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Advanced Surveying

by: Florencio Bergnaum

Advanced Surveying CE 220

Florencio Bergnaum
CSU Pomona
GPA 3.72


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Florencio Bergnaum on Saturday October 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CE 220 at California State Polytechnic University taught by Neto in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 26 views. For similar materials see /class/218236/ce-220-california-state-polytechnic-university in Civil Engineering at California State Polytechnic University.

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Date Created: 10/03/15
4 LAND SURVEYOR IN TRAINING SAMPLE EXAMINATION TRIGONOMETRIC FORMULAS B c a c A b C C A b right triangle oblique triangles Solution of Right 39IYiangles a ForangleAsinA cosA tanAE cotA c c 12 Given Required 2 212 ABc tanAgcotB cr22b2a lb 2 a r a 12 ac ABb smA cosB b cacac 1 C a C Aa Bbc B90 A bacotA sinA Ab Bac B90 A azbtanA c b cosA Ac Bab B90 A acsinA bcoosA Solution of Oblique Triangles Given Required asinB ABa bcC b C180 AB casmc smA sinA b A 39 Aab BcC sinB Em C180 AB c2929 sinA A B abC ABc AB180 C tan a b tan ltAB 2 ab 2 asinC sinA mb c AB7C 2w 1163 l 2 2 be B l s a s 0 sm C1sooAB 2 ac ab c a b c area s T area ss as bs c A b 0 area I area m 2 A B1 C 1 area area mg 2sinA Material on this page copyright 1993 by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying PROFESSIONAL PUBLICATIONS INC I Belmont CA ll LAND SURVEYOR IN TRAINING SAMPLE EXAMINATION HORIZONTAL CURVE FORMULAS D degree of curve are de nition 1 ludegree of curve 2 2 degree of curve PC point of curve PT point of tangent P1 point of intersection I intersection of angle angle between two tangents L length of curve from PC to PT T tangent distance E 2 external distance R z radius LC length of long chord M length of middle ordinate c length of subchord d 2 angle of subchord LG I LC 2 I T Rtan T 2sin lt 2005 2 2 572958 572958 Rsin D1 R572958 D2 T D R I I MR1 cos gt RRcos 2 2 ER I R M I 3 cos R sec 2 R 2 d c c2Rsin gt d 2 2R ERiseclt2gt imltggt R Material on this page copyright 1993 by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying PROFESSIONAL PUBLICATIONS INC 0 Belmont CA 6 LAND SURVEYOR IN TRAINING SAMPLE EXAMINATION MISCELLANEOUS CONVERSION FACTORS 1 meter 2 3280833 survey feet 1 survey foot 2 03048006 meters 1 link O66 feet 80 chains 320 rods 5280 feet 1 acre 43560 square feet 640 acres 2 1 square mile 1 kilometer 2 0621370 mile 1 mile 160935 kilometers 1 hectare 247104 acres 7r 2 314159 1 radian 572958 degrees VERTICAL CURVE FORMULAS forward PW tangent tangent vac offset datum not to scale L length of curve PVC 2 point of vertical curvature PVI point of vertical intersection PVT point of vertical tangency g grade of back tangent g grade of forward tangent a parabola constant y tangent offset E tangent offset at PVI r rate of change of grade YPVC elevation of PVC yazg a92 91 2L L 2 EH6 Wu 2 L tangent elevation vac 9135 grade elvation vac 911 azz PROFESSIONAL PUBLICATIONS INC 0 Belmont CA Material on this page copyright 1993 by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying LAND SURVEYOR INTRAINING SAMPLE EXAMINATION REFERENCE FORMULAS Earthwork Formulas L A A volume L 2 average end area formula I L A 4A AZ volume ET i prismoidal formula harea of base volume pyramid or cone Area Formulas XAYB YN XBYC YA XCYD YB 39 39 XNY1 YN l 2 area h hquot area w hz ha h4 39 hn1 trapezordal rule h 2 h 4 h V h are W Simpsm onmmm rule Quadratic Equation Formula a252bzc0 bl x624ac m 2a Correction Formulas correction for temperature C 65 X 10 6T T5L correction for tension H C w quot F AE 39 wzl3 correction for sag 05 24132 T 2 temperature of tape during measurement F T5 temperature of tape during calibration F L distance measured in ft P pull applied during measurement in lb P5 pull applied during calibration in lb A crosssection area of tape in in2 E modulus of elasticity of tape in psi w weight of tape in lb per ft 1 length of unsupported span in ft area by coordinates Material on this page copyright 1993 by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying PROFESSIONAL PUBLICATIONS INC I Belmont CA 8 LAND SURVEYOR INTRAINING SAMPLE EXAMINATION Astronomy Formulas sin6 sin sinh39 cosammuth of sun cos c3 cos h Z bearing of Polaris at elongation cos 6 declination angle latitude angle h altitude angle 1 polar distance of Polaris angle Photogrammetry Formulas H quot havg average scale f in ft per 111 f focal length of camera lens in in H havg ying height above average ground surface in ft Stadia Formulas horizontal distance KS 0052a vertical distance 2 K S sin 04 cos a K stadia constant S rod intercept a vertical angle of sight Material on this page copyright 1993 by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying PROFESSIONAL PUBLICATIONS INC 0 Belmont CA


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