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Quantum Mechanics

by: Ms. Janiya Heaney

Quantum Mechanics PHYS 332

Ms. Janiya Heaney

GPA 3.96


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 40 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ms. Janiya Heaney on Saturday October 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHYS 332 at Bucknell University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 94 views. For similar materials see /class/218096/phys-332-bucknell-university in Physics 2 at Bucknell University.

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Date Created: 10/03/15
P 5 331 2003 Park ch ix 397 qu quotWM134045 WowIsaak CA i A porh39cms acim g NM 244 Mm Ww39ows am we am extend 0w OM oUMmsiwoJ qumhm dtsmp ow TO M dam1M5 We MU wean Paws ow 5mm bOLwe 606 is cousidwztbie spbum ca S MML Hjgw 05 M0 K44 bLJAFO Il am 01 anj PM cQQM a WWII poke3509 Ckasm cauj par clals stale can be b3 1 Km c immsiMa pasi m new and a M d msimJ MOMQquVk vedw Pos n iow 1 Mia MOMMM 39 01 xPDPt Classicalhjlm cm m Pn39no39plg maswe a WPW S mt 01 0 WM ma we ska assw w is is We 1 quoxm medom39ca us ous us we mm slabs A m m sfzJc o 46 Wamp M a mated b5 akd m tutuAN mot have 0L MIME 0g Phasing Mani83 Pow xaMpla we ska sea W aim CULOMS Max we sinks MILL we um39Hm In M 39 g L z 0 Mass Atom 0de ISO Sb 0quot En 217 AxF39M k who miffm 39 L NIH 1 aka L1E L2 Mt 044me HOW1L rs Mm comwm39en r ro repiew Such yaks dc Wat Pogi aA gpqce or mommm sPaca Wawpunchkus 7 4 PCs iaA S cg m Pa GE Pnpjlp L MOMMW space M Mr W mil be 12 ambk39sk wh mkips um M and WaWc M Ma aLS and 1 su s quw 1an qum h es Sudx OS lt94 F 091 zc a Mm 527 wawcfunc ous osi m ageaim and basis SW3 41W 0 9 W POEin oPefaf ws 2 4 47 memb 0 X chmmf 0F If M H n j u Fl cugt Cgt qer I u g h F8 wkm we Cm Fagard 391 as 164 0r39JWfQS Po m law TMYLGUC ad QPeWN39 and 6496 Mb 33 m 0 7 NC oASo HebWHOM Alt Afr i X J K3 M W 993 have simlmms zgmsfukswldok M dmdkd MW 5 F and sah s a 9mm Xlxgg SIX51 Show 950 aw A3 W is on awe0 3339ch 4v 64 dgmsfakc The assoodcol waw mch w do anr ber M 4 spam Jaue mds39aus mf 865ng fag Schrb39dingz aquah ou o H M nd rLe chf in 343 M o w ck 13x20 K2 duh boga However superpoa ms at 62 do helmL3 m M space a gamma WMth ml M oi m mqmsb es cax ix Mu xix CMWWCLG 342 cmchHAj suck SqW MS m MU reqma 09511 x352 80 g5339S J 0r Guzmanng mm L 8 which is awwd E L above zqualx39au ALSO 018 ba s 35 049 j dxg 3501 IX3gtX3 T Thus lor 03 sbk WM 00 9de 3093 Lid t Xjzgtltx5l 96 10 D J am 1 gwdx 50043 911 xAjqyiamji I 0le WOW1 I KSMLPULD This wk mam 0M 0 WP may PW do 60 lt Wgt fdx le Xgagtltx3z Fgt W gtlt3zt y ung 33 lt1x3gt39LPX3 00 gt0 1qu ltc1539xt3gt 093 DY OERSlaw 514 m 1m imam Poref cm L a comp Wm Tm xWV t y omi lt N33gt 5K4 whik Siva 39 Em j zx52gt MW h Pm axg Km Win33 N000 comm Posih ou rewc a m VOW ltgtltgt mm 41quotSmjdsjjwww w j lgt ch no wokxggggda lt Pl hlt3zgt 693 Lox dj dz gtltlt lx5zgtx3zt ghee MM 2 XIX51 3 3 ltkylx39939gtx kj gtdr lxlam V Fnym MOth Mf es M x 313 9x3z c x C j c Asm we Could 5413 M I m rmsch waue mcxm QWM ltMgt X an c Similar wasmc ms aPM JFUr j i x1 32 36ch Email 2H hung Mr M 1 W MQSNhks w a w cte Meg Af wers ingmike square we 0F dimmfrious LXLYL are M 3 61m E gtscifgt Dem I I X ii 341 iii 43 M an 00 1 X5 jokxgdagok quotW2 b 3 x Wham 90 r40 3990 um q M NH 7 m wtquotth m 6L tl 0 Z H2 hthr I moh39 CLEBWLT l z 00 1quot 61gt 3L 5 Ax x7 sinz gg F zm Z IS 5 0 6 sz 2 390 MT x I SIn2LL3J a 2 0 39 n39n d2 2401 f X L Lab L 21me 3 6nquot 39sz 1 in lt3 8 414331 gdx 311 K3t 3 PkS 39 3de mquot LEWA v L 5 xiig 0L 3mZ 4 Lz 331 gliw L4 L1 4 MOMW Opemh s 0nd basis ain t W are We WWW 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