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by: Mr. Caterina Hegmann
Mr. Caterina Hegmann
CSU Pomona
GPA 3.96


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 11 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mr. Caterina Hegmann on Saturday October 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GBA652 at California State Polytechnic University taught by FrankBryant in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see /class/218302/gba652-california-state-polytechnic-university in Grad Bus Admin All College at California State Polytechnic University.

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Date Created: 10/03/15
GBA 652 Marketing Seminar Marketing Case Analysis Tarique Hossain PhD Why do we choose to use cases as a part of our pedagogical toolkit Cases are a wellestablished and wellaccepted way of providing the student with information that approximates quotreal worldquot experience in business Careful analysis of the situation presented in the cases and the development of strategies to solve extant andor potential problems in the relatively riskreduced 39 of the 39 when 39 39 A with the feedback of peers and the instructor serves to prepare the student for hisher future Most of the cases that you will examine have multiple problems some of which are not of a marketing nature e g nance production management etc While you may choose to address these problems in a peripheral fashion they should not form the basis for the majority of your analysis in a Marketing class Your report should address marketing problems and their solution The major exceptions to this request will occur in the MBA program where there are two paired courses that have a shared component In those instances you will be a member of a team which contains members of both classes and both types of problems must be addressed fully in both your paper and the presentation There are many ways to analyze a case but the ultimate goal is to offer the most reliable marketing decisions humanly possible You should also keep in mind that the decision making circumstances vary by institutions and organizations based on marketing philosophies mission and governance culture Thus you should adopt a decision making process that best suits your situation However there are some guidelines you can follow The text chapter 3 suggests DECIDE defme enumerate consider identify develop evaluate approach Nevertheless if you approach the case analysis as a learning experience you should earn the following bene ts 1 enhanced problemfinding and anal ical skills and 2 increased ability to recognize management assumptions and to generate your own solutions Remember a problem that is well de ned is half solved All of this requires the willingness to carefully prepare your analysis participate in the discussion of the solution and to state your own conclusions You must be willing to make mistakes and recognize faulty conclusions both your own and others39 for learning to take place The following discussion is quoted from Cases in Marketing Management Issues for the 199039s 2nd ed Hinkle et al Prentice Hall Material in parentheses has been added for clari cation As you examine the caseskimming rst for highlights and then reading it thoroughly preferably at least twice for understandingand listing the principal features relating to what you see as the central issues several tentative solutions may evolve The following suggestions are intended to help you examine the case pinpoint problem areas and devise solutions and recommendations Point out in your analysis in writing your speci c understanding of these areas particularly if you lack data and have to make assumptions IN OTHER WORDS this is a checklist that you should use to help you avoid forgetting something crucial to your understanding of the case It won39t always t everything but then what does BH6D8kRKcR doc l YOU ARE EXPECTED TO ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS IN YOUR ANALYSIS TO THE BEST OF YOUR ABILITY YOU ARE EXPECTED TO FLESH OUT THIS BARE BONES STRUCTURE SO THAT YOU WILL HAVE A DETAILED UNDERSTANDING OF WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THE CASE AND CAN WISELY ADVISE THE ACTION PEOPLE IN THE CASE If you fail to do this you fail the case 1 Examine the firm s management services nancial structure and general and speci c goals Remember that companies do not do things people do Consider the managers value systems and estimate their value systems impact upon objectives policies and strategies 2 Take the 39 39 I 39 and try to J J such factors as the following a Who are the customers Classify them according to pertinent socioeconomic demographic and marketing characteristics These tell you more about why they patronize the fum b What products and services do they use c Where do they buy these products and services Consider market geography regional differences and types of companies patronized d When do they buy What is the frequency of use Time of the day and week Are there seasonal cyclical in uences e How do they buy Is help required to make the purchase Do customers seek advice because of their lack of experience Does personal selling play an important role f Why do they buy You may not be able to infer motivations but you can consider related literature findings of the behavioral sciences and your personal experiences that pertain to the product andor service and to the circumstances in the case 3 Define the nature of the productservice a What are its similarities to and differences from competitive offerings Me too products are harder to sell b After carefully evaluating how people choose and use the products and services ask the question quotHow can the firm39s marketing system adapt its productservice capabilities to the requirements of the buyingusing consumerend user systemquot 4 Given the composition of the markets and the company39s productservice capabilities what seems to be the most desirable ways to close the gap between company and customers Be realistic because pieinthesky solutions that the rm can t afford won t be successful a What marketing elementsservices research advertising personal selling publicity etcare available And affordable in terms of the 3m39s men materiel amp money b Will marketing operations provide adequately for the outgoing ow of the productservice and the incoming ow of money and information Can you handle the business and will it pay for itself 5 By now you should be able to define and rank order by urgency the problems facing the firm BH6D8kRKcRd0c 2 List all those issues that are important pay particular attention to those that are critical 6 Lay out a proposed program maintaining an acceptable costpriceprofrt relationship remember the real world Justify your preferred solution Balance the risks and potential returns in keeping with this frrm s corporate policies and available resources the three m39s Since perfect information is never available you might wish to seek case related information but it is preferable to deal with the study as it is presented rather than to acquire post case data on the company If you make assumptions about information that is not presented in the case you must state those assumptions in your writeup The basic process of solving a case should follow the scientific method that you learned in highschool 1 Analyze the case 2 define the problems 3 formulate alternative solutions to the problems 4 analyze the consequences of each possible alternative 5 select the most appropriate solutions HOW TO WRITEUP YOUR CASE The maiority of your work is in the analysis and definition of the problems Unfortunately much of the effort that you put into the analysis and definition has no place in the final report that you will be preparing It is quite natural to want to demonstrate that you have gone into exhaustive detail However the typical manager to whom you will report will have neither the time nor the inclination to wade through your report to find a short recommendation and the support necessary for its adoption For this reason it is imperative that you learn the skill of presenting your recommendations and ndings in as brief a space as possible As an aside this is an instruction manual not a brief hence it is longer than Iwould prefer One of the primary goals of your written 39 39 39 is to 39 your ndings and recommendations in a manner that will insure their adoption and your swift promotion Because of this it is critically important that your report is written clearly and concisely using correct spelling and grammar Each error in your spelling and grammatical construction reduces your personal credibility and decreases the positive impact that your report will have A wellaccepted form of business correspondence that provides you with the structure necessary for clarity and brevity is the memorandum You are required to adhere to the following format in your case writeups The basic format for a business memorandum memo is as follows The information in parentheses is explanatory and is NOT to be included in your write up DATE 52306 use the date on which you prepare the case TO M K Businessperson Pres Use the quotaction person from the case Never write to your instructor or use hisher name The instructor is merely an observer never a participant BH6D8kRKcR doc 3 FROM XX XX This should be YOUR NAME plus a relevant title or your group s names and titles never a madeeup name The names here get the grade SUBJ Memoranda format The subject line should identify the major point of the case eg quotThe loss of market share for A B Firmquot REC 1 Follow the prescribed format The reconmendations should identify key actions to perform to alleviate problems take advantage of opportunities that you have identified in your analysis of the case Each recommendation should be a complete sentence For example quotl Reformulate the product to take advantage of lower cost ingredientsquot is acceptable while quot2 More researchquot is not 2 Check your spelling and grammar The first paragraph of your memo should briefly summarize the current situation and its ramifications DO NOT repeat the case because the person reading the case remember this is the quotaction personquot will be aware of the overall problem and will not want a blow by blow detailed description This serves to waste hisher time and your spacecredibility The second and following paragraphs should serve to describe in detail your reasons for recommending your proposed solutions and the intended results Where appropriate you should explain why you have NOT chosen what might seem to be particularly obvious andor desirable solutions In this case there would usually be some repercussions that might occur in the future that have caused you to reject that particular solution Remember you do not have suffi i nt space to delineate and explain each alternative that you considered and the reasons for its adoption or rejection Hit the high points and explain them and their consequences you had to perform al ulati n market share etc or feel that greater explanation is needed for a particular recommendation the information should always be included in an appendix or in multiple appendices Don39t make the assumption that you can decide upon a solution to a case without examining in detail the quotnumbersquot You can but your grade is almost certainly bound to suffer just as in the business world where a failure to quotrun the numbersquot will cost you dearly The main body of your memo should be no more than 1 page long If you include appendices and you should when calculations are possible they are referenced in the heading section of the memo For example REC REF See attached calculations Or BH6D8kRKcR doc 4 REC APP 1 Financial Calculations 2 Market Share Analysis Suggestions Make sure that your appendices are properly labeled and self explanatory Ifthe case has numbers in it it probably requires math DO IT Use the knowledge that you acquired in other classes including other business courses Read all available literature and take notes Make speci c page references for all relevant data in your notes so that you can find it when you complete your writeup Cool off for a day or two after you39ve written the case Go back and edit your work Ch eck for spelling and grammatical errors Review for ease of comgreh ension remember the reader never knows exactly what you were thinking of when you wrote your memo so you have to be clear in your explanations Make certain that the terminology that you use is appropriate and used correctly Buzzwords are ok in some places not in others Ask someone else to review and critique your materials before final submission make use of your significant other or ask your instructor to look at the work Above all start early so that you have time to prepare a wellreasoned memo How to avoid a poor grade Never assume that your audience sees things the same way that you do Make each point clear by providing an organized document that is easy to read and to understand Set up the situation indicate your proposed recommended solutions and explain why these recommendations will overcome current and future problems NEVER waste space on quotMemorandumquot headings and quotHave a nice and pro table day signed A Consultantquot footers If your document looks like trash why should anyone place his or her faith and confidence in your work That means follow the required format use 1quot margins and legible type and always always check your work for spelling grammatical and logic errors A BAD EXAMPLE I have seen every error on this example at least ten times OFFICIL MEMORANDA January 4 1996 To A Student FROM YR Instructor SuBJ Bad writin BH6D8kRKcR doc 5 Reccomendations Try to follow The from is important because it eases the resipieents understanding and helps too get you re mesage acrost there thick skull and if you cant get the idee across how ll you get a good grade and get into grade school My recommedationz are good Ifyou follow them your shure to have a sucessssfullll carer I can be offurrthur serVise pleze cll me at 5554321 Your obedent servent signed Y R Instructr GOOD EXAMPLE Date March 3 2004 To Duit Wright Student From Tarique Hossain Assistant Professor of Marketing Subj Writing a credible memorandum Rec lUse the memorandum format that your audience expects 2Honor yourself and your audience by spelling all names and titles correctly 3Show your intelligence by proofing your work for spelling and grammatical errors 4Never repeat information that is well known to the audience unless you need to emphasize a point 5Each recommendation should be a complete sentence that clearly indicates a specific plan of action for the audience 6Use Appendices andor Attachments to provide further clarification when necessary Some of your peers have difficulty in seeing the difference between a report that they might write to and for an instructor in High School or Junior College and a memorandum to someone for whom they work A report to an instructor is typically written about someone or something that is not directly related to either the recipient the instructor or the writer the student In this case the object being discussed is most often described in the third person he knows they know eg the frog is or Ford Motor Company has When writing to someone that you work for or are being paid to consult for either you or your audience is involved directly with the subject at hand In such case you will normally use either the first person I know we know or the second person you know or both in your report although you may occasionally use the third person as well For example Since I l P am writing to you 2mi P about constructing an effective memorandum it seems silly doesn39t it to write 39D Uit Wright 3m P should follow my instructionsl39 since you are reading this sentence BH6D8kRKcR doc 6 In my classes I want you to take on the aspect of a consultant or an employee working for someone or that of an employer providing solutions for an employee Since I am an observer not a participant you don39t write a report to me you write a memorandum to someone who can do something about the problems If your memo contains vague recommendations or is full of misspellings and grammatical errors your audience will not get your points They will place little faith in your abilities since you seem indecisive and uneducated If you use a nonstandard format for your memo or waste time by repeating what is common knowledge to all who are involved your audience will think you are a simpleton Your audience adopts a particular memo format for the convenience of all who use it because it standardizes what information will be presented and tells them where to expect it each time Finally if you misspell their name use the wrong title for them or leave it off or spell your own name wrong you will be forever on their list of incompetent fools People are proud of their names and their accomplishments and expect you to be proud of yours END OF EXAMPLE MEMO BH6D8kRKcR doc 7 GBA 652 01 Marketing Seminar GBA 653 Directed Study in Marketing Seminar Spring Quarter 2011 Mon 6 00 950PM Location 6 204 Instructor Frank K Bryant Phone Number 9098692998 Of ce Room 94247 Em ail ltbgant csupomonaedu Of ce Hours Tuesdays ll00300pm and Wednesdays l22pm or by Appointment Required Textbook Strategic Marketing Problems l2m Edition Roger A Kerin amp Robert A Peterson Prentice Hall Recommended Supplementary Readipg The Marketing Imagination by Theodore Levitt This book is widely available in paperback As a minimum I recommend chapters 2 The Globalization of Markets and Marketing Myopia These chapters are reprints from the Harvard Business Review Course objectives and teaching overview Using case studies and business planning this course aims to teach you the art and science of marketing decision making in a variety of functions such as pricing promotion targeting and positioning segmentation and marketing channel optimization to name a few Upon finishing the course you are expected to understand the overall role of marketing in the global environment and the speci c roles of product development pricing strategy advertising promotion and channel structures Cases will be selected to cover as many marketing functionalities as possible encompassing a wide cross section of organizations including services and nonpro t companies More importantly the student will be able to make avariety of marketing decisions in an assortment of marketing situations and to analyze these decisions In sum you should be able to think like a chief marketing of cer CMO and function like a marketing manager Class time will be allocated to the following activities according to the approximate schedule below Brief lecture 20 Case presentation 60 Discussion period 20 GBA 652 Grading Your grade will be based upon the following criteria further explained in the following sections lVIidterm Exam 25 Final Exam 25 Case lIndiVidual 25 Case Presentations 35 Participation 125 TOTAL 100 Letter grades will be assigned based on the following scale 93 A 73 7 77 C 90 7 92 A 70 7 72 C 88 7 89 B 68 7 69 D 83 7 87 B 63 7 67 D 80 7 82 B 60 7 62 D 78 7 79 C below 60 F Grading The same grade received in GBA 652 will be applied to GBA 653 GBA 652 Exams These will consist of short answer and miniessay questions The exact format and expectations will be discussed as we get closer to the exam dates Case Presentations In each case that we will discuss you or your group will serve as the marketing manager group that must make a decision Cases will be discussed in nearly every class The class will be divided into teams of two or three people Each team will have two cases to prepare and present to the class You should identify yourself with the protagonist or main character in each case and decide on the basis of what you know about marketing what you would do if you were in that person39s shoesand more importantly why you would do it Your audience is top managementand it is top management not me whom you must convince that your decision is the right one In class of course as in real life you must also be prepared to convince your peers that your decision is correct The course therefore is a course in problemsolving thinking and persuasive reasoning Each team will have one case to present to the class A written analysis of no more than ve pages tables and graphs not included plus a copy of your PowerPoint slides should be sent the day before your presentation Sunday to kiko 1quot quot mm The l quot will be 1 l 39 39 30 minutes after which the team will lead the class discussion of the case in detail Besides the case study each team is responsible for giving the class an update on the present condition of the company except for the rst individual case A detailed case preparation g11ide has been downloaded to Blackboard Nonpresenting students are expected to familiarize themselves with the facts of the case and be prepared to ask questions and discuss other possible solutions In essence everyone prepares all the cases regardless of who presents This will be part of your participation grade Questions of Comprehension Prelude to Case Analysis Basically case analysis requires three cognitive skills 1 applicationie using concepts and general principles to solve a specific problem that is new to you 2 analysis and smthesisie breaking down the case problem into its component parts identifying relationships among the parts and putting the parts together in a new way that sheds light on the solution and 3 evaluationie judging the worth of an alternative course of action by comparing it to a standard Knowledge and understanding however both of general marketing principles and of the facts of each specific case are prerequisite to sound case analysis Before examining any given case ask yourselfthe following questions of comprehension 1 What concepts and principles from my basic marketing or marketing management textbooks will I have to call upon to analyze and solve this case M How can these concepts and principles help me define the problem generate alternative courses of action or recommend a solution L What in this case is the most important thatl must consider Next most important Third most 4 What uncertainties exist in the competitive environment What assumptions about these uncertainties will I have to make before I can solve the case 5 What quantitative analysis is required 0 What additional informationif I could get itwouldl want to have in order to help me solve this case Participation I cannot stress enough the importance of coming to class being prepared and taking substantive part in case discussions and other classroom exercises Your participation score will depend on three factors First is the attendance required Second is the substantive commentsquestions contributed during case discussions Third is initiating a discussion on a current event topic which is an ice breaker at the eginning of each class Presenters are exempt from the third grade component Honesty Policy Dishonesty of any form will not be tolerated This includes submission of any work other than your own failing to cite sources cheating on exams plagiarism forging absence excuses and the like Dishonesty results in an F in the class and referral to the university judicial affairs More information can be found m I39I39 at httpwww dsa n Special Needs If you are a student with special needs please notify me as soon as possible so that I can make necessary accommodations Date Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 Week 11 328 44 411 418 425 52 59 516 523 523 531 66 Course Schedule Tentative Introduction Decision Making and Case Analysis How to Prepare a Case Appendix A 7 A Sample Marketing Plan Financial Aspects of IVIarketing Management Opportunity Analysis Product and Strategy Service Integrated Marketing Communications Midterm 1 Marketing Channel Strategy Pricing Strategy Marketing Strategy Reformulation Global Marketing Strategy Final Exam Chapters Syllabus 1 3 No Class 710 Case Discussion Team and Case Assignment Fe niX del Sur Everyone Rayovac First In Show Pet Foods Inc Dr Pepper Seven UpSquilt Pavaderm Batesmanor Furniture A Kayern Foods Cutco Yorktown Retrovir A1 Steak Sauce Goodyear Tire and Rubber Com an McNeil Museum of Art Chevrolet Europe Qindao Haier Ltd Considering the IVIaytag Acquisition Memorial Day Holiday


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