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by: Ignatius Ortiz

BasicBiology BIO115

Ignatius Ortiz
CSU Pomona
GPA 3.98


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 39 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ignatius Ortiz on Saturday October 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIO115 at California State Polytechnic University taught by Bogdanoff-Lord in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 41 views. For similar materials see /class/218291/bio115-california-state-polytechnic-university in Biology at California State Polytechnic University.

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Date Created: 10/03/15
Caleb Henderson 3412 Block 3 Physiology MI Balikian Living Liver Transplant Medical Story Medical Story Summary Ali e in a healthy liver frum either a deceased or a living donor As one ofthe largest and most complex organs in your body the liver plays an essential role in your quality oflife Each year people with i e 39 39 39 39 a deceased rim or liver a mum All ii ci a nan prarnarion Prognosis is quite good However those with certain illnesses rnay di fer There is no exact model to predict survival rates however those with transplant have a 58 chance of surviving 15 years Failure of the new liver occurs in 10 to 15 of all cases These percentages are contributed to by many complications 39 39 39 39 I A A Others include technical aws during surgery such as revascularization that may lead to a nonfunctioning graft The body needs a healthy liver The liver is an organ located in the right side of the abdomen below the ribs The liver has many vital functions It is a powerhouse that produces varied substances in the body including 1 glucose a basic sugar and energy source 2 proteins the building blocks for growth 3 bloodclotting factors substances that aid in healing wounds and 4 bile a uid stored in the gallbladder and necessary for the absorption of fats and vitamins As the largest solid organ in the body the liver is ideal for storing important substances like vitamins and minerals It also acts as a filter removing impurities from the blood Finally the liver metabolizes and detoxifies substances ingested by the body Liver disease occurs when these essential functions are disrupted Liver transplants are needed when damage to the liver severely impairs a person s health and quality of life People who have progressive diseases and disorders can benefit from the timeliness of a living donor liver transplant including those with liver tumors bile duct tumors cholesterol liver disease highly symptomatic patients with low priority for transplantation The benefits is it has become increasingly difficult for a foreign national patient to receive a liver transplant in the United States due to limited deceased donor liver availability and difficulty relocating away from home for a prolonged period A living donor of liver transplantation allows foreign patients atimelier opportunity for transplant Transplant can be done on an elective basis because the donor is readily available There are fewer possibilities for complications and death while waiting for a cadaveric organ donor Because of donor shortages UNOS has limited the cadaveric organ allocation to foreigners who seek medical help in the USA However with the availability of living donor transplantation this will now allow foreigners a new opportunity to seek medical care in the USA What is Biology What is Biology 1 The scienti c study of life 11 Shared characteristics of living organisms A Cells smallest unit of life capable of demonstrating all the properties of life therefore liVing organisms are made up of one or more cells w What is Biology II A 1 Prokaryotic 2 Eukaryotic w What is Biology II B Evolution and adaptation What is Biology II C Heredity genetic information genome passed down generational lines 1 DNA 2 Genes What is Biology 11 D Nutrient acquisition energy production and metabolism 1 Nutrient acquisition autotrophic or heterotrophic organisms 2 Energy production ATP Metabolism cellular level work What is Biology 11 E Homeostasis regulation of the internal environment 1 Regulation of pH acidbase balance temperature solute concentration Multicellularity What is Biology II F Structural order G Response to environment What is Biology 11 H Reproduction of Viable young 1 Asexual reproduction 2 Sexual reproduction 1 Growth and development ontogeny to reproductive age w What is Biology II J Life obeys physical laws the laws of thermodynamics What is Biology 11 J 1 The rst law of thermodynamics conservation of energy on earth energy is neither created nor destroyed but is transformed from one form to another the sun is our planet s ultimate source of energy What is Biology II J 2 The second law of thermodynamics physical natural systems tend towards disorder entropy What is Biology 111 Life s organizational levels A Atoms F Organisms B Molecules G Populations C Cells H Communities D Tissues I Ecosystems E Organs J Biosphere Evolutionary Relationships Evolutionary Relationships 1 All living organisms are related A Life arose from nonlife through chemical evolution 1 Random association of atoms into simple molecules spontaneous attraction between and charges Evolutionary Relationships I A 2 Random association of simple molecules into large complex biological molecules a Molecular reproduction b DNA Evolutionary Relationships 1 B Prokaryotic cells arose l Lipidcontaining membranes formed around groups of biological molecules spontaneous reaction 2 Reproduction at cellular level became possible mitosis Evolutionary Relationships 1 C Photosynthesis evolution of 02 into Earth s early atmosphere 1 Conversion of light energy photons from the sun into usable Chemical energy glucose C6H12O6 2 Primary production Evolutionary Relationships I C 3 Protective ozone O3 layer produced a Terrestrial life became possible b 500 million years before present Evolutionary Relationships I D Eukaryotic cells arose l Organelles structures with discrete functions 2 Endosymbiosis mitochondria and chloroplasts Evolutionary Relationships I E Multicellularity and cell specialization Evolutionary Relationships 11 Tree of Life Domains A Bacteria prokaryotes single cells B Arehaea prokaryotes single cells Evolutionary Relationships 11 C Eukarya eukaryotes single cells and multicellular organisms 1 Kingdom Protista 2 Kingdom Fungi 3 4 Kingdom Animalia Kingdom Plantae The Scienti c Method The Scienti c Method 1 Scienti c Method HypothesisPrediction HP Method 5 steps A Observation B Question formation based on observation The Scienti c Method 1 C Hypothesis formation 1 2 3 Inductive logic Must be testable Must be rejected if data do not support The Scienti c Method I D Prediction based on deductive logic E Controlled experimentation The Scienti c Method 11 Scienti c research must be A Replicatable B Objective C Quanti able Quiz 1 What is Biology 1 Biology is a the scientific study of human life b the scientific study of life c a complete and total waste of time and you re only here because you have to be d all of the above e none of the above Quiz 1 What is Biology 2 Which of the following terms does not belong with the others a b structural order biosphere c heredity d e ontogeny metabolism Quiz 1 What is Biology 3 What is important about photosynthesis a addition of O2 to Earth s primitive atmosphere b creation of the protective ozone layer c conversion of light energy into usable chemical energy d all of the above e a and b only Quiz 1 What is Biology 4 Which of the following is a Domain containing prokaryotes only a b c d e Plantae Fungi Bacteria Eukarya Animalia Quiz 1 What is Biology 5 Which of the following terms does not belong with the others a b observation random experimentation c hypothesis formation d e question formation prediction The End Henderson1 Caleb Henderson Mr Balikian Honors Physiology 14 August 2012 Compound Reinvigorates Classic Antibiotics in Fight Against New Superbaceria Popular Science 02152012 SUMMARY North Carolina State University chemists have created a compound that makes existing antibiotics 16 times more effective against recently discovered antibioticresistant superbugs These socalled superbugs are actually bacterial strains that produce an enzyme known as New Delhi metalloBlactamase NDMl Bacteria that produce this enzyme are practically impervious to antibiotics because NDMlrenders certain antibiotics unable to bind with their bacterial targets Since NDMl is found in Gramnegative bacteria like K pneumoniae which causes pneumonia urinary tract and other common hospitalacquired infections it is of pa1ticular concern To begin with there are fewer antibiotic options for treating infections caused by Gram negative bacteria than for those caused by Grampositive bacteria says Dr Roberta Worthington NC State research assistant professor of chemistry Gramnegative bacteria with the NDMl enzyme effectively neutralize the few weapons we have in our arsenal making them especially difficult if not impossible to treat with existing antibiotic therapy REFLECTION According to Wikimedia Commons Klebsiella are commonly found in the human gastrointestinal tract and are often the cause of hospital acquired infections Previously NC Hendersunz State chemist Dr Chnshan Melander had foundthat aeompound denved from a elass of recharged aquot quotm u w 1m m m r u w These needs we a w quot superbug mm 7 m AP Biology It was my favome lab and my assigned group was able to we activate the proteins wahm the pneum om a bactena Henderson3 Works Cited Boyle Rebecca Popular Sciencequot PopSci The Future Now 2012 3112 lthttpMNW pnlmri 39 quot 39 701202r39 Iquot I b f quotquot quot fight again drugresistantbacteriagt


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