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Week 7: China

by: Mariah Armstrong

Week 7: China HST 106

Mariah Armstrong
GPA 3.2
Asian Civilizations
Dr. Sybil Thornton

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About this Document

Notes from the beginning of the chapter on China.
Asian Civilizations
Dr. Sybil Thornton
Class Notes
China, Asian, Civilizations, HST106, Shang, Zhou, Legalists
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mariah Armstrong on Sunday October 4, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HST 106 at Arizona State University taught by Dr. Sybil Thornton in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see Asian Civilizations in Global Studies at Arizona State University.


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Date Created: 10/04/15
China Shang Zhou and the Rest 0 Geography Mountains 0 North West South 0 Southeast coast Rivers west to east 0 Yellow River Huang He siltdikes makes loop 0 Les makes the water turn yellow 0 Blue River Chang Jiang con uence pond o Tributary system 0 West River Zhu Jiang o Prerequisites of Civilization Sedentarization Neolithic period Agricultural surplus millet wheat rice 0 Wheat imported from the Middle East 0 Loess Social strati cation priest kings appease spirits Walled palace compounds outside workers Tombs o Neolithic Period c 5000 2000 BCE 7th c BCE permanent agriculture free peasantry Yangshao 5000 3200 Banpo Xian Longshanoid Horizon 3200 1500 Longshan 2500 1700 Xia dynasty 3 sovereigns amp 5 emperors 2183 BCE 1752 CE 0 Shang Dynasty 1766111216001046 Characteristics Citycapitals especially Yin located in Anyang Hightech nest bronze altar sets 0 Based on earlier pottery models 0 Ceramic molds o Taotie Writing divination scapulimancy 0 Used animal scapulae and tortoise plastrons carpaces 0 First documentary evidence of writing Palace cities Zhengzhou Loyang Anyang o Shangdi was god Ancestor worship 0 Scapulamancy Shangdi Fertility rites War 0 Chariotsbows no swords Kingship organization 0 Zhou Dynasty 11112491046256249 Geography and Civilization 0 Western Zhou 0 Capital at Xian Easter Zhou 0 Capital at Luoyang 0 Spring amp Autumn Period 722481 0 Warring States Period 461403222 Characteristics From palace to aristocratic cities Feudalism Serfdom Extend to Yangzi River Population 20000000 0 Soy iron Contribution to Chinese Tradition Conditional rule 0 Tian mandate of heaven Wicked last rulers 0 Zhou Xin and cavorting youth under trees Negligent king and interfering woman Virtuous rulers 0 Wu Wang King and Duke of Zhou Developments 0 Agriculture soybean from Manchuria c 650 Metallurgy iron rst mentioned 521 0 Army peasant mass armies crossbow Government freelance advisors amp new laws 594 direct taxation Lu Fragmentation Chin Qin Yen Chi Chu Shu Lu etc o Vassals no longer to Zhou for enfoeffment 0 Early Thoughts Zhou and Warring States 403221 0 One Hundred Schools Freelance advisors Confucius 551479 BCE Gentlemansuperior man as educated for services Analects lead by example his works published by students 0 Zhou as Golden Age 0 The Chinese Canon Confucius I Ching Book Classic of Changes Mencius 371289 BCE Disciple of Confucius Man is good 0 Right to revolt king39s relatives The Legalists quotMan is evil and must be controlled by governmentquot Xun Zi 298238 0 Carrot and stick 0 Han Fei Zi d 233 BCE


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