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Week 4

by: Haley Ruhe
Haley Ruhe
GPA 3.1
Intro to Communication Theory
Aimee King

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About this Document

Intro to Communication Theory
Aimee King
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Haley Ruhe on Sunday October 4, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COMM 300 at University of Arizona taught by Aimee King in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see Intro to Communication Theory in Communication Studies at University of Arizona.


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Date Created: 10/04/15
Coordinated Management of Meaning 09142015 Basics 0 By Pearce amp Cronen Sociocultural tradition Phenomenological tradition We create the world that we live in amp the world that we live in creates us 0 Goal to teach people how to communicate in order to make the world a better place Assumptions 0 Quality of personal life quality of communication 0 Basis of all relationships is communication Conversation forms the social universe 0 We create the world Tenets Primary social process of human life conversation 0 Who we are as a person is formed by conversation 0 It s not what you say it s HOW you say it 0 Conversations are re exively reproduced 0 Someone will automatically communicate with you in the same way you initially communicate with them CMM researchers curious participants in a pluralistic world 0 Pluralistic world we can create many worldsrealities Stories 0 Stories Lived actions we perform with others 0 What you did today 0 You coconstruct your social reality with others 0 Coordination when actions we perform with others are in harmony When there is a positive outcome from a social interaction an action Told narratives we use to explain our stories lived o Explaining to others what has happened Coherence management of meaning mutual understanding 0 Does your story told make sense to you and others Cosmopolitan communication ie quotdialogic communicationquot 0 Making an attempt to understand another s perspective Necessary to effectively coordinate in the world 0 Typically people do not automatically engage in empathy amp thinking before speaking Summary CMM says the quality of our life depends on the quality of our communication Stories hold us together 0 The understanding coherence of what is said stories told and the coordination of what is done stories lived is why the theory is called Coordinated Management of Meaning 0 Goal create a social environment where people can be successful Cosmopolitan communication can help us achieve this positive outcome coordination Cquue Too broad Vague Full ofjargon Too idealistic aka EVT Burgoon 0 Originally nonverbal expectancy violations theory NEVT by Hall 0 initial test was on proxemics personal space 0 4 proxemics zones depend on culture amp individual preference 0 to 18 intimate 18 4 personal 4 to 10 social 10 public 0 Has gone through many modi cations over the years Assumptions 0 Humans have expectations for behaviors of others Both verbal amp nonverbal o Expectations have a large affect on impressions amp outcomes from interactions 0 Violations of expectations are not always a bad thing They capture our attention 0 Expectancy where do they come from o Expectations for how others will behave that in uence impressions amp outcomes 0 Sources Context elevator bar park Relationship between interactants U Family friends signi cant other a Similarities age gender a Power gap ex your boss police Communicator characteristics a Attractive facial expressions personality violation melcwmwi guous um ommunica or rewar va ene 39 have the smilit okh lt sgu brllttw lul mkls 39reciation trust o disinterested rejection dis roval viohlio s igllimbliguws melamiom wailu lig 9 Vi 0 I ato lquot amsub cmgfy vSPIEPF ZiQP quda l lties pote rewardpunishment in the l quot appr ggalle proximity relations l I u m m mpg tions or how peopl ould communicate When melplgte mwactwo sense of it violation 7 r 15w look to the Violator amp a urselves If they can punireward usdggvomemignntkcatorur valence 8fl ln we gIve oltrhce i r will depend on how we view the person mybewonhwh cm mg quot l a tions


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