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by: Leslie Kreiger

ClassicalSociologicalTheory SOC305

Leslie Kreiger
CSU Pomona
GPA 3.54


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Leslie Kreiger on Saturday October 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOC305 at California State Polytechnic University taught by DennisLoo in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 31 views. For similar materials see /class/218194/soc305-california-state-polytechnic-university in Sociology at California State Polytechnic University.

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Date Created: 10/03/15
Soc 305 Sec 01 Classical Sociological Theory Win 2012 TTh 3450 pm in Bldg 5106 11775 Rm 5106 Dr Dennis Loo Of ce Bldg 5249 Email ddloocsupomonaedu Email is much better than phone calls httpdennisloocom nonCal Poly blog Ph 8693892 Of ce Hours TTh 10 7 12 pm Wed 45 pm You will nd this course very challenging and if you accept the challenge enormously satisfying Theory is by de nition abstract and therefore dif cult for many people especially initially However while the road may be arduous the only way to intellectual riches is through that ascent The view from the top is incredible Whether they know it or not everyone in society employs a particular theoretical perspective in whatever they think say and do Your closer study of theory this term and your eventual ability to consciouslycompare contrast and distinguish between different theories will give you the rare ability to think outside the box Because ten weeks is very short and the possible areas to cover vast Ihave chosen to concentrate on Social Theory s founders Marx Weber and Durkheim 7 aka classical theory Since our primary attack will be to go deep you will be much better prepared to pursue a study of the broader array of theories extant in the future At the end of the course we will use Lenin LooPhillips and Loo to further examine a number of the issues that all of the theorists and all of us grapple with especially with respect to the question of how to deal with bureaucracy including where does bureaucracy come from how to deal with alienationanomie how political power is and should could be exercised and how democracy does or does not can or cannot exist within society and what is democracy in the rst place is it a means to an end or an end in itself etc Texts Required McIntosh Ian 1997 Classical Sociological Theory AReader NY University Press Engels Frederick Socialism Utopian and Scientific Path nder Lenin Vladimir Essential Works oflenin Bantam Press Loo Dennis and Peter Phillips 2006 Impeacli tlie President tlie Case Against 311le and Clieney Seven Stories Press Loo Dennis 2011 Globalization and tlie Demolition ofSocietyYou will need this book also for Soc 306 and I will only be assigning one chapter from it for this class You can get it either as a hardback or an as eBook Recommended Collins Randall Four Sociological Traditions Oxford University Press A kind of primer for the theories Kivisto Peter 2004 Keyldeas in Sociology 2quotd ed Pine Forge Press Pitched at the level of Collins above ie a kind of primer Morrison Ken 1995 Marx Durkheim Weber Formations ofModern Social Yliouglit Sage Press Another good exegesis of the three theorists Pitched at a higher level than Kivisto and Collins Very helpful in producing more sophisticated papers Goals and Format 1 To acquaint you with the issues problems observations and quotsolutionsquot offered by the Classical Theorists and to address certain key contemporary issues on that basis 2 To train you in close textual analytical reading and writing and the use of theory 3 To have you apply these insights to conditions and problems past present and future This is especially where the Impeacli tlie Presidentbook comes in Another way of stating my goal to have you each operating at the highest level in Bloom s Taxonomy of Intellectual Stages 7 analysis synthesis and evaluation See my handout On Giving and Getting a Higher Education To achieve this means that my presentation of the material will be quite different from what you are used to The focus in this course during class time will primarily be on discussion and not on lecture I will call on you regularly to respond comment on the topics being discussed Bring your books to class every day as we will be reading from and referring to speci c passages in the texts constantly Plan on spending 69 hoursweek outside of class time studying for this class If you spend less you won t do well Requirements 3 tests and 2 papers 7 there are no test make ups unless documented proof of inability to attend are provided Please do not ask for a different final exam date and time than the one provided by the university You may bring to all of the tests a crib sheet one half sized sheet 8 12 x 5 12 with writing on both sides which may be typed or handwritten or in hieroglyphics Tests will vary in point totals from 3560 for each of three midterms The first paper will be scored on a 50point scale The second paper will be on a lOOpoint scale You will miss important material if you aren t present every meeting Attendance is mandatory and I will be taking attendance You may miss one class without penalty but any misses after that will result in 2 points docked occurrence You are not expected to have quotthe answers But I do prize and expect your thoughtful processing of the materials and the asking of thoughtprovoking questions Don t be afraid to ask what you might think is a dumb question about content because I guarantee you if you re wondering about something some others are too This is new material for most of you it is theory and so not being clear about something is to be expected Strong class participation 1 2comments per class can earn you a higher grade While you W171 have to remember names and a few dates the goal here is not for you to memorize canned answers to questions The goal is for you to begin to think theoretically that is for you to grasp the perspective methods and evidence employed by the theorists and on that basis put on the hat of various theorists to evaluate social phenomena Do you recall college faculty and administrators who have emphasized critical thinking Well this is it Here it is A mixture of scanning and very close word for word reading is appropriate for this material In other words some passages should be read quickly and others should be read very closely with attention to specific word choice and meaning Look for where the key elements of a theory are embodied in a key phrase or two or three This is frequently where a theorist is distinguishing his theory from others on some point This is like looking for the chocolate chips in a chocolate chip cookie Other secondary reading sources between 13 or more are highly encouraged I will be sharing a sample of my own reading and note taking styles with you Iwill also provide separate specific focus points for your papers and for much of the readings in a timely fashion Papers PAPERS ARE DUE IN CLASS ON THE DATE THEY ARE DUE I will collect the papers at the start of class N0 LATE PAPERS WILL BE ACCEPTED PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR EXCEPTIONS PREPARE ACCORDINGLY allow for accidents and the unexpected to occur such as running out of toner or paper so that they don t ruin your timing get to class on time One of the reasons for this stipulation is that I need to read everyone s paper together in order to properly evaluate them It has happened more than once that a paper given to me out of sequence and not in class when every other paper is collected has been lost I don t want that to happen to you or to me Papers are to be at least 45 pages in length stapled doublespaced 1 margins all around 12 pt Times font There is no penalty for longer papers Good short papers aren t easier than long papers A title page isn t necessary but a reference section is You will be graded on content and presentation Please turn in a readable paper it should not be marred by grammatical syntactical problems formatting peculiarities and or numerous misspellings If you suspect that this might be a problem for you please submit a draft to me at least three days before the due date so I can give you feedback Better yet come and see me well before your first paper with a typed sample of your writing so I can assist you in your writing ahead of time Papers that have a lot of problems will either receive a 0 or will have to be redone and treated as a late paper with substantial points deducted An excellent paper will be well written be at least a third draft contain extensive textual references and close analysis and show a sophisticated understanding of the theories Just as you would never leave your house halfdressed please don t submit papers to me that aren t polished work Writing is communication at a higher more precise level than everyday conversation 7 give yourself the time to rework your words and sentences I recognize that you all come into the class with varying levels of writing experience and for some of you English is not your first language If you need extra help with writing I will be happy to give you feedback on your drafts prior to submission deadlines and I also encourage you to utilize the writing center and tutors Be aware however that the people at the writing center are not familiar with the content of this course so their advice must be taken with a grain of salt I will give you the topic choices for each of these papers ahead of time The first paper should be about Durkheim The second paper should be about Weber MarxEngels Lenin AND the Impeachment book In the papers you should address one or two core themes in the theory or theories drawing liberally from the readings using excerpted quotations To give you some concrete idea of what this would look like on any typical page short quotes eg one sentence or two might appear 23 times Your accompanying discussion about those quotes would be to explicate analyze and apply the ideas in those quotes You should not let the quote speak for itself Rather you should draw out the meanings of those quotes stating this first in your own words and then exploring the significance of those meanings 7 how they compare to other ways of looking at the same phenomenon what seeing it this way means in terms of social action or inaction how you would apply this concept to some situation and so on For example a core theme might be social solidarity as seen by Durkheim as compared to Marx Place these themes and theory in the historical context of the times these theorists were writing Discuss these themes in relation to contemporary times as well A common mistake made by people Is to use tbe reading as merel ya take019P point for a dIseussI39on about Wbat you tbm To put it bluntly and dellbera tely provoea t139 vel y I mnot interested in Wbat you tbmk I m interested in whether you can build a paper using the texts you re reading as the bones sinew and muscles of the paper Your task is to show me that you understand the readings can use them appropriately demonstrate an appreciation of the depth and breadth of the theories can construct an essay using the readingstheories analytically and synthetically and can evaluate this in close textual ways Your own opinion WIll come through in the course of building up a paper based heavily on drawing upon the readings themselves I will show you model papers of this Another way of expressing this is this you are building a structure the materials and tools for which you should take mostly out of the readings Please note that this is not the kind of paper that many of you are used to creating up to now Regarding plagiarism there are different degrees of plagiarism The essence of plagiarism is that you have taken someone else s ideas and by not attributing it to the person whose idea it is presented them as your own It is also plagiarism this is the lowest level of plagiarism if you take someone else s sentence and merely substitute alternative words and rearranged the sentence a little and not cited your source The tests are designed to elicit critical thinking skills 7 especially your ability to infer and analyze not mainly your memorization skills Please note the papers are worth more than the tests Class time will bene t you the most if you come prepared to discuss what you ve read after already thinking about them before class A certain level of puzzlement andor confusion especially in the first few weeks of the class is common and not something to be overly concerned about 7 unless you allow yourself to continue to be puzzled indefinitely without seeking clarity Netiquette and Other Matters Much of media today allows you to access it whenever and wherever you desire as long as an Internet connection or power source is available Class however particularly the way that I teach it differs radically It is similar to the difference between attending a live stage performance and watching a DVD Unlike a DVD which doesn t care whether you are watching it or not a live performerteacher is engaged in an active give and take relationship with their audience Your attention and participa tion even ifyou don t say anything is part ofthe energy and construction oft1e situation Class time and office hours are unique experiences tliey W171 never occur again in the same way Ifthis model doesn t conform to your expectations for class you and I will both be disappointed in the results and you would be better not to sign up for it I have tried to include in this syllabus everything you could possibly need to know What isn t in here will be presented in class Ifyou arrive late to class please ask classmates what you have missed please don t ask me It s my responsibility to come to class on time presentdiscuss the course with you and to provide you with all of the information that you need to know then and in office hours and it s your responsibility to come to class on time read all assigned materials including handouts and to be here when announcements are made Do talk to me in class or in office hours or make an appointment with me in person for another time I will happily give you my full attention at these times Please note that I don t check student email daily Please don t rely on it as a means of asking me or telling me things If you have a question or point to make it is far better that you do so in class because then it becomes immediately part of the collective experience Readings Read before the class Week One Tues Introduction 7 prel9Lh century theoretical developments Thurs Durkheim McIntosh pp 179206 Week Two Tues McIntosh pp 207247 Thurs Durkheim continued Week Three Tues Test 1 on Durkheim and prel9th century theoretical developments Thurs Weber McIntosh pp 113114 bio pp 165174 legitauthority Week Four Tues McIntosh pp 132141 Class Status Party pp 142156 Bureaucracy Thurs pp 115131 Prot ethic Week Five Tues McIntosh pp 157164 Sociology and Soc Action Thurs Marx Engels The Communist Manifesto McIntosh pp 39 7 47 Week Six Tues Marx Theses on Feuerbach pp 2425 Paper 1 due on Durkheim and Weber Thurs Preface to A Critique of Political Economy pp 6667 Week Seven Tues Marx German Ideology Alienated Labour pp 2638 1523 Marx The Fetishism of Commodities pp 6871 Thurs Marx Selected Correspondence The SoCalled Primitive Accumulation pp 106108 72 105 Marx Wage Labour and Capital pp 4865 Week Eight Tues Engels Socialism Utopian and Scientific Thurs Midterm 2 Week Nine Tues Lenin Imperialism Ylie Highest Stage of Capitalism pp 177215 Thurs Lenin State and Revolution pp 2713 13 Week Ten Tues L00 and Phillips Impeacli tlie President Chap 5 9 and 14 Thurs L00 Globalization and tlie Demolition of Society Chapter 5 Final papers due on Tuesday March 13 at 140 pm sharp No late papers please Final Exam Tuesday March 13 140 7 340 pm ON GIVING AND GETTlNG A HIGHER EDUCATION by Dennis Loo Benjamin Bloom has described two basic stages to cognitive development The first and lower stage consists of recognition and recall comprehension and application The second and higher stage consists of analysis synthesis and evaluation Higher education should be designed to ensure that students achieve this higher stage STAGE I Recognition and recall is what you are being tested for when you are asked on a test for example to repeat a definition for a term Rote memorization is an example of this process When you know a second language enough to understand some words and phrases you are using recognition and recall To actually speakwell in that second language you need to understand the language better using stage II skills see below Comprehension means that you understand what you are reading hearing or seeing on the level of it makes sense to me This is the level at which students often stop in their studying Comprehension is not yet at the level at which you can fully explain a concept to someone else Application means taking a concept and using that concept in a specific and concrete way This goes beyond being able to recite a definition for a concept since in application one is actually usz gtlie concept When you are given a question that cites a hypothetical or real situation and you are asked which concept best explains that situation you are being asked to apply your knowledge STAGE II Analysis means taking something apart and understanding its component parts and their inter relationships For example analysis of a car might involve taking that car apart and being able to explain what each part does Analysis of a language could involve looking at sentence structure and the rules for forming sentences Analysis of a movie would be movie criticism Synthesis means being able to create something new from disparate parts Synthesis occurs on the basis of analysis but is a higher stage in that it involves the creation of something that did not exist before For example synthesis would be to take certain parts of a car and by using some other parts put together a tractor or some other machine When you take words and write a new poem you have done synthesis If instead of simply analyzing a movie or play you wrote a screenplay or play this would be synthesis Evaluation is the highest stage of cognitive development in Bloom39s taxonomy It builds upon all of the preceding It is the ability to assess the strengths and weaknesses of an argument and compare and contrast different arguments It is MetaAnalysis Without this you would be unable to reach a true independent judgment Instead you would 11a V6 to accept the opinions of others A plethora of information is available today and information is of course important But what is even more important is the ability to sift through the information and sources and the ability to figure out what s valid and what is not Bloom argues that if college classes do not call for undergraduates to develop the higherlevel cognitive skills then the student has notreceived a higher education Course expectations that require you to use higher level cognitive skills are of course more difficult but if you are only being tested for recognition and recall then you may never develop higher order intellectual skills Thus for example a professor who tells you beforehand exactly what you should know for example for a test is in effect telling you what you can afford to ignore in what heshe was trying to teach you This would be the equivalent of going to someone to teach you how to hit a baseball who told you ahead of each pitch exactly what kind of pitch he was going to give you You d think that you were a really great hitter based on this until you got into an actual game where the pitcher didn t tell you beforehand what he was going to send your way Life is a little bit like that pitcher sending curves sliders fastballs and even screwballs your way A proper higher education will help you deal with all of those pitches and situations This is what you can expect in my class You have a right to expect nothing less


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