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Unit 2 class 2

by: odette antabi

Unit 2 class 2 Mkt 340

Marketplace > University of Miami > Mkt 340 > Unit 2 class 2
odette antabi
GPA 3.6

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About this Document

Part 1 and Part 2
Professional Selling
Ian Scharf
Class Notes
MKT340 Unit 2 class 2 sharf um notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by odette antabi on Saturday March 19, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Mkt 340 at University of Miami taught by Ian Scharf in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 15 views.

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Date Created: 03/19/16
Unit 2, class 2 Part1 Survey: series of close ended statements or questions to determine if there is a need or not - Do not mention the name of the product in the statement - They cannot be leading statements or leading questions - Find how strong is the Yes/No by strongly agree/ agree/ disagree - Figure out if they can buy the product or not - If they cant terminate the relationship II. Stage two. Profile meeting  Agenda: written outline of things to be covered  Purpose: gather enough info to make the presentation and begin the process of getting referrals  Components: 1. Recap the previous meeting: people buy based on emotion. You want to bring them where they were before 2. A through and complete fact find: to get the name of the decision makers, budget information Now how do you currently solve for the need Enjoy what do you enjoy most of the way you do it Alter what would you change about the way you do it Decision if I show you a more efficient way to do it. you are in the position of need 3. Set date and time for stage 3 (strategy stage) 4. Referrals and introduction 5. Blank line: anything they would like to do. Interactive III. Types of presentations  Standardized memorized: always the same for all. never changes - Forces to make the message out. Not forget - Economically - Not flexible: not personalized  Outlined: canned goods - Combination of standardized memorized and customized - Part is the same for everyone and odes not change. And the other is for the person you have in front - Relatively inexpensive - Not personal enough for some people  Customized: has one use - Made at your customers office - Time lots - Expensive - High network of client - Or heavy competition IV. Characteristics of a strong presentation Not all have to be in place, but they will help you 1. Keep the buyers attention: schedule plenty of breaks. No more than 1 h without a break 2. Improves buyer’s understanding. But not to the point when they can sell it itself 3. Helps buyers remember what was said. Speak to their own personality type. When you speak respectfully they remember more 4. Offers proof of salesperson’s assertions. Assertive(conviction in their belief that translates through listener)/ aggressive 5. creates a sense of value. Residue of effective time management Part 2 I. Characteristic of a good prospect: All 5 must be in place or you are done 1. Need: must have a need 2. Affordability: they have to have money - Payments plan: wired first payment: they wont make it - Better to never make a sale than do it for someone who cant afford it 3. Authority: all decision makers must be present no exceptions. If one is missing they can’t buy. Reschedule it. 4. Favorably approached: baby keeps crying, dog barking, reschedule - If what we discuss tonight results it will benefit you for the rest of your life. I cant want more for you that what you want for yourself 5. Eligibility: if they cant qualify for it you cant give it. If you have a strong profile and these 5 are in place it is your fault if they don’t buy. You did not do good your job II. Tools and Aides  Visual tools: everyone loves visuals easy to receive - Treat them like your appearance. They should not drive away from your message - Charts: good for analytical and visual learners - Models, samples and gifts: kinetically - Catalogs and brochures: its defect free, you cant improve it. you keep or discard it. Need to know exactly where the info is - Testimonials: written by someone with the highest credibility. Never written for the purpose on hand., they need help - Electronics: people who are visual love it. III. stage 3. Strategy meeting  Purpose: 1. Implement the product or service 2. To get referrals Rules fro presentations - No time limits - Present for those who will buy  Components: 1. Recap the profile  take them emotionally where they were 2. Asses each need individually and make a recommendation. - First give the option of nothing. Not buying - Then give another options that are possible - And finally your recommendation 3. Qualification and implementation 4. Set a date and time for step 4. Confirmation meeting 5. Referrals and introductions 6. Blank line interactive Video: the Fred Hernandez video: Amiable Auditory


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