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by: Willa Raynor

StrengthofMaterialsI ME218

Willa Raynor
CSU Pomona
GPA 3.85


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 15 page Class Notes was uploaded by Willa Raynor on Saturday October 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ME218 at California State Polytechnic University taught by BabakBolouryAzad in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 45 views. For similar materials see /class/218329/me218-california-state-polytechnic-university in Mechanical Engineering at California State Polytechnic University.

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Date Created: 10/03/15
i g g giz ghi x j seig gf k xi f3 S qk ng g i z Zr 3amp3 535 JQMH 4 Tina A i iw m q 34 3 4 A gagggfw f 3 33 q 3 giaom nx H A b H g 0 u b fgi i gasd 333 gfig i i ia l ax f as xgi g wxgofswkqg gg 7 iqggx g 325 iiJ aa s slgj 53 u s gt 3 130 314 J 331LGEI11 5 G 331 L8 486 39ON ped uouemdwog egeeug ug J m m Engineer39s Computation Pad 3 STAEDTLERCR N0 937 811E What Engineer s Computation Pad 9 STAEDTLERm No 937 811E www Mk e cm r u v H b 8 CHC AX Jami mum F M CCW Wilts Feb Wayf WK 5quot L I 139 ZFyOgt V VBVgtL AXO i W Avw x qltTv l3man AXQMJ C CVAv O k A Hl TkngCbMampyeLw 5 x gt dV 4 o39lx c quotc Wm NKLWW chm Engineer39s Computation Pad N0 937 811E E STAEDTLER 23 Ewi if 363 D MZPHO amp A3TVJVI3ltPXACDXVAWMV HO quot0 N Igt13ltPx I VltDx I Cnvall N D lt 9x pltpx W Ava no Dlt9 L VX 92f 390 7ltVX 39 33 2L 9 we 338 13 VIIltPxIW xVuo 3 V3 Px LIC by mgr prrkzr k AprNAA Vx L w k OlaPX 90948 9x it 9XIVOVEP Eult me iiawhxrgwwwannovif ZVIZPU I F 0E7 4FP H 9 EEVMQP LK L gpi7 mgikwag g v Q A Lvrgt 13 02 202 P z rm on 8om onmo l0m I A Ouxuw z 0 nm onArv02lawnQV0m1m mw 0quotka PU T WET rm iTuuuTE m A d kAxhd H Z on F5 00 HE39IJIIEVJS E 3118 186 ON quot7 pad uouemdmoo SJSBU5U3 ROBLEM s 17 517 and 318 Draw the shear and bendingmoment diagrams for the beam and P loading shown and determine the maximum mm value aofthe m bofthe quot kV 3 IN L a z 39 39L sownon B DEM o 705 L150 aoos 1002M o m 255 RN 1 r 300 39 200 39 200quot 300 1 92 MA o oo3 450 7oo310008 so Dimenn39onsinmm 8 3 45 N 1 um A A V 255 kN Mo 23955 I A n39C V 23101 a E it x M C 3M 332Mc o o45 300 LV 43oo2551 M o 255 M 765 Mm 445 mom C E v 045 Nm 125 103 5 ms A 3 1 3M 9m 0 C75 1 3 042WL oo2520033 255 V 4 M 2 o A c D E a x M 393 C75 Nm A 13 3 395 M 9quotZMD 39 500M233 6200 3 L I l39o M t o 2 55 V Mr n25 Nm E 0 8 v T 345 A E M w 92M o C V M 3oo3qs 0 L300 M l035 Nm 345 AB v3t5NmJ Mo Maximon V 345 k MawHo INquot 25 NM 1 521 For the beam and loading shown determine the maximum normal stress on a PROBLEM 521 transverse section at C 10 kN SOLUTION I N 100 mm 31 quot I USmS CB 3 4 body f 4 I200mm M 223xla3ll o M e maxuf 39Nm 3104quot C H H 5 5 yfon modulo 393 redmale V F 12 gt 39 S i b h Ioo 2003 GCC7quotIO3 quota c5537 x10 m Nome SW53 3 M 720110 6 639 E 39 667r10 0398 quot0 6 2 l087 MPO PROBLEM 522 mv m i m m zm the mm mm m on a SOLUTION Readicms C A DJ Symme hy f2 5 o Ac mommoseym A5 C I550 L Use 92 Md OF beam as Fnee body V I A E D 2 ME O b Q 39 7 use VV IGSbXQ 7So2 15063 M o M 5700 JILH 68qxlo 153quot 8 gbh 32 72 m3 Nor I M 5M 5 s 72 Seca39ou meal opus PROBLEM 550 15 kips C 39 A L 4 ampL 4 R4 VICkP uIeLva U 8 39 12 23 V HfH 550 Using 11 methodsbe ec 53 solve Prob 516 515 and 516 Draw the shear and baldingmoment diagrams for the beam and loading shown and detetmine the maximum abmlute value a of the shear b of the bending moment SOLUTION SM cam VAO V3 V5 quot SA W 51x 1 0 393 039quot C D DaB 3 wigr v8 15 23k Areas under slur almavum A h C 5 D Svalx mes 32 Lap H D B 3v Jx none 72 k Bena ina momens MA 0 Ma MSvAslt Svatxr 400093 6 layH Ol rl kip39FL Mo Mw SVAx c32 43 wrap Ms M Svalx 44872 I40 MP MAXWIOM 1 23 ki as Maximum 1M No jarH l lem 572 Coninv d F 9 B SVJx Inkedi Bending momem h MA 0 a JulyH I2 tarH I m kt39p in inthe beam Behakn momens at D am E M 3956 M 52ud looxlo smxm NM m snubQtnuoqe 3534wID Nm Usina PerHon 39DE 37 a 39Fne body ng o v vE concs o 39 5 73 BcamAB supports a uniformly distributed load of 8 kNm and two concentrated loadsPaMQ Ithasbeenexpedmentallydeterminedtlmtthenonnalstressdueto bending on the bottom edge of the lower ange of the W 200 X52 rolledsteel beam is 100 MPa at D and 70 MPa at E a Draw the shear and bending moment diagrams for the beam b Determine the maximum normal stress due to bending which occurs SOLUTION For w 200x52 MIICJ 5 5690 s slaxw m3 52110 m3 35 ME 0 07 V Mp M OASXOHX8 0 V9 239 13 7 VN V5 20 ll Con Hn 0 ed i Pvfobpgm 573 corH Cn Jed as a We Ughquot Pof h on ACD Ugh Forion E39FB as aspire 59 l G 4 Z M 0 Mi Lulu Ck Q 2 V5 03 42045 B TiFyo Shear VA l2376 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l ZF o z 5 loogtltlvo 2 V 5 wax u 5 7 xOoS Wva 7 loaXI loo HIM H 50m 5 v ko5 9 13 mama 3 H VXOOXIO5ZL 0 z 1 VX loox 05 35 k 9 2 vx SoX soxl II II I IolooXX 4 50X DSgt 5 X O SL lQ Xoox1 50X LLS 50 X1 X 025 50Xm1b x1239 N wxdmlAWW LquKTM9L Engineer39s Computation Pad NO 937 811E I STAEDTLER EMT 3 C ivj ZF o 5 1SoVo X 3 39VGIN l x QZHA0 n 300 SVxl M 50o7s ix 375 amzc mic2 bE U14 Xlt 25 15m 39 looN xxamp l HMMl ElVJH 5 N1 1 05OS 0314 X gt 39 v 1 N ac ZF ogt S i50looo mZHR30gt H Soo7S Ioa f V1 Ix o M 117S CHX Engineer39s Computation Pad 2a MS S IN 5 I 100 N M 00 N 546 h N l 3WMW39LMMMCMMWI Anewtie MW 557 and 558 Determine a the equations of the shear and baldingmoment curves for the given beam and loading b the maximum absolute value of the bending moment in the beam PROBLEM 557 SOLUTION w mil 9 2N wgtt Ay w V V w x4 2 An 24 C Ax 39k s M0 61 x0 CLO 1 1 M20 a1 XL oCIL C39 39 wx w1 V wx3E 4 wx wx3 wLx M 2 GL 3 4 Mis maximum vker e 913 V O 39L 0 wslt 35 395 am 239 3 x L 1 1 L K L M39 2 139 4 33 W 042145 L WO 22 LY w 042265LX3 wLo ttac L 2 CL 3 009415 w L l 0 I 1 3x 39 LX L 3 i 39l


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