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Sustainability Notes 8

by: Paige Holub

Sustainability Notes 8 ENVS 1342

Paige Holub

GPA 3.731

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About this Document

Hello everyone! Included in this note packet are discussions facilitated by the professor and the T.A. of our Environment, Soc. Sustainability class. Enjoy!
Environment, Society & Sustainability
Amanda Weaver
Class Notes
environmental, Environmental Sustainability, sustainability, Environment, Environment Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Paige Holub on Saturday March 19, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to ENVS 1342 at University of Colorado Denver taught by Amanda Weaver in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see Environment, Society & Sustainability in Physical Education at University of Colorado Denver.

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Date Created: 03/19/16
Paige DeWitt-Holub 3/14 “Dams and Hydraulics: 1 Water, Urbanization, and Agriculture Production (Case Study: Study Valley).” -initiatives, indigenous rights disputes, “Three Gorges” -“Tehri, India” dam in India – villages, settlements forced to move (movement is a human impact, on one level… besides the ecology behind altering somewhat) -save percentages of water, water develops entire urban centers, water helps things run -most dams have been built in the 20 century -“The Era of Dams” -hydraulics mess up the construction of lands -“water engineering” signifies a to-date innovation of civilized society -many dams are “World-Bank Funded” -politicizing of the modern structure of dams – dynastic or hierarchical developments around the access to dam rights, technological functioning (akin to the rice paddies rights) -globally managed dams has the potential to improve the control of power (indigenous and rural peeps currently get the worst) -Agriculture in California -“$42.6 billion dollar industry” -diets about vegan concerns would not make sense with almonds that soak up so much water compared to other crops -raw almond marketing push -produce all items in the region where it rains but with the marketing and such we utilize water in unnatural capacities -“Central Valley – four most productive counties in the U.S.” – primarily livestock about 1/6 of all irrigated cropland is in the U.S. -irrigation water might be utilized from the ground water table through a pump but most of it is from reserves -irrigation agricultural landscape patterns tend to be circular -irrigation is not very efficient to the water (like Egypt’s Nile) -waterlogging (infiltrated water table levels rising, saturated soil, plants can drown) 1 All notes in quotations are taken from the board of the professor. -“some believe it is only possible to consistently irrigate the same area for a century or two” -urbanization – growing population, particularly in California (“92% urban pop.”) -Professor Weaver did most of her thesis on urbanization of local farmers -local vs. national or even international foods (question of ripeness) -land use disputes -“Climate Change and Snowpack” controversies -groundwater compensation depletes the resource of “subterranean reserves”


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