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by: Gerda Pacocha

ManagerialAccountingforDecisionMaking ACC208

Marketplace > California State Polytechnic University > Accounting > ACC208 > ManagerialAccountingforDecisionMaking
Gerda Pacocha
CSU Pomona
GPA 3.86


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Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Gerda Pacocha on Saturday October 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ACC208 at California State Polytechnic University taught by VincentTurner in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 57 views. For similar materials see /class/218380/acc208-california-state-polytechnic-university in Accounting at California State Polytechnic University.


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Date Created: 10/03/15
ICALIFORNIA STATE POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY POMONAI Igollege of Business Administration COURS E Accounting 208 Managerial Accounting for Decision Making SECTION ACC 208 Room 6 207 INSTRUCTOR Vincent Turner CISA OFFICE 94 287 Telephone 909 477 1747 OFFICE HOURS Tues Thurs 12 to 2 pm E Mail Vinceschoolbizcom Place 208 in the subject line ACC 208A All students must be concurrently registered in both ACC 208 and ACC 208A GRADES Final grades will be awarded on the basis of individual achievement computed from the following allocation Midterm exam One 15 Midterm exam Two 20 Final exam Comprehensive 25 Term Paper 15 Homework 10 Attendance class participation 15 TOTAL 500 REQUIRED MATERIALS Managerial Accounting Introduction to Managerial Accounting by Brewer Garrison and Noreen CATALOG DESCRIPTION Introduction to managerial accounting and accounting information systems AIS including basic concepts limitations tools and methods Use of AISgenerated information to support the internal decisionmaking functions of an organization 4 lectureproblem solving and 1 selfpaced activity For credit both segments are to be successfully completed Prerequisites ACC 207 EC 202 and microcomputer pro ciency CO URS E DESCRIPTION This is the second course in a twocourse sequence covering introductory concepts in accounting Whereas the first course dealt primarily with financial accounting this course deals primarily with manageria accounting Managerial accounting takes an internal focus nancial accounting takes an external focus In both courses we39re placing emphasis on the uses of accounting information in decision making while still paying some attention to the rules tools and procedures of accounting This course will except for the content be similar to Acc 207 It will involve active learning writing working in groups and working with computers Our classroom primarily should be a place to exchange ideas Certainly mastering the concepts and tools of management accounting will be important but the overriding objective will be for you to leave the course with a clear fundamental understanding of the importance of accounting in decision making COURSE OBJECTIVES ACC 208 is the second course in a twocourse sequence consisting of ACC 207 and ACC 208 The broad objectives of the two courses are to prepare the students to Communicate with accountants in order to obtain needed information directly or indirectly and to appropriately use outputs of the AIS to make decisions andor meet internal and external reporting requirements EXAMINA TI ONS We39ll have two midterm exams as noted in the course schedule at the end of this syllabus Exams may contain any or all of the following question types multiple choice problems short answer matching or essay The final exam is comprehensive I do not give makeup exams under any circumstances If you miss an exam you39ll receive a zero points YOU MUST BRING A SCANTRON TO ALL CLASSES FOR TESTS AND EXAMS STYLE TYPE 50 ANSWERS ON FRONTAND 50 ANSWERS ON BACK Form 882E ACADEMIC INTEGRITY As members of a learning community honest exchange of original ideas is a key to our enterprise over the next ten weeks I therefore expect all work you submit to re ect your own original thinking if you borrow ideas from other sources you must give appropriate credit to those sources I will deal with any evidence of cheating plagiarism including downloading papers from the Internet or other such unethical processes swiftly and severely Please see the Universitv s policy on 39 39 integrity for a more complete explanation HOME WORK GRADE The student is expected to adequately prepare each reading and written assignment typed and not had written prior to the class meeting Suf cient preparation will require an estimated minimum of three hours outside the classroom for each meeting Written assignments will be collected and graded at the discretion of the professor at the beginning of each class period All homework must be turned in You must prepare your home work in two copies One copy of your answers to the homework will be turned in and one to be used in correcting your answers Note I may not grade all the homework and may only select certain homework problems to grade COURSE WEB SITE Black Board If you are registered for the course you will be able to access the course website on Black Board Go to blackboardcsup0m0naedu ACC 208 ASSIGNMENT SCHEDULE 1 Introduction Chapter 1 Lecture amp Problem 2 Chapterl BE 12 15 16 Chapter2 E 18110111 P 116A118A 3 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 BE 21 26 27 E 29 211 212 P 216A 221A 4 128 Chapter 3 BE 32 33 34 130 Chapter 5 E 36 37 38 Chapter 5 P 312A 314A 5 24 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 BE 51 52 54 26 E 57 59 513 P 517A 518A 6 211 Midterm BE 61 64 69 213 E 611 615 616 P 618A 623A 7 218 Chapter 7 BE 75 76 77 220 E 711 713 715 P 718A 720A 8 225 Chapter 8 Lecture BE 82 83 84 Chapter 8 Group Problem amp E 86 87 89 227 Chapter 8 Presentations P 8l3A 8l4A 9 3 3 Chapter 9 Lecture amp Group Problem Chapter 9 problems to be assigned later Chapter 9 Group Presentations amp 35 Chapter 11 Lecture Practice Final Exam 38 10 310 Chapter 11 Group Presentations BE 111 112 114 312 Group Projects Review for Final E 1 18 1110 1111 315 Common Final Exam P ll12A lll4A


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