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by: Gerda Pacocha

IntroductiontoAccountingInformationSystems ACC304

Marketplace > California State Polytechnic University > Accounting > ACC304 > IntroductiontoAccountingInformationSystems
Gerda Pacocha
CSU Pomona
GPA 3.86


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Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Gerda Pacocha on Saturday October 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ACC304 at California State Polytechnic University taught by MeihuaKoo in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 30 views. For similar materials see /class/218385/acc304-california-state-polytechnic-university in Accounting at California State Polytechnic University.


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Date Created: 10/03/15
Career Research Project Part of the goal of A00 304 is to begin developing your sense of professionalism as an accountant You are required to complete group professional development project and prepare a written paper and an oral presentation summarizing it The basic requirements for this project are straightfonNard to interact with accounting professionals and begin the career exploration process You are assigned to or can form a group of three to five students for this project Each person in your group must choose an accounting professional in a different area of accounting such as auditing external or internal taxation corporate accounting governmental accounting notforpro t accounting Note that the number of areas of accounting depends on the number of people in your group that is if your group has five people you ll have five topics You may ask any questions you d like within the general themes of professionalism and career development Here are some examples 0 Why did you choose a career in accounting 0 What career path did you take to get to your current position 0 What professional certifications licenses do you hold How have they helped you in your career 0 Which forms of information technology do you use regularly in your professional life How do you use them 0 What interpersonal and communication skills are important in your career 0 What are your most challenging responsibilities duties 0 What advice do you have for accounting students just beginning their education Your conversation with your subject should take no more than thirty minutes Take good notes during your conversation and send a thank youquot email a day or two aftenNard You are also required to conduct a research in the area of accounting that you have chosen Incorporate your research in the summary Written Paper Summarize your interview and research in one singlespaced page Arial 12 point font one inch margins Include your interviewee s information and research references in the bibliography Give a copy ofyour paper to all other members of your group As a group meet to discuss your interviews and research Identify at least two similarities and at least two differences in the information you gathered Summarize and discuss those similarities and differences use no more than one page for this part ofthe paper Put together your final paper It should include the individual interview and research results followed by the group summary Ensure that your name appears with the interview summary you wrote Thus if your group has three people you ll be submitting four pages to me one for each group member s individual interview and one with the summary Oral Presentation Structure your presentation in three parts a background ofthe professionals interviewed b similarities and differences in the answers to your interview questions and 0 unique things learned from each area Please prepare a set of PowerPoint slides to use during your presentation use no fewer than five and no more than eight slides in total Introduction to Accounting Information Systems Accounting 304 Winter 2010 Instructor Dr Meihua Koo Of ce Building 94 Room 248 Email mkoocsupomonaedu Vmail 909 8694531 Of ce Hours Monday amp Wednesday 100 7 150 pm amp Tuesday 940 am 7 noon COURSE REQUIREMENTS For students of accounting concentration a grade of quotCquot or better is required in ACC 207 ACC 208 EC 201 EC 202 ENG 104 ENG 105 FRL 201 STA 120 or MAT 125 for students on Catalog 2009 and after and microcomputer pro ciency Those students who do not meet this requirement will be dropped from the class If you can verify your prerequisites you may be permitted to reenroll in the class COURSE OBJECTIVES AND FORMAT This course is designed to acquaint students with the accounting profession and introduce the accounting information system that is designed audited controlled and maintained by accounting professionals Strong secondary emphasis is placed on the development of writing and computer pro ciency skills needed by the successful accounting professional It is designed so that students will gain an overall understanding of the business processes that comprise an accounting information system and of the work they may do to become a part of that system Lectures class discussions and computer labs will comprise the format of this class Be prepared to enter into discussions by reading text assignments and related articles Most class sessions will involve discussions and computer labs rather than merely repeating the materials from the text and assigned reading Quizzes of multiple choice questions from the textbook chapters will be given at the beginning of the class to encourage reading and studying of textbook materials In this class you will leam to l D general k 39 Ag of the quot r f 39 and how information technology is changing the traditional work of accountants 2 Understand traditional business processing systems and transaction cycles 3 Document and analyze existing accounting information systems using owchart 4 Develop communication skill and computer pro ciency needed in computerized accounting systems and accounting profession Identify accounting controls within the traditional accounting information system REQUIRED TEXTS 1 Accounting Information Systems 11th edition by Romney amp Steinbart 2 Systems Understanding Aid SUA 7th edition by Arens and Ward 3 Computerized Accounting Using Peachtree 1st edition by Arens and Ward RECOMMENDED MATERIALS Writing A Handbook for Accountants 6th Edition by May and May EXAMSGRADING POLICY UI Exams and quizzes will range from lO200 points each Exams will consist of multiple choice questions short answer questions and essays owcharting questions pertaining to the projects 1 and short problems Seven quizzes of 10 points each will be given during the quarter These will consist of multiple choice questions from the text to encourage reading and studying of text material at the time of lecture There will be NO MAKE UP EXAMS given for any reason If for an EMERGENCY reason you must miss an exam the instructor must be noti ed BEFORE the scheduled exam or a grade of zero will be assigned Class palticipation Students are expected to attend class every day All students are encouraged to form voluntary study groups However the nature of the materials in this course requires that each student personally perform the assigned problems You are not permitted to copy files or portions of files homework or answers from others I expect you to be truthful and honest in all that you do Work you submit will meet the academic honesty standards of Cal Poly Pomona INDIVIDUAL AND GROUP RESEARCH PROJECTS To be announced GRADES Your grade will be determined on the basis of the number of cumulative points scored on quizzes exams and projects The points will be weighted as follows SUA Test 80 points Peachtree Test 50 points Midterm Exam 100 points Final exam Comprehensive 200 points 7 Quizzes 70 points Flowchart Project 20 points Systems Understanding Aid SUA 100 points Career Research Project Individual 20 points Career Research Project7 Group 40 points TOTAL 680 POINTS Grading Scale 90 A 80 B 70 C 60 D 59 and below F STUDENT WITH DISABILITIES If you have a documented disability that may require assistance you are encouraged to contact me privately and to contact the Disability Resource Center 9098693333 Building 9 Room 103 for coordination in your academic accommodations ACADEMIC INTEGRITY Cheating of any kind on any project or test will not be tolerated in this class A student who is suspected of cheating will be subject to the appropriate procedures described in the student catalog These procedures provide guidance regarding cheating or plagiarism and may result in an assigned a grade of quotFquot for the course The procedures provide the instructor with the right to adjust individual grades due to circumstances that may affect a particular student during the quarter Cheating is defined as turning in work as one s own which is actually the work of someone else This applies to the projects as well as test answers quotPeekingquot at one s notes during an exam will not be tolerated quotQuestioningquot other students in my class as to quotwhat the exam coveredquot also constitutes cheating Any instances of this type will be punished by the assignment of an automatic quotFquot If you have any question as to whether a particular act lacks integrity and could be considered as cheating please ask me CSU EMPLOYEE FURLOUGHS IMPACT ON CLASSES This year across this campus and around the CSU system some class days will be cancelled because of furloughs campus are being furloughed two days per month A furlough is mandatory unpaid time off faculty and staff on each CSU My scheduled furlough days for Winter quarter are15 119 29 216 32 and 39 All my furlough days are on Tuesday There will be no office hours during my furlough days It is important to recognize that these days off are not holidays Instead they are concrete examples of how massive state budget cuts have consequences for you as students and for me as a faculty member TENTATIVE SCHEDULE subject to change TqLic ChaptersAssigments l 4 Accounting Information Systerns rientationIntroduction Quiz 1 Course Organization and Requirements Review Accounting Cycle 16 Accounting Information Systems An Overview Ch 1 Introduce Accounting Professions and Career Research Project 1 l 1 Systems Development and Documentation Techniques Ch 3 amp Quiz 2 ll 3 Flowcharting Workshop 118 Martin Luther King s Birthday 120 Overview of Business Processes Ch 2 amp Quiz 3 125 Introduction of SUA Bring SUA Flowchart Project Due 127 Midterm Exam 100 points Ch 1 2 3 21 SUA Workshop Bring SUA 23 The Revenue Cycle Sales to Cash Collections Ch 10 amp Quiz 4 2 8 SUA MonthEnd YearEnd amp Excel Workshop Bring SUA SUA part 1 Due 2 10 The Expenditure Cycle Purchasing to Cash Disbursements Ch 11 amp Quiz 5 215 President s Day No Class 217 The Payroll Cycle amp Internal Controls Case amp SUA workshop Ch 13 amp Quiz 6 222 General Ledger and Reporting System amp XBRL amp SUA workshop Ch 14 amp Quiz 7 224 Peachtree Workshop 7 Getting start amp Create a New Company SUA part 2 Due Bring Peachtree 31 Career Research Project Presentation Research Paper Due 33 SUA amp Excel Test 80 points 3 8 Peachtree Workshop 7 Waren Sports Bring Peachtree 3 10 Peachtree Test 50 points 315 Final exam 200 points from 140 am 340 am for Section 1 MW 200 7 350 pm class 315 Final exam 200 points from 350 am 7 550 pm for Section 2 MW 400 7 550 pm class ACCOUNTING 304 SYSTEMS UNDERSTANDING AID ASSIGNMENT SCHEDULE Instructions Flowcharts and Due Date tigers Book Hand In SUA Part 1 You are following Option 2 on p 11 of PHOTOCOPIES of your the Instructions Flowcharts and 0 General journal April 28 Ledgers book 0 sales journal 0 Cash receiptsjournal Read introductory information pp 3 purchasesjoumal 1239 16v and scan 253943 scan 0 Cash disbursementsjournal through all documents In the Payroll journal Documents Folder We will be using the Transactions list posted in Blackboard Carefully read Option 2 on p 11 Complete the sevenstep process for recording a transaction on pp 1112 for all transactions on the transactions list SUA Part 2 Complete all seven ofWAREN39S o Entire project including all MONTHEND PROCEDURES on pp schedules Worksheet financial May 19 1213 statements supplementary trial Complete all seven of WAREN39S YEAREND PROCEDURES on pp 13 Do WRAPPING UP on p 15 balances postclosing trial balance and bank reconciliation must be prepared using Excel 0 Submit Excel file via Attaching file under Assignment in Blackboard Use YourFirstNameLastName as the file name 0 All documents and records filed according to instructions File System 0 Include printouts of Worksheet financial statements supplementary trial balances postclosing trial balance bank reconciliation amp Monthly statement for 0 Instructions Flowcharts and Ledgers book No Reference Book


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