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Theories of Human Nature

by: Makayla Notetaker

Theories of Human Nature FDCIV 101-04

Makayla Notetaker
GPA 4.0
Foundations of Civil Society
Duane Allen Adamson

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About this Document

This can help anyone! This is very basic material about the historic philosophers who debated what human nature was and how that formed different civil societies.
Foundations of Civil Society
Duane Allen Adamson
Class Notes
historic philosophers freedom human nature society civil
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Makayla Notetaker on Saturday October 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to FDCIV 101-04 at Brigham Young University - Idaho taught by Duane Allen Adamson in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 83 views. For similar materials see Foundations of Civil Society in OTHER at Brigham Young University - Idaho.


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Date Created: 10/03/15
Theories of Human Nature What is the relationship between quotsafetyquot and quotfreedomquot Why is it so dif cult to strike the right balance in our societies Freedom is to do what you want say what you want and think what you want The relationship is that absolute freedom often harms other39s safety So the relationship or tension is how much freedom to restrict in order to provide basic safety In what ways do theories of human nature affect the organization of our societies How do the organizations of our societies affect our beliefs about human nature One39s view on human nature inherently good or bad will affect the de nition of freedom thus effecting the type of society you will favor or create to either protect against or promote 39human nature39 If you39re raised in a culture that favors one side you will likely adopt the thinking of that side What was Plato39s theory of human nature and how did it affect his attitude towards democratic government That a people39s view of human nature created the States In other words men create the States Personally he was against democracy because it embodied the view that freedom meant you could do what you want He thought that this would promote men to be slaves to their desires and decrease rational thought He thought that intelligent philosophers should rule the State because they would more likely know what was best for the people What is the Yoruba concept of human nature and how does it affect property arrangements That we are all one and all depend on one another Because we are all one all of our responsibilities are everyone s In terms of property it is the community39s to be given to those who need it and to be taken back for the use of other s Do you agree with Thomas More that governments should help foster higher ideals and greater community and cooperation Or do you agree more with Niccolo Machiavelli that governments should be realistic and accept that people usually live and behave as selfinterested beings More people are naturally free beings but fallen and prone to pride people are attracted to what is good discourage pride and nurture community through universal education a Republic is the best represented gov Machiavelli more realistic don39t bother to pursue ctional ideals people are individualistic in nature if you nature this you can turn it positively man is nothing more than animals in pure nature promote personal property I agree more with Machiavelli because people are more motivated by their personal ambitions I also think it39s wiser to accept the pessimistic side of reality It39s also basic human physiology to get someone to do something you must make him think that it will serve in his best self interest Who seems to have the best explanation for our fundamental human nature Thomas Hobbes orJeanJacques Rousseau Personally I nd Hobbes39 view appealing but at the same time it doesn39t make sense as Rousseau said Rousseau s ideas make more sense when compared to the Bible if you consider the Bible to be written history The rst family of Adam and Eve was quotpeaceful benevolent and compassionatequot at rst and corruption came afterward out ofjealously or otherwise hate for one of the family members Cain and Able Notes 0 The nation39s de nition of freedom will heavily decide what type of civil society will emerge 0 Your view on human nature inherently good or bad will affect you de nition of freedom thus effecting the type of society you will favor or create 0 Note the almost comical view of Plato where he39s elevating himself and his fellows as kings 0 quotDemocracyquot is not quotfreedomquot Democracy is simply the quotrule by the manyquot Greek 0 Natural law overarching principles that govern human behavior and interaction regardless of culture time or geography o The Romans provided a foundation for limiting the power of government dividing power between different branches of government of cials have set terms and treating all citizens equally in the law Helped establish foundations for rule of law 0 Rule of law respect for quotnaturalquot laws of human behavior and willing to restrain ourselves for society These laws must apply to most everyone everyone must know of them and all people must consent to these laws


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