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A short analysis of A Doll's House

by: Alexandra Reshetova

A short analysis of A Doll's House THEA 2040

Marketplace > Georgia State University > Theatre > THEA 2040 > A short analysis of A Doll s House
Alexandra Reshetova
GPA 4.0
Introduction to the Theatre
Jerri Lynn Tubbs (P)

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About this Document

Hello Class, These notes are about the play A Doll's House. They may be of assistance if you need extra help on the topic. Thank You!
Introduction to the Theatre
Jerri Lynn Tubbs (P)
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alexandra Reshetova on Sunday October 4, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to THEA 2040 at Georgia State University taught by Jerri Lynn Tubbs (P) in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 113 views. For similar materials see Introduction to the Theatre in Theatre at Georgia State University.


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Date Created: 10/04/15
A short analysis of A Doll s House Henrik Ibsen Some brief events of his life Born in 1828 on March 20th Skien Norway Died in 1906 on May 23rd Oslo Norway First play composed Catilina Exiled to Italy wrote the play Brand A tragedy about a male priest who considered faith to be more important which caused the loss of his family Love s Comedv Satire about marriage Wrote Peer Gynt Moved to Germany Wrote A Doll s House in Wrote Hedda Gabler evil character Came back to Norway set up as a literary hero In Bergen he got a job in the Norwegian Theatre as a manager and writer Composed 300 poems Resided in other places such as Munich Rome and Dresden Died of a stroke Some of his other plays are The Pretenders The Vikings of Helgeland The Wild Duck The Lady from the Sea When We Dead Awaken and An Enemy of the People Henrik Ibsen a developer of Realism Playwright realistic Originally had dramas that were romantic and full of verse and melodramas that focused on the plot He started to put into his works mysticism and symbolism in the 1880s Realism started in his career in the 1870s Wanted to persuade audience that what they were watching was in fact real His thoughts were focused on matters such as 1 marriages that were miserable 2 the sexual double standard a code that states only men can be sexually free 3 economic inequality among women The plays that he composes share a theme 1 There is a person surrounded by contradictory social forces He implemented poetic symbolism and mental intuitions and perceptions A Doll s House Original language Norwegian Demonstrates a unique and vibrant portrayal of women s roles in society Part of Realism and was considered to be controversial Late l870 s setting of the play also set in Norway Climax of the play Torvald looks at the letter that Krogstad sent There are several tones to the play gloomy drab profound intellectual One theme would be the unfair treatment of women inside the home Nora s freedom is constricted by the middle class values that Torvald grasps in the highest esteem The title of the play is a metaphor for restrictions that are placed on women in society The play includes 1 a coherent and simple elaborated exposition 2 important and essential secrets 3 the use of a letter There are some symbols in the play such as 1 New Year s Day this signifies the changes that will take place in the Helmer home 2 Christmas Tree this is showing the portrayal of Nora as someone who is a doll and is pleasing to look at A repeating element in the play are 1 Krogstad s letters 2 one letter where Torvald nds out about Nora s crime another letter where he gives back Nora s promise to pay and withdraws the blackmailing threat 2 Dr Rank s letters he puts letters in the mailbox with black crosses on them symbolizing that his death process has began 3 Torvald s letter he gives the letter of Krogstad departure to the maid so she can mail it right away in order to defy Nora 4 Kristine s letter to Krogstad written because she want to have an encounter with him These letters can show important events in the play Characters in the play include 1 Nora Helmer main character Also called a Protagonistwife to Torvald forges her father s signature is treated like a doll acts rebelliously eating macaroons has a false joyful presentation leaves Torvald and the children at the end of the play 2 Torvald Helmer 2 main character Could be considered an antagonist regards Nora as a youngster received a job in the bank has full leadership in the household his status in society is very important to him 3 Kristine Linde dear friend of Nora s at the end stays with Krogstad the readers finds out that she married another man for money in order to take care of her mother and two brothers but she was originally with Krogstad 4 Dr Rank best friend of Torvald in love with Nora leaves letters in the mail box with black crosses 5 Nils Krogstad main antagonist lawyer who had a position at the bank before Torvald interfered blackmails Nora and lets her suffer committed forgery lost his bank job ends up with Kristine Linde 6 The children of Nora and Torvald are left in the care of Anne Marie and Torvald 7 Anne Marie helps with the children and other duties but also a nurse had a daughter of her own but had to give her up and took care of Nora good natured person 8 Helene the maid in the Helmer household delivers the letter that Torvald wrote for Krogstad s removal 9 A Porter lONora s father deceased Nora forges his signature 0 Summary of the play In A Doll s House Nora Helmer a capable and pro cient female who defies the position of women in her male authoritative community commits forgery in order to save her husband s life She borrows money from Krogstad whom she admits to her wrongful doing of signing her father s name on the agreement Upon coming to the realization of Nora s act from reading the letter that Krogstad left in the mailbox Torvald is furious and reveals that he only really cares about himself When she comes to the conclusion that he never truly loved her at all Nora leaves Torvald and the children


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