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by: Robin Bosco

PublicSpeaking COM100

Robin Bosco
CSU Pomona
GPA 3.99


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Robin Bosco on Saturday October 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COM100 at California State Polytechnic University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 61 views. For similar materials see /class/218356/com100-california-state-polytechnic-university in Communication at California State Polytechnic University.

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Date Created: 10/03/15
Chapter 8 Using Language Successfully Understand how meaning amp culture create language and the power of language Meaningwords are symbols that you create leam and use to express your thoughts and feelings o Symbolic represents what it is referring to either by association resemblance or convention o Arbitrary relationship between work and what it stands for Culture learned patterns of beliefs values attitudes norms practices customs and behaviors share by a large group of people 0 Dynamic or in a constant process of reinvention shared transmitted from generation to generation based on symbolslanguage Power language helps you understand and create meaning and through language you create share and transmit cultural identity Its powerful Denotative dictionary meaning Connotative meaning we give the words emotional and personal Effective Use of Language 0 Correct 0 Clear 0 Specific 0 Appropriate 0 Oral style 0 Distinctive Correct 0 Malapropism incorrect world when speaker is not familiar with the best word for the situation or selscts one the sounds similar to the correct word I Error 1 7 misplaced modi er I Error 2 7 pronouns I Error 3 went versus gone I Error 4 subjectverb agreement Clear 0 Abbreviation shorting the words 0 Acronym word formed form the initials Speci c 0 Concrete worlds create precision clarity and vividness Focus on a person object action andor behavior and help listeners create a complete and hopefully accurate image Cliches over use word or phrases Fillers sounds words or phrases that serve no purpose and don t help audience to understand Appropriate o Doublespeak language that disguises or distorts what you mean 0 Euphemisms less direct words or phrases that are used to replace harsh distasteful or offensive language Oral style 0 Everyday language personal pronouns shortner sentences that put the subjects and verbs close together Distinctive 0 language that stood out from the norms 0 unique attention grabbing and memorable OO 0 Bene ts of using vivid language amp speech devices 0 Vivid language 0 Bright glowing vibrant colorful dramatic and amboyant o Sight soundsmell taste touch movement and tension 0 Tropes transform ordinary words I Smilir metaphor personi cation oxymoron hyperhole irony onomatopoeia rhetorical questions 0 Speech devices 0 Schemes help you create distinctive language I Repetition assonance alleration parallelism antithesis anastrophe asyndeton CHAPTER 10 Using Presentation Aids 0 Bene ts 0 Reinforce understanding and promote clarity Grab attention Assist with retention Improve your credibility Help you cross a cultural divide Convey emotion Persuade I Credibility I Draws attention interest 000000 I Help understand explain and gain attention I Argument 0 Types Actual items Models Photographs Drawing Charts and tables Graphs Media 0 000000 0 o guidelines for successful use 0 Proofread preview and practice Know when to display aid Don t pass it around Use the touch turn talk method Back up place CHAPTER 12 Evaluating Speeches Why how and the bene ts of evaluating speeches 0 Why 0 Teaches critical thinking skills 0 Builds con dence 0 Makes you a better communicator O O O O 0 Oral 0 Written 0 Bene ts 0 Tells you what you need to work on CHAPTER 14 Tools for Persuading o What is persuasion What does persuasion do 0 Speakers attempt to create reinforce or change the attitudes beliefs values andor behaviors of the listener Proposition of fact policy and value 0 Fact what is accurate or not 0 Value what has worth or importance What is good wise ethical or beautiful 0 Policy what procedures plans or course of action need to be terminate and or implemented Traditional amp modern appeals to persuasion o Traditions o Pathos listener s emotions o Mythos ones history in the larger culture 0 Ethos credibility o Logos logic 0 Modern 0 Need self actualization self esteem social safety and physiologic o Harmony constant state 0 Gain what they will benefit from changing 0 Commitment interest will change the way you view things 0 Fallacies o Faulty argument 0 Monroe s Motivated Speech Format 0 Attention 0 Need 0 Satisfaction o Visualization 0 Action CHAPTER 15 The Persuasive Speech What are the types of persuasive speeches o Convince o Stimulate o actuate o Organizing a persuasive speech 0 Organizational strategy 0 Commit to a strategy 0 Main points 0 Organize support materials into arguments CHAPTER 16 Special Event Speeches 0 Reasons for and types of special occasion speeches o Celebrate 0 Weddings 0 Birthdays 0 Graduations 0 Keep it brief 0 Recognize size of audience 0 Figure out where you are at a line up 0 Who you are next before in line up 0 Focus on biggest purpose of why you are there 0 It s not only about you and that person 0 Build a sense of community 0 Commemorative o Funerals 0 Worst day in someone s life 0 Eulogy 0 Speak to make audience remember feelings rather than what you said 0 What u say doesn t really matter 0 End with feeling of hope 0 Write down entire speech if eulogy 0 It s about the message 0 Inspire 0 Church o Pep Rally 0 Entertain 0 Comedy 0 Humor Appropriate 0 Creating a special occasion speech 0 Purpose 0 Special occasion 0 Audience 0 Central idea 0 Research 0 Outline 0 Practice 0 evaluate


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