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United States History

by: Elza Hane

United States History HST 202

Elza Hane
CSU Pomona
GPA 3.59


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Elza Hane on Saturday October 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HST 202 at California State Polytechnic University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 7 views. For similar materials see /class/218125/hst-202-california-state-polytechnic-university in History at California State Polytechnic University.


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Date Created: 10/03/15
Chapter 19 Anthony Comstock Postal Inspector o Formed Society for the suppression ofVice in 1873 o Questioned contraceptive literature in the mail 0 Questioned nudity and attempted to censor performances in New York City Minstrels 0 Ethnic Humor 0 Whites in blackface or sometimes blacks playing blacks Other stock characters occasionally included 0 Toby and Rube country bumpkin of tent shows Jim Crow 0 Minstrel character 0 Popularized in 1830s NY 0 By 1900 slur for blacks Yellow Iournalism William Randolph Hearst Ioseph Pulitzer Often sensationalized news stories Sold millions of copies quotCity life increased leisure time seemed to nurture a fascination with the sensational Pg 540 Rise ofMotion Pictures 0 Pioneered in France but perfected by Edison 0 Nickelodeon boom 0 Path Company from France 0 Films expanding in length The Great Train Robbery 1903 Edwin S Porter Director Edison Studios Western Filmed in N Under 4 minutes Rise ofmotion pictures 0 DW Griffith s The Birth Ufa Nation 1915 hugely successful feature At its opening in Atlanta the second Ku KluX Klan is born Filmed in Los Angeles County Later film critics consider it the first modern film Film industry centered in New York In early era competing epicenters of movie production arise in Ithaca upstate NY Chicago Jacksonville FL San Antonio San Francisco and San Diego and Long Beach Many film companies go out west for authentic locations By 1915 Los Angeles is undisputed Movie Capital ofAmerica o Triangle Vitagraph Universal Studios Charlie Chaplin 000 Chapter 20 Gilded Age Politics 18771900 0 Era between 1870 and 1896 was the greatest period ofinterest in American politics 80 percent of eligible voters cast ballots 612 percent voted in the 2008 elections Party loyalty was fierce Democratic party Foreignborn catholic White supremacist Iews immigrants political machines Workingclass southerners Republicans Native born whites social improvements Blacks Southern democrats Lost cause State s Rights Geographic dimension Northern Republicans union Cause Northern Democrats reconciliation through industrialization Parties evenly divided 1 What were the issues oflegislation o What to do about 400000 GAR Soldier s pensions o 1900 40 federal budget pays pensions 2 Civil Service Reforms o Dismantle Spoils system 3 Railroad Legislation 0 Prohibit rate discrimination 0 Congress will pass Interstate Congress Act in 1887 4 Tariff Policy 0 Republicans support tariffs to protect American industry 0 Democrats want to cut tariffs in order to promote foreign trade 64 of America rural o Hardships o Farmer s discontent crystallizes in Grange organizations of1870s Southern Agriculture 0 Labor lords replaced by landlords 0 Lab or intensive 0 Debt liens o Shift to commercial farming o Constant Debt 0 Railroads Midwest West 0 Suffering Hardships 0 Prices going down 0 Mining Railroads pushing out small farmers Grange Movement 1867 0 20000 branches 1 million members 0 Cooperative associates 0 est ag Colleges 0 Lobby to regulate transportation rates Rise of Farmer s Alliance 1890 0 Several Million Members 0 Form cooperatives market Crop s o Subtreasury storing crops in government built warehouses and provide low interest loans Problems in achieving Unity o Racial White and black separate organizations 0 Lack of cohesion with Sectional differences 0 Northern Alliances wanted protective tariffs to keep out foreign grain 0 Southern wanted low tariffs to control price ofimports Populist Party title for FA activism o 1882 election 0 Transportation 0 Land 0 Money 0 1893 1897 Depression livelihood tied to world market Discrimination disenfranchisement and responses 0 North custom not law 0 Limit opportunities housing employment to keep black seperate 0 South in 1880 home to most blacks o 90 depend of farming 0 New south as violent as old south 0 18891909 17001ynchings 0 Black Activism Ida B Wells I Iournalist moves to MemphisgtChicago 0 Political forcegt backbone of the Republican Party Legal Segregation o 14th amendment I All persons born in the United States are citizens of the United States I Affects state government I 1880s Supreme court opens discrimination at local level Plessy V Ferguson 1896 I Arrested I Law separating race does not destroy legal equality of races I Ruling legalizes separating facilities if they are equal I Permits school segregation o Segregation laws are called Jim Crow Laws Responses to Segregation o Negro Enterprise 0 Boycotts 0 Higher Education 0 Rise of black women who become moral guardians and lobbying for better


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