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by: Dessie Mertz
Dessie Mertz
CSU Pomona
GPA 3.64


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dessie Mertz on Saturday October 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to KIN145A at California State Polytechnic University taught by Harmer-Garcia in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 37 views. For similar materials see /class/218139/kin145a-california-state-polytechnic-university in Kinesiology&Health Promotion at California State Polytechnic University.

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Date Created: 10/03/15
Archery Class Rules and Protocol You need to study this document You must pass this quiz with 100 You are allowed two chances to pass It you do not pass the first attempt you need to email me and I will reset the quiz for you You will not be assigned equipment until you have passed the Safety Quiz with a score of 100 IMPORTANTIMPORTANTIMPORTANT Immediately outside the entranceexit where archery equipment is picked up and returned there is 0 Clinic THE MOTOR DEVELOPMENT CLINIC for small children The Clinicians and the children are going in and out of the building with equipment THEY HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY You need to be very careful with your equipment and be aware of your surroundings while you are carrying equipment Assigned Equipment Each student who is enrolled in KIN l45A will be dssigned thefollowing equipment 0 A Re curve Bow b A numbered Slot with 6 Arrows c An qrm guard and finger tqb optional Your reqch will be measured and you will be dssigned your equipment The list of ossigned equipment will be postedby the next class meeting outside the equipment room There is no reason to take someone else s equipment NEVER ask the equipment tech to RE ASSIGN you equipment all changed MUST GO THROUGH THE INSTRUCTOR Please tell the Equipment Tech it you are letthanded We have bows for those who are letthanded You willbe measured for q bow ONLY AFTER you hove pdssed the Safety Quiz with lOO Students will pick up their bow arrows for each class All the bows ore numbered They hove two numbers on them one isthe amount of the pull 2530 35 pounds and the other is the equipment mqnqgersinventory number You should always checkthe list it you are not sure It some one picks up yourequipment either your bow or your arrows 1 RECHECK the equipment list posted outside the equipment room 2 Take any of your remaining equipment ie it your bow is gone and not your arrows then bring your arrows 2 Go directly to the range and see the instructor DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES TAKE SOMEONE ELSESEQUIPMENT If you have taken someone else s equipment you will forfeit your shoot forthat day Do not ask the equipment tech to reassign you new equipment EVER Before you walk out to the range Check the bow to see if it is in good condition the bow itself the knock the string the tdpeon the bottom of the bow Check the drrows both tips amp fedthers to see if they are in good condition mdke sure they are not bent or crocked Carry the drrows so thdt the feathers do not touch and keep the tips pointed toword theground Never run holding your equipment in archery Stringing your Bow Bow in the left hdnd string in the right hdnd or opposite if youore left hdnded 2 LefT leg Through 3Wrop bow ground Therighf leg 4 Pull the bow ocross thefront of your body Keeping your polm open Strung correctlySTRUNG BACKWARDS Arriving at the Archery Range Pick up your Archery Score Sheet Write your nome and the date on the score sheet String your bow and vvoit to be told to go to the shooting line Inappropriate Behavior and Attire on the Archery Range The following is a list of inappropriate and considered dangerous behaviors or activities They are unacceptable and will result in forfeit of that day s shoot and possible expulsion from the course Bow tip in grass Turning around away from the target with a lltnoclltedarrow Unaware of fellowArchers Inappropriafeaffire No SANDALSEVER Do not wear very large dangling earrings Long and very baggy sleeves Shooting more than one arrow at a time DrawingDownward lOWearing headphones at any time llReaching for a miss firedarrow 128hoofing from the hip l3This class in not a dafe if you are in class with a boyfriendgirlfriend date behavior will not be tolerated 14Vulgar and inappropriate language 15 Answering your phone while on the line Yes seriously I had to add this to the list sooowoxonsooma Begin your shoot I will demonstrate aquot of these in class First straddle the ineOne foot on each side of the line Place the arrow on the rest Odd color feather out Ready to drawOne finger abovefhe lltnocllt fwofingers below Draw Anchorshouldbe at fhesame spot eachfime forconsisfency andaim Stringplacement See picture below Fully drawn release from fhisposifion When you are finished shooting You need fosfep back from the line Arrows are retrieved on command fromnsfrucfor Here are several views of incorrect shooting Technique Keein our drowin orm downond close To yourchesf This is the correct FULL DRAWosition Shooting Stdnd while straddling the shooting line with toes pdrdllel to the target Never pdssthe shooting line Keep the bow pointing down to the ground until furtherinstructed Follow the commdnds of the instructor of all times Only dim of your designated forget and NEVER of on adjacent tdrget Never release a bow without an arrow Dry Fire If the arrow comes off of the arrow rest slowly un drdw your bow and restart theshoot rather than attempting to replace the arrow of 0 full drdw Do not shoot on drrow while holding the arrow on the bow with your index finger Do not squeeze the arrow with your drdw fingers When finished shooting take your bow and step behind the shooting line of ledst 5feet Never shoot when d cedse fire command has been given If this command isgiven of full drdw slowly un drdw your bow take the arrow edsin off of thebow and place it back into the quiver Do not place your arrow on the sting until instructed to do so Never shoot an arrow straight up into the dir Make sure your arrows are long enough for your drdw length Retrieving Arrows Only cross the shooting line when the instructor hos given the commond to do so Pick up the closer drrows in the gross on the woy to the target While dt the target be coretul not to hit on drrow with dny port of your body Remove drrows in the target by placing one hond on the target and one neor thedrrow entronce Pull and twist the arrow slowly while stdnding to the side Do not stand directly behind someone who is pulling on drrow out Do not remove drrows until instructed to do so for both sotety ond scoringpurposes If removing on drrow where the feothers ore embedded in the hoy pull the drrowforword through the back of the target so thdt the fletching is not domoged Hdnd is Hot on target check for students behind you twist gently and pull the arrow When retrieving drrows thdt go through the hoy ledve your drrows to the right trock side of the ho ondgo behind t et our orrow Scoring your ShooT and pulling your arrows Every circle represenTs o poinT smollesT circle is 10 Then 9 ond so on Any hiTs ouTside Thelines on The TorgeT in The ground or in The hoy ore considered non hiTs ond ore noT given poinTs When you are scoring your round and an arrow is on The line you Toke The highesT score THREEwhisTle blows andor CEASE FIRE call means STop shooTing immediaTely The Emergency signal Due To ThelocaTion of our range This is exTremely imporTanT There isconsiderable acTiviTy on The Cal Poly aThleTic fields and Track STraddle The line One fooT on edch side of The shooTing line RighT hdnded shooTers focing The Trock lefT honded shooTers focing The open field Nock Arrow Toke one orrow ouT of The quiver ploce iT on The orrow resT below Theknock on The sTring dnd poinT The orrow Toword The ground Draw The ocTion of pulling The bowsTring Anchor The holding poinT when The orrow is held oT full drow Aim To ploce The orrow Tip over 0 porTiculor shooTing poinT Use The Tip of The orrow To dim Release The ocT oT eTTing go of The bowsTring DO NOT PULL THE STRING ReTrieve The ocT of wolking To The TorgeT To pick up The orrows WATCHINGFOR ARROWS IN THE GRASS Score The ocT of wriTing down The poinT ToTol for The currenT round ofshooTing ARROWS THROUGH THE HAY Leave your arrows aT The enTrance on The side of The TargeTs This is To signal ThaT There is someone in The back If There is a problem wiTh your equipmenT Ask The EquipmenT Tech To fix iT or wiTh arrows he can replace The arrow DONOT TAKE AN ARROW FROM SOMEONE ELSE S SLOT AND DO NOT PUT BROKEN ARROWS BACK IN THE SLOT CleanUp STudenTs will assisT in clean up afTer each class and quickly reTurn The equipmenT If The same people are doing all The clean up Then Iwill assign Teams and make clean up parT of your grade You need To carefully reTum all equipmenT To The correcT locaTion Misplaced equipmenT will be reporTed To me by The equipmenT Tech


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