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Data Structures and Algorithms I

by: Kieran Flatley

Data Structures and Algorithms I CS 240

Kieran Flatley
CSU Pomona
GPA 3.5

Fang Tang

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About this Document

Fang Tang
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kieran Flatley on Saturday October 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CS 240 at California State Polytechnic University taught by Fang Tang in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 55 views. For similar materials see /class/218308/cs-240-california-state-polytechnic-university in ComputerScienence at California State Polytechnic University.

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Date Created: 10/03/15
CS240 7 Data Structures amp Algorithms I Winter 2011 Page I 0f3 Data Structures amp Algorithms I C8240 Winter 2011 Dr Fang Daisy Tang Of ce Room 842 Phone 909 8692157 Email ftangcsupomonaedu URL wwwcsupomonaeduftang O ice Hours M 10AM 7 12 Noon T 3PM 7 5PM W 4PM 7 5PM or by appointment Time and Place TTH 1000 7 1150 PM Room 8345 Class Website WWW edn quot8240 Class Email List cs24001csupomonaedu Course Description Abstract data types and their implementations Linked and arraybased data structures Lists stacks queues Recursion Hashing and searching Analysis of algorithms Required Textbook Data Structures amp Other Objects Using Java 3rd Edition by Michael Main Addison Wesley 2006 Reference Data Structures amp Algorithms in Java 4th Edition by Michael T Goodrich and Roberto Tamassia Wiley 2006 Prerequisites C8130 and CS 141 with grades C or better or consent of instructor Exam Dates 0 Midterm Tuesday Feb 15 1000 7 1150 AM tentative schedule 0 Final As scheduled by the university Thursday Mar 17 910 7 1110 am Evaluation Grading will be based on two exams projects and quizzes Midterm 25 Final 30 Projects 30 Quizzes 15 Note that the instructor reserves the right to curve the grades upwards if it s appropriate Programming Projects Policies 0 Project handouts Programming assignments will be posted on the course web site along with the due dates There will be ve programming assignments o What to submit Please refer to the standard project format on the course web site CS240 7 Data Structures amp Algorithms I Winter 2011 Page 2 0f3 0 Due dates and late submission Project assignment submission via email is due at 235959 on the assigned due date Each late submission will incur a 10 points penalty per day The nal lab must be turned in ON TIME No late lab will be accepted for the nal lab Any lab violates the above rules will receive zero credit 0 Email policy If you send email to me please be sure to include your name usemame and the course number in the body of the email You should also use an appropriate subject line that looks like CS240 Project 2 or whatever the appropriate issue that you are asking a question about 0 If you don t check your email at your Cal Poly account you may forward your mail to your desired emailaccount by setting up a forward le in your login directory By putting your desired email address in this le all your email will automatically forward to this address I will only send email to your usemamecsupomonaedu account and I will not be responsible for any delay in your email If you use other email accounts to contact me the emails might end up in the junk box automatically which may result in delayed response 0 This course will use Java programming language on the Cal Poly s intranet system The intranet is accessible in the following ways 0 Using the Windows PC machines in the CS department lab 852 0 Connecting via telnet from a machine on the internet you can only telnet into the Sun workstations For further information about the CS department Computer Lab and all the above check this web page httpwww intranet edn cslabshelp pages 0 Class Policies and Support 0 Class attendance and participation Class attendance will be taken randomly Class participation includes speaking in class during the discussion asking courserelated questions answering questions etc Decisions on borderline grades will be based upon exceptional attendance and participation In the event of an absence it is the student s responsibility to learn the course material and announcements covered in class Lectures will not be repeated during of ce hours Ifyou really have to miss a class please inform the instructor ahead of time by email 0 Collaboration policy Discussing and exchanging ideas is encouraged You may help each other with your strategy for how to solve a problem However copying from outside sources eg other students Internet etc on any material to be graded is not permitted and will be considered cheating Cheating may result in failure of the assignment exam and or failure of the class The University s policy on Academic Integrity as stated in the catalog will be enforced o Exams Unless otherwise speci ed by the instructor the midterms will include all materials covered in lectures up to the date of the midterm and the nal exam will be comprehensive covering material from the entire course The nal exam will be held during nal exam week The rescheduling of exams must be arranged at least one week in C5240 7 Data Structures amp Algorithms I Winter 2011 Page 3 0f3 advance The new schedule of the exam will be a day or two earlier than the original scheduled day Exams missed without prior permission will be given a grade of zero 0 Quizzes There will be about ve quizzes which will be usually given at the beginning of the class Since the lowest quiz score will not be counted there will be no make up for any missed quizzes 0 Grading correction Bring any project or exam grading correction requests to the instructor within 1 week of receiving the grade or before the end of the quarter whichever comes rst After that your grade will not be adjusted If you nd a mistake in grading please let the instructor know Your grade will not be lowered o Announcement responsibility Important announcements schedule revisions etc will be posted to the class email list and on the course website You are responsible for information distributed to this email list and the course website You are also responsible for short announcement during class session 0 Cell phones You may have cell phones in class but they must be on mute and not answered until the end of class 0 Student access Cal Poly Pomona is committed to student success Students with disabilities are encouraged to contact the instructor privately or the Disability Resource Center 9098693333 Building 9103 to coordinate course accommodations Course Outline Java Programming Basics Arrays Linked lists Recursion Algorithm Analysis Stacks Queues Lists Generic Programming Please refer to the class website for lectures notes and a more detailed schedule


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