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PSYCH 20A Lecture 1 Notes

by: Trina

PSYCH 20A Lecture 1 Notes Psych 20A

Cognition: Fundamental Theories
Wilson, M.L.

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About this Document

This is the first lecture of psych 20a. This covers the into notes to the class as well as more in-depth notes.
Cognition: Fundamental Theories
Wilson, M.L.
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Trina on Sunday October 4, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Psych 20A at University of California - Santa Cruz taught by Wilson, M.L. in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see Cognition: Fundamental Theories in Psychlogy at University of California - Santa Cruz.


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Date Created: 10/04/15
1 Hi Psvch 201 Lecture I L EEEE E H l i Mi J l J J J L it L 1 39tq lf The emu Eiiee i Chaim Listtnihq in Classical Music mam van smmk pauschh39 Show 5 1 qua Md their sumac who listened to Mozart did benev an Wm stim vmon ma an quot Pup music 5155 516m 9161 minimum 53 P301512 mired 914111119 Classical m weir tids music m mu l e Hds mutmr was mutated 39 Peome Maxed w Galuses in re Luv MG Furls Paveth 1 m QCWQIH shuw d 39 Rh gene on 0 qu smden ks mm was swim small quot Tum was 0111 ear one mom mannam sash quot 9150 MM ew onw lasted 4quot lo m mwes 9 3915 music wows Skewum to Stevhen Lina 5mm war We unm wows ti uou em39mw whm wou39re amine Concwsm i 39 H39s o kemvovum urges of mousm Lew 19a1in9 heMr a n on h does rum rnmte won smarter prwarl music mucu qn in childnno d does have ma ams nq barrier ifs Thimma Wee a Cuqm ve Scien risks 39 Lemmnq 1m mim c cm and ctme 1me EvidEno mun we become researchers mos r mm need Ire Unde mnd git her peoHe39s research Leutninq w durum cohtlusio39ns va BVidBrnm 1 be u 51ch wwmds research Pyancimes of Cvi Hcm Th39mving No h aPoihesis is quotUnscien ce canh uuqh some me ohmEH Q Twas UnIWEH Hwolmesis quot SPOH39TQWEOUS ng fq qn gwow tea has 0 be 011 Sudden uFPeom nCae 0F organisms happen blc ce ain mud anqvedients can atme mame Nice Wisw sat4 rm we m 4 A rrapgw A 4 I R a virus buns avme u dammed Hokein in Hue brain Fa my 0 SPoniqneous Genem on 1 gvo39rh has is home sfg Nu preBais m microomuhis m 5 brow cums condensmq manemaWr H Me is miter brown OWE outs lde air can cam mitwmaonism m brow Emmmu at Uncqar Es rs39 39 quotPumas 10m k humb on me acme artswim measurement 0 981 hue minus quotWU any Princwws 0C va cm THan l NO h iPoahgsesis quotunscien39 igi BU I Some are umth Teer has an be qir quot me 0 be wining 0 NH no RN an answer Bovue n cu mm is an we Posmve 01mm quot Null HHPDMES E pmvisiunam accep red mm Haven Fmse quot Eanovdinmw maims requiye emwuordmm avidence Mum is QS cudoSclence Common nuns o Pseudoscibnce 39mmsw Evidance Woo r1 d esi qntd Studies rm wmrm w ndihons ecGEcn me small mm m muniPUMR repugme 2 dunw th hiq u mikh Strun r muni PumHon E59 89 did We 39 sanderquot FHP heads 0r mus DEYEEn t covtrec r 507 Home creme embmq ra Wanna AFlnmm minimal guidance quot Unwimnqness in mm no 0 cm 1an winst hoc emmnu gn 57m Eqiwms Pos r hue u ev Hue Fqc 39 Vaughan burden 039 Prao quot lswa oh from saien c communiH 39 YCWSM 1390 share mrnw avoidance 0 4 peer review Process 9 I ea 99qaaqaqaqqnqaawwwwwwwxwya


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