 4 Residual Vs Institutional Views a Residual i Short Term ii Has Stigma iii Means tested iv Emergency 1 Public Assistance Programs b Institutional i Long Term ii No Stigma iii No means tested iv Not Emergency 1 Social Security 5 Purpose of HS a Problems in living humans unable to meet own needs problems that are related to the life cycle b SelfSufficiency The ability to care for one s self hs need to successfully provide clients with the support to be selfsufficient c Complexities of modern world 6 Worthy VS Unworthy a Worthy society sees that needs help i Elderly children b Unworthy society doesn t think needs help i Divorced women ii Single moms N 9 5 H O H N H W P H U39I Principle of Less Eligibly a States that if you get assistance it won t be more than the lowest wage earner i To give incentive to get off the assistance and get a better job 1 Today Minimum Wage amp Public Assistance The settlement House movement Settlement houses were a large house in a poor area that service as a community center The success was the commitment of the staff that not only helped but lived in the house A good example of a settlement house was the Hull House founded in 1889 by Jane Addams in the poor section of Chicago The staff lived in the house and worked with the community to provide assistances Different names for llclient a Individual b Customer c Consumer d Patient 6 other human services profession a Doctors b Psychologist c Psychiatrists d Counselor e Social Worker f Mental Health Counselors g Rehabilitation Counselors EPA a Employment Assistance Program provides counseling to workers Micro Vs Macro a Micro small family individual or small group i A therapist b Macro large whole populations and communities i A activist PersoninEnvironment Concept a No one is an island we are all impacted by the environment in which we live Elizabethan Poor Law a 1601 b By law the family was the 151 respond care c 2quotd the government would help d 3rdd it established taxation Social Security Act a 1935 b Sociallnsurance 39 Unemployment Disability Old Age Survivors iii iv c Public Assistance i Aid to families with dependent children ii Old Age Assistance iii Aid to the Blind d Health amp Welfare Services


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