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Lecture 3: From Rome to Constantinople to Istanbul: Byzantium

by: Maria Notetaker

Lecture 3: From Rome to Constantinople to Istanbul: Byzantium History 171

Marketplace > DePaul University > History > History 171 > Lecture 3 From Rome to Constantinople to Istanbul Byzantium
Maria Notetaker
Europe, 400-1400
Andrew Miller

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About this Document

These notes are from Lecture 3: From Rome to Constantinople to Istanbul: Byzantium. They will examine major events of ‘early’ and ‘middle’ byzantine history. Including, the foundation of Constantin...
Europe, 400-1400
Andrew Miller
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Maria Notetaker on Sunday October 4, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to History 171 at DePaul University taught by Andrew Miller in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 44 views. For similar materials see Europe, 400-1400 in History at DePaul University.

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Date Created: 10/04/15
Lecture 3 From Rome to Constantinople to Istanbul Byzantium We Will examine major events of 39early39 and 39middle39 byzantine history i foundation of Constantinople ii shift of locus of roman power culture to the east iii imperialism confiscation of law public works reign of emperor Justinian iv eastern caesaropapism schism of 1054 V artistic cultural legacy of Byzantium Muhammad dies in 632 Three periods of Byzantine history i early 326 632 CE ii middle 632 1071 CE gt battle of manzikert iii late 1071 1453 CE Emperor of Constantine I tetrarchy gt divided into 4 separate parts I conversion I edict of Milan Why Constantinople I military and strategic reasons I prevent raids from east I trade I rome s a dump Called 39New Rome39 but becomes 39Constantinople39 Greek Fire defended the city for years and years and years EmperorJustinian 482565 I procopius Empress Theodora 500548 I in uenced Justinian greatly I rebellion in Constantinople in 5 32 Justinian was now free to pursue three initivice i restoration of the western provinces on the roman empires ii reformation of roman law institutions iii public works e g Hagia sophia Justinian s war s 535553 I wanted to reunite the eastern and western halves of empire I initial success ultimate disaster I split between greek and latin Rome Codi cation of Roman law I Corpus iris civilis the body of civil law I in uences canon law law of the catholic church Built new churches and buildings I Built Hagia sophia or holy wisdom most famous of justinian s public works I Built out of concrete 542 bubonic plague erupts I hinders wars public works and governance I plague spread very rapidly Twofront war erupts late in justinian39s reign I persian I ostrogoths Q Justinian dies in 565 lombards return to Italy 9 Bishop of Rome surrounded Religion central to byzantine rule I Christian religion Conversion of the Rus39 Prince Volodymyr to Christianity Byzantine religious processions glue Caesaropapism I Eastern Emperors viewed as God s representatives on earth Daily Life monk getting tonsured bearing gifts and gift giving music theatre culture art formal education still a world of slavery gt in the west will die out Iconoclasm controversy gt smashing the icons I centered on the use of icons I reform emperor39s ban icons I banned all idols because they thought God was mad with them I Impact I hurts the monasteries in the empire I divides brother against brother I Rome turns away from the east and more towards the carolingian 68 1 Bulgars defeated Byzantine army settle in Balkan peninsula drive wedge between east and west Byzantine victory over Bulgars I muslims capture Thessaloniki Schism of 1054 I final split between eastern and western churches


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