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Week 6 Notes

by: Haley Ruhe

Week 6 Notes COMM 300

Haley Ruhe
GPA 3.1
Intro to Communication Theory
Aimee King

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About this Document

Intro to Communication Theory
Aimee King
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Haley Ruhe on Sunday October 4, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COMM 300 at University of Arizona taught by Aimee King in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see Intro to Communication Theory in Communication Studies at University of Arizona.


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Date Created: 10/04/15
Social Information Processing Theory 09282015 Explains relationship development through CMC A sip CMC v a gulp F2F face to face Assumption relationships grow only to the extent that people 1st gain info amp then form impressions about the person who disclosed the info 2 features of CMC verbal cues extended time replacement of nonverbal cues CMC verbalonly medium v F2F multiple channels CMC can be just as effective as F2F o Verbal cues make up for all other cues nonverbal that are mlssmg The central variable of SIPT Time 0 Amount v rate 0 Amount of info is the same it s the rate that s different Rate of CMC is signi cantly slower 4x as slow than info exchanged F2F o 2 other time factors that contribute to intimacy o anticipated future interaction 0 chronemic cues how people USE time when interacting with others ex taking 3 days to respond to someone doesn t sit well with most people 0 time only nonverbal that can t be filtered out Hyperpersonal perspective 0 We can form CLOSER relationships via CMC than F2F Selective selfselfpresentation sender 0 Person sending information has the ability to manipulate how they are presented 0 We can present ourselves in a better light 0 Overattribution of similarity receiver Asynchronous channel Selfful lling prophecy feedback Cquue o Lacks predictive validity with negative relational outcomes Heuristic provocativeness new innovations with CMC Basics 0 By Baxter amp Montgomery Assumptions 0 Relationships are composed of opposing tendencies o All relationships have problems that can be reduced but cannot be completely resolved 0 Relationships in a constant state of uxstruggle Relationships are constantly changing De nition of relational dialects o Dialectical tension tension between 2 forces that are uni ed they go together yet are contradictory lnterdependent o Mutually negating Dialectical tensions examples 0 Integration v separation Stability v change 0 Expression v nonexpression lnternal v external tensions Internal tensions within a relationship both persons experience both sides of the tension o Connectionautonomy o Certaintyuncertainty o Opennessclosedness 0 External tensions exist outside relationship Experienced with other people in the community Ex a couple s relationship with parents Inclusionseclusion Conventionaityuniqueness Revelationconcealment How much you tell other people about the relationship Dialogue theory extension 0 Extremely WVII A relationship the communication that takes please between the people in it 0 Relationship isn t affected BY the communication the relationship IS the communication 0 We know what our relationship is based on the dialogue that exists 0 Without dialogue there is no relationship Tensions are a natural product of dialogue 0 Dealing with tensions provides opportunity for dialogue Reactions to dialectical tensions o Denial common 0 Giving up something that someone wants 0 Disorientation o What someone does when feeling overwhelmed Drinking freak out hearttoheart o Spiraling inversion common 0 Go back amp forth between extremes of tensions to focus on o Tine consuming amp difficult to maintain longterm O O O O Segmentation common 0 We separate different aspects of our lives amp then focus on those dialects Ex couple focuses on autonomy at work but then focuses on connection at home Balance 0 Neutralize intensity 0 Compromise approach Each need is met to an extent but never get everything you want Integration 0 Integrate both extremes simultaneously 0 Ex every Friday you try something new set a rule Recalibration 0 Thinking about tensions in a new way 0 Ex I don t want but I need it because so it s actually a good thing Reaffirmation o Accepting the inevitable tensions seeing it as a good thing 0 Ex This issue is good because it s proof that we care


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