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Quantum Mechanics

by: Ms. Janiya Heaney

Quantum Mechanics PHYS 332

Ms. Janiya Heaney

GPA 3.96


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ms. Janiya Heaney on Saturday October 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHYS 332 at Bucknell University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 74 views. For similar materials see /class/218096/phys-332-bucknell-university in Physics 2 at Bucknell University.


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Date Created: 10/03/15
W15 331 2005 WC Annwnammr HWB ovd later 0443 HM solu ms aA EMS 54k 6 CMSC 6174 1 6F swim Mumfh cm oyr Mphesmia ow 0S sla zs cu sad VI We have 90 62 epmsen m w 43gt 6 c0594 32 GEWQ sinez Nb A tl39 L8 39 6 39 IZ sin 62 iq lz case2 A 30 f t bvd 3w WRH dh ce M SM exls vac digeo RFmgmqudLSln 62 KR W M lt5 a TlLOC R 13952 5bQe N22 Haw Wm 64 probab uli eswe La 4M hf 5w mac 1 or e W pm 6 Is allj real AKM JEJ VMS aduan aFPeoIS u a LN qm mm mkanfcs and is Cale 0 global Ekasci For gxaMPLQ 99 V42 3m 139 and Win gf b 130 T lgt4 Ha 3 M 94 arc dismch mspwd 0 9 same 3v CW 31 gt Wx7 M PVOPGNS 0 641 WW Iroducf TowWind quot5 awn M 1 UP a 13 ajlw i 7 5 E t Kan lt Pgt bra bfcd NovQ we Winsome pmfwh es 1 H HP 1 Hm EEO oltlt bltgt r r up 170 Ivltzgtvam Iir 199 M m 39 ltWgt ltltlgtgtquot in E ampgt 001mm no fear lt I dfltrxlg3gto 7lt Amkxthh g r Two have Mimi 0K6 39PFOOKMd S L lt Ll 110 r ARR gt 4 a 3 a A 4 v v3 AI KVa Bui 5642 Hid Is ad 95 1 my N30 Wider 7 Raw produd 01C on vahar w rl ght ltM P mulaf m s gm m a 97gt S nonmh aeA 4251 a 1 0quot R 2 WkaJr abut 910 WW mcmcfs 0F vouin bases uwm Wtst K ok 2 CortesMoirg rm Maswemmk 2M 64 gt cu r Mo 2 J3 gm m Vb 1 if H323 490 DamnMa 4 l gt New W 5044 cm show Mwsi5meml cz UM35 0 WM 1934 WMgM Jyatmkm are mgm Asc o okaogova nomath M5 W Vows 0L Man s is calle an whonoww baE S For SPLVIl Far des 64 flaoss xb39uli a we EHRLLR Qm au WW 3 W Note M 1amp2 3mm ilk on macsan loang con pmok 0 61 scheS which give Mwhdaj incmpa btg awrmmcar W a6 MCLSWt 39 11AM OJC M043 dng Wedan bases JJ 1 Analogg 3 WW3 V5 v L 5 4 quot 4A f2 G3 X General Wife One can hobo cwst an arbn rarq amubecl Maer Cl cJi lc 1lckzl and ask th39 does tCtis Comma 10 Maggi 1 mm ML m HC 1 grade is 1de man odcoags 9 62 de mm M or QM 9M5 Cosa C Me39WZ aha1 W was m EvieWE Case1 Haw e eMIa which 5 equi valrzmL 10 m casel m M m ms Wm Rs some cureo ow rv 04 such M 6 363 MSW 5quot 5 3 quot tz anuiALj 1cm Kids sink Or For any 111k HP rw a spin39z Pam ck W is W dircdiou 3 such 9161 a0 363 Meast gnj FA Z I Rapw g Mr W TMSUIA Ck2l w CMsioUzr a 43mm Rd 19gt C Hi Li i PM Es Wye ma mag 10 odmd C 0r 1 HM 17gt Mg inner prod401L NOW M 48 C4 0119M c at 22 f VT W 1 10 C smug C 0 HP The quan es C IC39 arc Lauzd COMPMB 0 n 44 bags 19305 Vi and we can aw 6436 4x 0 Column vedvrr CL 1 v G Yaw Nab 09 R76 iJC Move mumle r 0 wwk Mk suck Comm vedws 496 M am Analo z In 12 1 Vg 1413 VX 52 v 3V3 3 N 5 Vx V 43 Now cmsidm rexa inner Produd of lk gt algt Ava 11 1amp3 L Mug brl i quot an bfm bfa and we Moade 3F we UM rchsemL Hus as mm 6 a The answer is OK So in in MS Mng M myregenhFO we do 2 I m v if 3 B 399 m bi bi WY b D W8 rake wuplzx cow uLaRwL MAS K w J8 P0 b 034411 6115 an all No re an all aamp3gtT 0 all is a Wag HOMPOK39 013 0n


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