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Quantum Mechanics

by: Ms. Janiya Heaney

Quantum Mechanics PHYS 332

Ms. Janiya Heaney

GPA 3.96


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ms. Janiya Heaney on Saturday October 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHYS 332 at Bucknell University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 81 views. For similar materials see /class/218096/phys-332-bucknell-university in Physics 2 at Bucknell University.


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Date Created: 10/03/15
Lam lt3 313 332 2005 Ouf presen r asllt is b dweiop 0v wa 0 mung uom ms possilole KPreseIb ms o La sbfe mC a quanfww 838m in Mm o 393ng M Rem TCLJ wow we 460 mm represmfah ous 01C 43 giafe mt a 91th Poerz in m dimeSam fwe will a be sabsumd Judo a siagk Re 1 Ma 6 i D OHM WQUQIMCHCM HONmm WQUeFKMRM beg 219R f5 04 X Pit GA CJMSWS ARM p 39POSH M Ustul 197W WWan C39ICIICSr Measurmw 04km WLM MscM J r WQSWW WCW Egg smm 1 is easies 0 oinch oe Mica16 WWM M 62 waWMHms Mick reme My 61553 feta rm hotlyM Schm jdu nggr Qquafx m if d1 S E E1 V xi Wu 0 z En Wan W Same labels quotn 14 Me dQPenda Mue mdicu Ts39 WW E t Hxgt 39ln Some 525 c labak will be d d de aid we have quan zed mug ew s 331123 11 0 macs 4 chefs m be WHACLOKS and W Rs a covn w nmum 0i POSSI H wwgfes EWW D sade case Camsidor 0 Parth A M ARR squwe we 91M 4 st One can show 3162 64 W agmsfains Ore Z an E T waA nuhz Fa En ZML39Z nZ3w and m is 1 Mass 0 1 Far ickSO 56 can muisaqfa an m 1106 39 mm w 12 008 6H1 93 W Wat EL quot 5 WJX El WM EXamplLt CWmes Law Cowsidxzr CL M HM we Med 10 501mm 513 EW 1 0 3 ZmE km 2M ow okxz 7 So Posesibla SOMHas we WM Aei kgtlt cmlmf alum k and ms wmlcs for m3 mm 0 2mm 361 we s a sink 9r even r Exp CouHLums VangL o du39sh ndr Wx me wtar each wom a 5m amid label 3055 FEM For m Moman we CNSde 83mm of 390ch rem W WAS we Modc F 54 35mm 5ch sl afe W100 Qm 0m kwsw E1 and 0 Tm an M WSW W Ads El cm label Pu 851 b3 0 kef ML waU cu HM W0 AW 44 x pawn EMD W q3n t e quot EAte LVn x EEHAU Wag 391 we Said M Tee sqg r39em is 0 Skate N n 60 Phnska Meaning is M f we MQQSWC W eruzrg imE 4amp1 s gm Mol39e ai 34 kmL does no r60 0 a van39abla x as does Mae wauekndn am This is EQSMGUL Sl nce 4911 wion x 39m Kie muekncHA v is heath just m 0 41me I nk rah w 60 lm an air You an SH Mk m farms of WQUeRmhws bc r we wsli AQUeLop a Maud usfng kds which aua39ds ma a Weara aua SRPS 601M Siam mt w sgsiww 13 33 The sinks N4 are manng 0 4amp0 is ak for SP4 L WHCQS Cram Mm K28qu 4 SIC 4 vviH x midx43 In 19m wag M a may s mk Br 6L gPiA Vz 53 can be 3amp5st as a Superpoa m 0 ED frag gg gto sink 130 6 CwR39Mmg 39M is that 2000 Hi mm nu are amplex MW Ma as 32 0 MS 0 WQUQEAHCHOMS 6u s Moms 360 U LlQ d P Z an 00 W x H 1 M WSW a Fwa rdli N1 ARALJrc Square well and M lt0 PF EGW m In W gt t I m The corresponding wavewcmch ms am Wim 2M i Lam EsiAW f ginzfg Md 62 WSW1W dmgy39 eg ac mPLml mim ma IMOIZ39 Pltgtlt 110011 A 0mg reuse 1430 Sims 0 di ejema a Fm W6 3m wi beablo 0 m w 1 alwnm are Magma TMsmelics M 92 35 some ijm39m quB m wLen wachd MN give We mm 1004 N0 W4 my and a M MM gr 1 MW my 9 C AHXVf oo m ll v3 5 v3 m3 pggk 38 8 8 g g 3 wu wz m m3 64 993 gt3 is A x d Auaxwrmw R4 4 6m7f 33w 0 3 2amp3 8 M3 x z w g yss 50 4992 EB 93 om Q1 1 92 6 3464 95 58 M3 819 03 zw 69 8 30 3 3 96 038 lacs 325 9 63 56 u 3a 5 go i a a E x 3 8427 53gt 6 EB 5 6 two 3 3 58 80 10cc wi w n0 86mm TH H Li W 8 3513a2 3 93 3 3 3 E 3 Lev M ed 32w 563 ung Jam H2 Exec lt35 3stw 1 3 3 335 3 3 3 M Mediodrels 3m 10 PM 30m can associokd a VUQIUQRIJWOHM M34 a bra El F W glutew lw W5 is seldom V213 markl a 17chqu We Ma a on 121 gw mam WW K mww ak Fm39o Cit3 and M CMS ClenCQ of 1 s 096 D O as x b too 1C Ms wee no M W M dm fj 39Px de he mgr 16am gt0 390 a X P699 7 l x onol 48 area motor ltLs came xs uFivik Now ctMSidm eigznsb les 1 Mg s fem ij out W hgqm l39n t a 3mm W01 Tum t Ewen m lt9Pntwmgto pm Wt Mu SW M ew Hamil miaa 092mm M ms mds 0 E d le 2M 0T 5 Ramakm T142 rend m gallows 151m 61 Mow hegamLLx 49m drawstsz 0F Humm opwivrs d 3 23 18 Q 52 M u H a K and G 2ng n 36 N 3 3 202 5465 w u m gov NEE u amp in 3me 3 imam 6 LSMW 33 Q J AfEva c0 1 13 6M QEV tm ici n cm 3 3 XE jEw Q g cm S wa us 55 3538 Eggs 5 Ex m2 mw 1 32 2 33 E cofl 36 mw msvmww 53 3 33 73 A 98 Ems 9 O M N nsozgwys 3333 EC J o J X Naifm 1 54m 31 VAFC 95 288 E s c6 4 3 15 c 3 gm


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