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by: Dessie Mertz

ProfessionsinKinesiology&HealthPromotion KIN201

Dessie Mertz
CSU Pomona
GPA 3.64


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dessie Mertz on Saturday October 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to KIN201 at California State Polytechnic University taught by PriscillaVetter in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see /class/218138/kin201-california-state-polytechnic-university in Kinesiology&Health Promotion at California State Polytechnic University.

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Date Created: 10/03/15
CALIFORNIA STATE POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY POMONA DEPARTMENT OF KINESIOLOGY AND HEALTH PROMOTION KIN 201 Professions in Kinesiology and Health Promotion Fall 201 1 Instructor Dr PVetter Of ce 43114 Of ce Hours MW 800 7 1100am TH 24 pm Phone 909 8692764 Class Times W 100 7 150 pm EMail Address pvettercsupomonaedu Class Location Building 66 Room 202 Web Site Address wwwcsupomonaedupvetter Course Description Meaning de nition history role of and job opportunities in physical education exercise science and health promotion Competencies and skills of the physical educator exercise physiologist and health promotion professional 1 hour lecture Course Summary This course will introduce to the student s the wide spectrum of the Kinesiology discipline and the Health Promotion profession It is intended to help the students who major in Kinesiology learn about what the department major options offer and what jobs stem from each Course Prerequisites None Required text KHP Student Handbook Reading will be assigned through blackboard each week so that the student s will be prepared for the weekly topic Required Equipment or Materials Students are expected to turn in all their work typed on a computer Also most preclass assignments require internet access Expected Course Outcomes Upon successful completion of this course students will be able to describe key concepts terms and de nitions in the disciplines of kinesiology and health promotion CCTC Standard 42 43 156 SLO 11 41 the history of physical education exercise science and health promotion SLO 1I entrylevel roles and responsibilities in the professions of physical education CCTC Standard 62 74 157 exercise science and health promotion SLO 5I current and future trends with regards to job opportunities in physical education exercise science and health promotion CCTC Standard 22 SLO 5I 93h 4 MakeUp Policy 1 Preclass writings are due each class period The need to be typed They cannot be made up unless Dr Vetter is notified within 1 hour of the class starting This makeup can only occur once and should be reserved for emergencies only The assignment will be turn in within 48 hours or no credit will be given 2 Interview hours are arranged outside of class and scheduled with the individuals involved Therefore makeups can be possible if you have coordinated this with the persons involved However late interview papers will not be accepted They are due on November 23rdth via email by class time Attendance Your daily attendance is expected It is highly suggested that you participate as much as possible in order to get out of this class all that is possible Your attendance will in uence your grade due to the preclass assignments being turned in as a way to take attendance refer to makeup policy above It will be difficult to do well in this course if you do not attend class and participate in the discussions Each student is expected to meet the academic standards required by the state the university and by the instructor of a course While class attendance is not recorded officially by the University students are expected to attend all class meetings Instructors standards particularly as they impact grades must be explained in the syllabus made available in each class near the beginning of the quarter It is the student s responsibility to make themselves aware of each faculty member s guidelines by carefully reading the syllabus It is the student s responsibility to notify the instructor in advance of any planned absence and to request arrangements to make up academic work that is missed for any reason The instructor is the judge of the validity of the reasons for absence and of what arrangements if any are to be provided for the student to make up class work Instructors may require students to provide documentation for excused absences It must be recognized that not all learning activities and exercises related to a class can be replicated KHP Undergraduate Student Learning Outcomes SLO Student Learning Outcome l Students Will gain knowledge of the history and broad content Within the disciplines ofkinesiology and health promotion and develop skills to enable the synthesis of concepts Within and across disciplines Student Learning Outcome 2 Students Will develop communication skills oral and written interpersonal skills critical thinking skills technological skills and reflective skills necessary to enhance scholarly pursuits and become lifelong learners Within the disciplines ofkinesiology and health promotion Student Learning Outcome 3 Students Will perform basic motor skills and patterns and applya variety of concepts theories and methods common to kinesiology and health promotion and become equipped With the skills necessary to bridge the gap between theory and pra ctice Student Learning Outcome 4 Students Will utilize statistical and measurement concepts qualitative and quantitative to assess studentclientperformance and program e ectiveness Student Learning Outcome 5 Students Will demonstrate professional and ethical decision making skills and civic responsibility Course Syllabi This syllabus is the instructor s communication with the students and will be followed It is the student s responsibility to read this syllabus and to ask the instructor to clarify any aspect that is unclear Blackboard All course materials information notes and messages will be posted on blackboard It is your responsibility to check this online university resource multiple times during the week for class updates Student Evaluations The Department of Kinesiology and Health Promotion takes student evaluations very seriously Each student has the right to evaluate each class in which they enroll There are two types of evaluations formal bubble sheet and informal written comments The instructor will ensure that the formal evaluation has occurred during the last week of the quarter Informal written comments can be provided to the instructor for their personal use however they cannot be used for faculty evaluation If the student would like their written comments to be used for faculty evaluation they need to write a letter to the department chair and submit it to the department office Student Conduct and Discipline It is expected that all students are enrolled in this lecture class for serious educational pursuits and that their conduct will preserve an atmosphere of learning This includes arriving to class on time no wearing of hats in class showing respect for the instructor visiting lecture guests and other students no talking during lecture no cell phone texting no playing computer games and please stay the entire class time All students are expected to assume the responsibilities of citizenship in the campus community University Policy on Dropping a Course The responsibility for properly dropping classes rests with each student Students who do not drop a scheduled class which they are not attending are subject to receiving a failing grade If a student needs to drop the course do so in the first 7 days of the quarter Otherwise they will have to show serious and compelling reason for dropping Each student is taking up a seat that other students may have wanted and dropping after the first week of the quarter is disrespectful to your colleagues Academic Integrity The students are expected to be aware of the University policy on academic integrity Course Evaluation Points 1 Class attendance 15 points for 10 class meetings 150 Attendance will be recorded via submission of the preclass assignment found on blackboard 2 Inclass final exam 50 3 Interview of professionals 7 one from each field Pedagogy Exercise Science 100 and Health Promotion Schedule an hour visit with the professional and answer the following questions a Name Title Location Type of Business b Describe what the professional doesmain responsibilities Ask the professional what they like about their job and what they would 0 change if they could 2391 What does a typical day look like for the professional What do you like best about the professionals job quot19 What do you think are the top 3 qualities that a person needs to be successful in this profession g What advise would the professional give to a student thinking about entering this profession Anything the student should know ahead of time Pquot Would you or would you not consider this profession why or why not Interview sites include o Pedagogy Call a local middle school or high school and ask to speak to one of their physical education teachers OR call a local school district and ask for the contact information for one of their adapted physical education teachers The interviewee must be a physical educator in a public school 0 Health Promotion Call a local community college or university and ask to speak to their Wellness Director OR call a worksite health promotion agency Johnson amp Johnson Health Care Systems Wellness Solutions USAA Corporate Fitness Ford Motor Company HFC Health Fitness Corporation AGAPE Health amp Fitness and ask to speak to one of their health promotion Specialists 0 Exercise Science Call a chiropractor physical therapist occupational therapist pharmacist dentist or physician assistant OR a director and or personal trainer at a tness club 24 Hour Fitness LA Fitness Bally s etc 4 Extra Credit Material Maximum of 30 points can be earned in this way varies It is the student s responsibility to document the extra credit and email this to Dr Vetter throughout the quarter Final Due date of all extra credit is December 9 2011 1PM Join the KHP Club 7 must have this documented by the club President 10 points Participate in a KHP Club event must have documentation of these events 10 points per event 5 points for meetings Join CAHPERD or ACSM 7 present the membership card for documentation 15 points Search the intemet and pull up a web site Write a summary of the site and how it applies to Kinesiology andor Health Promotion 5 points Visit a site not used for the interview and write up what you learned from the visit Have your visit writeup signed by the person you visited 10 points Other opportunities will be posted as they come up Total Points Possible 300 Grade Distribution A 270 300 B 240 269 C 210 239 D 180 209 F below 179


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