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by: Gerhard Leuschke II

EngineeringMaterials ME315

Gerhard Leuschke II
CSU Pomona
GPA 3.63


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Gerhard Leuschke II on Saturday October 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ME315 at California State Polytechnic University taught by HassanRejali in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see /class/218322/me315-california-state-polytechnic-university in Mechanical Engineering at California State Polytechnic University.

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Date Created: 10/03/15
t n a 39 39 r IILFI n I I 39 7 9 True True 5 i39 73 l ngth Diameter stress strain Al I fin 111 psi 1nin 3 27000 24420 03945 39 quot 66 164 893 0200 I 25700 26997 04343 173486 0300 E O quot 02 O3 a Ki or In a In I n ln 6 Tr rim GEM 1n151970 ln k n 1n01 119314 1n k n 23026 1HL1731486 1n 1 n 1n031 120619 11 k 11 120401 01325 10986 n C n 012 which is in the range of ECG metals g m S 1 r z quot 5 6l I 2 3 V V an NIH l0 1 J A 0 I a g mp b 3E 40M94 01 K0lb4 z of k 1 05 I L 4 03 L 4 3 f 5 f q fquot rquot if quot a I I I v M 0 a 7 2 4 i 94 V v a 741 gcj 1y quot4 2 524b5Z 4416quot Q I 7 I 39 wry1 l gxJ quot r quotr quot I V quot II wfr39fquot Mquot j V 39 r w 139 K wr ail IZ39VL Lquot Eairks a BILL Vow 144 JOquot quotIquot 2 039 31 f 1 k z q 6 quot P 0 7quot T J 2 LL 4 D I 0 0 2 A a quotVJRU 7 0 f 4 4 L E ltmogt 1 392 r w quot quot OIL quot 10 I 5 I A a quotquot139 w 39 01 I n LQA 20 5 7 3 11 Lquot 6 CM 2 O 9 C P A 72 a on A u X 05 944 5 1r 392 1 y a j A 7quot 39 39 397 9 v9 a r M 7 lo03710 4LJO fl4 c Az if r IZ0Z 4ZquotF0 f 3quotquot 39 quot irii 3931 7 V 7ZVCLkmp4 iiiQj t a39 gr az 39 o 39 fotz u I 25 lv a a 41012 Klao 42x 752 752 57v 9553 39 a J h 7497 7702 ym aSz zui b gram 3342 454g154mg fK A I 1 Eryn r Iquot quot459 quot 39 Hrgtgtmltii 7570 4 7 141mquot 3quot 95c 39 39 quot r Engineer s Computation Pad Lo quot1 8 L0 395 1 3 7290 I O J z I V 7 x 0 v I 24 9 51 372 quot w quota 4 I 431 C a v 39 2 y 553 A C 0 3x 2 39 rawquot C In Inf Chmf 4 4 0 0K 2 Pie P m er PJ JL J Tm xol4 7st a 04 3 1 4L OM 2000 3000 4000 Mo Hing neerahn K R a mi 4211 k 7 a f lt bef k 394 0519 9 int 4 04 no quotJ 9 M S Pt 9 2 39 W ilk n E w i 0 rtquot 7 all 1 5 264 9 quot V x a rquot W 39 2 a I AVALr C 39L j J r 1 Iquot I LIIquot A l 39V Iquot an I f 5 J 2 KM quot 4399 a 364 I quotl39 a a A4 quotl E39 yquot LawnMo 43931 iv W H 4 j a 2 a 39 i 39 I 0 WOWJ 01415 W29 m5 M rv a iw 7quot quot W gm 1 f gt I I M It 39 39 v 1 Hm 39 56 0 Q l fx f quotquotIVI 3 d 6 39 1 53271 39 H P V 1 l r A quotu 39 quotx39 171 fin quot1 39 quot quotquot quot1L n w 4 usquot quot7 i L V y ynyi 446L a ka


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