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Spanish 111 Notes

by: Nadia Shibly

Spanish 111 Notes Spanish 111

Nadia Shibly
GPA 3.74
Intensive Beginning Spanish
Carrie Reilly

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About this Document

The first week of notes I took in class and outside of class. It includes vocabulary and the translation as well as the culture of columbia.
Intensive Beginning Spanish
Carrie Reilly
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Nadia Shibly on Sunday October 4, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Spanish 111 at University of Oregon taught by Carrie Reilly in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 47 views. For similar materials see Intensive Beginning Spanish in Spanish at University of Oregon.


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Date Created: 10/04/15
Spanish 111 El alfabeto Palabraswords Tomate tomato lmportanteimportant Sandwich 0 Animal Computadora Agrasivo If the word ends in a vowel or an s or an quotnquot the emphasis is on the 2nOI syllable If the word ends in a consonant then the emphasis is on the 1st syllable Ex Pedimos Pap ejercicio 3 2 1 2 1 4 3 2 1 Clase mujg Accent Marks sometimes 2 1 2 1 changes the meaning of the word M dico Ex l pronoun he ML Jsico el de nite article the Conjugation for the verb quotserquot YO Soy TU Eres Elellaustedud Es Nosotros Somos Vosotros Sois Ellosellasuds Son La Cultura de Columbia Frontera Boroler Boroler Peru Ecuador Venezuela Exports el caf las ores cocaine rico rich in these exports En Columbia hay las exportaciones 1 Cual es la Capital Bogota 2 Como se llaman el Presidente Juan Manuel Santos 3 Cuantos regiones hay Cinco 4 Como se llaman las regiones Region Andina LA Region Amazonica La Region de llanos Canbena Paci ca 5 Cuantos habitantos inhabitants hay en 2013 48 milliones 6 Qu lenguas se hablan en este pais Chibcha Aranhuacana y otras lenguas indigenas 7 Cuantas tribus indi gena hay en los Estados Unidos 80 8 Como se llama la cordillera en la Region Andina Anoles Adjetivos por la Familia Honesto a Honest Sabio Wise Sincero a Sincere Traviesa troublemaker Comunicativa o Communicative Callada Calm Logica o Logical Flojo a lazy weak Servicial Helpful grunon grumpy Creativa 0 Creative ingenuo a nai39ve innocent Athl tica Athletic listo a Smarton top of things Ambicioso a Ambitious tocanoa Stingy Acti va o Active Formal Formal Carinosa o affectionate generoso a Generous Informal Informal Gregario a gregarious like an Italian Descuidado a neglectful Materna maternal motherly Organizada o Organized Paterno fatherly Unido Unique Estrecha close Distante distant not close Abugveabugve Disfuncional dysfunctional Horrible horrible Intelctual intellectual smart Estado civil civil status married or single Estar soltero solosingle casadodivorciado divorced viudo widow en una Union libre domestic partnership La familia nucleartradicional en transicion extendida diversamulti tnico En Columbia hay la musica la llanera el vallenato verso verses En frentamiento confrontation Espa ol in Spanish words that end in d femine usually la mujer women el hombre men Moreno castano oscuro dark hair Delgado thin Rubio light hair Vall nato Columbiano ingigena africano culture history preservation Valledupar accordeon accordion Battalar to battle each other 2 men or people in parks Versa verses are spoken Llamada y respuesta call and response Enfratamiento confrontation Encontrar meet Encuentro I meet La gota fria should be the National Anthem for Columbia La cumbia africano lndig na La musica el baile tambien nacional Fama internacional


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