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Environmental Studies 100: Lectures 1&2

by: Madison Bristol

Environmental Studies 100: Lectures 1&2 ENVIR 100

Marketplace > University of Washington > Art > ENVIR 100 > Environmental Studies 100 Lectures 1 2
Madison Bristol
GPA 4.0
elizabeth wheat

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About this Document

In the first week of Environmental Studies 100, our professors of Dr. Tim Billo and Dr. Elizabeth Wheat explained the interdisciplinary foundations of this field of study, as well as the history o...
elizabeth wheat
Class Notes
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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Madison Bristol on Sunday October 4, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENVIR 100 at University of Washington taught by elizabeth wheat in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see ENVIRONMNTL FOUNDATN (I&S/NW) in Art at University of Washington.


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Date Created: 10/04/15
Envir 100 Environmental Studies Interdisciplinary Foundations Dr Tim Bilo tropical birds and wilderness issues in the past present and future Tim and Dr Elizabeth Wheat oysters and food Beth 0 Grading details 8 outside seminar paper 15 service learningresearch paper 13 poster presentation 18 midterm 24 final 12 section participation 10 lecture participation and reading 393 We have two options as an envir studies student gt service learning Carlson center I work for and org inside or outside of UW VVVVVVV I connect classroom learning with real world experience I 2040 h for the quarter I that s about 35 hrs per week I awesome positions available I get connected with the org as soon as possible and start working with a regular schedule by mid Oct gt individual research I choose your own topic of interest I work on your own time I explore new ideas How to Register for ServiceLearning shown w r 39 39 7 SE SEWIEE learning pasltluns matched with your course through uni websitel FIND positions match your skills and availability in iii a n 399 l comm Visit mwwuludson 2 m b s inf is Carlzsm Canter website for exact registration dates to wuirself as a UW samelearning i 39 receive an Canvson Center mn wning your pegiimamni Ali END no later than the 2 week of the quarter 7 739 in your 39 14h 81 Public Service Cl f Hail m an sewe uwledu gt2 2055434232 How can I pupar for my servlumharnlng axparlenca snaggmcgwm quot H Explore key service concepts Using a strengthsbased perspective Exploring Immivations for service and how our personal lens shapes our spinrnach to service Understanding the difference between charity and partnership madels of service Navigating situations that can came up in semis Haw lilo I attend PIPEEEMCE Workshops will be offered at the times belaw in MEHI 71 Nu RSVP is netessary simply arrive 5 minutes early and check in at the from deskl Wednesday October 7 himm 400 530 PM mummy Dabber 3 Wm 200 a 330 PM Dctnber B liirnrn skim 530 9 from 200 33 PM 13 ham 3301 590PM is from 113i 1mm Designed fnr students who have limited experience with sewineslearning or minnteering in the Lil s Topics Ewellad 7 iSEiRVIE ELERRMHMG wonstnp 39 Fan lNTEnNATmNAL STUDENTS What is sewiizeiiearning Creating a personal definition of service Haw tn register for sewicelearning Tips for choosing a seMcslsarning site Advice an communicating with your sewice l 1 l l i i i 5 learning supewisor and workplace professionalism Transpamaum haw to m yum service site Workshep will be an the time below in MEIl Na is 395 minutes gt inatthemm desiri 7 7 PM Wed September 30th 2015 Introduction 0 What is environmental studies gt it explores the interactions of people and the environment with the motivation to solve existing environmental problems and avoid future ones I modern envir studies seeks to attain a more sustainable resilient and egalitarian society by planning for and mitigating the effects of impending problems such as increased human population growth and climate change I modern envir studies seeks solutions from a variety of disciplines such as econ bio geology ethics law politics psych and behavior and edu gt is interdisciplinary gt How do we define the environment I as people think of our basic needs the air we breathe and what we do to it the water we drink our food gt where it comes from how it grows waste effects of our food systems the systems that sustain us habitat for non humans and how to preserve it where we grow up live work and play 9 do we all have the same rights to resources 0 v What are the goals for this course gt Recognize that the complexity in envir problems requires us to work from a variety of disciplines to understand the science behind the problems and how individuals and societies respond to those problems I the world is not in black and white you will leave here a bit confused I how to create social change and be empathetic to other s opinions gt deepen content knowledge around envir issues facing our planet and understand that solutions to envir issues may be personal political or technological and may range in scale from local to global gt practice envir communication and critical thinking skills through peer engagement iterative writing assignments a team project and a public poster presentation I skills based Down to Earth required reading by Ted Steinberg 1 What are some of the key themes or subdisciplines of American environmentalism in the 20th Century and what are some of the key events that brought these themes to the attention of society I Wilderness the wild is far from humanity 1930s gt ecological we are intricately connected to nature 19605 gt mainstream environmentalism the Nixon era legislation 19705 gt marketoriented environmental protection policies incentivize big corporations gt radicalism grassroots movements more diversity of people acting a belief in deep ecology or that all animals have equal access to natural resources Key events 0 O O 0000 CO Cuyahoga river fire 1969 gt oil run off history repeats itself but only with the public s attention can you actually do something about it A Sand County Almanac by Aldo Leopold gt nature is a commodity to which we belong land ethics the Wilderness Society Creation of the automobile gt easier to get to far away places gt tourism on natural lands gt national policy to protect the wilderness with the Wilderness Act Construction of Dams along the Colorado river 19 different ones by the Bureau of Reclamation gt David Brower gt no echo park dam to be build on the Dinosaur national monument gt was a result of good publication and a lot of people caring gt after compromising by letting the government build another dam made sure that the Grand Canyon would never be flooded for the sake of greed Disney makes movies set in the wilderness creates the illusion that nature is a far off place and doesn t coexist where humans live excuse to exploit the natural commodities of urban areas Silent Spring by Rachel Carson gt ecological awareness humans are deeply involved in the web of life popularized the environmental movement raised awareness about our chemical dependency hostility toward pesticides Drought in the 60s in the NE gt awareness of disgusting water in the Great Lakes Apollo 8 takes pictures of the Earth gt romanticized view of our small beautiful planet and its vulnerability Nixon becomes president gt wave of federal legislation and creation of the EPA the government s watchdog Reagan becomes president gt setbacks in the evir movement deregulation and corporations become too involved in the mainstream environmental movements Creation of Earth day by Gaylord Nelson gt What can you do Actually takes our eyes off of the biggest polluters the chemical corps Clean Air act of 1990 and the creation of emissions treading Radical movements I Love Canal built on a chemical landfill causes lung and blood diseases groups develop to ask the question of what is morally correct Warren County NC waste dump gt people actually block the way unveil the racism that could have been playing a part in waste disposal Native Americans and Uranium mining gt Church rock mine explosion in 1979 Earth First created by Dave Foreman gt the health of the planet must always come first deep ecology spiking trees George Alexander tragedy I Redwood summer in 1990 can social justice for workers and ecological balance go hand in hand 2 Who are some of the key players in 20th century American environmentalism Be able to talk about the unique contributions of Rachel Carson Aldo Leopold David Brower Jerome Ringo and the Apollo astronautsto name a few figures mentioned in the readingwe will touch on others too Aldo Leopold gt wrote A Sand County Almanac land ethics personal capitalistic greed v ethics to preserve nature the Wilderness Society C quotwe abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us when we see land as a commodity to which we belong we may begin to use it with love and respect lohn Muir gt 1913 and before protest against dams there is a natural order and humans disturb it David Brower gt director of the Sierra club mailed quotWill you DAM the scenic wildlands of our Nat Park system This is Dinosaur photo series to make people care about Dinosaur Nat monument and stop the building of Echo Park Dam failed to prevent the Glen Canyon dam made sure the Grand Canyon would never be flooded Rachel Carson gt author of Silent Spring we are a part of the environment around us popularized the views of the ecological environmental movement warned about the lack of knowledge of chemical pesticides Apollo 8 crew gt took a picture of the Earth in 1968 in all of its vulnerability Archibald Macleish gt inspired by the photo to write to see the earth as it truly is small and blue and beautiful in that eternal silence where it floats is to see ourselves as riders on the earth together Gaylord Nelson gt created Earth Day Lois Gibbs gt Love Canal Homeowners Association and Citizens Clearinghouse for Hazardous Wastes symbol of reckless corporate behavior and rallied women around the environmental movement Dave Foreman gt Earth First in any decision consideration for the health ofthe planet must come first Arne Naess philosophy of deep ecology in that all creatures have equal claims to the Earth spiking of trees ludi Bari gt can social justice for workers and ecological balance go hand in hand yup Redwood summer in 1990 modeled after MLK s marches of civil disobedience more inclusive movement Jerome Ringo gt became chairman of the National Wildlife Federation was both black and a radical believed that having a clean world is a basic right 3 What were the unique contributions of the Nixon administration and howwhy did they come aboutwhat was unique politically about the time period The mainstream was in fact in support of environmentalism gt was not risky to pass legislation that would make most of the people in America happy National Envir Policy Act of 1970 gt made it so major federal projects would be open to the public for the debate of environmental implications EPA was formed gt environmental watchdog over the rest of the government and corporations An array of environmental laws were passed such as the Clean Air Act Endangered Species Act Water pollution control act 4 When would you say the quotmodern American environmental movement began and what would you say were the crucial turning points which led to its beginning The modern environmental movement began in the 19605 spurred by a variety of factors such as 0 Rachel Carson and her new view on ecology rather than wilderness and her attack on chemical corporations a vast drought in the NE which exposed water pollution a tense political atmosphere created by wars ecological disasters Cuyahoga oil spills water so polluted with Sulphur that there are algae blooms which render the water anoxic and kill all life in it uranium mine OOO explosions O the image from Apollo 8 C the movement was backed by a variety of laws and corporate regulations 5 What are some major divisionsstrategies within the environmental movement of the 20th Century Publicize tragedies or about to be tragedies gt Cuyahoga Echo Dam Santa Barbara Oil spill declaration of our interdependence on the earth Write books as a call to action gt Rachel Carson work within the system gt what can we do to get an environmental law passed go radical gt what is morally correct grassroots movements gt involve a more diverse group of individuals and also pursue social issues Friday October 2nd History of the Environmental Movement in the U5 quot Intro Analyzing paintings by Albert Bierstadt Puget Sound and Yosemite Valley 0 gt Puget sound I exaggerations of the size of the environment humans are small in comparison I light vs darkimpending doom I didn t portray it realistically gt Yosemite gt Native Americans actually burned the forests and harvested trees I when Columbus arrived in America there were 118 million people living in North Americathis was NOTa pristine wilderness I 125th anniversary of Yosemite Nat Park on Oct lst I National Parks were our quotbest idea I National Parks Organic Act human centric language created not to protect wildlife but for people to enjoy beautiful scenery for many generations Q Which humans are gonna enjoy the parks though Native Americans Urbanites 9 v American Progress by John Gast 1872 VV angelic figure carrying a telegraphic line followed by a train pushing away the quotsavagesquot prospectors moving into the land portrayed as heroes agriculture arrives buffalo run away Hudson River School of whom Bierstadt was a member was a reaction to this prevailing attitude 339 Turner Thesis 1893 gt Frederick Jackson Turner declared that the wilderness frontier had closed I meaning rugged individualism and the struggle against nature and wild people was over dying of the American spirit I the struggle to tame nature transformed into a struggle to save nature I Americans began to embrace the idea ofthe quotwildernessquot wilderness in their minds is just in their imaginationno place is untouched by humans VVV 639 The Oxbow by Thomas Cole 1830 VV wilderness preservation is the push back against exploitation BUTwiderness can only be romanticized in a tamed landscape where safety is close at hand gt wilderness is a construct defined by its juxtaposition with the tamed landscapehumans cannot be in it or it is not wilderness I in fact both sides are the wilderness I what of the 18 million natives gt beginning of the separation of man and nature 39339 Henry Thoreau 1856 gt A Cabin in the Woods gt civil disobedience quotDisobedience is the true foundation of liberty The obedient must be slaves gt quotWealth is the ability to fully experience life gt quotSimplify simplify simplify gt get away from exploitation and yearned to become more connected to nature 393 John Muir gt quotThousands of tired nerve shaken over civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home that wilderness is a necessity gt Language that related nature to God 10 9 v Yosemite s twin by Bierstadt gt Hetch Hetchy Valley gt proposal to turn the valley into a reservoir for San Fran gt John Muir said it needed to become part of Yosemite Nat Park quotlock it up and throw away the key 39339 Gifford Pinchot gt quotThe first principle of conservation is development gt quotThe Natural resources of the nation existfor all the people gt Was not about exploitation of resources but rather sustainability I trees eradicate predators for more profitable hunting sacrifice Hetch Hetchy for urban water supply 339 Earthquake in San Fran convinces them that there actually has to be a reservoir gt Greatest mistake in the history of American conservation gt Are there winners and losers I San Fran has a clean and reliable water supply I very few visitors strategy I who do the parks actually serve equal access I Do we preserve here and destroy there 393 Conservation Pinchot v Preservation Muir gt Utilitarianism v Romanticism I using it for people v preserving natural beauty


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