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by: Anthony Kohler

IntermediateJavaProgrammingforBusiness CIS304

Anthony Kohler
CSU Pomona
GPA 3.51


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Anthony Kohler on Saturday October 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CIS304 at California State Polytechnic University taught by HatimMouissa in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 420 views. For similar materials see /class/218163/cis304-california-state-polytechnic-university in Computer Information Systems at California State Polytechnic University.

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Date Created: 10/03/15
quotl l WNQFPPN WPPN California State Polytechnic University Pomona CIS Department Intermediate Java Programming for Business Program I 60 points m See class schedule for due date The written part is due at the beginning of class the electronic part has to be sent to the instructor using Blackboard no later than 615PM on the due day Ob39ectives Review concepts from previous Java Courses JOptionPane Loops Arrays Classes TryCatch Validation Static Class variables Inheritance References Ch 1 to 5 Ch 10 13 Ch 6 Ch 6 7 Class Powerpoints amp Examples Software Reguired Eclipse Blackboard Assignment You are to write a simple java program that accepts input from the user perform some calculations and then generates output The program simulates placing an order at a store a Prompt for customer information Prompt for a product Prompt for a product quantity Prompt user ifthey want to add additional products After all products and their quantities have been entered display a receipt 505106 2 3 P Uquot 9 N 9 5 12 Use a package in your project the package name should be xxxprojectname xxx is your initials taken from the first three characters of your Cal Poly email address Read in the following from the JOptionPane input window a Customer First Name Customer Last Name Customer Address Customer City Customer State Customer Zip Customer Phone Number Customer MemberShip Number anhrnslosr Select a product from the Menu Screen Enter a quantity using JOptionPane input window Prompt to select more products amp quantities Display a summary receipt Validation a First Name Last Name Address City are not blank b State is not blank and is only 2 characters c Zip is not blank and is 5 digits 5 numbers no characters d The phone number ofthe customer is not blank and is 10 digits 10 numbers no characters e Customer Membership number is not blank and has 2 characters and 4 numbers f Product quantity is an integer between 1 and 10 Print out the test results Then print the Java class Then you are to export the program into a jar file containing your java source files and class byte code files Name the jar file xxxprogram1yy jar xxx is your initials taken from the first three characters of your Cal Poly email address yy is the revision number of your project Lastly you are to upload the file to Blackboard s assignment section vw CLASSES Java JavaZDnjavaxonJavaZonApp ava 512 Em inurce Refacgor mawgate Segrch Eroject gun mm he f 39LH 03939 Ea mm E B G 39 Q 57 Debug at lt5 v t mckage Exphrer V vaZo a E a azon m C ErkJav a Customer java JavaZoma L7 JavaZonAppJava a MEnuJava a Orderjava Personava L7 Produmava VaMalo a JRE system ubmry jdkLSlLUA W CLERK mhents PErsDn cusroMER menu PErsDn MENU oRDER RERSON RRoDucr VII Deliverables I Electronic Your jar file must be transferred via blackboard to your instructor The jar file must be sent by the beginning of class After 915 PM on the due date the program is late and will not be accepted so make sure you turn in whatever you have on time to get partial credit Do not wait until the last minute to test digital drop box The clock on blackboard site is the official clock The latest revision ofthe project before 915 PM on the due date will be considered your final revision quot Written Assembled in THIS order 1 Cover page supplied at the end ofthis assignment 2 Printout of the screen inputs USE INPUT I PROVIDED 3 Printout of the screen outputs 4 Flowchart 5 Class Diagram 6 Sequence Diagram 7 Printout of the source code VIII Additional Info 1 Test data to use when M M M m m PHONE MEMBERSHIP 1 Smith Burns 222 Main Street Ontario 909888999 MB1111 PRODUCT Java m m MEMBERSHIP 467 South Main Covina PRODUCT 2 LNAME STREET CITY STATE H PHONE MEMBERSHIP Otto 523Temple Pomona CA 909555666A MB3333 PRODUCI39 Java PHP 2 Test Run Example Erler rm Name swm Emersneen 22 MA SWEET Ell S all l Em mm Salem an 0mm 39 Eller mmnmy 2 canal any L251 Name sum 5 my my mums Euler uemrsmu ME I v Cancel Va H m H mm H umHumnH W H W H mm User Selection Euler Mare Pranucls SINGLEIIEM ORDER FORMAI MuumEnEMs ORDER FORMAI JAVAZON WHOLESALE stE JAVAZON wuoLEsALE SIORE 9mm CENTRAL AVE 9mm camm AVE mm CA 91763 MomcLAm CA 91763 answsasvs unmusrsw cAsHIER REGISTER CASHIER REGISTER Lisa Slmusnn 3 Hauler quotusequot 1 cusmMER mro CUSIOMER mr MenlherlDMB1111 MelllllerlDMB1111 u I uRNs Name sMrm aunus Phnlle ansssssaag Plume anssassnaa Amlmss Aunmss 222 MAIN smEEr 222 MAIN smEEr omAruo CA was omAruo CA was NUMBER or quotEMS sou 2 NUMBER or quotms sou 5 2 31229 32523 2 31299 32593 Java Java IOIALS 3 smug 312297 Summal 25 Hzln 1 12x32 mm Sllmnlzl 15395 m 3122 Inlzl 315125 California State Polytechnic University Pomona CIS Department Intermediate Java Programming for Business COURSE CIS 304 EMAIL Hmouissa csu monaedu INSTRUCTOR Hatim Mouissa WEBSITE Blackboardcsupomonaedu STUDENT NAME JAR FILE NAME GRADE X CREDIT TOTAL d I r Program Number I I x g Professionalism and following directions El Assignment is neatly assembled 8 12 by 11 El Cover page with your name last name first followed by a comma then first name bronco number and a signed statement of independent effort El Class neatly printed El Screen printouts are present El Package name is correct El Jar file name is correct El All files are present Diagrammes 8 Charts NOT HAND WRITTEN USE ATOOL OF YOUR CHOICE El Pick a block of code and create a Flowchart showing the flow of execution See PDF Example El Class Diagram El Sequence Diagram Source Code 20 points El Program source code listing matches code sent by Blackboard s digital dropbox El Code is properly commented El Code uses proper naming convention and proper Indentation formatting Electronic Run El Program asks for all inputs El All answers are present El All outputs are correct El Formatting of outputs is correct Professor Comments attest that this project is my own work Signature


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