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Intermediate Accounting III

by: Gerda Pacocha

Intermediate Accounting III ACC 313

Gerda Pacocha
CSU Pomona
GPA 3.86

Hong Pak

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About this Document

Hong Pak
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Gerda Pacocha on Saturday October 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ACC 313 at California State Polytechnic University taught by Hong Pak in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 150 views. For similar materials see /class/218389/acc-313-california-state-polytechnic-university in Accounting at California State Polytechnic University.


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Date Created: 10/03/15
CALIFORNIA STATE POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY POMONA ACC 313 Intermediate Accounting HI MW CLASS Fall 2011 PROF Hong S Pak PhD amp CPA39 OFFICE 94250 PHONE 909 8692377 Email hspakcsupomonaedu OFFICE HOURS MW 1250PM2PM and 750830PM39 T 820900AM Text and other Materials Intermediate Accounting Spiceland Sepe and Tomassini 6th ed Irwin McGrawHill 2011 The Wall Street Journal Prerequisite ACC 312 with a minimum grade of C for nonaccounting majors see Cal Poly Pomona Catalog Catalog Description Understanding GAAP in financial accounting topics of equity income tax lease pension and postretirement benefits error analysis and cash flows Emphasis on the application of concepts in FASB Conceptual Framework to the above topics Decision making and problemsolving skills 4 lecturesproblemsolving Prerequisites a minimum grade of C 20 in ACC 312 Expanded Course Description An examination of problem areas in financial accounting with emphasis on the concepts fundamentals standards and procedures studied in introductory accounting Further study is undertaken with regard to the development analysis and understanding of financial statements and their role in decisionmaking Special acknowledgment is given to the publications and pronouncements of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants AICPA American Accounting Association AAA Financial Accounting Standards Board FASB Securities and Exchange Commission SEC and other professional and governmental organizations Course Objectives This course is aimed primarily toward those who will be providers of financial information for external useithose who will be primarily responsible for observing selecting measuring and reporting financial information for external decision making The main obj ective is to develop skills of application and analysis ie to demonstrate the use of appropriate concepts standards and techniques after having considered the needs of financial statement users and how the behavior of the users may be in uenced by financial accounting information Achieving this obj ective requires that the student synthesize hisher basic knowledge and understanding of economics general business contemporary laws and regulations and generally accepted accounting principles Course Philosophy Intermediate accounting courses are designed to provide the students with an understanding of the theory of financial accounting and the practice necessary to permit the students to function effectively as a professional management accountant public accountant internal auditor or any other business endeavor Thus all of the student s work must be of a quality such that you could present it to a supervisor if you were in a realworld situation Sloppy or incomplete homework is unacceptable Intermediate accounting will focus on the preparer s role in providing accounting information It will emphasize the underlying theory and concepts of financial accounting and will be particularly concerned with a student s ability to reason why a particular solution is preferable Grade Determination A letter grade will be assigned based on the total points achieved Grades will be determined based on the following factors 1Lidterm Exam 35 Final Exam 40 Quiz Homework 10 Class Participation 5 Group Research Paper 20 presentation and 80 research paper 10 Total 100 A 90 or above B 80 899 C 70 799D 60 699 F below 60 Examinations There will be one midterm exam and one final exam The exams may contain any or all of the following question types multiple choice problem short answer matching or essay They will be given on the dates scheduled No makeup exams will be given If you miss an exam you will receive a grade of 0 for the exam Calculators can be brought to each exam but they cannot be shared No cellular phones are allowed to be used in class during the exam period Without the instructor s permission students are not allowed to leave a classroom until they finish the exams Students may not come back once they leave the classroom without permrssron Homework You have been assigned exercises and problems from each chapter These assignments are the minimum amount of work required for successful completion of the course These homework assignments should be done with McGraw Hill s Connect Program To assess homework assignments you should go to httpconnect mcgrawhillcomclasshpakfall2011 Homework assignments will be due by 100pm on the date when they are assigned For example the homework assignments of El6 34610 and 14 are due by 100pm on September 28 201 1 Late homework assignments will not be accepted under any circumstances Each homework assignment will be graded on the 100 scale basis Then the grades of all the assignments will be averaged without any weight Quiz Quizzes will be given either in class The purpose of these quizzes is to ensure that you have understood the materials covered in the class No make ups will be given Class Participation You are expected to read the assigned materials and to formulate questions before coming to the class Active participation is expected of everyone Participation awards will be given to the students who actively participate in class discussion Attendance WILL NOT be taken into account for a class participation grade Group Research Paper Four groups composed of eight or nine students each will be formed at the first day of the class meeting The names of the group members should be given to me at the end of the rst meeting Each group is required both to present and to write a different group research paper Each group will select one of the following topics 1 lease 2 income tax 3 pension and 4 sharebased compensation Each group should conduct research activities 1 to describe US GAAP and International GAAP ie IFRS and 2 to evaluate those GAAP s in the selected topic The research activities should include the following items in the chosen topic 1 nature of accounting issues 2 historical background of the accounting rules in US and International 3 recognition and measurement rules 4 presentation and disclosure rules and 5 future development along with the harmonization efforts of FASB and IASB The group project should be based on the group s own research and genuine ideas otherwise the project should be considered to be unacceptable First each group will give a research presentation in class on the basis of the group s research findings as scheduled This presentation represents 20 of the research activities for the group grade purpose The presentation grade will be based on 1 how well the presentation is prepared 2 how effectively the presentation is delivered to the class and 3 whether the presentation is delivered in a professional manner Then the group should submit a completed research paper by Nov 28 2011 The research paper itself will be graded based on the content writing style and grammar In particular the paper shall be coherent to the research issue and shall be well written Otherwise lower grades will be assigned to the paper It should be typed doublespace with a minimum of 15 pages and a maximum of 20 pages in length The research paper represents 80 for the group grade Beginning of the Class OpenDiscussion First five minutes of each class period is open to you to share with others accounting related or other current materials that you have read or seen or any announcement that you may want to make Ethics and Academic Integrity and Accounting Department Honor Codes This class adopts Ethics and Academic Integrity and Accounting Department Honor Codes approved by the Accounting Department of College of Business Administration It should be noted that if students have compromised or breached these codes and policies they will earn for this course and they may be reported to Judicial Affairs which may result in expulsion from the University Ethics and Academic Integrity Individual assignments should be solely the work of the individual Group assignments should be the work of the entire group Group work should be solely the work of the group members No unauthorized sharing of work with others Use only instructor allowed resources during an exam No unauthorized use of exams or other class materials Do not use materials or ideas of others without proper credit do not plagiarize Do not use false excuses to obtain extensions of time or other methods to obtain an unfair advantage over other students Cutting and pasting from the Internet must include proper citation Report cheating and academic dishonesty inside and outside of class You must follow all the guidelines of the University s policy on academic integrity available for your review in the University catalog If students have compromised or breached the ethical principles outlined above they may be reported to Judicial Affairs which may result in expulsion from the University they may also fail the course or be assigned some other penalty by the instructor gt gt OO IOUJgtUJlt HO N Accounting Department Honor Codes All ACC 313 students are required to sign on the sheet of Accounting Department Honor Codes and to submit the signed sheet to the instructor Please print out the enclosed Honor Codes and bring it to the first class meeting Accounting 313 Assignments Fall 2011 subject to changes Class Research No Date 39 mudy aper 1 926 Introduction 2 928 Ch 16 Accounting for Income Taxes E163 4 6 10 14 3 103 Ch 16 Accounting for Income Taxes E1619 23 2439 P166 4 105 Ch 17 Pensions E171351012 5 1010 Ch 17 Pensions P174 5 7 8 6 1012 Ch 17 Other postretirement E1724252639 P1718 7 1017 Ch 18 Shareholder sEquity E1823791519 8 1019 Ch 18 Shareholders Equity P1 835 13 9 1024 Catchup Review for 1Iidterm Exam 10 1026 MJDTERM EXAM CHAPTERS 1618 11 1031 Ch 19 Sharebased compensation E1925789 Pension 12 112 Ch 19 Sharebased compensation P1916 13 117 Ch 19 Earnings Per Share E191016 2139P1912 Income Tax 14 119 Ch 15 Leases E152 3451314 15 1114 Ch 15 Leases P158 9 16 1116 Ch 20 Accounting Changes and E20 347131821 SBC Error Corrections 17 1121 Ch 20 Accounting Changes and P204 6 13 Error Corrections 18 1123 Ch 21 Statement of Cash Flows E21368101516 Lease 19 1128 Ch 21 Statement of Cash Flows P21 7 Group Paper Due 20 1130 Catchup Review for Final Exam Final Exam Chapters 15 19 21 ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT HONOR CODE HonesTy Individual assignmenTs should be solely The work of The individual Group assignmenTs should be The work of The enTire group Group work should be solely The work of The group members No unauThorized sharing of work wiTh oThers HHHHH NQth Use only insTrucTor allowed resources during an exam No unauThori zed use of exams or oTher class maTerials 19 Do noT use maTerials or ideas of oThers wiThouT proper crediT do noT plagiarize Do noT use false excuses To obTain exTensions of Time or oTher meThods To obTain an unfair advanTage over oTher sTudenTs H 0quot N O RespecT for OThers 1 Arrive To class on Time and do noT leave early excepT wiTh prior consenT of insTrucTor 2 Be prepared for class wiTh compleTed homework 3 AcTively parTicipaTe in class discussion 4 LisTen To oTher opinions and ideas wiThouT sarcasm or harsh commenTs 5 Show respecT To fellow sTudenTs and professor 6 Be a responsible group member 7 RequesT permission before Taperecording class lecTures SupporT Honorable Behavior 1 Encourage and supporT inTegriTy in oTher class members 2 ReporT cheaTing and academic dishonesTy inside and ouTside of class 3 Do noT allow oThers To copy from you 4 Do noT give copies of your graded work To oThers 5 Do noT use illegal copies of class maTerials such as phoTocopies of someone else39s Tebeook SupporT an AppropriaTe Classroom EnvironmenT Minimize inTerrupTions or disTracTions Talking eTc during lecTure or oTher class acTiviTies 2 Use class equipmenT appropriaTer Responsible Use of Technology 1 Cell phone use is prohibiTed during class excepT wiTh consenT of insTrucTor 2 CuTTing and pasTing from The InTerneT musT include proper ciTaTion I agree To conducT myself according To The preceding honor code Name 3


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