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by: Ilene Rowe II

PrinciplesofManagement MHR301

Ilene Rowe II
CSU Pomona
GPA 3.64


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 31 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ilene Rowe II on Saturday October 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MHR301 at California State Polytechnic University taught by CarolJones in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see /class/218151/mhr301-california-state-polytechnic-university in Business, management at California State Polytechnic University.

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Date Created: 10/03/15
Case 1 Interview 1 Interviewee Position Resident Manager Company Experience One year 1 Briefly describe your current position and responsibilities I am the Resident Manager I am responsible for the entire storage facility including 3 employees about 800 tenants the office and the lot As part of this responsibility I live onsite so I can monitor the facility 24 hours a day 2 What do your subordinates expect from you on the job First of all I am responsible for making sure everyone does their part If one person doesn t pull their weight the other two employees feel it l have to mediate these problems and make sure my employees are happy I am also expected to make all major decisions concerning tenants For example if someone wants to access their unit but their account is delinquent I am expected to decide whether or not they are allowed to enter My employees are told to strictly adhere to the rules and refer any questionable situations to me 3 What are the major stresses and challenges you face on job The major stress of myjob is dealing with tenants I m the person over 800 people look to for answers Everyone feels like they are special and need to be dealt with differently The pressure from the owners to increase rentals can make the job stressful I don t have control if people come in to rent units so I feel sort of helpless in this situation 4 What if anything do you dislike about the job The one thing that stands out as a dislike is being accessible 24 hours a day and 7 days a week I cannot stop people from coming up to my front door and asking me questions on my day off 5 What do you like best about your job I basically enjoy being the boss I like having the responsibility of making final decisions and that s just what they are final There s no one above me and it makes me feel good knowing that the owners have entrusted me with this responsibility 6 What are the critical differences between average managers and top performing managers I think average managers do their job based on the job description That is to say they do everything they are supposed to and nothing else I could easily show up 9 to 5 Monday through Friday and go home But I think that topperforming managers wouldn t do that You need to be willing to go the extra mile as a manager 7 Think about the skills and knowledge that you need to be effective in your job What are they and how did you acquire them One of the main skills is being a hard worker I acquired this skill from previous odd jobs I did general warehouse work at a dairy distributor and there was no time to relax I also worked the phones at a bank call center and that was a whole different kind of labor That job taught me how to be patient with customers which is a skill I use in this position 8 What have been your biggest mistakes thus far Could have you avoided them If so how My biggest mistake would have to be taking so long to get where I am lwish I went to college right after high school instead of trying to work I think my road was a lot harder because of my previous decisions Interview 2 lnterviewee Dave Mullens Position Stock Manager Company Office Max Experience Six years 1 Briefly describe your current position and responsibilities I am the stock manager at Office Max in Placentia I manage a varying number of employees on any given day and usually it s in the mornings l unload trucks and do the paperwork required to receive them I also unpack all of the boxes from the trucks and put the contents in the required places open the store five days a week and handle any problems that may occur Finally I scan the entire store every morning to maintain data integrity 2 What do your subordinates expect from you on the job Most employees have been at the store long enough so that I don t need to tell them what to do delegate a fewthings that may be of higher priority but I usually have my own tasks to handle I am expected to handle customer complaints when the customer asks for a manager I am also expected to knowthe appropriate place for everything in the store or where we should put something until it has an appropriate place 3 What are the major stresses and challenges you face on job The major stresses come from scanning the store every morning It is my responsibility to maintain data integrity which means that if there is an empty peg or shelf I need to make sure that the computer shows a quantity of zero for that item If it says we have a quantity onhand then I have to find it This becomes very stressful when the district manager makes his monthly visit The first thing he checks is empty pegs and if he scans something with a sorry we re outquot tag and our computer shows we have a quantity onhand he immediately assumes I m not doing my job 4 What if anything do you dislike about the job I don t like having to scan the store When I first took the job I specifically said that I didn t want to be doing it The managers reassured me that my duties would remain the same and the only difference would be that I would have a key to open and close the store 5 What do you like best about your job I like the feeling of accomplishment get from finishing tasks that other people didn t think could be finished It s always nice to hear the surprise in people s voices when tell them that we finished a piano merchandise display or unloaded the entire truck in one morning 6 What are the critical differences between average managers and top performing managers Topperforming managers take pride in their work I ve been around a lot of different managers at this company and I can tell which ones are going to be sticking around just by watching their behavior Average managers will come in and not seem excited by what we re doing in the store They don t get depressed if we re not meeting our goals either They seem to be bored and waiting to go on to the next store Our current Vice President is an example of someone who takes pride in their work He shows excitement when we are doing well and seems legitimately concerned when we don t do well 7 Think about the skills and knowledge that you need to be effective in your job What are they and how did you acquire them This job requires you to be able to manage stress My stress management skill comes from nicotine and caffeine After 6 years I still don t think l have the appropriate skill to do this job The one thing I have is the fact that I take pride in my work This skill alone makes me work harder than others and strive to reach goals I m just happy that work somewhere that recognizes my hard work and gives me more responsibility for it 8 What have been your biggest mistakes thus far Could have you avoided them If so how Conclusion My biggest mistake would be getting stuck in this job always said I was going to do something else but a year turned into two and before I knew it I ve been here ongerthan anyone I think if I would have gone to college then I might be somewhere else For me college wasn t an option though so I guess my situation wasn t avoidable I needed money and every time I tried to leave Office Max they offered me more money I still have time though so I guess I could correct my mistake The two interviews conducted for this assignment each offered their own unique insight into being a manager The first interviewee was a friend who has only one year experience as a manager My second interview was of my current manager at Office Max who has six years experience at his current position Conducting the interviews highlighted some of the key differences between managers with different levels of experience The two interviewees had different ideas of what was expected from them by their subordinates The manager with one year experience Freddie felt that he was expected to do everything He felt responsible for the employees and every one of the tenants The manager with six years experience Dave seemed to trust his employees more and have a more laid back approach to managing He knew he could delegate tasks and feel free to do his own thing This difference can be accredited to the experience factor A manager with less experience is going to feel the need to overmanage the work place because they are not as comfortable delegating tasks A manager with more experience knows that they need to trust their employees to do the tasks that they are assigned By trusting their employees a manager can free themselves up to take care of tasks with higher priorities There were also differences in the reasons that they liked theirjobs Freddie liked the fact that his position came with a lot of responsibility He gained a sense of pride knowing that the owners of the facility would trust him with so much responsibility Dave on the other hand found pride in his work and not the responsibility alone He didn t seem to even acknowledge the fact that he had a large amount of responsibility in the store Experience can also be the reason forthis difference The responsibility is new to Freddie so it is only natural that he would find this aspect of the job to be the most interesting A manager with more experience however probably learns over time that the novelty of responsibility wears off and you need something else to find pride in The ability to find pride in your work is what it takes to turn a job into a career The similarities between the two managers started to arise toward the end of the interviews The skills that each manager thought were necessary started off with hardwork They agreed that you must work harder than others and do more than what was expected This is what separates average managers from topperforming managers and this is what separates employees when promotions come around Each accredits their position to the amount of work that they put into the jobs One of the most interesting similarities between the two managers is what they thought was their biggest mistake They both felt if they had gone to college they would have had a much easier or better life Before the interviews I didn t realize that either of them felt that way Freddie seems content in the position that he ended up but thought that it would have been an easier road if he had gone to college Dave still feels like he could be somewhere better if he had gone to college Experience became the determining factor throughout the interviews Experience determines what a manager likes best about their job and what they feel is expected from them Hard work is a necessity to become a manager and to separate yourself from average managers Being a manager does not however mean that you are happy with where you are or how you got there It simply means that your hard work is paying off and more of the same is necessary Planning and Company Overview a Planning identifying and selecting appropriate goals and courses of action a Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1996 They set out to create a search engine that would organize the world39s information and make it universally accessible and useful Company Overview com a Google competes in the search engine industry a At the business level Google pursues a differentiation strategy because they strive to make their search engine stand out from others in the market At the corporate level Google employs a related diversi cation strategy This refers to the 150 different domains that Google owns providing everything from stock quotes to sports scores El Company Overview cent a As of today Google is still pursuing the same strategies listed previously a The company continues to be innovative and actually recommends that employees spend 20 of their time on new products that interest them El El Company Organization Organizing the process by which managers establish the structure of working relationships among employees to allow them to achieve organizational goals ef ciently and effectively Based on the job characteristics model Google is extremely successful at having highly motivated employees Company Organization cont a Google is well known for its innovative approach to handling employees The atmosphere of their workplaces are handcrafted to help employees be as productive as possible Anything that would impede an employees productivity has been removed from the of ces and numerous luxuries were added to the workplace Company Organization cont a Not surprising the organization of Google is hard to describe The company applies their innovative approach to their own organization The founders of Google decided to have a dual class voting structure This structure gives new shareholders one vote and shareholders within the company ten votes This makes it possible for Google to remain partially private while being public El El Controlling Controlling the process whereby managers monitor and regulate how ef ciently and effectively an organization and its members are performing the activities necessary to achieve organizational goals Control takes place at each of the levels of the Google company Controlling cont m The output performance standards used by Google are mostly organizational goals Employee performance is mainly judged by the quality of the work that they produce Google de nitely has a managementby objectives system Innovation is a large part of the Google company and it is rewarded Controlling cont a Google has a very informal work environment Direct supervision would be frowned upon because this behavior would impede the productivity of the employees Google highly values its employees and prides itself on keeping the work environment unlike a work environment a Leadership the pr exerts in uence ove Leading a The leaders of Google are Larry Page and Sergey Brin They are the founders and currently are the copresidents The power of the leaders is all encompassing but their handsoff approach to leading is what made the company what it is today Leading a The decisions of the leaders of Google have made the employees feel more appreciated Even though Google went public the leaders made sure that they retained most company control so they could keep things the same The large number of innovations in the of ces motivate employees to be more productive a SWOT a planning identify internal org Sm Number one search 1 Established brand n quot Focus mainly on i no customers 0930 Develop of ine pro Partner with other youtubecoml facebo Increase advertising on Highly de yahoocom Growing number of c Conclusion m Google s objective is to organize the world39s information and make it universally accessible and useful The company is currently a leader in the search engine industry They differentiate themselves by being innovative and providing a large number of services under 150 different domains Google is also innovative in the structure of its company and organization of its workplaCes Google will continue to be a leader in the search engine industry GeTTing STarTed 1 Principles of ManagemenT Welcome To MHR 301 Principles of ManagemenT This is a 100 online course on Blackboard Bb To access Bb you simply Type hTTp blackboard csupomona edu Go To Blackboard 9 Login There is one required class meeTing during The firsT week of The quarTer You need To access BroncoDirecT for The informaTion for The meeTing Time and place If you do noT aTTend This meeTing you will be dropped GeTTing STarTed 2 Principles of ManagemenT Your professor is Dr Jones EMail c ionescsupomonaedu SKYPE or GMail cjones888 Please feel free To conTacT me For This class you are responsible for readin The book reviewing The PowerPoinTs PPTs accessing b for assignmenTs and compleTin a assi nmenTs Be sure To refer fre uenTIy To your ca endar ackPack BP and DropBox B for assignmenTs and due daTes All assignmenTs musT be submiTTed in Word I recommend ThaT you DO NOT USE A MAC for assignmenTs however if you do please save your documenTs for The pc NO LATE WORK IS ACCEPTED Getting Started 3 Principles of Management Remember to purchase your book Jones and George Essentials of Contemporary Management Fourth edition Irwin McGrawHill 2011 Required webSite htt arismc raw hllC0m7ST SOU7BI 7225S I39Ude nt viewO For each chapter do the following Read and print out the PPT slides for this cha ter Remember you can print three slides to a page in PURE b ack and white to the best quality Read the learning objectives the chapter and the Summary of objectives Remember to make notes on your PPT slides ggl eEthe quiz for this chapter found on the Web site that is 3 GeTTing STarTed 4 Principles of ManagemenT As you are aware your access To Bb musT be done Through your Cal Poly Pomona e mail accounT Please check your Bb siTe for This course aT leasT Twice a week WaTch for The weekly announcemenTs on Bb You may consider having all CPP email forwarded To your personal accounT Look in The BackPack BP for insTrucTions GeTTing STarTed 5 Principles of ManagemenT 39 FOR ALL ASSIGNMENTS Use Arial 11fonT This fonT is a more professional sTer ThaT will improve The appearance of all your documenTs Single space your cases wiTh a double space beTween para raphs Do noT indenT paragraphs diT your work carequy Type your name and The case number aT The Top of each assignmenT and on your doc file 5 GeTTing STarTed 6 Princ iples of ManagemenT Remember all assignmenTs are due in your DropBox on Bb EmaIl aTTachmenTs are noT accepTed No laTe work All TesTs are online Please be sure To check The schedule The TesTs are TImed and are from The Tebeook I do drop The lowesT TesT score A file name can have no 3 ace use names such as JonesMHR301Csl your asT name Use Arial 11 fonT Type your name and class number on each assignmenT Read your book chapTers carefully and review The PowerPoinT handouTs for each chapTer PracTice The quizzes found on The Web siTe for The TexT Keep currenT wiTh The course since we meeT online Review The Grammar and MechanicshandouTs in The BP You may wanT To Try The pracTIce qUIz Too Review The Bb siTe for your class very carefully Thanks again for enrolling in The MHR online class eOrien ra rion The Student eOrien39l39a39l39ion has now been u dated for Blackboard9 version The Bb9 S39l39uden39l39 e rien l39a39l39ion was designed to help students be 39l39rained and prepared To Take your course on Blackboard 9 Please do the following 1 Lo in39l39o Blackboard 9 h39r rpbackboardcsupomonaedu and choosing The first large bu39H39on called Blackboard 9 Lo inquot Once in Bb9 they should see Bb9 S ruden r eOrien ationquot in a green box on The lower lefthand corner of Their My lackboard page h pwwwcsu omonaeduehelp blackboardSm en39rBb9eOrIen39ra39rI on h39rml Click instructions To follow fur39l39her direc39l39ions


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