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Week 7 Notes

by: Kylie Wheeler

Week 7 Notes REL 131

Kylie Wheeler
GPA 3.8
Religions in America
martha finch

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About this Document

Here is detailed notes from Dr. Finch's lecture over last week's material! Enjoy!!
Religions in America
martha finch
Class Notes
REL 131, Religions in America
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kylie Wheeler on Sunday October 4, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to REL 131 at Missouri State University taught by martha finch in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see Religions in America in Political Science at Missouri State University.


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Date Created: 10/04/15
19th Century Spiritual Hothouses Continued Utopian Communal Groups saw themselves as creating the kingdom of God charismatic leader unique views of Christianity communa setting mieniaist Utopian kingdom of God total commitment shared ownership property shared labor manufacturing men amp women worked e uall sexual practices Shakers during worship overcome by Spirit amp body shook Mother Ann Lee taught practices of Shakers popuar time serve God by singing amp dancing elibacy believed original sin was Adam amp Eve having sex can t touch one another never marry abor men worked women cooked adopted orphans into community kids left 18 come back by choice Oneida Perfectionists John Humphrey Noyes established religion New York burned over district New style pantaloons under shorter skirts hairshort genderequal sexuaitycomplex marriage everyone is equally married to one another sex w everyone special lovequotwhen people started to get emotionally involved they had to separate not close to families either children lived in children s house mae continence can t ejaculate learn control stirpiculturalform of eugenics perfect community community decided if couples could have a baby lasted about 40 years gone in 1880 s Oneida Company still exists today 0 Jesus Christ of LDS New York Joseph Smith Jr restored true church of God by God Received records angel Moroni gave them to him looked like golden plates w ancient writing on them translated them to Book of Mormon translated them through interpreters w spectacles Oliver Crowdery amp Emma Smith helped him translate David Whitmermost of translating Missouri millennialism Mormon War Governor wanted them out sexua practiceplural marriagepolygamy 1 man multiple wives Utah millennialism Promise land 1890 Manifesto Woodruff 4th President ban of plural marriage Crucible of Slavery Slaveholders used Christianity as a weapon gt turn slaves to Christians they can enslave them African tradition Protestant lt Christianity amp Revivalism Catholicism gt Caribbean Goalspirit possession Musicsinging dancing handclapping Communal participation 0 African cosmology God creator gt spirits gt humans ancestors animals plants saints Mary Jesus Crucible produced African Methodist Episcopal AME Baptists Hoiness Pentecostal Church of God in Christ Vodou French Catholicism African traditions lt Haiti Santeria Spanish lt Cuba PowerPoint for rest of notes 0 Musical instrumentspractica in African traditions certain rhythms ca certain spirits Most states in W Africaslaveholders move slaves inward to pull them to coast 0 Middle Passagequot 500000 Africans brought directly to USA Slave religion in Americas a lot went to S America amp Spanish islands North American Plantations 2 Forms of Christianity Official sermons gt slaves obey Raboteau from Allitt text con ict master didn t want slaves to feel equal w Christianity vs minister slaves should be Christians will make them better slaves dutiful to God Raboteau from Allitt text saves could preach Slaves Rebellion of 1830 s Nat Turner Rebellion killed white families led to unof cial religion Unofficial Religion quotInvisible Institutionquot saves secret religion met in hush harbors combined African traditions amp Protestant revivalism ecstatic worship communa amp participatory singing dancingrhythmic emotional amp physical Holy Spirit possessionshout 4 Features of Slaves39 Christianity Ecstatic Worship dancing and singing 2 Conversion in bondage sin enslaved dark experience gt got down on knees amp prayfree from sin hopeful for freedom 3 Spirituals songsquotGo Down Mosesquot To help remember Fresh Prince of Belair sang this once 4 Preachers amp Preaching Preachingshouting rhythmic call amp response scripture reading anointingquot God s speaking through you


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