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by: Rosario Mosciski

HealthPsychology PSY326

Rosario Mosciski
CSU Pomona
GPA 3.81


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 40 page Class Notes was uploaded by Rosario Mosciski on Saturday October 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSY326 at California State Polytechnic University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 80 views. For similar materials see /class/218348/psy326-california-state-polytechnic-university in Psychlogy at California State Polytechnic University.


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Date Created: 10/03/15
Cal Poly Pomona Health Psychology PSY 326 Dr Katheryn McGuthry Course Overview C1 and Part of CZ Education and Experience Education and Research Focus Brain and Behavior with an Emphasis on Human Memory Degrees MS UCSD Neurosciences Dementia PhD Howard University Biological Psychology Head Injury Postdoctoral Study The University of Maryland MRI research The Georgia Institute of Technology Aging research Teaching Experience Morehouse College amp Reinhardt College Atlanta GA South University Savannah GA Mt SAC Fullerton College amp Cal Poly Pomona Syllabus Instructor s Name Katheryn E McGuthry PhD Campus Availability TTh 415 to 545 pm office in Building 24E Room 1211C campus phone 9098692038 Cal Poly EMail Address kemcquthrvcsupomonaedu Personal EMail Address kmcquthrvvahoocom Lecture and Exam Schedule Wk 1 Wk2 Wk3 Wk4 Wk5 Wk6 Wk7 Wk8 Wk9 Wk1O Wk11 4 4 4 11 4 18 4 25 5 2 5 9 5 16 5 23 5 30 6 6 6 14 Syllabus Continued Re uired Text and Other Items Sarafino E amp Smith T 2012 Health sychology BiopsychosocialInteractions Hoboken NJ Wi ey amp Sons 2 green longform Scantron sheets amp index cards Attendance Policy L Exams 4 exams 2 will be multiple choice fill in the blank and short answer each worth 100 points final is cumulative Makeup Exams documentation contact me ASAP different version Project Individual written 70 points and Group oral 30 points See syllabus Class Participation attentive submission of the presentation questions etc Syllabus Continued Topics Exam and Text Reading Schedule Week Dates Assigned Read Pgs Book Topics Chapter C Readings and Exams 1 44 Introduction 7 to 38 Seeing a Need Psychology s Role in C1 and C2 Health Current Perspectives on Health and Illness amp Relating Health Psychology to Other Science Fields Research Methods The Body s Physical Systems Modules 1 to 2 Note pay attention to subtitles and learn the key terms at the end of the chapters The Biomedical Model walla macaw mama Meats r a lrr ralgrgjl Risk Factor Example Heart Disease high fat intake no aerobic exercise amp smoking booksshouldbeiree com WWW familylrealthaven cum WWW sac Educalmn ed 36 UK Benefits of Healthy Lifestyle Positive Correlation between number of healthful practices and health across lifespan Note keep in mindthatwemust be 39 39 ca39utio s39fab iutthi conclusionsdrawn 39 39 Possible Reasons for Unhealthy Behaviors 1 immediate shortterm pleasure biology and the drivereward system 2 social pressure 3 ignorance 2009 Cengage Learnlng Personality and Illness Personality cognitive thought affection mood and emotion and behavioral tendencies that are relatively stable across time and C39rcumStanceS state versus trait theory Phoebe from Jill Greenberg Crying Baby Series httpabcnewsgocomHea lthpopupid2242810 Personality Traits amp Health Egs people who tend to express positive emotions live longer express high levels of anxiety hostility or pessimism are more likely to develop cardiac diseases The link between personality and illness is not unidirectional Longterm illness can alter personality traits beakwllderblogspolcom Behavioral Medicine amp Health Psychology Awareness of the impact of mind on health has increased and has resulted in two new fields Behavioral Medicine includes interdisciplinary areas and behaviorism including classical and operant conditioning Examples help modify behaviors such as those associated with high anxiety biofeedback methods L quot Know the difference between the cognitive and behavioral approach Health Psychology goals to i promote and maintain health a prevent and treat illness identify the causes of disease and the reasons behind good health AWN improve heath care systems and policy Biopsychosooial BPS Model The BPS Model 39 Biology Psychology cognition emotion and motivation Social society community and family friends BlO PSYCHO SOCEAL l i Family I System Go nlhve n Naurupsychiatry Saga Emomn Dependence I psychology Davao mam independence me as 9 Inclusion I exclusion Genetics buse Personality 7 b r a Behavmur mg lekaenniscemmmr mumeenmi The BPS Model has been used to promote heath and recovery from illness LifeSpan and Gender Perspectives The body cognition and environmental conditions change with age hence BPS systems change with age JMiBR UMM tibia giga cruisecriticcouk Health Psychology and other Fields Epidemiology study of distribution and frequency of injury and disease Terms mortality death morbidity illness and injury prevalence rate incidence new cases epidemic rapid increase trialxc om Health and Psychology across Cultures Sociocultural differences in health health beliefs and behavior Book Highlight Related nonpsychology careers read on own Biopsychosocial Research Theory Driven tentative explanation EQW Aim is Maugham W a 5mmer mm m Wmmugomimmt m quot 39 A team 03139 be arsrnuva devianlart cum Variables measured characteristics that can take on numerous values Eg variables used in the above study cognitive style social support measures stress measures Research Study Designs Study Design Setting DataCollection Method Descriptive Laboratory or Correlational Field Quasi Experimental Experimental ade prompt Manages inorgpeinorant Mian pgiitaiie a emote are to startammo D d t M 93909 e T Extramer ontqroii Experiments lndependent amp Dependent variables IVs are manipulated Example new antidepressant You have to measure some behavior to see if there a change DVs are measured Example level of depression new Nonexperimental Methods Descriptive Studies describe what is observed Correlational studies relationship between variables is measured eg significant relationship between depression and number of drinks a day can we make a causal statement Quasiexperimental studies similar to experiments but they lack some experimental control no N manipulation preexisting groups quot pre and post test comparisons Elucwstem cum Methodological Approaches Retrospective and Prospective Studies Retrospective look back on history of studies Blue Zonequot book relies on fallible memory costaricaestales ca The Blue Zone P roje ct SARDINIA ITALY mMA LINDA Jt Linmum 39Ivmsnic OKINAWA JAPAN Prospective looking forward follow a large group sample data overtime ad lookfor trends Methodological Approaches Developmental Studies Crosssectional and Longitudinal Studies crosssectional different ages are observed during a sample period Eg young to older adult reactions to stressful events note dirences might be due to cohort effects L time cost dropout rate Other Types of Studies Single Group Singlesubject approaches case studies peoplecom Elyn Saks Ben Underwood It is difficult to make generalizations to a larger group Other Research Methods Genetic research twin and adoption studies twin studies monozygotic vs dizygotic twins Blind Evaluation of Seau s Brain A National Institutes of Health study of Seau39s brain revealed he had chronic traumatic encephalopathy CTE V if 391 hrunictraurnaucencephalupathy cum Seau s brain was evaluated using a blind procedure The evaluators examined three unlabeled brains and identified findings consistent with those seen quotwith exposure to repetitive head injuries His son reported on Seau s behavior quotHe emotionally detached himself and would kind of go away39 for a little bitquot His son also stated quotAnd then the depression and things like that It started to progressively get worsequot I I a Ak 39 r In 1941mm In In lblnhtm Closed Head Injury i damage caused by head impact which drives the brain tissue against the inside wall of the skull http www lahey orglmageSR adiologyClickablelmagesBrainMRlisaginal ipg hm u load Wkimedia orgWlklpedlacornrnons innerisurrace ip925ODXrSkulliinnerisurfacei thurnb88dSlltull pg Head Injury Videos Slow Motion Guys Football 40 seconds into video httpwwwvoutubecomwatchvXiw09lnuFJk College Football Concussive Injury httpwwwyoutubecomwatchvQzKKUJ5eRxoampfeaturerelated CoupContrecoup Simulation httpwwwvoutubecomwatchvVqlkpt9d89q Disturbing Video Skateboarder demonstrates fencing posture and seizures after hitting his head httpwwwvoutubecomwatchviCJ Ow8i KLLM Structure of the Vertebrate Nervous System Cingulate gyms Parleml lobe Frontal lobe Corpus callosum Tissue di lng Occipital lobe Ialeml venlrkles Nucleus accumbenx Supemr and Hypothalamm inferior colliculi Pituitary gland Mldbraln Central canal of spinal card 2009 Cengage Learning The Cells ofthe Nervous System The nervous system is comprised of two kinds of cells neurons and glia glial what is their function dondlitu islwcylamliilull ollgudqndrocylg l Wallacqu l nuclan quotwon coll body I mm mmmis m WW mammal nimavmlwlsw The brain contains 100 billion neurons Nerve Impulses and Neurotransmitters A nerve impulse action potential is the electrical signal that is transmitted down the axon of a neuron Schwann cell Depolarlzed region nod of Ranvier Myelln sheath 39 h pquotffrashdi fileswgrdpresscomN 090715altatorygoonductiori mg Neurotran39smitters NTs are released from the axon terminals into a synaptic cleft The NTs can bind to receptors on other cells The Nervous System Major Subsystems The CNS and PNS mu Nervous System brawn B n Corpus Cerebral callusum cortex Somatic blue Canlmls voluntary made and mnveyx senmry 39n armatran to the antral nervous system 1 energy Pamsympathetit Conserve energy 2009 Cengage Learning The Peripheral Nervous System PNS The PNS The Somatic and Automatic Nervous Systems NS r mg n mmmww Peripheral puhrR TFruhrm newesgutmm Aulnnnmic yuuvspma cmd awrtuhrNOhHk my av n2 3 mm uv mama m unmmeptthJmunuagummm Steps of Early Embryonic Brain Morphogenesis Major Bram DIVISIons quot2223 Hindbrain Midbrain amp Forebrain 9 neura Q Otherdivisions diencephalon and telencephalon nube39 I 39gt I micgt human smge 11 gastalbun weak 4 gt cephalic exum human stage 12 human slage 13 human stage 15 gestalion week 4 9 5lati0n W9 5 gestation week 5 httpIscienceblogscomlpharyngulauploadl200905brainmorph jpeg Pineal gIand Inferior Mldbra39m oHiculus Tectum Forebrain Fosterolateral Medu a View 0f brainstem 2005 Cenyage Learning Autonomic NS Sympathetic and Parasympathetic NS Sympathetic NS prepares organs for high activity T heart rate blood pressure respiration etc fight or ightquot 1y uses norepinephrine a m a 1 I Parasympathetic NS for relaxed nonemergency responses ifs of sympathetic NS Dominant during relaxed states 1y uses acetylcholine 7 m nerves amp L nerves vquot Se e 94 g 1 E a S Inquot 39Llt39 3 5 5 3 39 u 5 a i gnagw 3g 35 5 g g e 2009 Cengaga Learning Divisions Some Major Structures Forebrain Cortex Thalamus and Hypothalam us Hippocampus Basal ganglia amp Limbic System Mmd b gm Forebrain Hindbrain Medulla Pons C ekrebellum Medulla Pons and Cerebellum Medulla responsible for vital reflexes such as breathing cranial nerves Pons Contains the reticular formation and raphe system wthe medulla works to T brain arousal and readiness Cerebellum Motor coordination attention etc ll nerve C I L lngu a e gyms Cranial nerve ll Parietal lobe Frontal lobe Thalarnus Cranial nerve 1V Cranial nerve lll Corpus mllosum Clallial news V Tissue dividing Occipltal lobe Pun lateral ventricle Cranial nerve Vlll CErEbe39mm Nucleus aczumbzns Swarm and V Hypothalamus inferior mlliculi Pimllary gland M db am Fons Cerebellum s lnal card 9 Central Canal at spinal 0rd 2009 CEngaga Learning 2009 Cenqage Learning The midbrain is comprised of many structures For now focus on the substantia nigra It is a major Da source The Midbrain It is important for movement and is depleted in Parkinson s Disease http faculty Washington ed Ualexbe MEDEXFallpdnl QWJDQ Cingulate gyms Parietal lube Frontal lobe Corpus callosum Occipllal lobe ssile dividing lateral ventritles Nucleus aeeumbens swam and inrerior olliculi Hypothalamus Mid brain Pituitary qland Central anal of spinal turd 2009 Cengage Learning The Forebrain The Cortex and Subcortical Structures The forebrain comprised of the cerebral cortex and subcortical regions Principle of contralateral control Grey Matter cells and White Matter axons Some Subcortical Structures Cingulate gyms Frontal lobe Parietal lobe Corpus allosum Thalamus Hypothalamus Hormones amp Tissuedividing lateral ventricles Drive Nucl zzzzzz umbens Occipltal lobe Hypothalamus Superiorand inferior collicul Pltuilarygland 39 M db39 quot Pom Cerebellum Limbic System Emotion and Memory Spinalcurd Simplified 2009 Cengage Learning Central anal of spinal cord The Thalamus Relay Station Cingulate gyms Parietal lobe Frontal lobe Thalamus Curpus allosum 39 sxue dividing Occip a lobe lateral Venlrides Nucleus accumben Supenor and Hypochalamus 7 interior uniculi Pltuitary g and V I l Mmbram PDns Cerebel urn S39 I d pma Eur Central anal of spina or 2009 Cengage Learning The Cerebral Cortex Major Divisions The cortex consists of the cellular layers on the outer surface It has 2 halves joined by axons corpus callosum amp anterior commissure 4 lobes frontal temporal parietal amp occipital Sylvia or 39 lateral ssun quot WWWooheadquarterscomcoOuterBrain lxjpg I nn39cml Eul39u Lobes of the Cerebral Cortex Frontal Reasoning amp Planning Executive functions Parietal Spatial Orientation Sensory Strip Temporal Memory amp Emotion Auditory processing Occipital Visual processing mu Urummuns Wlkimedia DrgWlklFlla EfraingiLubEs png Hormones A hormone secreted by a gland or group of cells is transported to other organs via blood stream They trigger long lasting changes Endocrine glands are responsible for the production of hormones Ma39or Players pituitary hypothalamus sends messages master gland adrenal glands stress thyroid activity level and growth pancreas glucose levels The pituitary and Hypothalamus The pituitary gland consists of two glands anterior amp posterior that release a different set of hormones The hypothalamus the master gland causes the pituitary to release hormones The hypothalamicpituitaryadrenal axis reactions to stress and alarm Pituitary stalk mbrane covenn g39q amund rain Bahe at base airanial cavity I Anterior lube Posterior lobe or pllutlary of pllmtary 2009 Cengage Learning


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