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by: Robin Bosco

UnderstandingandAppreciatingthePhotographicImage COM280

Marketplace > California State Polytechnic University > Communication > COM280 > UnderstandingandAppreciatingthePhotographicImage
Robin Bosco
CSU Pomona
GPA 3.99


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 232 page Class Notes was uploaded by Robin Bosco on Saturday October 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COM280 at California State Polytechnic University taught by WayneRowe in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 106 views. For similar materials see /class/218349/com280-california-state-polytechnic-university in Communication at California State Polytechnic University.


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Date Created: 10/03/15
2 27 14 COMZSQ Chartres Cathedral M Pei Architecture The Louvre Le Corbusier Ronchamps Santiago Calatrava 39 Honey comb designs 39 Spider web designs Santiago Calatrava Ricardo Legorreta Mexico h43gentaspinkg yeHovvg purplesterra cota Ball shapes Ricardo Legorreta Ricardo Legorreta Frank Gehry Frank Gehry Frank Gehry Frank Gehry Frank Gehry 2 18 14 CQM 28G Larry Buroughs P77 Stanley Forman Soiling of old glory Stuart Franklin Steve Liss Gulf war Kevin Carter Pulitzer Prize Charles H Porter Fireman and child in Oklahoma city Pulitzer Prize James Nachtwey Lennart Nilsson 41114 CQM 280 Phase One Camera You could replace the backs of Phase one cameras with a digital back or film back Gunter Derleth 39 Pin hole camera Jeffrey Aa ronson Jeffrey Aa ronson All his pictures have reflections and the view in front of him Jeffrey Aa ronson Chase Jarvis The Best Camera is the one that s with you Chase Jarvis 36 14 Com 280 New Video Characteristics Extremely fast Casually surrealistic Condensed Relationships between It will go beyond story rather than within scenes telling No model to follow New role for words Rely heavily on computer graphics Manipulate photographs to make them richer 2 13 14 CQM 280 Joe Rosenthal Iwo Jima Mt Suribachi Only 2 ofthe marines shown survived the war Won a Pulitzer Prize Honored by the Marine Corps by having a monument built replicating the photo Carl Mydans quotPromise the Philippine people I shall return Joe Mac Arthur Ed Clark President Franklin Roosevelt s funeral Chief Pety Officer Grayham Jackson playing quotgoing home I Alfred Eisenstadt P134 Times Square Victory overJapan Nat Fein Babe Ruth Pulitzer Prize Robert Doisneau W Eugene Smith Life magazine Spanish village it lives in ancient poverty and faith The priest Agricultural work and labor Photojournalist Reverence for life Contact sheet from quotA Man of Mercy The bread maker Widows wearing black The weaver The Shakespeare of photojournalism Veiled woman Local police in Spain Family honoring their dead grandfather The negative is the score music while the print is the performance W Eugene Smith W Eugene Smith Robert Frank The Wild One Rebel without a Cause William Klein Gun2 Revolver Andy Warhol Gun Elliott Erwitt Segregated Water Fountian Charles Morgue The death of segregation Birmingham Alabama Robert Jackson Won a Pulitzer Prize Bernie Boston Antiwar protest at the pentagon October 211967 Diane Arbus Pro war parade photo Don McCullin Tet offensive Crayons on the ground Eddie Adams Viet Kong member suspected of terrorism Won a Pulitzer Prize BHIEppHdge John Paul Filo Student newspaper photography Pulitzer Prize Nick Ut Pulitzer Prize Napalm Bombing victim 2 20 14 CQM 28G Roy DeCa rava Ernst haas 130 14 Pa rt 2 CQM ZSQ Edward Bu rtynski Manufactured Landscape Earthrise from space William Anders Yann Arthus Bertrand Aerials French Photographer India cotton tapestries drying Yann ArthusBertrand Kuwait Yann ArthusBertrand Abu simbell egypt Yann ArthusBertrand USA Utah Yann ArthusBertrand Argentina Yann ArthusBertrand Mt Everest Yann ArthusBertrand Indonesia Rice plantation Yann ArthusBertrand Brazil slums Yann ArthusBertrand Golden Pavilion Kioto Japan Yann ArthusBertrand Olive Tree Plantation Yann ArthusBertrand Lowered Valley France Yann ArthusBertrand Ritual Bathing Ganges River Yann ArthusBertrand Australia Queens Land Yann ArthusBertrand Venice Italy Yann ArthusBertrand Palm Springs pass Yann Arthus Bertrand Russia sides of a volcano covered in snow Yann Arthus Bertrand Cotton bails Yann ArthusBertrand Brazil Rio De Jenero Statue of Christ Yann ArthusBertrand Chrysler Building Yann ArthusBertrand Touson arizona 852 bombers Yann ArthusBertrand 10 and 110 freeway intersection LA 3414 COM 280 Paul Strand Alvin Coburn The octopus Laszo Mohon Nagy ind Aaron Sisk Laszlo MohonNagy Photogram Man Ray solarization Anton Bragaglia Slow shutter speed El Lissitzky P280 Constructor Jerry Uelsman Gjon Mili Painting with light Barbara Morgan Barbara Morgan Barbara Morgan Dong HongOai Dong HongOai umudnc Dong Hong Oai David Hockney Help is on the way 17 second insert that has nothing to do with the film Class Notes February 10 2011 Test 3 on weeks 5 and 6 material is Thursday February 17th Photo Analysis Paper due Thursday March 3ml PB 391 7 Joe Rosenthal Raising the Flag in Iwojima Japan Hiked up a mountain when he knew the ag was being own up 4 of 6 marines in photo died in war Monument in DC of photo Joe Rosenthal honoured by US Marine corp General Douglas MacArthur 7 defeated in Philippines by Japanese Photographer Carl Midens 7 captured Photographer Ed Clark Photo of Graham Jackson playing Going Home after FDR s death Eisenstatz PB 134 Sailor kiss Photo of number 3 Babe Ruth Nat Fein Pulitzer prize winning photo Joe DiMaggio Photographer Henri CartierBresson 7 PB 80 The decisive moment Doisneau PB 120 A bit more humourous Same photojournalist as Country Doctor Worked for Life magazine Spain photo essay of a village Spanish village 7 It Lives in Ancient Poverty W Eugene Smith A Man of Mercy 7 Dr Schwitzer Bruce Davison 7 Coney Island of a couple Robert Frank 7 Trolly Bus PB 247 7 William Kline Revolver Andy Warhol 7 Gun Marilyn Monroe Elliot Erwitt Segregated Water Fountain Pete Harris Little Rock Ark Death of Segregation PB 196 Birmingham Ala Malcolm Browne Buddhist monk protesting Vietnam gov t in 1963 Lee Harvey Oswold 7 accused of killing JFK Robert Jackson Pulitzer prize winner PB 227 Don McCullin Eddie Adams Pulitzer Prize winning photograph of Asian boy held at hunpoint PB 138 Bill Epridge Kennedy shot National Guard to student protester John Paul Filo 7 newspaper photographer Pulitzer prize Larry Burrows PB 77 Vietnam war photo Nick Ut PB 468 Children burning from napalm 26 14 COM 280 Diane Arbus P 23 Twin on the right is happier and neater The twin on the left is a little more distraught Diane Arbus Used flash Diane Arbus Garry Winogrand Inter racial couple Illegal in some states Holding monkeys instead of kids quotI don t really have messages in my photographs I am just trying to catch a slice of reality and put it in a photograph Garry Winogrand car and bus Garry Winogrand Telephone booth Garry Winogrand You can see the Hollywood star at the bottom ofthe picture We have different classes of society Two sets of shadows one from the sun and one from the reflection Lee Friedlander main street baby stroller with soldier statue Mary Ellen Mark 0 Seattle Mary Ellen Mark Lillie Seattle Bruce Davidson East 100th street Deathhour Danny Lyon Bill Owens 2quot r 1 A V H 71 6 Suburbia Livermore Bill Owens Bill Owens Bill Owens Bill Owens 8950 m Bill Owens Bill Owens William Eggleston Lives in Memphis William Eggleston William Eggleston William Eggleston STUDY GUIDE FOR COM 280 TEST 1 There may have been a problem with the first emailing last Thursday SOME INTERNET TEST REVIEW AND PHOTO RESEARCH SITES wwwgooglecom Once you are on the Google site click on Images type in the name ofthe photographer you are interested in and then click on Search Images This is a very good way to view many ofthe photos shown in class You can then make thumbnail copies for review See also YouTube for the excerpts of the DVDs we saw in class www mastersofphotogra phy com wwwphotographyabout com wwwmomaorg wwwgettyedu wwwartstororg httpenwikipediaorg wwwfineartphotographyonlinecom wwwbrain39uicecom wwwimdbcom The Internet Movie Database TEST 1 will cover the following sections of the Course Outline Introduction and Orientation the Early History of Photography including the various Photographic Movements shown in the handout Parts I amp ll of Zen and the Magic of Photography as well as appropriate pages of The Photo Book The objective questions and projected images will be based on Handouts DVDs class lectures The Photo Book the Zen book and the photographs of photographers shown in class The test will cover all we will have done through our last meeting next Tuesday October 4 The test will be given at the BEGINNING of class on Thursday October 6 2011 Bring a Scantron 882 and a 2 pencil After the completion ofthe test we will start the next unit on OOOPhotography and LightOOO Among the Photographers whose images were shown in class are the following Nicephore Niepce Hippolyte Bayard Louis Daguerre William Henry Fox Talbot Nadar Manuel Alvarez Bravo Alfred Stieglitz Alexander Gardner Timothy OOOOSuIIivan Gustave Le Grey Albert RengerPatzsch Dr Harold Edgerton Paul Strand Edward Weston Julia Margaret Cameron Edward Muybridge Louis Lumiere Eugene Atget Lady Hawarden George Davidson Alvin Langdon Coburn WEugene Smith Charles Negreetc In addition you should also review and understand the concepts and definitions of Zen satori haiku studium and punctum the Third Effect as well as the philosophies of Roland Barthes DT Suzuki and Martin Buber as explained in Parts I and II of Zen and the Magic of Photography There will be questions based on this subject matter Be familiar with the DVDs shown in class They include Martin ScorseseOOOs Personal Journey Touch of Evil La Dolce Vita The Godfather Part I Battleship Potemkin etc Check the bookstore Friday for the arrival of more textbooks or use Amazon There is a copy of both books in the Reserve Library on the 2nd floor of Bldg 15 for 2 hours use Class Notes February 8 2011 Documentary Photography Unit News War Protests Test 3 on February 17 2011 Burning Mills 1853 7 one of the rst action news photos Rochester NY Blurry from long eXposure slow shutter speed Daguerreotype American civil war Fredericksburg Home of a Revel Sharpshooter 7 Alexander Gardner Field where General Reynolds Fell 7 Timothy O Sullivan Similar to Harvest of Death Confederate prisoners photo Burial Party Studium amp Punctum Former slaves are the ones doing the burial work Skulls 9 death of war The aftermath of war in Charleston Nadar talking to scientist Sequence of interview Illinois State Prison photo essay Eugene Atget 7 street musicians Rag picker Closeups of architecture for painters Notre Dame The Steerage 7 Alfred Steiglitz Jacob Riis 7 Denmark Upset with child labour laws Home of Italian Rag Picker Street Arabs at Night 7 homeless boys 12 yr old boy in sweatshop Lewis Hine 7 Vintage Photographs Powerhouse Mechanic Italian Immi grant Sweatshop NY Ellis Island7looking for lost baggage Young Jewish girl from Russia arriVing at Ellis Island River boys Texas Young girls in knitting mill Paul Strand Blind Woman Wall street photo with shadows at dusk The execution of Ruth Synder 7 Tom Howard Eric Salomon Banquet Available light Brassai 7 French Photos of night life Lovers in a Bistro Weegee 7 Arthur Felig The Hidenburg disaster PB 412 Funeral Cortege 7 End of an Era Migrant Mother 7 Dorothea Lange Great Depression Margaret BourkeWhite Documented rebuilding projects across country Chain gang in Georgia Time magazine cover Russian female eld workers Rembrandt triangle Arthur Rothstein Oklahoma Dust bowl Eisenstadt Jewish Documented Hitler s society in Germany amp Hitler s army Book burning in Nazy Germany Robert Capa Death of a Loyalist Soldier 7 Spain Documented landing crafts in DDay Normandy invasion on DDay W Eugene Smith Documented island of Iwojima Eisenhower with paratroopers before DDay 12314 Contrast of lighting 1 to 1 ratio completely even throughout 2 to 1 halfthe amount of light on one side And So on for 6 to 1 8 to 1 10 to 1 Ugh ng Add soft light using an umbrella Bounce back light using a gold sheet fabric reflector Hard light creates harsh shadows Bounce filled Dyna lite flash heads The flash of inspiration Soft boxes Motivated source lighting quotI don t care what type of light you use as long as you can control it Charles de le tour W Eugene smith Kerosene lamp Layering the light Creating planes layers of light 0 Illusion of 3D depth Metal You have to reflect light onto the metal in order to photograph it because it will just reflect a harsh light Combo of hard and soft light Chair designed by frank gary 0 High contrast or low Early morning or late afternoon gives low contrast Willie Rownis Laura Garduno basket of light Herb Ritz Clint Eastwood Micheal Jordan Naomi Campbell FloJo Madonna in photo book Poetic Photography Roy Decarava Grew up and photographed Harlem The Sound I Saw Ernst Haas Sebastio Salgado image of gold rush in Calif Martha Graham 7 ballet dancer Andre Kertesz 7 Chairs Paul Strand 7 Chair and Shadow George Steinmetz 7 photo of fashion photographer and model Howard Sochurek 7 gun and small Asian boys W Eugene Smith 7 essay on mercurypoisoned girl Robert Doisneau 7 small boy bringing home bread Jerry Uelsmann Brett Neston 7 man with black nails The third effect in motion pictures also 113 Things don t fit Roman Barthlet the details raise at their own accord Young couple getting married in BayrootLebon The punctum destroys the studium Young girl holding mother s hand and doll Make Visible the invisible War sought Poland Northern Ireland young boy and soldier 113 Fran Erzen Photojournalism Smith Country Doctor Time or Life Magazine Large Picture more screen time Small pictures less screen time Battleship Potemkin sp Montage Einstein Corn 280 Notes Review The Third Effect 1 13 Arthur Rothstein Points of punctem involved Parts do not equal up W Eugene Smith Country Doctorquot Pictures Notes FILM Battleship Potemkin About Russian Revolution Coliding Images included The Third Effect Good lighting Tracking FILM The Godfather in the moment natural acitng editing was not on storyboards Cross cutting involved similar scenes FILM The Untouchables FILM North by Northwest Alfred Hitchok Suspense built slowly NEXT TEST ainters 4 hate ra hers rinci les of li htin Georges de la Tour painter 1 beautiful work with candlight Specular highlights burned out areas of light highlights FILM Barry Lyndon Director Stanley Kubrick first time to only show candlelight no external light American students in France photo shot by professor indirect light soft light Ritz pg3 86 Nicole Kidman Also soft light No dark shadows Barry Lyndon photo Geor eHurell 222 Girl with the earl earin Carol Lumbard Rembrandt Painter 3 The Rembrandt triangle towards the right eye the triangle formed by the l cheek Geor e Hurrell W i v L 1 d1 quot1 Caravaggio Painter hard light contrast George Hurrell Carravagio Vincent Van Go h Before awakened by colors in France quotStarry Night Over the Rhone Claude Monet Cathedral at Sunset George Meyerowitz Ca u e Liht Linda Butler quotInner Light the Shaker Legacyquot BOOK llonored the shaker s work which was made to honor god Tried to capture Spirituality also in light f worked for national geogr gied early morning in paris Lighting Contrast Ratio difference between main light and fill light Bounce Fill Light using a re ector to bounce light off one surface to another Motivated Source Lighting must show audience light source W Eugene Smith quotDoctor Albert Switzer Depth of Light Layering the lightPlanes of light light is in background further away creating an illusion of depth Canguery corregated cardboard Will Ronis Flor Garduno quotBasket of Life Citizen Kane FILM Deep Focus All planes are sharp Backlight where people are in front and line shines through Visions of Light Documentary Gregg Toland first that worked with candlight used depth of field Barry Lyndon Cinematographer natural candle lighting Noir French term means the absense oflight Iames Wong Howe Cinematographer lighting caused an effect had to make it work Conrad Hallcinematographer quotIn Cold Blood tears running down the face Blue Hour Magic hour 25 minutes no sun soft light sunrisesunset 1 Time The Third Man Film Noir llands through sewer grate trying to get out but dying Includes depth of field other elements Cartier Bresson Ready for the decisive moment Took pictures at the right moment Symbols The use of symbols in a picture 1 Woman with a lank for a bed acob Riis Staying in police station has no home Link the shadow of the arm extending out with the plank shows crucifixion Points of punctuation Eugene Smith quotThe minamata incedent company dumping mecury in the bay people ate the contaminated fish Contamination ate away brain Compared to mary and Christ statue 3 0r anization of the icture What s included in the frame balance combination ofpictures juxtaposition 1 Troll Bus New Orleans 195556 Robert Frank shows the segregation segregation between races and age women and men then children separated from crowd isolated in handcuffs the expression in his face bewildered scared Road tracks go close to his neck symbolizes the rope that may hang him Alvin Lan don Coburh New Yor k 1912 Tillie Octo us r if J and ambiguity of space Surrealism Andre Kertesz Dream Reality Surrealism Is the model esh and the manikin marble Alvarez Bravo Latin American photography 7 Light Paul Strand overexposed in order to let cowboy to be exposed Renger Patzsch Brissi photographer August sander Tenent farmer children a 739 39 a child has bowed legs due to lack f nutrition dust bowl Ma39r Ellen Mark The Waterfront FILM Gustav Le Grey Combination print extradinory to do at the time Two separate exposures Timothy O Sullivan Canyon de Chelly more punkdem closer in quotIt is thus near to nature that much of the life of the indian still is hence the story quotThe Vanishing Race Arnold Minken Veruschka Vera lehndorff Ansel Adams Yosemite Park Ansel Adams Edward Burtmslgz Manufactured Landscapes land was destroyed or manipulated my industry quotinspired by nature Yann Arrthys Bertrand Abstract 12814 CQM 28G Barry Lindon Punctum assaults the mind creates a dialog with the viewer 0 Edward Mybridge Henri Cartier Bresson a Arrow in the picture with legs making the point and the ladder making the shaft of the arrow Jacob Riis Police House Lodger Hand on the right side is for flash Shadow of hand quotcrossquot created with the shadow W Eugene Smith Effects of mercury 17 year old girl being held by her mother after her brain has been eaten from mercury Michael Angelo Flor Garduno Basket of life Diego Rivera Robert Frank Trolley Bus Strip of film with little frames per window Segregation Joseph Koudelka Man was going off to jail Separation between prisoner and people Off balancedcoud be what s going on in his mind Tire tracksnooseWHAT I Alvin Langdon Colburn Abstract 0 The Octopus Andre Cortez Pedro Meyer Manuel Alvarez Bravo Paul Strand 0 Light Creating depth Social Realism WaIIStreet William Albert Allard Ralph Steiner H H WI 9le Brassai Merion PostWolcott Two children in the country walking towards the camera down a dirt road Mary Ellen Mark 0 Seattle 2 25 14 CQM 280 Sebastiao Salgado Mathew Zimmerman Barbara Morgan Dennis Stock Frank Sinatra Paul Strand Chair and Shadow George Steinmetz Milan Italy photo shoot Elliot Erwitt Willy Ronis Jerry Uelsmann Alex Webb Surrealism Dorthea Lange Patterns Bill Brandt Abstracts Pete Turner Close ups Face painted red with bold eyebrows Manuel Alvarez Bravo Manuel Alvarez Bravo Manuel Alvarez Bravo Manuel Alvarez Bravo Manuel Alvarez Bravo Manuel Alvarez Bravo ltmcm gt233 walto Manuel Alvarez Bravo Manuel Alvarez Bravo Flor Garduno Flor Garduno Flor Garduno Column of light Feast of the holy cross Mask Torndo Boliva Water Mexico Dreaming woman Holy flowers Tree of life Bride and her mother Holy Chatholic Chirch Music Dance and Wind Waving She giant Holy rest Holy angel Divine face Guardian ofthe Cemertary Dust they become but dust in love Maria Veronica is dead Singers Threshold of incensce Offering corn Pedro Meyer From conquest to reconquest Mexican Power Live broadcast American waiting to old mex The strolling saint Temptation of the angel Day of the dead in veracruz Pedro Meyer Blind at mast The case of the missing painting Procession of incense Mixtecos at mass The sheriff Alberto Diaz Korda Alberto Diaz Korda Sebastiao Salgado Wood delivery in MExico Mud hole Preperation of Ta bacco Leaves Sugar cane in Brazil Iron Foundary Class Notes Feb 15 201 1 Test 3 7 Thursday February 17Lh Apocalypse Now Lighting Stanley Foreman The Soiling of Old Glory 1976 Pulitzer Prize winner Newspaper photographer Antibussing demonstration in Boston Bussing white children to black schools and Vice versa from Supreme Court law to make equal Alexander A The Fall ofthe Berlin Wall 1989 Stuart Franklin PB 156 Students Protests at Tiananmen Square in China Tank Man Christopher Morris Croatia 7 1991 Son of killed policeman Steve Liis Gulf War One DaVid Tumley Gulf War One 7 Kuwait Friendly Fire Mike Wells Uganda 7 symbolic of African famine Italian clergyman Kevin Carter 1993 in Sudan Vulture watching exhausted child on ground Pulitzer Prize Charles Porter IV 1995 Fireman and child in Oklahoma City James Nachtwey Book 7 Inferno Somalia amp Sudan Rwanda Nilson Fiberoptic Photography Bill Owens Family Lifestyle Stephen Shore Landscape color Mary Ellen Mark eens with gun Lee Friedlander Self portaits using shadows Garry Winogrand omen are beautiful Diane Arbus wrns Walker Evans Old depression era pictures Sam Shere Hindenburg Crash Arthur Rothstein Great Depression Charles Moore Civil Rights Blackman getting attacked by dogs James Nachtwey Book nferno Somalia amp Sudan Rwanda Charles Porter lV Fireman and child in Oklahoma City Kevin Carter Vulture watching exhausted child on groun Mike Wells Uganda Italian Clergyman Stanley Forman The Soiling of Old Glory David Turnley Friendly Fire Christopher Morris Croatia 1 991 Stuart Franklin Student Protests at Tiananmen Square China Nick Ut Napalm child Larry Burrows Vietnam War Photo John Paul Filo National Guard to student protester Bill Eppridge Kennedy Shot Eddie Adams Asian boy held at gunpoint Don McCullin Robert Jackson Pulitzer prizewinner Malcolm Browne Buddhist monk burning Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe Roberat Frank Trolly Bus Eugene Atget Street Musicians Rag Picker Closeups of architecture for painters Notre Dame Lewis Hine Powerhouse Mechanic ltalian Immigrant Sweatsho Y Ellis Island looking for lost baggage River boys texas Young girls in knitting mill Dorothea Lange Migrant Mother Great depression Margaret BourkeWhite Rebuilding projects across America Chain Gang in Geog39a Russian Female Field Worker Time Magazine Cover Robert Capa Death of a Loyalist Soldier Spain Documented landing crafts in DDay Normandy invasion on DDay W Eugene Smith lwojima Eisenhower with paratroopers before dday Rosenthal Raising the Flag Alfred Eisenstaedt Sailor Kiss Nat Fein Babe Ruth Henri CartierBresson e decisive moment Robert Doisneau A bit more humorous


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