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Weekly Notes (Sept.28 - Oct.2)

by: KennyaA

Weekly Notes (Sept.28 - Oct.2) pols 2310

Marketplace > University of Texas at El Paso > pols 2310 > Weekly Notes Sept 28 Oct 2
Introduction to politics
Webking, Robert H

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About this Document

Introduction to politics
Webking, Robert H
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by KennyaA on Sunday October 4, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to pols 2310 at University of Texas at El Paso taught by Webking, Robert H in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 19 views.


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Date Created: 10/04/15
WEEK 28 September 2 October Socrates claims that someone who insist on the good practice of justice can39t get along with the community However if someone is able to nd equilibrium then that is a fully good person GOOD PERSON Same everywhere anyone can be a good individual with unique reasonings and understanding of situations affecting them only basic human capacities GOOD CITIZENS Contribute to the goal of community Different communities have different goals Some may not be compatible with what it takes to be a good citizens People have different roles amp can39t be sel sh when performing them Every community needs stability avoid anarchy to reach the goal Not possible to be a good fully citizen and person at the same time SPARTA Remembered as a regime a mode or a prevailing system of rule or government Lycurgus Assumed throne when his older brother died however his older brother s wife was left pregnant and Lycurgus was suspected of plotting the death of the baby but years later he was given the throne for his nature as a ruler Good ruler lawgiver of Sparta Made Sparta better Political agenda equal laws for the public and private good Virtue temperance justice courage public spiritedness Laws Sometimes the community use the laws to shape the people39s ways of life like in Sparta Approach domestic peace Redistribute land To avoid too many poorrich EquaHy Sufficient for plantations By using iron block to replace gold currency the Spartan government discouraged robbery making trading too troublesome resulting in improving people39s as human beings This helped them focus on developing good virtues as a community and grow away from greed that the money craving caused Common meals were implemented in the Spartan system Spartans did not eat alone at home or only accompanied with their immediate family but by law they attended to public places to eat food with others avoid luxury work against the private Marriage Purpose is to provide more good to Sparta devotees mprove community life Not private bond between two ppl but an institution to provide good to the whole community The couple will provide kids that will inherit good traits It was allowed to mate outside of marriage if the couple were thought that they will produce a better child could be approached or request it Athenians explained that Spartans had a big problem w adultery but they explained the contrary and it39s only done when necessary Spartan community genuine care about each other and wanted to improve community There was no con ict between public and private because they were both the same for the Spartans Lasted as community for about 500 years all because of their lack of con ict Comm was preserved with education young Spartans were taken to institutes to train and parents would come often and be part of their of their education also when they weren39t training they were helping the community CRITO takes place in Socrates jail cell before execution in couple days Issue what is the statues of obligation to obey Crito good person decent friend of Socrates not a philosopher ordinary intelligence By saying he would disobey a law because it would be unjust Socrates places his judgment about justice above the law The story Crito is about HOW CRITO OUGHT TO LIVE STORY Crito visits Socrates because he wants him to escape Reasons friendship not ruining their reputation for courage not having the guts to escape ruining their reputation for generosity being so cheap they couldn39t bribe the guard Socrates reputation as a whole not avoiding execution and leaving his family behind Crito wants to be the loyal generous courageous friend Socrates tells Crito that he has a great eagerness but it doesn39t have an aim his virtues aren39t good Motives are excellent but his virtues are turned against the community What is Crito39s standard of excellent THE PUBLIC OPINION The motives aren39t enough you need to know what good things to do and what not speci c things a courageous virtuous friend ought to do Public opinion and law are clashing in this situation Public help your friend Law you shouldn39t disobey the laws Lesson in The Apology one should disobey the law when justice says so Crito doesn39t want to argue between both but Socrates tells him to break the law with an argument about justice quotGive me an argument to disobey the lawquot Crito needs a valid proof about justice to violate the law yet Socrates doesn39t require proof about justice to violate public opinion


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